Caught in the act_(2)

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My wife had caught me. I had been home for a half hour or so before her and had immediately taken off all my clothes and jumped onto the couch and got the laptop and lube out. I had gone on to my favorite website and looked under the category of Female Domination and anal. Then I picked a video and started stroking myself. I had lost track of time quickly and was so involved in what I was doing that I hadn’t heard her come in. She had snuck up behind me and watched the video for a few moments. Then she tapped me on the shoulder and I spun round so fast that I nearly dropped the laptop. For a moment I just watched her. She was slightly shorter than me, with medium length brown hair and pale blue eyes. I had fallen in love with her the moment I saw her and we have been inseparable. We were very honest with each other. But I had never told her about my fetish for Female Domination and anal.

For a few minutes we just looked at each other. Then she spoke. “So.” she said, “After all this time and you never told me that this is what you liked.” 

I didn’t say anything. She paused for a moment, then picked up the laptop and watched the video closely for several minutes. I was embarrassed and very nervous.

Then she turned off the laptop, picked up the lube and started to walk away. She got to our bedroom door and turned and beckoned me to come to her. I stood up and walked gingerly to her, felling a bit self conscious about my still hard cock.

When I reached her, she pulled me inside the bedroom and shut the door. She sat down the lube, turned to me and pulled me close to her and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I was surprised but still enjoyed it. We stood there for several seconds, me completely naked, and her still in her work uniform. Then she broke the kiss and whispered into my ear. “I’ve been waiting for you to work up the courage to tell me about your fetish for years.” she said in her soft voice, “I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while.” 

Then she pushed me and I fell onto our bed. I just looked at her as she walked to the wardrobe and Yenibosna Escort took out four ties. She leaned over me and tied my left wrist to the bedpost. Then she walked to the other side and tied my other wrist so that my arms were spread wide. Then she tied my ankles to the bottom bedposts so that I was lying spread eagle on the bed. She smiled and said, “wait there for a minute” in her sexy voice. “it’s not like I can go anywhere.” I said. She laughed and walked to the bathroom. 

I pulled against the ties to test them. They were strong and didn’t allow me to move much. A few inches at best. I waited with anticipation, I hadn’t been expecting this, but I was glad it had happened. 

She came back out carrying a towel, and two dildos that we bought a few years ago, one was smaller than the other. She sat them down next to the lube and stepped toward me. 

“Now.” she said in a firm voice, “Since you have been hiding this from me for so long, I have been missing out on some of the things that I enjoy doing for quite a while. So, I am going to become your new Mistress.” I smiled to my self. “Here are my rules.” she continued, “Number one, from now on you must call me Mistress whenever we are at home. Number two, whenever we are home alone, you are not to wear any clothes unless I tell you to. Number three, I am in control of your orgasms now, so you don’t touch yourself without permission. Number four, you will obey all of my instructions. Number five, you do not cum without permission. Do you agree to the rules?”
I smiled, “Yes.” I said. Then hastily added, “Mistress.” she smiled and picked up the lube. 

She crawled onto the bed an poured some lube into her hand. Then without pausing, she gripped my cock and started stroking it. I groaned as she slid her hand over the head of my cock. She had a firm grip, and I soon needed to cum. “Mistress.” I said between groans, “May I please cum?” she thought for a moment, “No.” se said and kept pumping my cock. 

I bit my lip and and enjoyed the bliss. Then she stopped. She stood up on the Escort Bayan bed and took off all her clothes and threw them in a pile. I looked up at her firm body, at her luscious breasts. Then my eyes traveled down to her perfect pussy. “Do you like it?” she asked, “Yes Mistress.” I responded, still looking straight at her pussy. “Do you want to taste me?” she asked. This time I just nodded, she grinned and bent down, sitting on my face.

Immediately, I started licking at her slit. She groaned and pushed my face closer to her pussy. She was already very wet and her pussy juices were delicious. I licked at her clit, then forced my tongue into her. She arched her back as I licked all over her pussy. After a little while, I felt her pull my face even closer to her and her breathing got heavier. I knew what was coming and licked even faster. She groaned and her body shook and she flooded my mouth with her juices.    

She sat still for a moment, then got off of me and stood next to the bed. She was covered in sweat which made her body glisten. “That was incredible.” she said, “You’ve earned a reward.” she reached over and picked up the lube. My cock was rock hard and was dripping precum. She poured some lube onto my cock and started rubbing it in. Within a few minutes, I was desperate to cum. “Please may I cum Mistress?” I screamed, “No.” she said, “Not yet.” I groaned as she rubbed my cock. She used the palm of her hand to rub the very tip of my cock. I shivered and felt a wave of pleasure hit me. “I’m going to cum!” I screamed, but she kept going. Just as I reached my orgasm, she removed her hand and I came into the air. She had ruined my orgasm! I groaned. “Well,” she said, “you broke rule number five. Now you need to be punished.” I groaned and begged, but she just walked over to the wardrobe and took out a scarf. I wondered what she was doing, then she tied it round my head, blindfolding me. 

I couldn’t see a thing, so I tried to listen to what she was doing. I heard her walk to the foot of the bed and pick up the lube, and squirt some out. “What istanbul Escort are you-” I started to ask, then I felt a lubed finger against my ass hole. “No!” I protested, but she ignored my and slid her finger into my ass. I cried out. But she just shoved her finger in deeper. She pulled her finger out and pushed it back in. I groaned as she finger fucked my ass. After a while it started to feel good and I felt her grip my cock with her other hand and start to pump it. I lay there groaning as she jerked me off and fingered me at the same time. Soon I was nearing climax. Then she pulled out her finger and stopped touching me. 

“No! Please keep going!” I begged. I heard her pick something up, “Do you want some more in your ass?” she asked, “God! Yes please Mistress!” I begged. “Then beg me you slut!” she ordered. “Please!” I yelled, “Fuck my ass hole! Please!” 

After a pause, I heard her pick something up and heard more lube being squirted our. Then I felt something against my ass hole. It was bigger than a finger. I realized that it was the large dildo. It rested against my hole, then it was forced into me. I gasped as she fucked me with it. Then she gripped my cock again and started pumping it. 

I was ready to come in minutes. “Please may I come Mistress?” I asked. “In a moment.” she said. She pulled out the dildo and let go of my iron hard cock. I was disappointed and groaned out of annoyance. I started rambling like a crazy person and didn’t feel her stand onto the bed. She pulled of my blindfold and I saw her standing over my cock. “Please.” I begged. She smiled, and in one smooth motion, she impaled herself on my cock. I screamed in pleasure as she started to ride me. I tried to move my hips in time withe her.   I felt her pussy tighten as she started to climax, and I was struck with a wave of pleasure. She orgasmed and groaned, but kept riding me. “Please may I cum?!” I yelled. “You may cum.” she said and started riding me harder. I forced myself as deep into her as I could as a came. I shot five loads of my cum into her and she milked every last drop out of me. Then she collapsed onto the bed gasping. We lay there for several minutes until she lifted her head and I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. “Well.” she whispered, “I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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