Capturing the Affair

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by BrettJ © 2012

The old warehouse was perfect for their needs. It was out of the way and only used on rare occasions. Only when it was in use were their security guards around and that evening was not one of those times. Yes, this almost-abandoned building would suit Adele and her girlfriend Aria just fine.

The two women were married, although not happily. For years they had managed to tough it out in marriages that didn’t fit them too well. Adele Tilton’s husband was older and losing interest in her as she approached 30. The would-be lothario thought he could attract another, younger girl with his money and charm. Hah! How awful for the next girl when she found out the charm only lasted until he got them in bed and that he didn’t like to spend the money. His sexual prowess, once legendary, was lacking. At one point, Adele had adored him – at one point.

Aria Monticello’s story was wholly different, although no less unhappy. She was married to a man she had never loved, not even a bit. It was an arranged marriage, the merging of two well-to-do families. Aria thought her husband was a dim-witted thug, an illiterate dolt. He seemed to take every opportunity to prove it. She took every opportunity to berate him about it. He was thoughtless and crude and she could count on one hand the number of times they had slept together.

They had been friend for many years, close and able to tell each other whatever needed to be said. Adele’s husband was a business associate of Aria’s dolt husband. They met at Aria’s wedding and got a little blitzed together. Finding they liked each other a great deal, the agreed to meet for lunch just as soon as they got back from lunch. The tall and elegant blonde found the earthy brunette to be one of the most fascinating people she had ever met. They had made an instant connection, so rare in these hectic days.

Once she was back from her honeymoon, the two women met at a very expensive restaurant. Adele knew her husband would bitch about the cost. Let him! The food was good and what’s more, the wait staff was made up entirely of gorgeous young men and women. Aria walked in with a figure-hugging red dress, black heels and elegant red hat. Her new friend looked like a million bucks although her husband was worth considerably more than that.

“How was your honeymoon?” Adele asked as Aria sat down. “Was Italy everything you hoped it would be?”

“Hell, no,” the half-Italian beauty said as she removed her hat. “Scotch please, the most expensive single malt you’ve got – and keep it coming,” she said to their server. “We barely saw the sights, my husband wanted to introduce his new pretty wife to his ‘associates’,” Aria grumbled. “I would have kicked up more of a fuss, but I didn’t want to make a scene in front of his ‘colleagues’,” she told Adele.

“Sweetie, are you telling me that your husband is mobbed up?” Adele asked nervously.

“Like a department store on Black Friday, yes,” Aria said as her scotch arrived. “He wouldn’t dare try anything here because my daddy would make him ‘go away”, but do I think he’s a thug? You’re damned right I do.”

“What are you going to do?” Adele asked with the concern showing in her soft voice.

“I’m going to find myself an aggetivo bello and fuck his gorgeous brains out as often as I can,” Aria smiled as she downed her scotch and motioned for another. “A nice young stud, that’s what I need. Huh – listen to me, I’m not even 30 myself. How about you Ash, is your marriage improving any?”

“Not hardly,” Adele snorted and ordered a martini for herself. “My husband is more concerned with business and chasing new tail than he is with me. I guess it takes the pressure off me but I really used to love him, you know? It stings. Maybe I should consider an affair too.”

“I was just blowing off some steam,” Aria told her new friend as she downed glass two of the good, single malt scotch. “I couldn’t do that to some unsuspecting man. If Carmine, who watches me like a hawk for my husband, ever found out, the young man would disappear or worse. It wouldn’t be fair to him.”

“You really think your husband is that dangerous?” Adele asked. Aria nodded. “Wow,” Adele commented further. “I just wouldn’t have sex with another man because I used to love my husband once upon a time, not that the old fart would bump him off.” She giggled and said “Maybe I should just find another woman and have an affair with her.”

Aria leaned forward and looked at Adele; her whole mood seemed to have brightened. “Maybe you should – and if you’re considering it, I’d like to be that other woman!”

“What? You can’t be serious!”

“Oh, but I am. I’ve had a few lesbian experiences. I consider myself a sensual woman Adele, I like to try everything. Women are soft and perfumed and we don’t rush sex. We luxuriate in the total experience of another woman. I could tease you and please you and show you how beautiful your body is. I’d love to feel the softness of bahis firmaları your skin against mine. You’re so blonde and beautiful, it would be a lovely experience for the both of us,” Aria sighed.

Adele eyed her new friend suspiciously. “It almost seems as if you’ve been thinking about this for a while.”

Aria lowered her head. “To be honest, I started thinking about you ‘that way’ when we met at my wedding. It’s been some time since I’ve been with a girl, but you’re the type I always liked. Tall and blonde with long hair. I’d love to get all dressed up with you and enjoy being a girl. My husband, the thuggish dolt, doesn’t even seem to notice that I’m an earthy, attractive woman.”

Adele gasped. “How could he not? You’re right, he’s officially an idiot. You’re one of the most sensual women I’ve ever met.”

Aria could not hold back her smile. “See? You did notice me.”

“Well, you were the bride, but of course I noticed you. I can admire an attractive woman without wanting to sleep with her,” she countered.

“But it makes things so much better if you just admit you’re interested in women and go from there,” Aria said. “Look – why not try sleeping with a woman – with me? If it isn’t to your liking, no harm, no foul. If it is – then perhaps we’ve both found a way out of the doldrums that affect our daily lives.”

If there is one thing that a woman hates, it’s someone who counters with logic. Aria was doing just that.

“You don’t think it would be, like – you know – weird?” Adele said. She kept looking at her pretty friend and she knew her resistance was crumbling.

Aria placed her hand on Adele’s arm. Both of them felt it. There was a strong electric current that shocked the both of them. “I think it would be wonderful, although we could work on weird later,” Aria teased.

Adele smiled a weak smile, but she nodded. Aria got out her credit card, the one Tony didn’t know about. She rented them a room and ordered champagne which they drank until their inhibitions were all-but gone. Then Aria lowered the beautiful, tall blonde to the bed and peppered her face with sweet, gentle kisses. So far, Adele was having the time of her life and they hadn’t even gone past the kissing stage yet.

Aria led Adele to the large, comfortable bed and started to undress her. Adele had been wearing a very gauzy blouse that unlaced in front. Aria gasped; her new friend’s lingerie was exquisite. “You aren’t the only one who has a husband with money and has her own credit card,” Adele smiled. “I love to wear pretty, sexy clothes, even if he doesn’t notice anymore.”

“Now you can wear things like this especially for me,” Aria smiled as she lowered her head to Adele’s firm breast. She took one pink nipple in her mouth and sucked at it. Adele felt the cool shivers of pleasure rushing through her body. There hadn’t been a single thing happen so far that didn’t feel marvelous and make her come alive. She wanted more, so much more. Aria now got on the bed with her friend and touched her breasts gently. She saw the sweet expression on her friend’s face and she would have loved to have seen that a million times. She doubted that Adele entirely knew how beautiful she truly was. Her husband must have been an idiot looking for an even younger wife. Adele was not yet 30 and she had grace, beauty and a sweet, gentle nature. Aria had fallen for her very quickly and saw no reason to reassess her opinion.

She slid the blonde’s skirt down long, perfect legs that tapered into perfect feet. Adele had worn stockings and expensive Jimmy Choo heels, she had beautiful legs. Aria kissed up those legs and planted kisses softer than fleece on her lover’s thighs. Adele was no longer a mere friend, but a lover. It was obvious to anyone watching that the blonde had readily succumbed to Aria’s lesbian advances.

“More, please darling, do whatever you want, whatever you like,” Adele was breathing. “It’s all been so good, I want to experience everything!”

Aria wanted that for her as well. She wanted to introduce Adele to a whole new world of erotic, secret pleasures. Pleasures that only the two of them would share. Pleasures that would release them from the mundane and into the extra-ordinary. She slid off the woman’s panties and made love to her pussy. She gave Adele an orgasm that was the most intense she had ever experienced. When she had finished, Adele drew her close and they cuddled and kissed. Adele tasted herself on her lover’s lips and found it not unpleasant. She wondered how her new lover would taste. She promised to find out for herself very soon.

“I love that dress,” Adele murmured as she planted a soft, loving kiss on Aria’s full, red-painted lips. “You look gorgeous in red; it makes you look wild and nasty!”

“I often wear red or black or both,” the woman smiled. “See – black heels and stockings,” she said as she stretched out her legs. “I guess you’ll have to undress me to see what color my lingerie is,” Aria teased.

Adele kaçak iddaa was practically panting to get Aria’s clothes off of her. She thought her lover was gorgeous. Unlike her own body, slender with nice legs and tits, Aria was all curves and voluptuous beauty. Not fat, not by a long shot – just luscious and arousing. Aria was a sensual, seductive beauty with dark, raven hair and eyes that burned deep into you and knew your innermost secret. Theirs would be a relationship of friendship and of forbidden passions, forever their most private secret.

There was so much of Aria to kiss, to lick and to fondle and Adele wanted to do as much of it as she could. The feeling of this woman’s lush body against her own was the most pleasurable sensation she had ever known. Seeing Aria’s face contort in bliss brought a happiness to Adele she had never before experienced. She loved discovering Aria’s naughty black lingerie and the wonderful treasures that lay underneath. Her mouth went exploring and her hands came along as backup.

Aria thrilled to see how readily her sexy blonde companion had come to accept their lovemaking. There seemed to be little or no hesitation on Adele’s part, just wonderful touches and kisses that made her quiver. They began to roll around the bed, mouths still kissing and bodies tight together. They hunched their pussies together and fucked the best way they could manage. Orgasms were demanded and gladly received.

Two very happy women parted later that afternoon, now friends and lovers. Lovers that knew there would be many more afternoons like this. Lovers who knew they had made a soul-deep connection and would be lovers for as long as the other breathed air.

They found new and exciting places for their trysts and spent as much time together as they dared. Aria’s husband had people everywhere. “We should find some place he can’t find us,” she said to Adele as they cuddled close one languid afternoon. Some place that’s ours or even a few places if we can manage it.”

This is where I enter the story. My name is Divine Miller. Yes, it’s my real name. I’m a photographer by profession. I photographed the weddings of both women and had become friends with them. I wanted to become very close friends with Aria, who I had known since the Ninth Grade. I had lusted after her for years, to no avail.

She wanted to use my apartment for a meeting with a friend. When I asked her why they couldn’t meet at a hotel or at her home, she began to squirm. I got the entire story out of her after some prodding. I was thrilled. Knowing my gorgeous friend liked girls thrilled me right down to my toes. I made her a deal.

“Let me take photos of the two of you, together,” I breathed excitedly. “No one will ever see them but the three of us. I want them for my private collection,” I told her. Several of the women I had photographed over the years had posed for boudoir or more risqué photos for me at an opportune time. I use them for – inspiration. I’m a very naughty girl.

“It would be all right with me, I’d have to ask Adele,” Aria smiled at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers. I probably would have caved and let her use my place anyway, I’m usually in my studio in the afternoons, but why not play my trump card? I figured she’d likely meet up with her pretty lover and they’d discuss it. Instead, she got out her cell phone, dialed Adele’s number and talked to her in a soft tone. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it sounded hopeful. When she hung up the phone, she was smiling. “Adele says yes, but only if we each get a nice photo album of the pictures and we get the negatives when you’re done,” she grinned. I learned from Aria some time later that Adele had come a long way in her appetites since their affair begun.

The girls used my apartment a number of times and if there hadn’t been a light breeze of sex still lingering in the air, you never would have known. I always breathed it in and imagined myself in between them. I was beginning to think about beautiful Adele almost as much as my lovely Aria. I’m blonde like Adele but more on the curvy side, like Aria. I’m also taller than both of them at 5’9″ and my eyes are brown.

I finally decided that it was time for them to live up to their end of the deal. “I want to have a day photographing you,” I insisted to Aria. “I’m going to have some sexy clothes and props; we’ll get some nice erotic photos.”

“Oh, and I have a place we can take the pictures,” Aria told me. “Tony owns this warehouse that he almost never uses. It’s really out of the way, so you could bring your props and set up there. If anyone asked, I’d say I lent it to you for the day. People know we’re friends. Adele and I could help you clean it up and get some really sensual pictures. What do you think?”

When I saw the warehouse, I knew it would make a great backdrop for the photos. Adele also thought it would make for a perfect meeting place for their future trysts. “Who would ever think to look kaçak bahis for us here?” She sighed. “I’ll have some beddings and things delivered here discreetly and just before the security comes on duty. We can come and clean it up and have our own little hideaway.”

I started bringing my equipment over and only once was I questioned. Aria had written me a note and that put a stop to any further inquiries. There was a huge, abandoned office where I could easily set up my cameras and lights, plus the new bed and other accessories that had arrived. Now all I had to do was wait for my models.

They were worth waiting for. Aria was wearing a pretty red satin top that showed off her gorgeous tits to her full advantage and a black, ruffled skirt. She was wearing a small hat complete with a veil with stockings and heels to complete her ensemble.

Adele was wearing one of the shortest, tightest black satin dresses I have ever seen with two small holes cut away from under the breasts. She had added stockings but you could see the garters easily. She had added a pretty black scarf and a jaunty little fedora. Her lips were fire engine red and I remember thinking how much I wanted to kiss those gorgeous lips. The girls smiled at me and asked me how I wanted them to pose. My first thought was to have them go at each other right now so that I could capture it all, but I managed to restrain myself and maintain my professional decorum. I gave Aria and Adele brief instructions. I told them to relax and have fun. I also told them that I wanted them to look at each other through the pictures like two women who were really into each other. Perhaps two women who were in love.

That wasn’t difficult because they were – to both. A blind woman couldn’t have missed their mutual adoration. Their time together had made them into soulmates. As I started snapping pictures, you could see it with every movement. I instructed Adele to get on the bed and touch Aria lightly. She stroked Aria’s smooth shoulders. How I wished I could be the one doing that!

Adele put her hand under Aria’s chin and cocked her head to one side. She brought their faces together for a sweet, intimate kiss and I captured it, frame by frame. Soft tongues licking and being sucked on – how delicious!

Adele leaned in closer and on my instructions, she tugged the top down a bit. Aria was wearing a very pretty black lace bra. I would have loved for Adele to have torn it off her, but all in good time. She squeezed her girlfriend’s gorgeous tits and I heard Aria give off a soft moan. Those noises weren’t being faked, she was already turned on.

As Adele leaned down, I could see that she had not worn a bra herself. How could I tell? I saw that the two small holes under the breasts had a delicious purpose, whether by accident or design, I wasn’t sure. Adele’s breasts had slipped down a bit and her pink nipples were now in full view of my camera and Aria’s devouring gaze. Yummy! I continued my work, the dim warehouse making the vibrant reds even hotter.

Adele bared Aria’s breasts, perfect, so round and bouncy, and looked at me. I nodded “yes” and she squeezed them, fondled them and then bent down to lick and bite her lover’s nipples. They played like this for a while until I instructed them both to get up and perch on the edge of the bed. I could feel how wet I was, no woman – no women – had ever gotten me this worked up before.

I had them lean into each other and kiss and caress. Aria gave the dress a tug and Adele’s breasts were now bared, sexy and firm. It took all my professionalism not to run and join them. Adele perched on her lover’s lap and now it was Aria’s turn to kiss her tits – those perfect, lovely, gorgeous, sexy tits.

Adele took her top off to reveal vintage black lingerie underneath. Aria’s eyes were now shining with delight as Adele kissed her again. She appeared to like her lover’s choice a great deal. The two of them posed a bit more, kissed and caressed while I thought of everything under the sun I could to calm my inner heat.

I loved watching them kiss because they were both so soft and playful. It was so sexy to see lovemaking this pretty between two lovely young women. Aria was getting a bit impatient; she tugged off most of Adele’s outfit, leaving only the stockings and heels. I now realized something I had not before – I wanted Adele as much as I wanted Aria. She was a naked blonde goddess who was a sexy supplicant to the dark-haired vamp beside her. Adele’s ruby-red lips clashed with Aria’s before she pulled away playfully. She tugged off Adele’s panties to reveal a clean-shaven pussy. Licking her lips, she went down on her lover. They were no longer posing. This was real lesbian sex and I was capturing all of it with my camera.

Aria was really going to town on that pretty, bald cunt and how I envied her. Adele was screaming out sexy obscenities and I don’t know if she knew just how hot she was. Aria’s fingers were now flying in and out of that hot pussy while her tongue went a mile a minute. Her other hand kept reaching up to play with Adele’s tits. I could hear the sounds that her licking made. I could smell the arousal from Adele’s sex.

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