Candy’s Panties Ch. 1

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She laughed as he tickled her while they wrestled. His wife Darlene had left him and his daughter Candy to take care of his mother-in-law for a couple of days. He had decided to take this opportunity to spend some quality time with his daughter Candy.

Candy was his from his first marriage and had come to live with him after her mother died in a car accident when Candy was 12 years old. Alex only saw her during the summers when she was home from her private school. He was very proud of her for being so intelligent and getting good grades at school. He knew that Darlene was rather jealous of her, but figured that would change eventually so he ignored it.

“Daddy stop,” Candy giggled breathlessly, “Oh, please Daddy stop!” Alex just grinned since he knew he was getting the upper hand finally. He grabbed her legs and that’s when her skirt scrunched up and revealed her panties. Alex was shocked and couldn’t turn away. Candy was wearing black leather thong panties that barely hid his daughter’s sex from his scandalized eyes.

“You’re not a virgin anymore. How could you do this to me?” he demanded still hold Candy’s legs.

“I am too, Daddy” Candy insisted.

“A virgin wouldn’t wear these kind of panties” Alex snapped.

“But I am Daddy, I still have my hymen. I can feel it. I just like to wear sexy panties, okay?”

“Don’t lie to me Candy” Alex growled, “You should know better than this. You could get pregnant or get a disease. You are too young to be having sex.”

“Daddy,” Candy said in a patient voice, “I am not having sex. I play around with a couple of my girlfriends and a boy or two, but we never actually go all of the way. I would never do that to you.”

“Candy…don’t casino şirketleri you lie to me girl” Alex snarled, his patience at the snapping point.

“Daddy I can prove it!”


“Like I said, I still have my hymen. When I put my finger inside of me, I can feel it. Just put your finger inside of me and you will feel it too.”

“I can’t touch you that way!”

“Just do it really quickly. Okay Daddy?”

Alex pondered that. He knew it was wrong, but the thought of his sweet, lovely daughter acting the slut angered him immensely. He pushed the soft material away so that her young slit was exposed to his eyes and entered his index finger. Sure enough, he could feel the barrier that proved her innocence. He stared at her young pussy; it looked so soft and vulnerable underneath his gaze. His breath became raspy and his pulse quickened as he realized what he had done in is anger. Alex felt shame…and desire. He couldn’t resist touching the pink softness. With his index finger still in her cunt, he caressed her folds with his other hand. He reveled in its sexual beauty as his fingers explored her cunt.

“Naughty Daddy” Candy giggled. He looked up, startled out of his sexual daze. Candy sighed, “You are going to make me cum if you keep doing that. You know you shouldn’t be touching me like this.” Alex looked at her. Candy’s face was flushed and he could see her hardened nipples underneath her bra and thin blouse. She turned her head so that she could look at him and smiled. That smile was his undoing, it was pure sensuality. His fingers stopped their exploring and began pleasuring her. He watched her as she began to moan and writhe underneath his hands. Her small hands casino firmaları cupped her breasts and began squeezing them, first over her clothes and then on her bare breasts. Her moans became loader as she bucked her hips to bring herself closer to ecstasy. Finally she arched her back and cried out “Daddy I’m cumming! Oh Daddy, I’m cumming!”

After she came, Candy pulled herself up so that she was sitting on her knees facing him. She placed her hands on his crotch and began to unbuckle him. When he went to stop her, she merely smiled “It’s only fair Daddy. I am really good at blowjobs. How else do think I’ve managed to stay a virgin this long?” With that she undid his jeans and pulled down his clothes so that she could look at his cock. Candy gasped admiringly, “Omigosh Daddy, you are so huge!” She knelt down and brought his cock into her mouth and began sucking on his hard member. He groaned with desire as her expert mouth kissed and sucked him. He entangled one of his hands in her soft hair while the other fondled her soft firm breasts.

Suddenly the phone rang bringing the both of them to a guilty stop. But his throbbing member would not let him end it no matter how wrong it was.

“Wait for me in your bedroom” He told her kissing her forehead softly.

Candy grinned. “Okay Daddy!” and hopped up and headed to her room. He went to the phone and answered it in case it was Darlene. It turned out to be a telemarketer. He brushed the man off irritably and headed to his daughter’s bedroom. Her door was opened wide and he watched her for a couple of moments. She was on all fours; her back turned to him with fingers caressing her wet snatch. All resistance lost, he went up to her and plunged güvenilir casino his cock into her tight pussy. She cried out in pain and pulled away from him after a couple of thrusts.

She turned towards him with a pouting face and tears in her eyes. “I don’t like this Daddy. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

“Just let me do it this once, okay baby? I swear if you don’t like it we won’t ever do it again.” Alex begged her.

Candy sighed defeatedly. “Okay Daddy. Just this once.”

“Lay down on the bed Candy. That’s my sweet baby girl…spread your legs, sweetie.” She spread her legs for him and slipped once again into her hot depths. He moved in and out of her slowly, reveling in her sweet cunt. After awhile he heard her moan and her hands began to caress his back.

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby?”

“Oohhh, yes Daddy. It feels so good.”

“Do you like my cock inside of you…fucking you.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Then tell me you want me to fuck you. Tell me you want me to your hot pussy.”

When she failed to respond, he thrust inside of her deeply causing her to cry out. “Tell me you want me to fuck you. Tell your Daddy that you love his cock inside of your sweet pussy!”

“Oh please Daddy!”

“Please what?” he panted, his voice harsh with lust.

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck my pussy with your hard cock! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me please Daddy! It feels so gooood. Please fuck me Daddy!”

He continued to fuck her hard. He couldn’t get enough of her hot wet depths and thrust harder and harder until he heard her scream in orgasm and then he shot his hot jism into her eager snatch. He fell on top of her panting.

He didn’t know how long he stayed on top of her, but finally he felt Candy poking him in the ribs. “Daddy, you’re getting heavy.”

Slowly the realization of what he did flooded his mind. He got off of her and without looking at her he left the room. He resolved never to sin with her again.

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