Calliope’s Daddy

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Authors Note: I have not written in this category to date and I am unsure that this is the category it belongs in. If it is reasonably received I could write a second chapter so please leave me a comment, if you enjoy reading it. Thank you once agian to my copy editor Larascasse.

NB: Calliope as a girl’s name is pronounced ka-LYE-ah-pee.


Dressed in a slutty school girl costume, Callie took to the stage. The heavy bass of the music pounded out the rhythm as she bumped and gyrated down the narrow runway between club members. She blew out her bubblegum until it popped loudly and winked at a regular patron before skipping back to the pole in the centre of the dance area and began a nasty series of moves, grinding and humping against the big pole.

Though nineteen, she looked the epitome of a naughty school girl and had many fans amongst the gentleman’s club patrons. She was a tiny girl, barely five feet tall and had the petite small features of a china doll. Dancing for a bunch of rich perverts was easy money for her and it allowed her the lifestyle she wanted of sleeping late and enormous shopping sprees. On some occasions, if the price was right, she would give some horny old man a thrill by going to the back rooms with him for a private lap dance, which often led to letting him spank her naughty little bum or blowing him for an extra fee. She could see one of the big spenders in the crowd tonight.

Blowing out her bubble gum, again she shimmied down the runway toward him twirling her garish red and purple streaked hair around a small finger. The small tartan skirt flipped up with each movement showing transparent, white lace panties. She danced away the song, teasing the men with her cuteness. The dance over, Callie went back stage to await any offers that might come her way.

Within five minutes of being off stage her first offer of the night arrived and it was a huge amount of money. She wondered what sort of perverted kinks she would be asked to try for that amount of money if she accepted. She shrugged and nodded to the bouncer, she needed the money for a new watch she had her eye on, so what the hell. After all, she was reasonably protected here.

As she walked into the private room reserved for special customers Callie saw a regular fan, Leo, and smiled coquettishly at him, before noticing a second man in the room. “This is my father,” Leo introduced the second man, “John.”

Callie turned and smiled at him, “Hello Mr. John,” she said in a sweet little girl voice.

The old man’s voice crackled with age, “Hello sweetie, come sit on my lap for a moment.” He smiled widely as she approached him and sat in his lap wriggling against his groin a little. “Mm, I think Leo was right. You are a naughty little girl,” his hand stroked over her titties. She had no need of a bra and the hard nipples struck out into his palm. “So very naughty,” the old man said dreamily.

Leo appeared beside her and lifted her to lay her over Johns lap, “Spank her, Dad. You know she deserves it.”

Callie squealed, the old man was surprisingly strong and smacked her hard several times, “Gag her, Leo. She is too noisy,” John patted the couch beside him.

Leo unfastened his pants and loosened them to draw out his sizable cock before sitting beside his father and pulling her head to his lap warning, “If I feel teeth, you will regret it.”

Callie opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the cock before her and the old man continued to spank her wriggling little bum, her squeals becoming vibrating mewls around the hard cock in her mouth. Leo was so turned on, he didn’t last long, filling her mouth with milky white cum and groaning in pleasure, “Drink it all, little girl.”

Panting he grimaced pulling her head from his cock, “Alright, Dad. Let’s see if that got your old pecker up.” Leo picked up the doll like girl and held her on his lap as John revealed an astonishingly virile hard cock. “What a good little girl,” Leo smiled at Callie, “That will earn you a bonus.”

At that moment the door burst open and the bright lights went on. Girls were screaming out in the club and she was pulled from Leo’s arms, cuffed and escorted out to a waiting police car. The night went in a blur she tried to ring her excuse for a mother but all she got was a message bank. She couldn’t think of anyone else to ring who would care that she had been arrested. She left her mother’s number with the clerk to keep trying and was escorted back to a holding cell.

She dozed fitfully during the night aware of how she looked to everyone around her. The hours dragged on as she rehearsed what she would tell her mother when the stupid bitch finally sobered up enough to come and get her out. She lost track of time when eventually her name was called and she was taken from the cell. Callie was not prepared who stood there to collect her.

Padraic James was her father’s half-brother. She had grown up knowing casino şirketleri him as an uncle of sorts until her father’s untimely death when Padraic, her only remaining father figure’s visits became more sporadic until he finally melted out of their lives. He was tall and solidly built and he scowled at her. “Your mother called me. She has gone to her parent’s house this morning you will come with me unless you want to stay here until your hearing.”

Callie was speechless. She wasn’t prepared for this dark foreboding man she barely remembered. “Uncle Paddy?” she whispered.

“Yes. Now you have the choice, stay here for come with me. What’s it to be?”

“I don’t want to stay here,” Callie almost pouted.

“Good,” Padraic turned back to the clerk, “discharge her to my keeping then, sergeant. I will make sure she gets to the hearing.” Padraic gathered her things and took her by the arm leading her out of the police station.

“Just so we understand each other,” Padraic said as he slid into the car beside her. “I don’t care what you did or who you did it with. I don’t want to hear excuses from you. You did it, now you have to face the consequences. You will do what I say and you will not complain. Do we understand each other?” He started the car and squealed out of the car park, the tyres seeming to scream around each corner in the underground parking station.

Callie had not been able to say more than two words without him glaring at her in a way that stopped all the protests of innocence she had at the ready, so she sat sullenly in the car letting her hair hang down over her face in lanky, badly dyed strands. “Just drop me off at home. I will be fine on my own,” she muttered.

“You think I am stupid?” Padraic muttered darkly, “I just bailed you out of jail. You’re not a kid anymore, Calliope, this is serious. You will be tried as an adult if it gets that far. You will do exactly what I say from now until I get my bail back. I promised your mother I would try and help you.”

“You’re not my father,” she screeched at him, “Let me out you, asshole.”

“Just as well for you or you wouldn’t be sitting so comfortably right now, young lady.”

“What’s that supposed to be, a threat?”

“Take it how you want, but don’t push me Calliope. You have pushed your mother to the point of break down but I am not such an easy target.” Padraic looked over at the girl. Her mother had let things get too far out of control before asking for help. He remembered the beautiful bright golden haired young lady she had been years ago when he still received photos from her mother and tried to reconcile that image with the bedraggled dark haired mess that sat beside him.

Padraic’s voice softened slightly, “No one, least of all me, could replace your real father, Callie, but you think he would be happy about this?”

Callie snorted derisively, “I didn’t even know him. I don’t owe that sperm donor anything.”

The anger in her voice was palpable and Padraic weighed his words carefully. “He was a good man Callie and he loved you. I understand you didn’t know him well, he died so long ago. But if you don’t watch that smart mouth of yours and speak with more respect, I will do something about it for you.” There was no doubting the threat in his words now.

At the street light Callie grabbed the door handle of the car but the central locking defeated her attempt at escape. Padraic chuckled quietly and drove on out of the city onto the freeway. They drove for over an hour in silence before he started down a long twisting mountain road and driveway of gravel before finally pulling up before a large house.

“Where the hell are we?” Callie asked.

“My place, your new home for a little while,” Padraic got out and went to the boot pulling out bags. Callie sat stoically in the car watching him walk towards the front door and let himself in disappearing inside with the bags.

Padraic smiled to himself as he took her bags to the room he had decided to make hers and dumped them. She could unpack them later. He was a patient man. He would let her sit and stew. He headed down to the kitchen and looked out of the window seeing her still sitting in the car. Grabbing a soda, he sat in the lounge room facing a window so he could watch her. He let her sit for a further twenty minutes while he drank his soda before going out to the car.

Opening her door he squatted down and looked at her. She had been crying. “You can’t go home, Callie. Your mum has gone to stay with her parents and get the help she needs. You will stay here with me until the court hearing. Then we will talk about your future. Now come out of the car and do what you are told like a good girl.”

“Fuck off! What am I two years old?” Callie spat at him.

Without a word he leaned in and pulled her from the car, hoisting her up in a fireman’s hold as she shrieked and cursed at him, her legs and arms flailing about. Padraic marched into the house and casino firmaları into the main bathroom. He dumped her on the floor and grabbed a bar of soap. Mid word he forced the soap into her mouth scraping it over her teeth. Callie tried to spit it out, pummelling him with her small fists.

“You will watch your mouth here, little girl. I am not one of your stupid Johns who left you sitting in jail or your mother who will put up with all your shit. You will show me respect, you little whore. I paid your fee back at the court house,” his voice was hard and unrelenting.

Callie choked and spluttered around the foul tasting soap his words hitting her like blows. She had nowhere to go and this asshole was making her eat soap. She started to cry her limbs going limp as he pulled his hand away from her mouth and she spat the soap out. Her nose ran and she spat bubbles of froth, tears streaked the heavy make up still covering her face.

Standing, Padraic went to run the bath for Callie, ‘She smells as bad as she looks,’ he thought. Liberally spraying bubble bath into the running water he went back to her and pulled her to her feet. “You have until I count to twenty be undressed and in the bath or I will do it for you.” Turning his back on her he began to count.

Still crying, she saw him turn blocking the doorway and quickly undressed sliding into the water just as he got to twenty. “Good girl,” he smiled and moved toward her to sit on the edge of the bath. Picking up a face cloth, he dunked it in the bubbles and began to clean her face, brushing her hair back from her eyes.

“We will get you through this, Callie. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems,” he smiled down at the girl trying again to show her some kindness.

She was confused and unsure. No one had cared about her since her father died. Her mother was barely there anymore seeking solace in the bottom of a bottle. The security of school and the teachers in which she had found people to respect had long since left her. Retreating into her shell, she came out fighting again.

“Fuck off. Don’t touch me! You don’t know me. Leave me alone you dirty old perv,” her eyes were wild and her voice had become shrill. “You’re not even my real uncle. I don’t want to be here. I want to go home.”

Padraic’s voice was calm, “Your nineteen now and an adult, Calliope. It’s your choice really, back to jail or here with me. I can’t force you to stay here. Your mother has gone to stay with your grandparent’s. No one is at home to take of you. So do you want me to take you back to jail?” He dunked her head under the water to stop the cursing tantrum she had resumed and smirked as she came up spluttering. “I may be a dirty old perv, but I am all you’ve got right now.”

“Fucking asshole!” Callie screamed at him. Padraic picked up the soap meaningfully and looked at her. Callie splashed water at him wildly and stood up stepping quickly from the bath and grabbing a towel she ran for the door.

Padraic moved just as suddenly leaning against the door blocking her way and smirking at her. “Where will you go, Calliope?”

“Anywhere but this shit hole, don’t pretend you know me. You wouldn’t have a fucking clue who I am old man. Stop trying to be my father, you prick. I don’t need one,” she realised she had gone to far when she looked up into his face.

Padraic picked her up as she screamed at him and carried her out into the vast living area. Sitting in a large comfortable chair, he forced her thrashing body over his lap. Holding her legs down with one of his own he raised his hand and smacked her ass. “If you are going to act like a child, I will treat you like one,” Padraic roared at her over her squeals and yelps.

Callie was sobbing and howling loudly begging him to stop. When he finally took his hand from her ass and he surveyed the glowing red cheeks. He was so turned on by the sight that his hands glided softly over the quivering cheeks feeling the heat as he listened to her sobbing. “Now, little girl. You will stop using such filthy language or I will spank you again.”

Callie squirmed over his lap, feeling his swelling hardness as he caressed her little bottom. ‘Just like all men,’ she thought disgustedly and continued to squirm knowing that playing to his lust would allow her the freedoms she wanted from him. “Yes, Uncle Paddy,” Callie said in her sweetest little girl voice between sobs.

Padraic could tell what she was doing and smiled. Two could play that game and she would find he was not the push over she thought he was. His smile got bigger, ‘It’s been a while since I had a girl of my own to fuck. Bailing this little whore out of jail could work out much better than expected,’ his thoughts fed his lust as she squirmed down between his legs and he let her unbuckle his belt and open his pants.

Callie’s smirked, ‘Yeah, typical man. All he needed was a blow job and he will give me my own way,’ the thoughts rolled through her head at how easy this could güvenilir casino be as her small hand reached in and fished out his cock and she leaned in to wrap her lips around it and tongue the head. While not seemingly too long from this angle, the cock was wide making her stretch her lips around him as she sucked him into her mouth. She heard him moan and felt his fingers in her hair making her feel triumphant that she now had some sort of power over him.

Her thoughts crashed down about her when suddenly he pulled her mouth off his cock and stood towering over her. “You’re not very good at this are you, little girl,” his voice was calm as she looked up confused, “It’s okay. Uncle Paddy will teach you. Pull my pants down and I will show you how to suck a cock properly,” he watched her face show conflicting emotions. His hands tightened in her hair and his voice lowered ominously, “You started this, Calliope. Now do as your told or I will punish you for being a little cock tease.”

Her trembling hands reached up and pulled the pants and briefs down his legs, holding them as he stepped out of them. Sitting back in his chair, he pulled her head back to his engorged cock, “Now sweet girl, tongue out,” he watched her as the small pink tongue protruded from her mouth and using her hair as a guide moved her head so that she licked up and down the shaft of his cock. “Flutter that soft tongue around the head,” Padraic murmured breathily.

Callie was whimpering with pain from the strength of his hands in her hair. She followed his directions fluttering her tongue and wrapping her lips about him once more. He held her head tightly as he moved it up and down his shaft, filling her mouth and making her gag loudly. Drool dribbled from her lips as he growled, “Swallow against the gag reflex. You can take more, baby.”

Padraic pulled her head up and down jabbing at the back of her throat while she desperately tried to swallow. Small tears rolled down her cheeks as she gagged and gurgled. Pulling her head back slightly Padraic groaned as thick strands of ropey cum filled her mouth and oozed down her chin. Letting go of her he let her slump down onto the floor and retrieved his pants, pulling them on loosely, before standing over her, “You will get better at it, with practise.”

Callie hung limply as he picked her up and took her back to the bathroom to return her to the bath and finish cleaning the makeup from her face. Her sobs subsided and he spoke quietly, “Don’t push me, Calliope. You will not like the result. Now finish your bath little girl and I will find you something to wear.”

She sat in the bath shocked, no one had ever treated her like that before and she couldn’t remember a time when the members at the club hadn’t been anything but grateful for her attentions, showering her with gifts and money. She was still sitting and brooding when he came back in with a familiar looking shirt and panties and placed them on the bench. “Start washing little girl or I will do it for you,” he moved towards her and she quickly picked up the washer and started to scrub at her body. He smiled, “Good girl. I will be back in ten minutes. You need to be clean and dressed,” with that he walked out again.

Getting out of the bath, she mulled over what options she had. She had no money, no car, no way of getting home and even if she could what would she do when she got there. She realised she didn’t have many choices as least for tonight. She picked up the clothes, and looked at them. He must have gone to her home and packed for her while she sat in jail waiting for her mother who never came, she reasoned. Callie pulled on the tight shirt and panties and went to open the door. “Hey!” Callie yelled, “Why is the door locked? Fuck! You prick. You should have just left me in jail if you are gonna keep me locked up like this.”

The door opened suddenly and Padraic stood there looming over her. “Do I need to wash that filthy mouth out again?” His voice held an ominous tone.

“No,” she said sullenly. Padraic glared down at her. “I am sorry alright!”

“Good.” Padraic’s voice was softer and he took her by the arm and walked her to her room. “Your mother packed your things for you when she called me and asked for my help.” He let go of her arm as they entered the room. “Unpack while I finish making lunch,” leaving he closed the door and this time she heard the key in the lock.

“Shit. I am a prisoner here,” Callie sat on the bed and cried.

Twenty minutes later, when Padraic returned, he found her curled up on the bed still sobbing. Picking her up, he pulled her into his arms, “Hush now, Callie.”

She struggled against him but his arms held her tight as he crooned softly, “Hush now, little girl. I know you are used to doing what you want, when you want, and how you want. But, sweetie, you’re in trouble now and you need to let someone look after you,” he tilted her teary face up to him, “I know your mother let you down but I am here now. You need to be a good girl for Uncle Paddy and he will take care of everything.”

He stroked her hair as she buried her face in his shoulder. She hadn’t felt so small and helpless since she was a little girl…

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