Cade’s Birthday Bash Ch. 01

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Alexis Fawx

“YES, HON! RIGHT THERE LICK MY PUSSY UGH!” Vicky moaned as her wife licked her pussy. She and Becca are having sex when Cade suddenly arrives and angrily slams the front door while crying.

“OH! YES I’M CUMMING UGH! …Wait for a second, Cade is that you?” Vicky says as she hears a loud slam of the door.

“I guess we should continue later Hon,” Becca says as she and her wife dress.

“HUHUHUHU….” Cade sobbed while covering his face.

“What happened baby?” Vicky worryingly asked while sitting beside him on the sofa of their living room.

“Mommy, Sheila dumped me because she says I’m a wimp for not having sex with her,” Cade says while crying.

“It’s okay sweetie, me and Momma Becca always here for you Baby Boy so don’t cry anymore” Vicky consoled while rubbing his back.

“WHAT! Where is that bitch I’m gonna fucking blow her head to pieces! That bitch thought she is at the right age for fucking I’m gonna teach her a lesson!” Becca angrily says as she clutches her fist.

“Babe calm down, blowing that kid’s head would gonna risk your job and family,” Vicky warned Becca.

“Alright, Hon…… Baby Boy, what do you want? It’s your 18th birthday tomorrow Baby” Becca asked Jack.

“Mom, I don’t want a party tomorrow I just… you know,” Jack said but he is not crying anymore although his eyes were still teary.

“Baby, tell us what you really want” Vicky frankly says. Jack paused for a second to breathe before he spoke.

“Momma, I don’t want to be a virgin anymore” Jack revealed.

“WHAT! Did I tell you that you only have sex with someone you loved?” Vicky asked.

“But Sheila already dumped me?” Jack questions.

Becca exhales before she speaks “Alright Baby tomorrow we gonna give you a surprise” she says while she looks grinning at her wife.

“Alright Momma, promise?” He asked.

“Promise Baby you’re gonna love it” Vicky promised as Jack smiles.

After that, they make their separate ways to their bedrooms. While preparing to sleep Vicky asked Becca, “Are you sure what you planned tomorrow?” she replies “Yes Hon, it would benefit both of us him to learn how to be a great lover while we would have our long wished baby.”

“But that would be my first time with a man since high school prom.” Vicky worries.

“Where Bobby dumped you after he impregnate you? C’mon Honey, we raised Cade to be a gentleman, unlike that bastard who abandoned you and Cade. I’m sure he will be a great father to our babies.” Becca assured Vicky.

“I know, but I don’t want that to be our last time” Vicky bares.

“Honey, that wouldn’t be our supertoto yeni giriş last time in fact I want this to last forever. Me, Jack and you lovers forever” Becca’s assurance.

“But what if he finds someone else when he leaves for college?” Vicky questioned.

“Then let see how it goes” Becca replied as she turned the lights off.


Today is the big day, Vicky thought as today will be the day that they cross the boundaries beyond mother and son.

“Are you excited?” She asked Becca.

“Yes as much as aroused…. as you” Becca whispered the last phrase while pressing her fingers to Vicky’s mound.

“Hon, behave. We should save it later” Vicky reprimands Becca as she enters the bathroom while Becca goes to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. After she finished she saw Becca and Cade, already on the table eating.

“Good morning Mommy” Cade greets Vicky.

“Good morning Baby” she replies as she sits to eat. Nobody speaks as everybody is nervous and excited for the day. After eating Becca commands Jack, “Baby you should wash these dishes and take a bath, after that you come to our bedroom” Becca said as she and Vicky entered their bedroom. Jack thought that maybe his surprise was in their bedroom.

After taking a bath, Jack excitedly exits his bedroom as when he enters his parents’ bedroom, the surprise is now shown, his naked mother on her back, spreading her legs on her bed while his stepmother slips behind his back and whispers “Baby, this is our gift for you, today will be the day that you become an adult so you gonna offer your virginity to your mother and you gave her a baby. After that, you give me a great fucking in the same bed.”

After that, her stepmother moved in front of him and kissed him passionately on the lips. They made out for a minute before her stepmother moved to his ears and whispered “Take a look at your mother, she is beautiful isn’t she?” She asked. Jack lustfully grinned and registered his mother’s image in his eyes, a 35-year-old doctor, 5’10 with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes; an aquiline nose, full lips, and a perfect face; a C-cup breasts, and flat belly, and the sexiest long legs. And then he looked at her stepmom and saw a 34-year-old police officer, 5’7, with shoulder-length red hair and green eyes, a cute nose, small lips, a round face, D-cup breasts, curvy hips, and thick thighs.

He then proceeded to his mother’s face and he kissed her lips passionately while rubbing her arms, her legs, and her thighs. While Becca kissed her wife’s leg, then her left foot, then she suckered supertoto giriş her toes. Vicky moaned to her son’s mouth as his son moved her kisses to her cheek, then her neck, her bosom, then he took her one breast and pinched her nipple while sucking the other one. He then gently nibbed the nipple while Becca also sucked her right toes as she moaned as she orgasmed to their kisses.

After that, Becca moved her head to her wife’s crotch and kissed her thighs before shoving her tongue to her clit. Vicky arches her back as her wife laps her pussy while her son moves to his stepmom’s side and watches as she tongue-fucked her wife.

“May I try Momma?” He asked.

“Yes you can Baby,” she said as she left her wife’s thighs to Vicky’s disappointment. She is then surprised as her son replaces her wife, then her son starts his cunt-munching. She moaned as her wife then moved to her face and kissed her passionately.

“Look Honey, our son is lapping my pussy while you are watching, YES! RIGHT THERE BABY!” She moaned. Cade then shoved his two fingers, then finger-fucked her while still lapping her pussy. “I’M CUMMING BABY!” She screamed as her second orgasm occurred as she squirted her juices to her son’s face.

“OMG! Where did you learn that Baby?” Becca asked.

“Lesbian porn” he embarrassingly answered.

“You naughty straight boy watching lesbian porn, I think you should have a reward” she lustfully says as she pulls Cade and kisses him. Vicky then shoved her wife and pushed her son on the left side of the king bed. She then holds his erect rock-hard thick cock and she kisses it before sucking the tip and the base of his cock. Then she sucked his balls; after that, she took his cock to her mouth. She deep-throated it before she pulls back, then deep-throat it again.

The sensation and his mother’s skillful mouth take Cade off “MOMMA IM’ CUMMING!!!” He screamed as he emptied his balls into her waiting throat. Vicky tried to swallow every drop but she choked and spat the remaining cum.

“Oh my god, you cum a lot!” Becca says despite her being upset about her wife’s shove.

“I think it’s time for us to cross the boundary baby” she lustfully says as she lies on her back.

Becca then takes his semi-soft cock to her mouth as she blows his dick until it grows back to life.

“Baby come here and make love to me,” Vicky tells Cade.

He then moved to her front and aimed his dick at her pussy. On one slow push, he shoved his cock to her tight pussy “FUCK! IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I HAVE A REAL DICK!!” She groaned as her son gave her a long, slow stroke. supertoto güvenilirmi Becca then shoved her finger to her pussy as she watched her wife and son have sex.

Cade continues to make love to his mother “YES BABY PLEASE GO FASTER!” She commands as her son speeds up, his pounding on her pussy getting faster and deeper. What you could only hear was the creaking bed, the sound of colliding bodies, and the moans from three incestuous people.

Cade announces his pending orgasm “MOM I’M CUMMING.”

“CUM INSIDE ME! GIVE ME A BABY!” Vicky replies.

“Let’s cum together,” Becca told them as her orgasm is coming.


“UGH!!!” They screamed together as Cade released his potent seed into her mother’s fertile womb while Becca cums with her fingers. The three of them breathe hard as all of them are exhausted. After resting for minutes, Becca turns her back and holds the headboard as she wiggles her ass.

“Baby! It’s my turn, just shove your dick and fuck me hard!” She screamed as Cade immediately moved behind her back and shoved his dick at her sopping pussy and fuck her hard.



“That’s why you date that immature tart and the first one because they reminded of us to you aren’t I?” Vicky asked as her son continues to fuck her wife doggy-style while pulling her hair.

“FUCK! MOMMA YOUR PUSSY FEELS GOOD!” He praised his stepmom.

“I credited our strapons and other sex toys for that” Vicky replies. Hearing that turns Cade on even more as he fucked her stepmom harder.

“MOMMA I’M CUMMING!” He announces.

“ME TOO BABY UGH!!!” She replies as his cock spurts another potent semen on her waiting pussy. Cade’s softening dick slips out on her pussy.

“I think we are pregnant already Honey,” Vicky tells her exhausted wife.

“Yeah Baby, we are,” she replies.

“What if you didn’t get pregnant after this?” Cade asked.

“Then we gonna fuck again and after we did you are gonna fuck our pregnant pussy then after we gave birth we gonna fuck again for another child,” Vicky answered

“Mom I had another wish,” he requested shyly.

“What is that Baby?” They asked Cade.

“A Live Lesbian Sex Show for my incoming birthdays,” he says.

“Well, you can watch us even if it’s not your birthday,” Vicky tells Cade as the doorbell rings.

“Cade, it’s me your Mommy Laura,” a voice said.

“Oh my God, it’s your daddy’s wife Laura,” Becca says.

“Mom I think another wish will be fulfilled,” Cade tells his mothers.

“What is that Baby?” They asked in chorus.

“Fucking my dad’s wife” he lustfully says while grinning.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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