Brookie: BB’s Internet Sensation

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Hi, kiddies, how’s it going? Things here are different: Not necessarily good, nor particularly bad, per se. Actually, that’s not true. No, I’d say that they’re better than average! The main reason being that I heard from my friend brookie a few hours ago! (Yes, she’s still at that prestigious college in New England, but she will be graduating soon. In the meantime, however, we have both been going nuts without the ability to screw each others brains out, on a regular basis.)

She contacted me and told me to log on to her newest web cam-sharing site. OK, no biggie, because we have had some rather nice cyber sex in the past. Mutual masturbation, when you’re horny as hell and a thousand miles away from your favorite piece of ass, is a good way to kill a few hours! Not to mention, a great excuse to blow my nuts all over the place, too.

Now, because little brookie is such a wonderfully submissive slut, I know that I can trust her to follow my “instructions” when we’re phone-fucking each other! And throw in the pleasure of seeing her, as she follows my directions toward orgasmic satisfaction, well, that’s just icing on an already, really sexy cake!

Here’s how it went:

I signed on and there she was… Nude as the day she was born, and smooth as silk (as always, ever since she had it all lazered off by a professional, all-those-years-ago) between her legs. Both pussy and ass, always feel like they’ve been just-shaved! (Like I needed another reason to Love fucking her body.)

Anyway, there my little slut was, looking at me, holding in her hands the very toys that we had purchased together, for her ultimate satisfaction, when I can’t be there to service her needs personally. She signed, “Hello, Master. What would you have your slut do for Your enjoyment?” And because this was a video chat, she could hear everything I said. “You know which one,” I stated and pointed to my favorite vibrator– the thin, Anal vibe, with the bulbous head –the one that I bought her for her Christmas present, a few years ago. She signed, “Where should I put it?” I said, “you know where, my dear girl.” She smiled and signed, “Lube? Now?” I shook my head, no. I thought I’d make her wait. She both hates and Loves to do this with me. Hates it because it means she has to wait to get her rocks off. Loves it because when I finally do let her isveçbahis cum, it’s always mind-blowingly, earth-shatteringly explosive! She has described it as like, having her “very brain and soul fucked by a huge penis and then hosed down with a few gallons of icy-hot cum!”

I’ve never been able to understand what that feels like because I’m a guy. And as such, that pretty much describes the average orgasm to me! (Are you with me on this, men? Come on, now… LOL!)

So, where was I? Oh yeah— Making her wait. Otherwise known as: Orgasm denial/ delay—

Over the years, I’ve had brookie so trained that, often, all I’ll need to do is count to five, and by the time I reach “5,” brookie will be cumming like she’s being gang-fucked by a football team, just from hearing my voice! [Note to any *chocolate bunnies* reading this: “Sound familiar?” LMAO!] There have also been instances where I’ll have brookie masturbate with a dildo and or a vibrator in each orifice and I’ll instruct her NOT to cum! I’d go to a store to buy food for our dinner, leaving poor little brookie struggling with a big vibrator buzzing away, deep in her cunt while another one buzzes away in her asshole, too! By the time I’d get home, she’d be deliriously out of her young, fucking mind, with the need for an orgasm! Or I’d stuff her holes with the toys and I’d get on the phone and talk for nearly an hour, carrying on conversations with my gf or a chocolate bunny, completely “forgetting” that I’d left brookie in such a dire position! I’d always come back and fake “apologize” for my oversight. I say, “fake” apologize, because I knew what I was doing the whole time. I’m always manipulating my submissives— whether I’m manipulating their bodies to make them orgasm when I want them to, or when I manipulate their minds, usually toward thinking as I want them to. I know that the latter example can also be described as “Mind Fucking,” and that that’s not a good thing usually. But when it’s done with good intentions/ Love, I’m hoping it’s not a bad thing…

[Note to brookie, et al: I’m sorry if you think I’m an ass for doing this, all-these years, but you knew what kind of person I was before you signed up to be my submissive. Remember that. And besides: I’ve never done that to you in any malicious kind of way, so what do you have to complain about?]

Back isveçbahis giriş to my tale—

I told brookie to turn her speakers up as high as they’d go so she’d be able to hear my every command, over the loud buzzing of her toys. I did the same so I’D be able to hear HER cumming over the buzzing of her toys, too!

I made her start on low with her wand: Rubbing up, down and all around her bare cunt! Then I could see the moisture beginning to glisten on her outer lips, even though she was told to avoid her clitoral area! Boy, those wands are strong… I could almost feel the vibrations coming off the speakers on my computer! I also heard brookie’s breathing become very rapid and shallow and knew that, if left alone for another minute, she’d be cumming like a whore/nun in a Monastery! Like a young nymphomaniac at a dirty old man/Satyr’s convention!

Or, better yet, like a slutty young submissive with her cunt stuffed full of buzzing toys would!

Ahhh, but I know brookie too well and knew that she’d never cum without her Master’s permission. She’s made of a strong constitution, that one is.

But just in case, I ordered her to turn it off and put it on the table, away from her visibly-throbbing cunt! (Yes, I could see, on my screen, that her whole cunt was pulsating, just like when she and I fuck for hours and hours!)

Next I told her to rub her cunt with her 6 inch dildo and insert it, all-the-way… “But you are NOT to cum!” I commanded.

I could see her back arching and her hips lifting off her chair, as if she were on the razor’s-edge of an orgasm. I knew that she was doing this to demonstrate her desire for climax but not necessarily her need… Yet. I also knew that I had my own needs for an orgasm, as I’d been stroking my own erection with the desire for simultaneous orgasms, between us! I was one stroke away from blowing my wad all over my chest, chair, desk, computer monitor and keyboard! Pretty much, anything within a 3 to 7 foot radius was going to be covered in my pearly white cum!

Floor to ceiling, kiddies… Seriously!

So, I backed off and waited to see what my young friend on my screen was going to do. But of course, as the perfect submissive, she was waiting to see what her Master wanted to do. Remembering our roles, I told her to get her “tight, puckered ass hole isveçbahis yeni giriş as greased up as possible!” She loves it when I take charge and boss her around, using words like that. Which, when it comes down to it, that’s the very definition of a “submissive,” right?

Here we were, looking at each other– with 1,000+ miles distance between us, yet as close as two Lovers could be in the same room!

I watched my young friend/ Lover squirting lubricant into her asshole and all-the-while I’m thinking, “God, this is a great point in Human History to be alive,” as brookie moved her camera as close to her lubed-up sphincter as possible! Then I watched her move the camera to her face as she inserted the thin toy-with-the-bulbous-head, up her butt hole! And although brookie can’t speak, I could hear all the breath and tension escape from her lungs as she pushed that toy further and further, up into her body and then, I heard it turn on, as her breathing got real fast and shallow, as if she were seconds from her orgasm!

I told her to turn it up to its highest setting and listened as the contraption changed pitch deep inside my friend’s pulsating bowels! I was mere seconds away from losing my load and yelled at brookie to, “Cum with me, slut!” And as my cock and balls erupted with the intense joy that had been building for the past hour that we’d been talking, young brookie’s cunt erupted, as well, as her g-spot was massaged through the thin wall separating her cunt and her joyously toy-filled asshole!

Her body soon went slack as she lost consciousness. I’ve seen this happen many times over our years together. Whenever she has a g-spot orgasm, she passes out, completely. Sometimes for a few minutes. Sometimes for an hour. This time, though, she opened her eyes after her breathing and pulse-rate returned to some semblance of normalcy.

Once awake, she signed, “Thank you, sooo much, Master. I sooo needed that. And I can see by the big puddle of your white goo on your chest and in your hair that you, yourself, needed that, too!” I could only agree with her.

Then we said how much we missed/ Loved each other and wished we were closer in terms of actual mile’s distance from each other and promised to meet online again next week.

And as soon as humanly possible, we will be getting together again to rekindle our physical relationship. Our Dom/sub-thing is one to which only those who’ve experienced it can relate.

And if you can truly understand our Love for each other, then we would surely enjoy hearing from you, too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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