Bringing Him to Orgasm

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Big Tits

“Please, This is not right. stop.”

He was anxious as I was bending down and removing his trousers. Did I notice a flicker of excitement on his face?

Abhishek was a gentle guy, and what was about to happen was not something that he ever expected, and he sure was anxious af. My name is Urooj, and I’m a final year student at my university, where I’m studying English Hons. I was born in a conservative family, but my parents love me too dearly, which is why they afforded me as much freedom as possible. And I’m not one to leave an opportunity when it presents itself, so I’ve done it all. Things that might shock my parents and might also make them disown me. I’ve done it all.

It was in college where I met Abhishek. I used to have three classes with him in the morning, but we didn’t meet for the remaining parts of the day. My mom cautioned me to stay away from non-muslims (especially boys) when I joined college. I feigned ignorance, and she steered the discussion to another subject, thinking I was innocent.

I was not.

He was, of course, not my first one, but he was the special one. If I tried, I could have convinced my parents of our marriage. However, I’ve heard in our friend circles that marriages with Hindus, especially Brahmins, do not pan out well because they’re intensely devoted to their religion. I decided that I’ll take his virginity by hook or crook, as funny as it sounds, a girl seducing a guy. Exactly antithetical to what is generally welcome in a patriarchal country like ours. I tried not to fall for him and let this remain strictly like a fling, but that sweet bastard was making it difficult for me each passing day.

One time we were sitting in the cafeteria, and I decided to make a move. We were discussing random stuff, but the topic of discussion shifted to sex.

“Abhishek, what’s your body count?” I asked him.

“Body Count? What’s that?”

Oh, my innocent child, you’re in for some real treat, I thought to myself.

“It has something to with how many people someone had sex with.”

“Why did you suddenly ask me that, Urooj?”

“No reason”

Very suave of me, I cursed myself.

I reached home that day, and with my mom and dad gone out for work, I had the whole of the house for myself. This whole act, to pop his cherry, was getting exciting for me. I admit it. I had more or less vowed to take his virginity. I was merely wondering about the time his zero-day would arrive. Relaxing on my bed and with nobody around, I took off my hijab and my kameez. I then proceeded to unhook my bra, giving my supple artemisbet yeni giriş boobs the freedom they deserved. My nipples were darker and rockier than I had ever seen them. They stood out prominently in contrast to my fair skin. All thanks to that innocent bastard.

With such terrific boobs, I should have made him ogle at them by now, I thought to myself. I cupped my boobs, gently caressing them. As the pleasure started overtaking me, I closed my eyes and lay on my bed. I continued caressing my breasts for some time. When I opened my eyes, I found that my boobs got extremely red by now. These thoughts make my breathing agitated, and as I collect my thoughts, I realize the warmth and wet feeling between my thighs. I gently slip my left hand into my panties and moan as I feel my wetness. I started to rub my pussy, as I brought my finger up to my pussy, rubbing circles around it, back down to my hole. My finger got coated with juices, and with a gentle push, the finger slid into my pussy inch by inch until the whole finger was inside my depths. A heavenly feeling. I allow my sexual longing to wash over my body. I sigh as I await experiencing my aching breasts pressed against Abhishek’s chest, and it feels very sensual.

Realizing that I’ll never get out of this hangover, I stop and seethe in frustration. I needed to do something, or everything will soon fade away. The next day, he was riding his scooty with his friends after class near the college. I asked him to teach me even though I knew how to ride a scooty. Awkward things one does for love(lust?).

“Hey, Abhishek, why don’t you sit with me instead of standing and teaching me? It will be easier that way.”

“That’s a good idea, Urooj. I’ll do that.”

I wanted him to sit with me because I wanted to close the gap between us. Also, then, he’ll be easier to seduce that way. The thing is, my butt is velvety and voluptuous, and that comes in handy when you’re trying to allure someone. A good butt is worth a thousand kisses, they say. I sat closer to his crotch, carefully making sure that my buttocks were touching his cock. The innocent guy he was, he tried to keep distance from me, but I kept shifting to his crotch. That got him hard. Real Hard. It was getting sexier with each moment because he was not making any effort to maintain distance from me now. I decided the time has come. I had to do something.

“Hey, Abhishek, why don’t we stop and chill out for some time while they keep loafing around on their bikes?”

“Yes, Urooj, that sounds like a terrific idea. I’m pretty artemisbet giriş exhausted teaching you how to a bike. Let’s go and get ice cream, perhaps. It’ll help us cool off faster.”

My sweet little child, there are loads of other things that help us cool down, I thought to myself, getting more and more excited with each passing second.

“Do you have any more classes today, Abhishek?” I enquired.

“No, Urooj. Professor Wadhwa is ill today, so he’ll not be taking the class. That was the sole reason why I decided to loaf around on my bike.”


We ate the ice cream and had our fill as we sat down on the stage that our college built for the annual circus. Circus is a weird way to put it, for it got constructed for the annual fest that our college organizes. Only that the folks who participate in it were clowns, and thus, the whole affair is more or less a circus. A weird sound interrupted my train of thoughts. It was him speaking about something that caught his fascination. I was, of course, interested more in taking him than listening to him. His hunk looks came off as a bonus. I wonder how he didn’t just end up as a fuckboy. He had the appearance and was extremely fit. I wondered why. Then it dawned on me. He was a massive geek but a sexy one at that. Geeks, I tell you. They’re The most interesting ones to savor. You can dominate and teach them or making them bend to your wishes.

Then, in an awfully porn-ish fashion, and I cringe to this day, I asked him what he thinks of me. I was getting hornier by the minute, and this was my last resort. I was acting more desperate than I ever thought I would. I had to make this worth it. I would not take a no for all my efforts. Not when I was so horny.

“What do you mean, Urooj? I don’t get you.”

“Oh, you do, Abhishek.”

“I can’t say, Urooj. I do like you, but I don’t think anything would come out of a possible relation.”

It was getting hotter with each passing second. With some more coaxing, I would seduce him completely. I was getting wetter between my legs, and my nipples got rockier.

“Why do you talk like that, Abhishek? It’s not as if you don’t know me.”

“Oh, I do, Urooj, but our religious differences will get better of us. Our aspirations together are a non-starter.”

My heart sank. It was a fair point. Not that it particularly mattered to me because I was semi-religious at best. Relationships between Hindus and Muslims are still taboo. Between a Muslim girl and a Hindu Boy, more so. Again, not that it particularly mattered to me.

In artemisbet güvenilirmi one fluid motion, I pushed him against the broken door. Whatever may the future holds for us, I had to have him.

“I like you, and you like me. let’s forget everything else for now.” I heard myself saying.

I was tipsy, which was weird, for I have never touched alcohol.

Without warning, I kissed him, a kiss straight from the soul. I thought I lusted after him. In hindsight, I realize that it was love, but I was too horny and too foolish at that time to realize that.

I must remark that he was a better kisser than I anticipated him to be.

I noticed a growing bulge in his trousers. The time has come, I sighed in relief. I got down on my knees. I know how to pleasure a man, and Abhishek was not one. Yet.

“Please, This is not right. stop.”

He was anxious as I was bending down and removing his trousers. I finally took off his pants after some effort. He was resisting, but only in name. I pulled out his rock-hard cock from his pants. As I freed his little guy, I noticed his cock was huge. Huger than I ever took in, perhaps. I let out an excited moan. I caressed his balls and ran my hands over his cock.

He moaned loudly, so much so that I had to kiss him to stifle him and stop his moans lest somebody heard us fooling around. It felt so good. I did not want this to stop. Again, I bent down onto my knees. I took his whole length into my mouth, which was seemingly impossible, given the size. He started moaning loudly. Loud enough to get us noticed.

I removed his cock from my mouth and licked the head of his cock, feeling his thighs tense against me. I was thoroughly enjoying his uncut cock. The feeling of it was wholly marvelous. All my previous partners had circumcised cocks because their religion dictated so. With him, it was not the thing. Hindus don’t require circumcision, and uncut cocks are fucking amazing to taste and feel. I continued licking his cock, sucking it for all I was worth. I hadn’t noticed, but his dick was too salty, which was surprising because all the previous dicks that I tasted were almost flavorless. I was sucking it without moving my head, using my mouth only. His moans indicated that he was thoroughly enjoying this. After some time, I started teasing the opening with the tip of my tongue. I was impressed with him. We were going on for some time, and he still didn’t cum, unlikely for a virgin. His entire cock was engulfed in my mouth by now. Just when I thought he lasted longer than your average virgin, he shot out ropes of cum in my mouth, all of which I gently swallowed.

Talk about timing.

“That was amazing, wasn’t it?”

He slumped down in response to my question. The poor boy. The first time is always awkward, though this was a blowjob and not even full-fledged penetration.

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