Briget Ch. 02

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Big Tits

She said her last name was Halliard. Briget Halliard. She laughed this morning when we realized that we had fucked all night without knowing each other’s last names. Hey, it was the mid-80’s. Stuff like that happened, though never before to me. At least, before last night. We were sitting back naked on the bed and she was telling me a story.


“When I moved to town, my cousin Eva helped me find a job and a place to live. There was a bunch of ads in the school newspaper and we started going through them. Roslyn’s was about the third place we went to. She was going to the Junior College and her room-mate had quit school and left town. We met at a coffee shop to make sure that we were, I guess, compatible and we really hit it off. So we walked over to her apartment and it was great. Nice bedroom, good kitchen and huge living room. I moved in the next week. I got my job at the Business World and she went to school and we were getting along great. We’d go out together and party now and then and have great time, but most of the time it was work or school.

“Anyway, she had this date with this stud from the J.C. and she really wanted to make a good impression. They’d been out a few times and she was hot for him. And she looked hot when she left. If he had asked, she would have jumped him in a second. I was kind of jealous because I didn’t have a date, ’cause I just worked and slept and masturbated.

“But, it turned out that this guy was a heavy duty closet Christian and at the end of the evening when she suggested that they go further than a little kiss goodnight, he called her an evil slut. He said that she was going to hell if she continued that behavior… Needless to say she came home in tears and cried for a good half-hour before I could get her to calm down. I told her to get into her pj’s and come out to the living room for some ice cream. Ice cream usually cheered her up.”

“So,” I asked, “what’s she look like?”

Briget turned to me and smiled. “Well, you’ll see in a while won’t you? But I’ll tell you what she looked like when she came out of the bedroom that night.”


The clock on the bedside table read a bit after noon. We had met at a party the night before. Before I met Briget, I actually got fucked by (there’s no simpler way to put it…) Briget’s cousin Eva. Then I was introduced to Briget and we picked each other up. Well, she did most of the picking. We came back to my place and shared the most awesome night of sex in my life. Not only was the sex great but I was sure that I was falling in love with the girl. She was a wonderful person.

If that wasn’t enough, I later had my first group session, with the help of my visiting friend Brian and Jackie, a girl he had met in a bar. It was, in one night, more sex than I had had in ages. My life, as strange as it may have seemed, had become a fucking Penthouse letter. It boggled the mind.

Jackie had left in the morning, after we made a slightly hung-over breakfast (we all ate in the nude). She gave us her phone number and asked that we keep in touch. Brian had gone off to spend the day with his grandparents. It was one of the reasons he came back to visit.

Briget and I had a long shower and washed each other all over and played like a couple of slippery seals, but didn’t have any real sexual contact, other than incidental washing. It was kind of strange. It was going to get stranger.

As we dried off, Briget made a phone call and talked for a while, quietly. She gave me the phone and had me give this girl my address. Then we crawled back into bed with coffee and cigarettes and Briget, or ‘Hals’, as her friends called her, was telling me the story of her room-mate Roslyn.


“When Roz came out of the bedroom, she was wearing this real thin, short silk camisole and a pair of boxer-type panties. She’d worn this stuff before; it wasn’t any big deal. But the first thing I noticed were her nipples and the way they stood out. I usually didn’t notice things like that, but tonight I did. She was a real good athlete and she’s a bit taller than me, and thin, but her tits are pretty nice. Kind of like Jackie’s were, kind of low and up turned?”

I thought about Jackie’s tits and started to paint a picture.

“She had long straight blonde hair then, too. So she sat down on the couch and I handed her a bowl of ice cream and we sat and ate and said nothing. Suddenly she says ‘Oh shit!’ and she had spilled a spoonful of chocolate ice cream on her top. It’s a nice top so she starts crying all over again and she’s a wreck. So I scoot over and take the bowl away and give her a hug. She’s crying and I’m dabbing at the stain with a kleenex when I realize that I’m rubbing her boob and I can feel the nipple is getting harder. Now, I hadn’t touched a girl since I played around with a cousin back in–“

My eyebrow must have shot up because she playfully slapped me and said, “No, not Eva… Eva’s not that kind of girl. This was back in grade 10. But I started thinking hey, this is nice. casino şirketleri I’m just wearing a long t-shirt thing, and I’m starting to get kind of hot. I’m giving her this soothing line about what a jerk this guy was and sort of cleaning her breast and she reaches up to hug me better. And her hand lands right on my tit. I just about came right there, but I suppressed it. Like, we’re roomies and, well you just didn’t do that sort of thing. We had only been roomies for half a year or so and we didn’t really know much about each other. Like, I sure hadn’t shown her my stash of dirty books.

“Anyway, I sort of went to hold her tighter, you now, comforting her and I swear to God, she squeezes my boob, just lightly. I didn’t know what the fuck she was doing- maybe she was just distraught. And then, she looks up at me and asks me if I think she’s a slut. I said no way: the guy was nuts; she was a great person.

“She looked great, too. She had washed off all the makeup from her date and she looked blonde and innocent and pure. A tear rolled out of her eye and I had to say something. I said, “Roslyn, you’re beautiful, and if I was a guy, I’d fuck you in a minute.” We often said this to each other when we were going out to the bar and we wanted to boost each other’s confidence. I was hoping that she’d laugh and feel better, but she only said, “But what if you were a girl?” and she pulled me close and kissed me.

“Wow,” I said and adjusted my growing cock under the sheets.

“Wow is right,” said Briget. “I had no idea how horny I was and it was like she opened the gate and I was gone. I kissed her back and she squeezed my tit and our tongues were fighting each other and I brought a hand up to her breasts and we were all over each other. We never said a word; she just pushed me back onto the couch and pulled off my t-shirt and got between my legs and started squeezing licking and sucking my tits. I was naked and my pussy was running like a tap and I got my legs around her ass and just squeezed for all I was worth.

“I came twice, just like that.” And she snapped her fingers. “Just from her feeling and sucking on my tits. When I came down I pushed her back on the couch and pulled her top off and then took off her panties. I had seen parts of her before, you know, running from the shower to her room, but this was the first time I saw her naked and wanting and she was so fucking gorgeous.

“I always thought I was too fat and she thought she was too skinny and we always told each other we were silly and that we were perfect. And, Denny-man, she was perfect. She pulled me in and we kissed. We got our pussies lined up. It was like we were running on instinct. We were rubbing them back and forth and our tits were rubbing back and forth and we were moaning so loud I thought that the cops would call. I rolled off to the side and started finger fucking her beautiful pussy until she came and then she took my hand and we went to her room.”

She raised a finger and looked at me. “And there is where I really learned about how absolutely erotic it was to talk to your lover during sex. She was a master. She was almost able to get me off just by talking dirty to me.”

I had reached down and started to stroke my cock. It was full hard. Briget lay on her side. One hand propped up her head as she lay there and the other hand was rubbing my thighs. “You ought to save that for when she gets here,” she smirked.

I laughed and folded my hands under my arms. “Fine!” I said. “Go on with the story. It’s great!”

“Well, that night I had my first real bi experience. Now, it wasn’t hers, she had had a girlfriend through high school that she had gone all the way with… That was a great story in itself. Anyway, I had a lot of catching up to do. She told me that she had wanted me since we moved in together, but was too afraid she’d freak me out.

“But, we talked about it and we both admitted that we still liked boys. We both loved a good hard cock and we started talking about that and we got into it again… We fucked for the whole weekend, and a few times after that when we were horny and dateless.

“Well, to make a long story short, a few months later, she had a date with another guy that she had been seeing and I was at home feeling sorry for myself because I hadn’t had a date in nearly four months and sex for six months. Other than occasional sex with her, of course.”

“Of course…”

“About two in the morning, the phone rings. When I answer it, it was Roslyn and she says, “Guess what I’m doing right now?” I told her I had no idea and she says, really low and sexy, “I’m getting my ass fucked off…” I could hear it; she was breathing hard and getting a workout, and I’m starting to get pissed off, and she says, “You wanna get your ass fucked off, too?” I asked if she was kidding and she told me to get a taxi over there right away. She gave me the address and hung up.

“Well, I got a taxi and went to this guy’s place, and you know what?”

“You got your ass casino firmaları fucked off.” I lit a couple of Camels and passed her one.

“Boy, did I ever. This guy was good, and not too bad looking. I got fucked almost as soon as I walked in the door.”

I must have looked hurt because she quickly added, “Oh, Dennis, don’t worry. It was just fucking…”

I put my petulance aside and she continued the story. ‘So, then he fucked Roslyn again while I watched, and then while he recovered, Roslyn and I did each other. That got him all horny again so we tag-teamed the poor guy and then left. We would have done it all again the very next week, but then Roslyn found out he was secretly engaged to another girl so she dropped him like a hot potato. But at least it got me through a dry spell.”

“And this is where I come in?”

She smiled. “Yes, Denny this is where you come in! I owe her this. I just don’t want you to fall for her and leave me high and dry.”

“What do you want me to do?” I had a feeling this might lead to trouble.

“She hasn’t had sex for three months and she just wants to get laid. But, if you could make it seem like you’re making love it would be great.”

“What are you going to be doing?”

“Well, I’m just going to watch for the first–”

The apartment intercom buzzed and squealing with excitement, Briget clambered over me and ran to let her friend in. I asked her where I should be and she told me just to lay back and wait. Soon I heard the door open and the girls greet each other.

“Oh, thanks Hals… you sure you don’t mind?” I guessed that this was Roslyn.

“No, just enjoy it- you deserve it! Come on, get your coat off.” They were giggling in the hall and after a moment my naked Briget walked in, followed by Roslyn. “Roz… this is Dennis. Dennis, this is Roslyn.” Briget was right; she was very pretty. Not rail-thin, but thin: and taller than me. Her hair was short and dirty blonde and framed her face nicely. Her breasts bobbed freely under her light wool sweater. There was no bra. My prick began to get harder.

Yet, it felt weird to be introduced like this, and given my upbringing, I got up to shake hands with her. Her eyes immediately went to my hard-on and she kind of blushed. We shook hands and I took the initiative and leaned in to kiss. I told her I was very glad to meet her. She replied in kind and kissed me, her tongue stepping out to meet mine. We exchanged short, breathy kisses for a while, touching each other. Then we dissolved in a deep kiss and I felt Briget creep around us to sit on the chair in the corner.

Roslyn started caressing my back and ass and I did the same to her. I lifted her top off and threw it on the floor. Her nipples were like bullets, I bent and took one into my mouth and she gasped and held my face to her while I worked at getting her pants off. She helped me by shimmying out of them till they were a puddle on the floor. There were no panties either. I looked down and she was shaved as clean as the day she was born. There were goose pimples on her bare thighs. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and started stroking me, moaning all the while.

I looked over at Briget. Her legs were splayed off to the side and she had two fingers deep inside her cunt and one hand tweaking her nipples: one then the other. She lifted one gorgeous breast and licked the nipple, still looking at us. In her eyes was a mix of lust and trepidation. But she nodded at me, urging me on.

I looked back at Roslyn. “So, what do you want to do?”

Roslyn looked at me then over to Briget, who nodded. Roslyn looked back at me, smiling. “What I want,” she cooed, “is for you to suck my sweet cunt until I cum and then I want you to stick that nice hard cock in me and fuck me until you fill me with cum and… I guess we’ll see what happens then…”

“Sit down,” I said, and Roslyn sat down on the edge of the bed. Her knees spread slowly, almost shyly. “Touch your breasts,” and she brought her hands to cup them with her nipples caught between fingers. Her tongue came out and ran over her lips; she was getting flushed like Briget did when she was excited. I felt kind of powerful, like I could have asked her to do anything.

I heard Briget moan in the chair in the corner and I was pretty sure she was cumming. I got down on my knees and kissed Roslyn on the lips. Her hands wrapped around me and then I kissed her on her neck, then sucked on her breasts. I nuzzled her navel and nudged her to lie down.

I wrapped my arms under her thighs and lifted her ass up so I could access her better and stroke her tits, too, at the same time. I buried my face in her sweet-smelling and hairless pussy. I ate her like there was no tomorrow, and tweaked her sensitive nipples. If she was talking to me I didn’t hear anything. I was so into this. She grabbed my hair so hard it almost made me cry out.

She took longer to cum than Briget did, but it was just as worth it. She mewed and bucked her crotch into güvenilir casino me and got really wet, really fast. I ran my hands all over her stomach while I licked up all I could. Then she froze in mid-buck, and spasmed again and then settled back onto the bed. I gave her one more lick, from bottom to top and sucked on her clit. She moaned and shuddered from her core. She relaxed and we disentangled. She lay there for a while, panting. I leaned back on my haunches, looked at her and stroked my cock. I felt like king of the fucking mountain.

“Oh, my God…” Briget moaned from the corner. We both looked over at her, all wrung out and sweaty, leaning back in the chair.

“Has he done this to you?” asked Roslyn.

Briget shook her head slowly and her hair floated gently around her. “No, he hasn’t. But we’ve got lots of time.” She looked at me. “Right?”

“Right.” I smiled and blushed, sitting back on my haunches. I really had no idea what I was doing when I ate her out. It was like Eva last night; I just used what little knowledge I had and tried really hard.

Roslyn scooted back further onto the bed. “Come here,” she said, crooking a finger at me. I climbed up on the bed, my cock almost parallel to my belly. She lay down and spread her legs, and grabbed my hardness. “Come on, Denny, do me, I want you to do me good and fuck me like you fucked Briget.” She was smiling, but her eyes were wide and feral, almost begging. I positioned myself above her and she guided me into her slick cunt.

I started pushing into her and she kept on talking about how nice it felt to have a cock deep in her, that I was hitting all the right spots and telling me when to go fast and when to slow down. I was happy just to follow directions.

She lifted one of my legs over hers and she told me to get ready to roll. I tucked a shoulder under and she rolled so she was on top of me, still fucking; all without pulling out! I would definitely have to remember that one! She was hunched over me and I was able to lick and suck her breasts as I humped up into her. I felt the bed move and Briget loomed over the two of us.

She looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t just watch anymore, I had to get in here, you guys look so hot!” Neither Roslyn nor I said much, but we didn’t object: we were getting close to cumming. Briget kept talking; asking if Roz was liking it, if she was gonna cum… all in this low sexy murmur. Roslyn had lost her tongue, she was getting wide-eyed and her breathing was ragged. I was getting really close, too and I picked up my pace, grabbing her ass and fucking her hard.

When I came she wasn’t far behind and she threw her head back and forth: her fine blonde hair whipping all over the place.

It took us a while to relax. She just laid on me. Briget was softly rubbing Roslyn’s back; planting soft kisses on her and smiling at me. I could feel cum from both of us run past my balls and ass and soak the sheets below me. I didn’t care one bit.

I had gone soft, but was starting to get hard as her pussy muscles squeezed and let go; squeezed and let go. Roslyn kissed me and finally rolled off of me, onto her back, and lay there with an arm over her eyes. Briget kissed me, then pounced on my shrinking cock and licked up all of our combined juices.

By the time she was done I was half-hard. “There,” she said. “Nice and clean.” She kissed me again and crawled over me to her room-mate. I propped myself up on one elbow to watch and stroked myself. “Now it’s your turn sweetie…” She tenderly kissed Roslyn and they traded tongues for a moment. As Roslyn moaned and wrapped her long fingers in Briget’s thick, damp hair, Briget started down on her body… neck, breasts, stomach and hips. Then down to the thighs and all around her puffed cunt lips. She started licking and sucking, almost ferociously. Roslyn looked at me and said, “Suck my tits, Denny, I need you to suck them…”

I got up on my knees and bent down to take one precious peak in my mouth, while gently squeezing the other. I scraped them with the fine edge of my teeth, sucked them gently and sucked them hard, depending on what she told me to do. It only took her another few minutes until she was cumming again, clawing and scratching at the sweat and cum soaked sheets on the bed.

Briget came up for air and we collapsed in a pile. We exchanged cummy kisses and hugs and tender words. I think we even might have dozed off for a while. But around four in the afternoon Roslyn got up saying that she had a shit-load of homework to finish.

Briget had gone to the bathroom and Roz got dressed. She sat on the bed and leaned over to kiss me and we swapped tongue. “I really want to thank you for this, I appreciate it.”

“Well,” I said, “it was Briget’s idea.”

She smiled. “I do love that girl.”

Before I could think I blurted out, “I think I do, too.”

She cocked an eyebrow at me and grinned. She looked to the bathroom to make sure Briget was still occupied, and then she turned to me and lowered her voice conspiratorially. “I can tell she likes you, too. If she didn’t she’d be long gone. I hope you guys work out ’cause she deserves a nice boyfriend. But if you hurt her in anyway I will personally cut your nuts off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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