Breeding Lord Ablington an heir

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I was idling the day away waiting for lunch when I heard the dreadful news, Alan Lord Ablington had fallen from his horse at Monday morning’s hunt and was quite dead.

Tommy Goodfellow had stopped by on his way to Abbotsford on that Tuesday morning to tell us as he knew of my former acquaintance with Lady Ablington

I felt a mixture of emotions. Lord Ablington had recently wooed and then married my childhood sweetheart one Miss Amy Merry of whom I remained immensely fond, one could not blame her, Ablington owned most of the village and plenty more besides while my family while not impoverished were some two to three classes lower them in the social standings.

I felt it my duty to convey my condolences, so I saddled up my steed and made haste to Ablington Hall.

“Henry Longhurst, I wonder if I might convey my condolences to her ladyship.” I asked politely of the footman.

“One moment sir,” he replied before slamming the door in my face and disappearing within.

It was not Amy who came to the door but Agatha the Dowager Lady Ablington the late lord’s mother.

“Ah Longhurst, I wondered how long it would be before you came sniffing around,” she sneered.

“I wish to convey my condolences,” I declared, “I am completely shocked at Lord Ablington’s sudden demise.”

“Really?” she sneered, “Shocked, that the worst horseman in Wessex should break his neck while inebriated?” she replied, “Good god man I’m his mother ands even I know was a useless individual.”

“I don’t know what to say,” I admitted.

“No, because I can see right through you sir,” she said, “You wish to console my daughter in law with kind words, perhaps a little kiss, a cuddle and next thing her legs are wrapped round you and your member is spurting filth deep inside her womb.”

“No, you mis understand,” I protested.

“Pah, don’t insult me with a lie,” she insisted, “For I have seen you for what you are you bounder.”

“Then I apologise.” I replied.

“For what?” she demanded.

“For any upset I have caused,” I replied.

“Stop blethering and come inside,” she insisted, “Come to my sitting room we shall not be disturbed there.”

I was confused, first she calls me a bounder then she wished us not to be disturbed.

“I was married very young Mr Longhirst, very young, and Kayaşehir Escort I had Alan very soon afterwards,” she started, “My husband Franklin was very much older than I you understand, and to be honest a thoroughly unpleasant person, so unsurprisingly with his guidance Alan became was a thoroughly unpleasant child and man in his image.”

“I knew nothing of this,” I admitted.

“Have you been living abroad or are you lying again?” she demanded, “But no matter Alan has no offspring so the estate reverts to the eldest male heir which is his Cousin Cedric.”

“Indeed,” I agreed.

“So Mr Longhirst have you come to gloat or will you help us?” she asked.

“Absolutely, but of course,” I agreed.

“No living heir, unless one is growing inside poor Amy,” she said.

“Yes, I see, and has she morning sicknesses?” I asked.

“No you oaf she has been bleeding,” Agatha explained, “But we have nine months, that is less than a month for he to be with child,” she continued, “Keep up Longhirst, If Amy doesn’t fall for a child within about three weeks we shall all be cast out on the street by next Micklemas!”

“Oh, that is truly awful, has his cousin no compassion,” I offered.

“It’s not consolation we need,” she exclaimed, “but a good solid juice filled rampant cock to put her with child.”

“Oh,” I replied, “Oh!.”

“Then shall you do it?” she asked, “Be our stallion at stud.”

“Doesn’t Amy have a say in this?” I asked.

“Good lord no, it was hard enough getting her to marry Alan,” Agatha said, “Her mother said marry Alan and see Longhirst on the sly but she is too prim and proper for that so this time if she demurs we shall tie her down.”

“You expect me to fornicate lovelessly with your daughter in law,” I protested, “What sort of man do you think I am?”

“Just a man,” she said, “‘Tis well known your brains dangle between your legs”

“That madam is a slur and a lie,” I asserted.

The Dowager silenced me, “Be quiet Amy is coming,” she insisted.

I regained some composure, “Lady Ablington may I offer my condolences,” I ventured, “I was very sorry to hear your terrible news.”

“Indeed?” she said, “Are you, are you really sorry?,” she demanded.

“Of course I am, it was a tragic event,” I said, “To lose your husband so Escort Bayan soon into matrimony.”

“Before conceiving an heir,” she sighed, “Your sentiments are obviously completely false,” she insisted, “No doubt you have come to seduce me, to rekindle your endlessly tedious pursuit of my honour.”

“Amy, my concern is for your happiness nothing more, I most certainly meant nothing improper.”I insisted.

“Then that is a great shame because I need to be with child with immediate effect,” she explained.

“What?” I blustered feigning surprise.

“Oh don’t pretend, I heard you two discussing this very matter,” Amy declared, “So shall you bed me?”

“Dear god what sort of a man do you take me for?” I demanded.

“A man,” she said, “A very ordinary man intent only on taking carnal pleasure wherever it can be found.”

“That is an awful thing to say,” I replied and changing tack I added “And what if we produce a female?” .

“We swap her for a boy from the orphanage at a suitable juncture,” she explained.

“No, I cannot in all conscience be part of such a deception,” I insisted.

“Nonsense,” Agatha retorted, “Look at her sad eyes, those delectable ear lobes, those desirable bosoms so severely constrained and her teats so eager for the touch of your lips.”

“Madam please!” I insisted, and that’s when I felt Amy reach out to touch my testicles. My member stirred immediately.

“So go to it madam,” Agatha urged, “On on the chaise longue and raise your skirts.”

“No! I cannot!” I insisted, but Amy had now sat back on the long velvet covered bench and had indeed raised her skirts to display her charms.

I was transfixed, her parts were completely bare, every single hair had been removed and her slot pouted invitingly at me.

Agatha came up behind me and with her hands on my belt she released it and let my trousers fall releasing my member.

“To your duty sir,” she insisted and she grasped my member and pushed me towards Amy.

Amy in her turn grasped my member and I was powerless to resist as she aimed it at her womanhood.

The feeling as my member pushed against the soft folds of her vagina was complete bliss and as he swelled more than ever before as I eased inside her my ecstasy was complete. Deep inside her without istanbul Escort so much as a kiss.

“Expell, we do not have all day,” Agatha cajoled me and without further ado my seed boiled forth like a torrent.

“So how was that?” Agatha enquired.

“It was acceptable but my poor titties feel so neglected.” Amy ventured.

“And you sir?” Agatha enquired.

“What can I say, I am quite dumbfounded,” I admitted.

I went to pull my trousers up. “No need for that,” Agatha insisted, “The testes work best when kept cool or so I understand, I shall find you a kilt, but in the mean time you shall remain bare from the waist down.” With that she scooped up my trousers leaving me dumbfounded.

“What are you waiting for,” Amy asked, “Get hard again we have little enough time without you wasting it.”

“Good god, I am not an automaton,” I insisted.

“Tosh, get hard and address poor Amy’s needs, her breasts need attention, your rough lips around her sweet nipples,” Agatha insisted.

I stood open mouthed with my cock limp and useless.

“Oh you really are useless,” Agatha sighed and she grasped my member and knelt down before me and kissed my shaft. He stiffened again.

“Mother!” Amy gasped.

“Now go to it sir,” Agatha urged, “Produce an heir.”

I could not resist. But Amy could, “Don’t be so disgusting!” she railed and she rushed away

“Oh well waste not want not,” Agatha simpered and she pulled up her skirts and pulled her pantaloons down revealing a hairy mount and a moist bright pink slit.

“It makes little difference who produces the heir, I can pass one off as Amy’s” Agatha insisted, “Come along.”

I could not believe what was happening, the thought of resisting never occurred to me, I simply mounted Agatha much as I had Amy, but the reaction was so unexpected.

“Oh that’s sooo good,” she husked, “I miss it so much, plough me, make me yours!”

“Lady Ablington please!” I protested. But my member was not listening as he sought out the deepest reaches of her womb.

“Give me a baby,” she husked, “Harder man, shoot it, fill me with your love.”

I suddenly had the horrific realisation that the mother was a far better fuck than the daughter.

“Oh shit,” I gasped as I shot my load, “That was glorious, oh my.”

“Good, then we shall share you,” she agreed, “My bed is quite large enough for the three of us so I shall draw up a rota.”

“And do I have no say in this?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “Nothing what so ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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