Breeding At Will

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It took several years longer than expected, but finally in 2030 Covid ended. Unfortunately it claimed a lot of lives with it. The latest variant proved so deadly it killed most within a day. This meant the virus was able to kill itself off but taking the host with it. The final death toll was high, very high. A lot of business collapsed without workers and the population had become much smaller. Luxury businesses, or ones less important to the survival of humanity quickly diminished leaving essential workers as some of the most important. However, humans are adaptable and life quickly resumed at its normal pace, with life being a bit less crowded.

Many of the political fights ongoing ceased as surviving was much more important. The fight to overturn Roe vs Wade was abandoned and, given that it was no longer considered essential, abortion was abolished completely. No matter what anyone believes, the truth is America is a patriarchal society as men, from hunter-gatherer tribes up until now, have always ruled. As such the creation of life was deemed very important and the rules had changed.

Suddenly what certain states considered statutory rape wasn’t. Nor was it worth being deemed a sex crime. With the population shrunken so small, a lot of rules had been overturned and the “rights” of females everywhere had begun dissipating. Being a stay at home mom to raise kids slowly became the expectation for many women. With the abolishment of all birth control with the exception of condoms, pregnancy became a real threat when it came to any unprotected sex.


Tyler woke that morning feeling alright. He looked in the mirror at his average frame. He wasn’t overly attractive but far from ugly. Standing at 5’7” with brown hair and blue eyes he wasn’t fat, but didn’t frequently work out either. As a team leader at Walmart, he wasn’t exactly a man of high rank either in the world, but at 28 it was a respectable job. However, Tyler knew that was all about to change that day.

After a quick breakfast he went to check the mail and found the envelope he was waiting for. It was a large manila envelope and delivered first class mail. He held it for a moment thinking it was lighter than it should’ve been. He hurried inside and delicately ripped it open, though there was no need.

He tipped it upside down and out fell a laminated card. It was much like a drivers license in that it had his picture and some basic info, though not nearly as much. He admired the card fiercely and said aloud, “I have my stud card finally.” He was referring to the slang term which people used. Few of them were issued based on vigorous background, personality checks, and more. But Tyler, a quite average guy, somehow qualified. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to ponder the card as he had to go to work. Regardless of his status, he still had bills to pay and set off to get ready for work. But he had just enough time to read the first part of it:

“Women are the source from which human life is reborn, her body the gateway through which we all enter the world. For nine months she carries a developing human being in her womb, endures the agony of labor and childbirth, and faithfully cares for her newborn afterward, nurturing it with her milk, her touch, her warmth, and her voice. Throughout the life cycle of her child she remains in service to this growing person’s needs, selflessly extending her mind, body, and spirit for his or her well-being.”

“Great sacrifice and devotion to those she cares for are not unusual acts for the female. Even women who have little regard for motherhood often still have within them some spark of a nurturing dimension—the intuitiveness of feminine empathy, a natural softness, and an often innate desire to please. It is no mystery a woman will often use these innate qualities to please her mate, too. When her heart is captured, she will do anything to make the one she loves happy and comfortable, often placing her needs as secondary. It is our belief these natural qualities within the female, given the right environment and guidance, serve as a foundation upon which a realized submissivity may be built.”

He was quite surprised to read such a card. It was a clear devotement to motherhood and subservience in women. It was very interesting and simultaneously almost turned him on. However, he needed to get to work and time was short.

Tyler always worked the closing shift, so he arrived at work at 3pm and met his manager in the electronics department. Walmart was not what it used to be and was much smaller than it had been years ago. Several sections had been closed off and the product was much smaller in variety. Until the world was up and working again it’d remain that way. Tyler was his boss and one he genuinely liked. Tyler was a hard worker and fair. He never expected more out of his employees than he did himself.

Despite being a team leader, he was in charge of the store around 7pm when all other managers left. This meant that Tyler got around a lot and knew most of the employees quite well, especially with such a small store. His department, electronics, didn’t have much going on after 7pm, so he spent most of his time walking around and talking to people and making sure the store was running smoothly. Except for a few crazy customers and small crises, there typically wasn’t much to do. He made his way to the front to figure out who was working with him that night until closing at 11pm.

As he approached he saw Chloe, his front end supervisor. She was only 19 and about 5’4”. Her hair was always some dyed color and today it was a bright pink turning blonde. She was the youngest front end supervisor and sometimes quite mature for her age. Tyler had known her whole family for well over a year and was considered a family friend. Chloe’s best friend Tessa was also up front managing the self check out area along with Kierra, a very short but nice girl.

“Hi Chloe, what’s going on here tonight?” Tyler asked politely.

Chloe instantly smiled. “So glad you’re in charge tonight. I only have us three but I’m trying to see if I can get Ethan to come in and close 8-11 since Kierra is only 16 and has to leave at 10.”

“Well I trust you, just keep me informed, alight?”

Chloe nodded. “I will, and if anything goes crazy I’ll call you.” While there was a PA system, they frequently called each other as it was quicker to get their attention. “Also can you take me out to practice driving this Sunday?”

Sunday was Tyler’s day off and he’d often take Chloe driving, in which he’d teach her how to drive so she could get a license. “Sure, I’m off tomorrow too.” Tyler usually had Saturday and Sunday off, of which he didn’t have much to do. “But let Kayaşehir Escort me know if you get someone else in.”

“Sure,” Chloe replied and walked off to check on her cashiers.

Tyler went to the break room deciding to take a 15 minute break. If they needed him he could hear the PA or one of the departments would call his phone. He sat down with his backpack and pulled out the manila envelope he’d received in the mail. Aside from the ID card was a rather large booklet detailing the appropriate and inappropriate times he could engage someone for “the purpose of procreation.” Which is literally how it was phrased and he found it to be somewhat funny. However, it did include a clause that you could not interrupt the work of a business or place, meaning he wouldn’t be doing much while working. This was a bit disappointing. There were other rules, but he’d worry about them later and read them over when he got home.

Sighing he set down the booklet and wondered if he’d even get to use his newfound privilege that day even. He put the ID in wallet and began putting everything back in the bag when he heard the door open and a girl walked in, Jaylen. He looked up at her surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Jaylen smiled and sat down at his table. She flipped her blonde hair and said, “Chloe couldn’t get Ethan and asked me to come in.” Jaylen was 17 years old and fairly skinny. She still had the look of someone who was closer to 16 or so and only had the slightest hints of hips showing. She wore a simple gray top and skinny blue jeans that hugged her waist. Technically she was out of dress code, but given that she was showing up late at night, no one was going to care. Once she finished high school, there were no major plans for her future. She always claimed she was taking a year off to decide.

It was then Tyler got an idea. “Well thank you for showing up tonight Jaylen,” Tyler replied. “I’m assuming you’re closing?”

She nodded and pulled out a Lunchable snack. Tyler had no idea why, but everyone seemed to enjoy them, likely because they were one of the few businesses with a name brand that existed.

“Well,” Tyler said standing up, “thank you very much. I gotta get back out there but I appreciate you coming in. I’m here till 11 tonight, so page me if you need anything.”

“Okay, thank you,” she said cheerfully.

Tyler left the breakroom and wandered around a bit. He headed back up front around 10pm and stopped by Chloe who was getting ready to leave. “Are you heading out now?” Tyler asked.

She turned and smiled. “Yep, You got Tessa and Jaylen till 11.”

“Good,” Tyler smiled. “At least I got some decent people on tonight.” He wasn’t lying either, both girls were very capable and rarely had to call him up for anything, which he appreciated.

Having nothing else to do before the store closed in an hour, he followed Chloe out to where her mother was picking her up. Being friends with the family, he always stopped to talk to them. Her mother was a larger woman, who’d foolishly had Chloe at 14 years old. She then went on to have a son and twin daughters later on. However, she was a good mother and Chloe’s real father was nowhere in the picture. The father of the twin’s and her son were around though typically not present. Her mother Julie was a kind woman and adored Tyler. Being a single mother to 4 kids kept her very busy, but thanks to the Government Grant program, they never lacked much for money.

“How is work?” Julie asked.

“Boring as Hell, the way I like it,” Tyler joked. “Got two cashiers, all departments are closed and I just have to wait for them to count the tills and all.”

“Are you coming over tomorrow?” Julie asked.

“I probably will,” he replied. Most days off he spent at Julie’s house. They’d either talk, watch tv, or play video games with her boyfriend and sometimes her kids would join as well. “I was thinking of going back to school so I have to call a few places, but I should have time.”

“Good, you know we can’t win anything without you there,” she replied joking.

Being good at video games was about Tyler’s only claim to fame in any capacity. He was about to reply when Tessa came running behind him.

“Alright, I have to go back in. We’re about to close and I have to get a few things ready so I can leave on time.” He waved goodbye and let them go heading back inside. He checked to make sure all departments closed appropriately and then headed up front. Aside from making sure the tills were deposited in the cash office there wasn’t much else to do.

Once 11pm hit, Tessa told Tyler she was leaving and headed out. Self checkout lane required nothing more than turning off the system and logging out. Jaylen however, had to give Tyler the till and witness him bringing into the cash office where they’d count it the next day.

As she handed him the till he asked her, “how are you getting home today?”

Jaylen didn’t drive and usually took the bus. Frequently he drove the people who closed home as it was a small neighborhood and easier than taking the bus. She sighed. “I’m walking, because I don’t think I’ll make it to the bus in time.”

“Want a ride home?” He asked, walking to the locked door. He unlocked the door and brought the drawer in while Jaylen waited outside. He stepped out and ensured it was fully locked.

“If you don’t mind, sure,” she replied.

“Okay, I just have to run to the breakroom. Want to come with me for a minute?”

She nodded. “I have to grab my stuff there anyway.”

Together they walked into the break room and she walked over to her locker while he waited at the door debating. She stood only 5’5” and definitely wasn’t stronger than him. He wondered how he should approach this situation as he’d never done it. Once he flashed his ID, he was free to essentially do whatever he wanted. But should he be so blunt or try to seduce or what?

Finally he made up his mind and walked forward. He put a hand on Jaylen’s shoulder. “So, you’re back here with me for a special reason. I can make this pleasant or unpleasant.”

She turned around looking at him perplexed. “I did something wrong?” Obviously she’d assume it was work related. The ID was issued to maybe 10 people in each state and no more. A guy could get an infinite amount of females pregnant, so they needn’t issue too many. As long as a woman wasn’t married, they were essentially free game.

“No not that,” he replied smiling. He pulled out his wallet and grabbed the ID. He held it up for her to see.

She stared at it a moment, probably expecting some sort of law enforcement and related to something she did at work. In truth many people broke rules at work, but being so short staffed, each business took what they could Escort Bayan get. Finally it seemed to dawn on her. “Wait i that-”

“It’s a stud card,” he replied. “And you’re the lucky one I’ve chosen.”

“What?” She exclaimed. “No way, I’m not doing anything like that.”

He smiled and flipped the card over. On it were specific instructions stating he got at most a full hour of her body, though he did want to go home so it’d take much less. “You don’t have a choice. It’s literally law.”

She stared at him incredulously. “No way!” She yelled. “You’re not gonna rape me.”

“Under state law,” it isn’t rape,” he corrected. “Actually it’s law. You’re gonna help populate the world.”

“It’s a bullshit law. I’m going to go to college. I’m gonna become a scientist.” She countered.

“I thought you were taking a year off?” He asked.

She hesitated. “Yeah but after, I was going to see about maybe going to a local college and starting there or something. I still don’t-”

“You have no idea,” he finished. “Look, we’re doing this whether you want it or not.”

“No!” She yelled, turning away. However, there was only one exit and Tyler stood between it and Jaylen.

He moved quickly grabbing her from behind. She squealed and struggled but he held her firm. Tyler moved his arms and around her neck with one arm. He didn’t hold so tight as to choke her but held her in place.

“Let go!” She yelled, but he refused to let go. She tried to beat him with her fists, but her hands were so small and her wiry body had no force.

Manhandling her, he moved her to one of the rectangular tables and pushed her head down gently. “I tried so very hard to be nice, but you just want to fight it.”

“I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!” She screamed as he held her there. But quickly her screaming stopped and she made a whimpering noise. “I don’t want to be a mom. I’m only 17.”

“It’s not the same as it used to be. It won’t be so bad” he said quietly and moved his hand to stroke her hair. “It’ll be okay and it’s not as bad as it once was.”

Jaylen was silent aside from a few quiet whimpers and tears started from her cheek. It was then Tyler began doubting everything he was doing. He had made a conscious choice to purposefully only breed girls he knew weren’t going too far. Though it was preferred to take females who weren’t in special positions or considered critical workers. There was nothing set in stone stating you had to avoid any. After all, Jaylen was essentially a nobody. Some teenager working part time as a cashier who wasn’t really going to attend college even.

Tyler’s mind was made up. He leaned forward and with one hand began undoing the waistband of her jeans. Jaylen made no move to stop him and only then did he realize she wasn’t trying to resist any further. He undid her jeans with little trouble as he began using his other hand. Limply, Jaylen helped by spreading her legs slightly making it easier for him to do so. Her pants stopped around her ankles but he quickly slipped her shoes off and removed them with her panties completely.

For someone only 5’6” she had nice long legs and a cute little butt. He took a step back enjoying the view for a moment. He reached around and rubbed one hand over her stomach and down to her clit. He circled her pearl with his finger for a short while. She may not be enjoying it, but he knew her body would automatically respond. He knew time was short and he didn’t want to keep her for too long.

He pressed her down into the table and unbuckled his own jeans. His dick popped out immediately. A part of him could not believe this was happening. It was so fast and unusual. He didn’t spend time courting or dating, just pointed to a girl and told her you’re the one. He took a step forward and rested his tip directly at her entrance.

Unwillingly Jaylen tensed up. She felt nervous and scared as well. It wasn’t her first time having sex. She never had a real steady boyfriend, but she did hook up with a guy a year back. They smoked weed and the sex felt inevitable but it was mutual. There was a chance at least she might not end up pregnant. Granted she’d get monthly payments from the government to help pay for everything, but she did not want to end up a slave to a child she never wanted with a man who’d undoubtedly never be around. But this was the law and while she’d briefly heard of it, she never really paid attention. At 17, news wasn’t something she regularly kept informed of and never expected to be in this type of situation.

But as she held her breath waiting for him to enter her she felt Tyler pull away. He was gone for a moment and she almost began believing that he might have changed his mind. Jaylen didn’t dare lift her head, at least this way she had some modicum of control and not being held down. On the other hand, part of her felt guilty at bending over a table, exposed and willing to be bred like a dog.

Then she felt his tip pressed up at her entrance. Unfortunately her body worked against her and there was just enough of her own juices to lubricate his dick. He pressed gently parting her lips and wetting his own dick as it slowly slid in. Involuntarily, Jaylen clenched, but he was already inside and it did not stop him.

The clenching didn’t stop Tyler from thrusting inside. If anything it made the already tight girl feel much tighter. He enjoyed the sensation and could feel his dick throb once she got tighter. Evidently she could feel him grow slightly larger in response as she made a small shriek of noise and pulled away ever so slightly. But he kept his hands on her hips and continued pumping inside her.

Jaylen put her head down on the table grunting as he intruded her body and prayed it’d be over soon. However, this only seemed to encourage Tyler as thrusted harder meeting her grunts with her own. Not having sex in a while only made the whole experience all the more painful.

“God you’re tight Jaylen,” he managed to say.

“No,” she pleaded.

“Almost,” his reply came quickly as he suddenly thrusted deep and remained there.

Jaylen realized immediately what this meant and began bucking her hips as if trying to throw him off. Bent over the table she had no ability to move and he merely put his weight over her. Still she tried to thrash uselessly as he began filling her womb. It’d been a while and Tyler had lots to give the teen as he continued pumping into her body. Jaylen stopped thrashing at once and instead put her head on the table sobbing, succumbing to her fate.

Tyler leaned forward feeling slightly out of breath. He laid forward on Jaylen as the last remnants of his cum flowed into her. It felt so good to have sex again and he’d never score with a chick this good looking either. Realizing istanbul Escort now he had anyone at his disposable almost got him hard all over again.

In the past it had always been with protection because none of the girls wanted to get pregnant. Sure there were many that did, but he’d never been lucky enough to find one willing. Many women wanted kids and with the government basically giving them a free ride, all they needed was a guy who’d be around. Therefore many women opted to get pregnant and not have to work, but many wanted a father who’d be around. Others wanted to actually pursue a career or wanted some type of actual job. Some didn’t like kids and never wanted to have any. And others tried to get pregnant as soon as possible to avoid having to work altogether. But of course younger girls were less likely to want to get pregnant for obvious reasons. This of course was no longer an issue for Tyler.

Jaylen pushing back at Tyler woke him from his reverie. In hindsight, Tyler didn’t actually plan this out very well. Since they were both standing, a lot of his seed would probably pour out when he pulled out of her. However, he’d probably already scared the girl enough so trying to manhandle her and flip her over seemed unnecessarily cruel at this point. However, he didn’t really want to move. It felt so good inside of her and her whole body was so soft and smooth.

“I’m guessing you don’t want to stay like this?” He asked in an innocent sounding way.

“I want you out and off of me,” she nearly growled, and pushed back.

Tyler stumbled back a bit, feeling his cock sliding out of Jaylen. Not exactly the way he wanted to get out. He’d hoped to slowly slide out feeling every inch as he did, but Jaylen’s push was unexpected and he nearly fell. But he did catch sight of her used pussy filled with cream. Some of it leaked out falling into her panties, which did bring a certain sense of erotic amusement.

Jaylen was so embarrassed and angry she didn’t not even glance down but immediately pulled her pants up as quick as she could, which caused Tyler to smile. She looked away from him and immediately felt the wetness in her panties. But at this point it didn’t matter. She wanted to go home and shower. She was still several days off from when she would be ovulating, so Jaylen prayed she wasn’t actually pregnant. Luckily the odds were in her favor.

“Alright, let’s go home,” Tyler announced casually. “Unless you don’t want a ride.”

Jaylen really wanted to deny the ride. She wanted to not use his help as much as possible, but she really wanted to shower and she also lived a good distance from the store. She didn’t have a car and likely her mother would already be worried about her being so late getting home. She shrugged.

“Fine, let’s go.”

About five minutes later they were in the car headed to Jaylen’s house. She sat in the front seat next to Tyler, arms crossed and sulking. In her mind there were a million things she wanted to ask him. The questions were endless. They’d worked together for well over a year and he’d treated her so well. Is that why he picked her? Did he do this to anyone else? Was she his first? Did he secretly like her? He’d always been so civil, what happened?

Instead all she said was, “did you really just fuck me?” She felt immediately stupid for it.

Tyler merely smiled. She’s seen him smile like that before. It was a knowing smile, usually when he was right or smug about something. “Yes I did just fuck you. You know the world is not doing great. We essentially need to boost the population.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want kids!” She shot back.

“So you’re not against the sex, just the kids?” He asked with a smirk.

She looked at him indignantly. “You’re kidding, right?”

“You’re not answering the question,” he said seriously. “You’d be okay fucking if I don’t get you pregnant?”

She thought about it for a moment. “Are you blackmailing me?”

Tyler laughed. “I don’t think so. I’d have to have some dirt on you to do that. If anything I’m cutting you a deal.” He had pulled down one of the side roads towards her house and slowed the car to a stop. “As far as law is concerned, I could take you right now and be within my legal right to do so. If you fought me, I could actually get you arrested.”

“You’re lying,” she huffed.

He shook his head. “No, maybe it’d be fine instead of jail time.” He reached over and slipped a hand down her shirt. “As long as I intend to breed you, this is entirely legal and allowed.”

Jaylen tried to pull his hand out but he grabbed her hand with his other. He held her there and she looked up at him. “So, if I fuck you, you won’t impregnate me?”

“I’ll pull out every time,” he promised.

“No,” she replied defiantly. “You’ll use a condom.”

Tyler chuckled. “No way, I love raw dogging your hot teen pussy.”

Jaylen looked as if she was about to argue and then stopped. “I guess it doesn’t matter what I say, huh?”

Tyler shook his head. “Not really, because if you don’t agree then I can just take you anyway with no repercussions and make a baby out of you.”

“How do I know you’re actually going to pull out though?” She looked at him warily.

“That’s easy and there are two reasons. For one, why would I waste my time going through this whole conversation and making you a deal if I wasn’t going to try and keep it. Secondly, I have access to almost any girl on the planet to breed. If I don’t do that to you, I get to keep at least one that I can have sex with endlessly.” He gave her boob a good squeeze. “Besides, who wouldn’t want their own 17 year old play thing?”

Jaylen grimaced. The idea of being a fuck doll didn’t exactly appeal to her, well at least not with Tyler. She just didn’t view him that way. Maybe if this had started off differently she would have. Regardless, the idea of being pregnant was far less appealing. She was forced to choose between a rock and a hard place..

Jaylen sighed, “okay. Fine.” She agreed unwillingly. Jaylen knew that as soon as he got bored of her and didn’t need her, Tyler would definitely impregnate her. Even if he didn’t get bored of her, he might not pull out one day or pull out too late. It was common knowledge that wasn’t the best way to prevent pregnancy. Of course this all would only help if she wasn’t pregnant already because as of right now there was a creamy sopping mess leaking out of her and into her panties. She also knew that college was coming soon and she might be able to get away soon before it was too late.

Realizing all this Jaylen picked her head up slightly and reached up with both her hands to his hand that was fondling her chest. She held onto it and even pushed her chest out a little so her boob met his hand. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She could still work within the system to try and get away eventually. “Alright, I’ll do it.”

Tyler pulled his hand back and put the car in drive heading back to her house.

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