Breakfast at Britney’s

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I met Maurice two weeks ago on a local chat-room on the Internet. We were supposed to exchange pictures, but I convinced him otherwise. Although I consider myself very attractive, I am a bit overweight and didn’t want to be prejudged by it. Over the last few days, our little romantic small talk took on a more sexual nature. He had a smooth speaking voice that soothed me. I actually came on myself once or twice during our conversations. Finally we agreed to meet at my place for breakfast, and if the weather forecast held up, they said it’d be a warm spring day, then we’d spend the afternoon in a local park. But as usual here I am sitting around waiting for him to show up and he’s already twenty minutes late. I was just about to pull out my all men are dogs bag when the doorbell rang. I wore a short but not too raunchy skirt; with a tight white blouse making sure I had plenty of cleavage showing, and three inch, black open toe sling-backs.

I checked myself in the mirror by the front door. My below shoulder length stringy blonde hair was had a luxurious glowing radiance as did my hair. I guest all the money and time I spent in tanning salons had paid off and my soft blue eyes were alive and fully alert. Over all I thought I looked great. Of course I’d look better wit twenty to thirty less pounds. But no body’s perfect.

When I opened the door, I nearly lost my breath. Oh my God this man was gorgeous.

“Uh, good morning Britney right?”

“What took you so long?”

“Oh I’m sorry, there was an accident on Queens Blvd, and the traffic was murder, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.” He answered with a shy; boyish like charm that melted any hostility I had against him.

“Well our breakfast is cold, but if you like I can just heat it up in the microwave?”

“Breakfast that would be perfect.”

“The kitchen’s this way.” I motioned for him to follow me. Once again I glanced into a mirror on the sidewall. His eyes were totally focused on my switching behind and if looks are any indication, he liked what he was seeing and the feeling was mutual.

Halfway through our meal, he placed his fork down and looked longingly into my eyes. “You know when I spoke to you the other day, I could tell you were a beautiful person, but now that I’m here with you, I must say you’re just as beautiful on the outside as well on the inside and for you to go through all this trouble just for me, I’m truly flattered.”

“It was no problem, no problem at all.” I answered feeling the energy between us.

“Well, shall we get down to business?”

“I thought we a greed to take our time?” I rebutted.

He took a fork full of eggs and hash browns and began finishing his meal. I could see he was nervous being here with me like this and I loved it. He had the softest baby blue eyes, yet there was something sad and soulful about them like a lost helpless puppy. Even with his shirt and tie on I could tell he had a body right out of Muscular Development Magazine, the one where every man on the cover is showing his six-pack abs. I fought the urge to run across the table and just burry his face in my breast.

He finished the bacon, eggs, and hash browns quickly, drank the Welch’s grape juice and was now sipping on a cup of coffee and lustfully staring at my breast. I began to wonder if inviting here was such Maltepe Escort Bayan a good idea.

“That’s a beautiful chain you’re wearing, is that your birthstone?”

“Yes it is, it’s an emerald.”

“May I touch it?”

“Only if you promise to behave yourself.”

“Scout’s honor.” He raised his hand mockingly.

He got up from the chair moving like a snake stalking his prey. His eyes were focused and intense. The warmth of his hand so near to me, nearly made me pull away, but I held firm.

“Yes it’s truly beautiful.”

As he slowly pulled away I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants practically inviting me to touch it.

The dinning area is the centerpiece of my townhouse separating the kitchen from the porch. I especially love mornings like this that allowed the golden sunlight to filter in. I had a bit of a green thumb so between the many plants trees and flowers outside and the plants I had inside it really gave the area an exotic appeal. Perhaps that’s what he was feeling, when he looked about, and then trained his eyes on me once more.

“I think this place is fantastic, it’s so warm and relaxing.”

He might’ve been referring to my home, but he and I both knew what he really meant. My imagination went wild with fantasies of him stripping off his clothes, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that the room wasn’t the only thing warm. I decided to distract my growing arousal by cleaning off the table.

“Hey let me help you with that.” He offered grabbing a few items off the table and following behind me to the sink. I could feel his eyes burning on my backside. Like small grain sandpaper he was subtly wearing my resistance down.

“Here don’t forget these.” He reminded me casually stepping behind me dropping the silverware into the sink. I don’t know exactly what pushed me over the edge, maybe it was his cologne, his hot breath against the back of my ear, the way he placed his hand on top of mind, or even that damn bulge again, or maybe all of the above. Whatever it was, my cool demeanor evaporated the second a deep soulful groan escaped my lips, as my legs slightly buckled.

“The feeling is mutual baby.” He panted in my ear, placing one hand on my hips and pulling me back against his hard body.

“I thought we agreed, to wait?” I asked again realizing the hypocrisy of the statement.

“Maybe but our bodies betray our thoughts.” He countered grinding seductively on my ass.

“But we barely know each other”

“That maybe true, but let’s deal with what we do know. You’ve got me as hot as an oven in a pizzeria. You can’t be too far behind me. So now the real question becomes not should you or can’t you, but will you? Will you let go and enjoy in the spender, the magical sexual attraction we have for each other, or will you hold on to the rigid collective philosophy of the herd. Following along blindly like a little lamb trying to please others, while ignoring what burns in your heart. If we were to indulge ourselves in sharing our passion, what’s that to someone else? What could they know, how could they know?” He asked, as his other hand slid between my legs and he pulled the hair away to lick my neck and upper back.

“Please, please stop now.” I pleaded with him.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do……please Maltepe Escort you. Will you let me?”

He spun me around cradled my head in his hands and placed his lips inches from my own. “Will you?”

My lips, my legs, my heart were all trembling from the touch of this man. He pressed his lips against mind and I tried to prevent his tongue from getting inside my mouth, but my mouth wouldn’t cooperate and parted like the Red Sea, allowing his warm moist tongue to slide right inside. In a last ditch effort to maintain my dignity, I gripped his strong shoulders attempting to push him away, but the heat of his powerful muscles made me melt, turning my resistance into total surrender. I wanted to scream, I wanted to runaway, but I had already gone too far. I closed my eyes, shivering as his hands drifted down either side of me, lifting my blouse and forcing their way inside and down my skirt, palming my ass cheeks, virtually lifting me off my feet, pulling me deeper and deeper in to his overwhelming embrace. Not until he pulled away and traced his tongue from my bottom lip, down my neck and between my breasts, did I realize that I had stopped breathing.

I stuck my thumb in my mouth, trying to suppress my lustful cries, as he pulled my skirt up over my head freeing my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Oh my noo.” I moaned the moment his tongue began making tight spirals around and around my erect nipples, occasionally nibbling them teasingly. Just as my body was adjusting to the pleasure he was giving me, he sank to his knees, stabbing his tongue in and out of my belly button.


“You’re so beautiful, I want to feel myself deep inside you baby.” He replied.

His hands were all over my body. Yanking down my panties. I watched his head disappear between my legs.

“WOOOOO, WOOOOOWEEE, AHHHH!” I couldn’t help myself; it was as if he’d taken control of my body. Once again he lifted me off my feet and placed me on the edge of the sink, eating, licking, sticking and jabbing his stiff tongue in my hot pussy and danced about my clit.

“Ohhhh I love it, I love it.” I cried barely recognizing my own voice. His hands slid inside my pussy and I body went into an orgasmic state. I loved every second of what he was doing to me. He was making my body come alive. Then he rose up between my legs. I bit my quivering bottom lip, observing him tantalizingly remove his clothes, revealing his centerfold like body. And suddenly he stood there naked waving a long hard-uncut dick at me moving closer, and closer until I could feel the heat of his throbbing member right at my entrance. I balanced myself as inch by inch his magic stick pried me open.

“SSSSSSS, Yeah you feel…you feel so warm inside.” He growled pushing deeper. Teasing my burning love canal. He nearly pulled out, leaving only the tip inside and then he’d plunged back inside. Each time he pushed forward his long hard cock touched new and undiscovered places. I wrapped my legs around him and urged him on as he gained momentum. Soon I trusted the strength of his arms holding me and thus wrapped my arms around his neck and met his thrusts head on. The longer he continued the more forceful our thrust became until I thought I’d scream, and I very well would have but I countered his Escort Maltepe erotic attack by biting, nibbling and licking his ears.

“OOOOOH YEAH…OOOOOOH YEAH, IT FEELS LIKE…IT FEELS LIKE…HEAVEN INSIDE YOU!” His words hummed in my ears as he backed away.

Somehow I gained strength from his weakened state and launched into action. Climbing off the sink, I crawled on my knees and snatching his hard dick into my hands, plunging down onto him tasting my own love juices. None of that matter now. My primal sexual beast had been set free and there was no putting her back now, not until she was satisfied.

“Oooh shit baby, Ooooh shit ooooo what are you doin?” He cried falling against the door panel trying to fend off my relentless assault on his cock. But I’d have none of that. It was my turn now. I hollowed out my cheeks and made loud sucking noises each time I popped him out of my mouth. His legs were trembling. He managed to push my head away, but I countered his move by going up and underneath him. Placing his balls in my mouth. I ran my tongue back and back forth down the length of his cock to his balls and back to his asshole. Once I pushed two fingers beyond his sphincter. I knew momentum had swung and he was now at my mercy.

I grabbed his hard cock and literally pulled him outside onto my porch deck. Running my hand along the large middle vein of his throbbing tool, I quickly bent down while filling my mouth with saliva, opened my mouth and spit all over it, watching it bounce and bob up and down.

It was still pretty cool outside considering the fact that we we’re both naked, I bent over on to a small bench exposing my pussy to him, arching and pointing my backside to him beckoning him to enter. And when he did, we both nearly collapsed to the floor. He gripped my hips and began pumping and pumping inside me like a wild man, at first we moved together with the harmonic unison of Destiny’s Child, but that’s when he struck something so deep inside me that I saw spots before my eyes.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, NOOOOOO, NOOOOO, BABY IT’S…SO DEEP IN MY PUSSSSY!” My body started shaking uncontrollably lost in rapture, lost in ecstasy, lost in passion, I felt the tears rolled down my face. It had truly been too long and I had never felt anything like this before. My orgasms came like waves in the ocean rising and falling. He gripped my shoulders for leverage as he commenced to pummel my aching pussy until.


As he pulled out I immediately felt his hot jism fire up the length of my back along with his sweat dripping down from him. We stayed like that for several minutes. Finally he took my hand and led me back inside.

Maybe an hour or so later, we lay on my sofa when he rose up and looked at me. “I hate to bring this up, especially after all that, but if we can’t take care of business today, when do you think we can?”

“Huh, what are you talking about baby, we just took care of business and to tell you the truth I’m ready for more.” I countered.

“Oh I don’t mean that, I was talking about setting up your alarm system.”

“Huh, what?” I shouted.

“Yeah, I’m from Armstrong Securities, I came to take an assessment of your home for the free installation of the new security system. Remember I spoke to the other day and you said I could come by whenever?”


“No, my name’s Vince Macintyre. “

“I would’ve passed out if it weren’t for the doorbell ringing. And guess who it was at the front door?”

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