Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

My eyes closed as the intense pleasure consumed my body. “Whats she doing to you daddy?” asked Amber as she could tell whatever it was felt great.

I felt my dick slowly sliding between her butt cheeks until I felt her tight sphincter opening as she pushed against my well lubed dick consuming about half of my length on the first attempt but taking all of it with her second. That was when I heard Amber, unable to answer her she turned around to see for herself. Emily was squatting between my legs with her back to us taking as much of me in her young ass as she could with every try. “Oh you dirty girl, you just couldn’t stand it could you. How’s it feel to have that tight ass of you filled with my daddy’s cock?”

Between moans we heard Emily “I have never had something to hurt so good! My ass will never be the same again!”

Amber giggled. “I know what you mean, I bet my pussy will never be tight again!”

I watched as Amber threw her leg across me and crawled off the bed stopping with her right foot still on the bed spreading her legs wide “Look at this!” she said pointing between her legs. I stared at her we sloppy pussy there on display wrapped in the red lace garters. “It has never stayed open that big, I think you broke it daddy!” She laughed as she took her foot from the bed and stood in front of Emily showing her pussy to her.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy has just the thing to fix it with.” I replied with a laugh.

“Im sure you do but right now im gonna help you with Emily.” she said as she skipped from the room. With Amber gone I was able to give Emily’s tight ass all my attention so I slid my hands over her stocking clad thighs and across her silk skirt wadding it in my hands on her hips and slowly started thrusting her down onto my dick until she picked up her pace and was bouncing her silk covered ass cheeks up and down as hard as she could taking me deep in her bowels like a pro, the sound of our skin slapping together echoed through the room only to be muffled by her moans. I could hear her breathing pick casino şirketleri up as I slid my hands up her sweat covered hip and up her sides and under her white lace bra until I had one of her small breasts cupped in each of my hands pinching her nipples between my fingers as she bounced on my dick. With no warning at all she screamed out as she threw herself back against my chest leaving me deep between her cheeks, her breathing had went very deep and quick while her arm fell to my side as she laid there trying to catch her breath.
Her heart pounding against my hands that still enwrapped her little tits.

“Oh my god!” she moaned between breaths. Finally reaching up and pulling her hair from her sweaty face she turned to me with that well fucked look in her eyes “Please don’t stop, I want you to cum in me. Just tell me what to do and I will do it, oh my god that was awesome.” I had no answer for her I simply leaned over and pressed my mouth to her welcome mouth as she wrapped her arms around my head holding us deep in our kiss as I slid my hands across her firm stomach placing them between our bodies and pulling against her thighs. Knowing what I wanted she spread her legs across mine and pulled her feet onto the bed finally in my reach I wrapped my hands around her ankles and pulled them flat against the bed as she wiggled down taking me back in her depths. After releasing her hold on me breaking our kiss she raised up onto her hands giving me full movement to continue my assault on her young ass.

“Im baack!” said Amber as she entered the room. We both turned to see her smiling as she stood in front of us shaking the large double headed dildo I had seen in the pictures earlier. “Damn how sexy, this will have to wait.” she said throwing the large dong on the bed beside us and grabbing the camera. “Smile!” was all we heard before the familiar sound of her camera shuttering started. “Let me see you ride that big dick.” Amber said in a sexy voice.

As Emily started riding me she quickly realized this time was different, I was able to give it back to her this time. Amber continued taking pictures as casino firmaları I slowly drove my cock in and out of her. “Now take it out, let me see it.” said Amber. I slowly drove my length deep in her and slowly eased it out resting the head of my cock still against her hole. “Oh my god!” Amber exclaimed. I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing cock and move it against Emily’s leg. “Its open more than I am, im gonna have to try that!” screamed Amber as the camera shuttered. I watched as Amber took pictures ant kept telling Emily how big her hole was. With a devilish grin Amber laid the camera down and stared me in the eyes as she fell to her knees between my legs, the feel of her warm mouth seemed to melt my cock as she took it in. After only a few deep swallows I felt her take it in her hand and place it back against Emily’s waiting hole where she quickly scooted down taking most of it inside her.

I guess my baby either felt left out or just couldn’t turn down Emily’s wide spread pussy in front of her, I watched my angel’s face disappear between the white stockings before Emily let out a different kind of moan. I knew my little girl was licking at her pussy while I filled her ass with my cock and I wanted to give my girl a show, grabbing handfuls of her silk skirt I held her close as I pounded away at her back door. My mind was set on giving her ass a good fucking as long as I could and the sweat running down my face let me know I was doing it but I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it up with that dirty daughter of mine sneaking licks in on my cock between strokes was making it hard to hold back. I guess getting her sweet pussy licked while having her ass filled was more that the little girl could handle, I felt her body tighten as her moaning increased and again with no warning she started screaming and shaking until be collapsed on my chest again and it was not too soon after I felt another lick across my lick that sent me over the edge. Releasing her skirt from my grasp I wrapped my arm around her stomach and drove myself to depths I have not yet been causing Emily to let out a few more of her screams until I squeezed her tight güvenilir casino as I pump her bowels full of my cum.

I saw Amber stand up and smile “You have got to do that to me.”

Trying to catch our breaths Emily raised up on her hands again “Take pictures when he pulls out, I want to see my ass.” We watched as Amber took the camera from the bed and starting taking pictures. I could believe it but I could feel myself starting to go limp and slowly sliding from her warmth.

“Don’t move, its starting to come out.” said Amber as she snapped away. I felt the head of my cock slip through her last ring when I heard Amber “Oh my god, its leaking everywhere! That is so hot, I cant wait to put the on my thread. I cant believe how much cum daddy put in you. Don’t push it out, I want to help.” Amber handed the camera to Emily “Here, im gonna clean you up!”

Emily filled the photographer role great taking pictures as Amber positioned herself between her legs. “First lets clean you off daddy.” said Amber. Her mouth felt like a vacuum as she sucked my limping dick into her mouth pulling it to length and sucking it back into her mouth again as Emily took pictures. Happy with her cleaning job she pulled it to length and let it pop from her mouth. “All done. Now for dessert.”

Emily sighed at the first touch of her tongue to her sensitive hole. “There you go. Put some up there we might need it later.” I laid in amazement as I watched my baby girl eat her daddy’s load from her best friends ass, she was really enjoying herself. Emily snapped away as she pushed the last few drops of my cum from her ass into Amber’s waiting mouth, Amber happily showed the mouthful of cum she had before swallowing it all in one big gulp. Finished with her cleaning she stood and hooked her thumbs in her garter belt as if they were pockets. Wore out from our fucking Emily rolled over to my left side placing her head on my chest and letting out a sigh of relief.

I admired Amber standing in front of me her bra still half on and pulled down showing her firm tits, she had that wore out look to her. As she slowly crawled onto the bed laying to my right placing her head right at my ear “You know your not done don’t you. You still have a virgin laying next to you.”

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