Bowling Alley

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So it all starts as I walk into the bowling alley. A place I haven’t been to in a few years. Seeing as I was the new guy around town I felt the best way to get out and meet some people was to go to some of the local hotspots. Since it was still around noon the bars were out of the picture and I figured why not knock a few sets down.

As I walked in and up to the counter I catch sight of a beauty standing behind the counter. She seems sucked up into her work as she jots something down onto a clipboard and I take a moment for my eyes to slip up and down over her. I catch sight of her name tag, hmm Ashley. It has a nice ring to it but when she turned and I caught sight of those eyes my mind went blank and right there i knew all I wanted was to talk more with her even though not one word had been spoken. She says “Hi welcome to the Alley cat, have you bowled before?” Still in a daze I just shake my head no. She smiles and goes on to explain the rules of the lanes and pricing and a few other things all of which fly in one ear and out the other. She realizes Ive been smiling and just nodding and smirks and says “Well I do train newcomers so if you want we can setup a lane and I can walk you through it.” This of course shook me back into reality and I wholeheartedly agreed.

After a few minutes and some basic conversation we were standing at the lane and she was behind me guiding my arm. God was it soft and I could Kurtköy Escort feel her tits lightly graze my back as she helped swing my arm back and forth. This of course was getting me quite excited and I could feel its effect on my lower half.

After the 3rd ball I turned awkwardly right after the ball rolled from my fingers and collided softly into one another. I smiled and excused myself for bumping her as my hand slid along her side. I walked by and got my ball, as she prepped again behind me guiding my arm. I could clearly make out the feeling of her hard nipples as she pressed her bosom firmly against my back knowing this time it was no mistake. After another few times I could tell both our breaths were sped up and she seemed to have a hunger in her eyes especially when she looked down and I’m sure saw the clearly lined bulge of my hard cock.

It seemed as if time flew by and the match was over. She was smiling and with a small head motion signaled to go out a side exit door. Once outside she leaned against the wall and watched as I let the door close behind me. “That was quite a match for someone with such… Stiffness.” The last word coming out as she looked down and then back up with smiling and hungry eyes. And I knew right then I needed to feel her against me again. I took the bold step forward and pressed her body fully against the wall and kissed hard as I press that hard Kurtköy Escort Bayan cock against her thigh making a small moan escape from her lips. My hands are already alive and roaming. One behind taking a firm handful of her ass and the other slipped up into her hair pulling her deeper against my mouth.

Within minutes my hand is slipping down her pants and slipping them down her hips to get my fingers into her as my other is up and under her shirt and my cock is straining harder then ever to get out. She moans with each motion of my hand as i feel her heat and rising pleasure as my hand quickly becomes wet with her excitement. And soon she has a body shaking orgasm where I pull her pants down to her knees and spin her around as my cock is already springing free and I slide my hand wet with her pleasure up and down it making it nice and slick. Then I lean forward and thrust all 8in all the way to the base as my hand slides up and taking her hair in a solid grip. I just stay still for a few moments letting her pussy adjust to the newly stretched confines. Feeling it spasm and her knees shake. Then I slowly strike her ass with an open hand on each cheek lighting it up. Then gripping her waist as I begin to slowly ease back out bringing it all the way till its only the head and then thrusting hard. Slamming all the way down to her cervix slowly picking up tempo. Slowly speeding up enjoying Escort Kurtköy each thrust gaining power as those thrusts lift her off onto her toes. Adding more force with each stroke making my adrenaline start to rise as I go faster and faster. Feeling orgasms come and go as her pussy spasms unable to handle the amount of cock going into her. Her pussy clamping and trying to hold me still as it only fuels me to fuck faster and harder still. Loving the wet sound of her now dripping pussy as I saw into her in this bowling alleys alley.

Hearing the occasional crash of pins only adds more to the naughty thought of what was happening. She turns her head and looks at me panting eyes closing each time I slam home. After the next noticeable orgasm I pick her up and spin her on my still hard cock as I press her back against the wall. I begin to fuck up into her as I stand there wanting nothing more then to feel her pussy take more and more as her eyes roll up into her head and her tits bounce in my face. I begin to growl knowing what is coming and I pull her away from the support of the wall fully fucking while standing. Power driving up and into her feeling her legs spasm around my waist as i finally feel on the verge. My growl rises to almost a roar as I pump spurt after thick hot gushing spurt of cum into her pussy never stopping knowing it’s frothing and dripping down my cock and balls.

Finally stopping and shaking slightly letting her back down and catching her as she almost falls now with no strength in her legs. A few moments later out clothes are back on and we both sitting there with huge smiles enjoying a much needed smoke. All I can say is “And here I thought it would be hard to find new friends.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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