Blind Date_(1)

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DESIRE….better known as agony…Love is soft and hard at the same time. Like water, It is soothing and refreshing, But who can withstand the raging flood.

God Jeanie is persistent. Jennifer can’t believe she let her convince her to even do this. Jennifer pulled up to
The Abacus, a Dallas classic, The Abacus delivers exceptional food and service and is a very expensive restaurant.
The Abacus is known for a fabulous meal, Abacus is the flagship for epitomizing relaxed, fine dining. The restaurant’s reputation is for signature menus, extensive wine list and custom-crafted cocktails, plus a James Beard nomination for service. At Abacus, they cultivate an environment that revolves around people and their relationship to food. It’s a culture of celebrating the uniqueness of ingredients, guests and staff—from the valets, hosts, servers and chefs alike. Together, the experience transcends the average dining experience to truly remarkable. In this moment Jennifer is stunned. This is the fifth blind date Jeanie has set up for her in the last six weeks. How can she explain that no matter how nice a guy is, she just not going to be interested? The type of men she is interested in don’t go on blind dates. She certainly does not know a guy that can afford this restaurant.

The hostess led her to a private room near the back where it is quiet and dimmer lighting suggesting that this area is for dates or VIP’s. She sat down across from me before bothering to look at me. In her mind this is a hopeless evening. She thought she knew exactly how this would go, pleasantly boring conversation, I’d order a salad to show her dainty feminine ways, I would insist on paying, we’d go home and never speak to each other again. She is stunned as soon as she looks up into my face. She can tell something is different about me. There is a sort of amused patience etched into my face. My strikingly rugged face and expensive clothes, she noticed only after she studied my expression. There was something remarkably familiar about the tight smile on his lips and the apprehension in his eyes. Then it struck her, she recognized her own expression in mine. I also was dreading this date; as if I knew it would never work between us… there Is no hope. I spoke and broke her out of her moment of study, ” John. You must be Jennifer.” ” Yes,” She smiled, ” Nice to meet you. How are you?” ” Just fine.” Already an awkward silence… not a good sign for having a pleasant evening. She sighs a little preparing herself for a unpleasant dinner. ” How do you know Jeanie?” I tilted my head to the side, as if not fully understanding the question, ” I’m her friend. Did she not tell you about me?”

She flush embarrassed. ” She tried, but to be honest you’re the fifth blind date she’s set me up with recently, so I may have cut her off…” I smiled slightly, ” Jean can be persistent. She told me a lot about you. Let me tell you, you have high criteria to live up to.” She chuckled, how like Jeanie. She took a breath to start speaking again, but I cut her off. ” Listen, you seem like a nice young woman Jennifer, but we just aren’t meant for each other.” She blew out the air she had sucked in in a huff. What am I not pretty enough? He doesn’t even know me. The confusion and pain of rejection is clear on her face because I immediately tried to explain myself. ” It’s really not you. You seem genuinely very nice. It’s me. I have some very particular oddities that most women cannot stand even the thought of.” What on earth could he mean? I continue on, ” but that’s no reason for us not to have a nice evening together and maybe even become friends for Jean’s sake.” Jennifer narrowed her eyes at me, ” What kind of oddities?” No point in beating around the bush. I sat back in my seat and a little surprised by her bluntness. I pause for a moment, considering whether or not to tell her something then just came right out and said it, ” Sexual oddities.”
Just then the waiter appeared from behind her shoulder to take our drink orders. I seen the waiter coming and shared my bit of information just then on purpose. To give her time to process.

But the joke is on me. She is no stranger to ” sexual oddities,” in fact ” sexual oddities,” were some of her favorite pastimes. She decided to play dumb and see if she could figure out exactly what I was into. She let her face brighten up, ” Oooh are you like the guy in 49 Shades of Silver?” pretending to be a fan girl of the most recent raunchy sex novel. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes in exasperation. I’m sure the inaccuracies and poor depiction of BDSM in that book drove me as mad as it drove her. She let a small smile creep across her lips while my eyes were closed, but hid it again as soon as I opened them. ” Yes and no, Jennifer. Now, this is not information that I want shared.” I paused for her agreement to keep my secret. She smiled excitedly, as if having found a hundred dollar bill, and nodded. ” Yes I am a dominant like the character in that book, but that character is a horrible representation of what my sexual lifestyle is about. I’m sure that you’re not interested in hearing about my sex life the first time we’re meeting over dinner, I just wanted to explain why I can’t pursue you. The kind of sex I have is very particular and not for everyone. So I am hoping we can just have a pleasant evening and part as friends.”

Jennifer is truly interested now. Not only is this blind date someone that Jeanie approved of, which meant that I was kind, compassionate, intelligent, wealthy and most likely a very good catch, I’m also a sexual dominant. Hmmm what to do…She didn’t want to come right out and say ‘Hey that’s convenient become I’m sexually submissive!’ But she did want me to view her as having potential. She decided to play a little with me. As our conversation continued, we found that we had quite a bit in common. Jeanie actually got this set up right. We genuinely laughed at each other’s jokes, found we watched the same TV shows and got along very well. Throughout the night however, She keeps dropping little hints to keep me thinking of her submissively. She dropped her gaze down to the table often, she leaned forward onto the table letting her hands rest in prayer position, when the waiter came to the table with our entrees I asked, ” You ordered the grilled chicken right?” and she replied with a comical, ” Yes Sir!” She noticed my eyes dart to her face then down as if embarrassed by a thought. She is a little loud, very talkative and most of all not submissive. And it worked out wonderfully. I’m getting to know her, the daily vanilla side of her… and she got to know my daily vanilla side as well. Jennifer is having the best time she has had in months. As dinner is winding down the waiter came over and she instructed him to bring us separate checks. I protested but she explained, ” If we are not really on a date then there is no reason for you to pay for me. To be honest it is a pet peeve of mine.

” Even if we were really on a date I don’t like the idea of a man having to pay for dinner anyway. I ate, just like you did and this is not the 1950’s where women didn’t work or didn’t make enough money working. I get paid quite enough to afford my own dinner.” My face is thoughtful as I start to protest again, ” Yes, however…” but she cut me off again. ” It’s a little sexist of me to assume that you should have to pay, and it’s a little sexist of you to assume that I can’t or don’t want to pay.” My hands went up in defeat, ” Fair enough. I’m glad Jean set us up, I really think we could be great friends.” On our way out to the parking lot I knew this was my last chance to mention that not all hope is lost between us. ” So you never asked me about mine.” She said. I looked puzzled and asked, ” Your what exactly?” She grinned mischievously, ” My sexual oddities. Doesn’t everyone have at least some?” Surprise crossed my face, ” Not many women would want to talk about sex on the first date.” ” We determined earlier that this isn’t a date,” She corrected me. ” Even so…” I trailed off. She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, ” I only mentioned it because our sexual oddities actually work quite well together.” We are nearing her car and I asked, ” How do you mean?” ” Well,” She started, ” I happen to enjoy being the submissive partner in relationships.” I grabbed her shoulder and turned her back to her car, stepping close to her. ” Don’t lie to me now. Do you have actual experience being submissive?”

” Have you ever had sex with a man thirty two years older then you?” ” Have you ever been fucked by a 9″ long cock with the thickness of a coke can?” My face is just inches from hers and my eyes meant business. Her breath caught in her throat and she only just managed to squeak out, ” no…” My eyes are heated and yet cold and hard. I ask in a very level and controlled voice, ” Is that sort of relationship something you would be interested in trying with me?” My bluntness and close physical proximity is derailing her flirty and mischievous plan. She feels the heat of my body but I wasn’t quite touching her. She managed to whisper, ” yes…” again. Quick as lightening I grabbed her wrist, firmly yet gently. I lowered my forehead until it almost is touching hers, my face… my lips not quite touching hers, ” Yes, what?” I asked. She grinned and murmured, ” Yes Sir,” tipping her face up for a kiss. Instead I took a step away from her, allowing her to realize that her body is leaning against the car. As she peeled her body away from the cold metal I instructed, ” Put your leftovers in your car.” She took a breath and squared her shoulders. The thrill of following orders hit her immediately as she unlocked her car and set her food on the passenger seat. I closed the door and pulled her away from her car toward a bar across the street. As we stepped off the curb into the road I moved my hand to the small of her back. Instantly she feels a change come over her; she stood straighter, her hips swayed more, her shoulders were back and her head is held high. Amazing the change that one touch in the right place could have. The bar is loud and full of kids barely old enough to be there… some may not have even been 21. This did not at all seem like my scene and it certainly wasn’t hers. We paused at the entrance as I scanned the room for seating. I lead her to the back corner of the bar where there was a tiny booth with only one side of seating and let her slide in.
” Do you like red wine?” I asked still standing. She shook her head no and answered with, ” Long Island Iced Tea is my drink.” ” No.” She said it so simply and confidently she didn’t question me. ” White wine?” I asked. ” White wine is better than red,” She said. I disappeared from the table making my way up to the bar. I didn’t slide in and around the crowd like she would have, rather as the college students saw me approaching they made way for me. It is mesmerizing and extremely sexy to watch, students parting like the Red Sea around me. She is watching the bar tender look for wine bottles and chuckling when someone plopped down next to her. In the back corner of the bar it couldn’t have been by mistake. Jennifer glanced up at the clearly drunk frat boy and immediately backed as far away from him as she could in the booth. ” Hii tthere baby doll,” his speech was slurred and he was clearly trying to get lucky tonight judging by the way he spoke mainly to my breasts. ” Hi,” was her immediate response and overwhelming need to be polite kicked in, ” How are you?” When she didn’t get any sort of response beyond him staring at her breasts she asked, ” Are you lost? Do you have friends here?” ” Friends!” he shouted raising the glass of beer in his hand, clearly calling out to someone and not answering my question. Faintly across the bar she heard a group of people respond with, ” Forever!” ” I have the friends,” he said pointing over his shoulder. ” They bet me,” twisting his hand to point at me, ” that I couldn’t see your titties, but I,” he paused to take a deep breath, ” know I can.”

He breath stunk of sweet beer as he exhaled on me. Jennifer tried to back further into the tiny booth. ” Sorry,” She said, ” I’m afraid your friends are right.” He reached over with a beer still in his hand, ” No, see, if we just get this button out of here…” She grabbed at his hands to stop him just as she hears my reassuringly angry voice, ” Hey!” I yelled, my voice made the frat boy jump and spill beer down her top. As soon as frat boy saw me, he stood as upright as he could. ” Sorry man, didn’t know this girl was claimed.” He saluted me in a very drunken way and started to retreat toward his friends. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and said in a calm and dangerously quiet voice that carried over the noise of the bar, ” Don’t ever do that to a woman again. Do you understand me?” The frat boy looked rightfully petrified and just nodded his head. I let him go gently and the boy practically ran away. She turned to her and asked, ” Are you alright?” She took a breath; she hadn’t realized that she had been holding it. I exhaled quickly, ” Oh, him? He’s harmless, I’ve seen worse.” She frantically started wiping the beer off her top, her adrenaline rushing more that she knew logically was necessary. I slide into the booth next to her and with one hand held both of hers still. My other hand went to her face and held her cheek. Waiting until she looked up from the table to make eye contact with me, I asked, ” Are you ok?” She smiled weakly at me and nodded.

I kissed her temple sweetly. ” Okay.” I sounded reassured. ” White wine,” I announced as I slide a glass over to her. My glass is full of scotch. This is different than the restaurant. I’m different. Jennifer is different. We talked openly about what our limits and experiences were. Occasionally she would scan the bar looking for anyone that she knew or that she would care if they overheard our conversation, but the crowd stayed young and indifferent to the couple sitting in the back corner. I asked her many questions and her responses were often, ” Yes Sir,” or “No Sir,” until I ask her to expand on something. My body language and hers made it very clear to both of us that this conversation is different. I had her complete and undivided attention. She sat back in the seat, her body feeling smaller and smaller the longer we talked. When she pulled out her purse to settle her tab I frowned at her. ” I’ll have none of your silly feminism ranting now.” ” But I…” She started. I stopped her by simply raising my hand. ” I know that you are perfectly capable and willing to pay for yourself, and I respect that,” I paused, ” put your money away. When we go out I am going to pay for things. You will not feel guilty about spending as much as you want and you will not ask to pay again.”

She pursed her lips, really wanting to protest but not wanting to push me before we even had a steady set of rules established. I saw the consternation on her face and said simply, ” I want to. I like to be a gentleman… even if that’s a little sexist.” That got her to grin and nod. I mean what is a Dom/sub relationship if not a little sexist? We went to her place, her body is slender and toned. Her belly is flat and she fits into a size 6. All things considered, she is a catch. Embarrassed by my stares, she excuses herself from the living room to go to the kitchen. She reached into the cupboard for a coffee mugs and feels me press up against her. ” Don’t mind me. I’m just here for the coffee,” I teased, rubbing the beginning of my hard-on against her back. ” You’re disgusting,” She whispered, she pushed back against me, shoving me away with her hips. ” Aw,” I said, stepping back up behind her. Then I added, ” It’s about time you realized that I’m in command here and stop saying no.” I slide my hand around her waist and dip my fingers beneath the elastic band of her skirt. She just froze as I shoved a finger into her pussy. ” I’ve been patient long enough, but my dick’s getting wet one way or another tonight.” I pushed my finger in deep, curling it so the tip bumped up beside her g-spot, and stood there finger fucking her in the kitchen. My hard-on is still rubbing against her, getting larger every second.

” Mm. Did you wax your pussy just for me?” I ask, ” Makes you seem in need of a fuck lesson. Do you need someone to teach you how to make a man cum, Jennifer?” ” Please, just stop,” She said again, pushing back against me. It only made me harder. I abandoned the coffee mug that I had clasped in my hand to reach beneath her blouse and cupped one of her breasts. I pinched her nipple, I kneaded her breast. ” Yummy,” I whispered into her ear before turning her toward me, unbuttoning her blouse and lowering my mouth to her breasts. She reached up to push me away, but I wouldn’t budge. ” Get off of me!” She cried. I mumbled something against her nipple and held her tighter. Her skin tingling under my tongue. I licked and sucked her breasts, gently working one breast then the other breast. My hot mouth lapping at her nipple, which had grown hard at the flick of my tongue.

Then my hand is firmly gripping her hair, whispering instructions in her ear. A secret just for her. ” You are mine for tonight. You will do exactly as I say. You will be a good girl and you will be rewarded for your obedience.”
Jennifer nodded just to feel the pull of her head against my hand. She feels her wetness seeping through her panties as she stood on shaky legs against the counter. I grabbed her by the arm and led her back into the living room.
Fiercely, her eyes met mine and did not stray as she undid her blouse, exposing the black lace and her full breasts. Her pulse is racing. ” Keep going, Jennifer. You know the rules.” So stern. So fucking sexy. A hip shimmy and the skirt fluttered to the floor. My eyes widened at her naked pussy, neatly trimmed just that day. She took a step forward, in her bra and stockings, making a motion to enter. I held a hand out in pause. ” Ah, ah. I said take it all off. You can keep the stockings and garter belt. They please me.” In a panic, she fumbled with the bra clasp, unhooking it and pulling it away from her small breasts. She dropped it on the floor, ” A little hasty, though you’re quite obedient nonetheless, aren’t you?” ” Yes, sir.” An unusual bit of pride welled in her chest. ” Bend over the couch. I told you, good girls get rewarded.”

Already, her head is filling with quiet. No longer concerned with anxiety or mundane tasks, I’m filling her with calm, through commands and her own pliant, willing response. A response, in this case, is to bend forward over a plush couch, and stick her ass high in the air. She gave it a little wiggle for good measure. ” Tell me again what you want.” She could barely remember what she said at the restaurant. ” I want to be dominated.” I walked up behind her and ran my fingertips over the curve of her ass. She squirmed and her voice got huskier, quieter. ” I want -” I spanked her once, hard. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in the last little threads of desire she had to maintain control. ” I want to be claimed and -” Another spank. Her voice quieter. Meeker. ” Owned. I want to be owned, sir.” I cupped her pussy, sliding a finger between the lips. ” Judging by how much of a wet little slut you are, I think there’s more that you want.” She whimpered. ” Yes, sir. I want to fucked. I want you to fuck me.” The last few sentences tumbled out in a needy rush. She hears me slide my belt out of my pants, and a zipper from behind her. She jumped as I lightly trailed my hand down her back. Without warning, I shoved my cock inside her and she moaned. I’m big, bigger than she is used to, certainly. ” Owwwwww.” The sound left her mouth as she flinched, feeling my hardness enter her deepest recesses. I filled every inch of her, satisfying that deep ache she has had between her legs since the night began. She hears me mutter ” oh fuck” as I begin to thrust into her slowly, giving her body time to accommodate my generous girth.

Jennifer begged, she pleaded. ” Please…More…More…please…Don’t stop…Fuck me…Please fuck me…Please…Oh god…please.” I slipped easily in and out of her, her wetness slick down her thighs, increasing my pace at her incoherent urging and my need. She reached between her legs and flicked her clit back and forth, getting closer and closer to orgasm as I slammed into her from behind. Forceful, deep thrusts that pressed her thighs against the back of the sofa, and bounced her tits back and forth. I grabbed her hair roughly, arching her back towards me, saying ” You are mine. Come, come for me. Be a good girl and come for me.” In my masochistic bliss, all she can do is moan and smile. She tries to keep my pace with her hips, pressing back against me at the deepest point of my hard strokes inside her, but lost out to my frenetic rhythm and her fingers on her clit. She tightens around me suddenly, crying out, lost to waves of pleasure, jerking her hips uncontrollably. I pull out, and with a groan, spill my hot white cum on her ass. Delicately, I rubbed it into her skin. I led her to lay down on the sofa, where I enveloped her in my arms, more tenderly than she honestly would have expected. I kissed her on the forehead and said with a smile ” I’m not done with you yet.”

Two hours later I caught her in the kitchen again, to her horror, her body begins to respond to my touch again. Her pussy starts aching for my huge cock instead of my index finger. I sensed it, I flipped her back around and dove my hand back into her pussy. Her slick juices dripped with each thrust of my hand, which made it easier to slide in a second finger and then a third. Her mind is screaming no, but her body has begun to melt again. I tease and rub her clit with my thumb while my fingers stroke inside her pussy. She feels heat start to flow through her and she tries to grab onto the counter to steady herself. When I sensed that she is beginning to cum, I pull my fingers out of her pussy and give her clit a hard pinch. She winces and whimpers, but I slap my pussy soaked hand over her mouth. ” Keep quiet,” I growled into her ear. I bent her over the counter and slip my fingers into her mouth. She sucks her sweet pussy juice off of each finger like I had sucked her breast. She can’t believe how aroused she has become again! She lifted her ass up, humping me through our clothes. We stood there for a moment. I have one hand on her back, holding her against the counter top, and the other in her mouth. I rub my clothed dick against her and she sucked my fingers. Her body tingling and heated up again. No man has ever aroused her like I have tonight.

He really is going to do this again, she thought. She has never been fucked more then once during a night. Her body is begging for my rock hard cock. After all, I had let go of her, but she hadn’t tried to get away. Still, her mind kept screaming that this shouldn’t be happening again. ” Don’t do this…I have never been fucked twice in one night.” She pleaded between moans, still rubbing herself against me. ” Ha!” I entwined my fist in her hair and pull her head back against my shoulder, pinning her tighter against me, ” Don’t act like you don’t want this. I feel how wet you are—how your greedy pussy begs for my cock. I fuck a woman usually three or four times during the night.” I tangle my fingers into her hair, pulling her head back and glided my tongue into her open mouth. She doesn’t know why she did it, but she closed her mouth around mine and kissing me, hard and dirty, until she had to stop and pant for breath. ” You are just delicious,” I said, pushing her back down against the counter top. Her nipples pressed against the cold tile, sending a shiver through her. Her arousal is hot, prickling her senses. She whimpers again, asking me to stop, but it didn’t do any good. Jennifer isn’t sure she meant it anyway. I lifted up the back of her shirt, pushing her panties aside, and press the tip of my cock against her opening. I held tightly onto her hips, sliding my cock up and down her slit, making sure it is well lubricated with her lust. I tease her clit with the head of my cock until she just can’t stand it anymore.

” Please,” She whispers. ” Please what?” I said, amusement in my voice. ” Please. Just put it in.” She said in little more than a murmur. ” What do you want? I couldn’t quite hear you,” I mocked. ” Just put it in!” She said as loud as she dared, ” Please!” ” Like this?” I ask, pushing into her hot hungry pussy. I held her against the counter as I dip my cock just barely past her pussy lips and pull back out. I did this a few times, never going any deeper than an inch. She tried to force herself back onto me, but I just laughed. ” Just fuck me already! I want you to fuck me!” She cried in exasperation. ” I knew you’d come around.” I grunted ramming the entire length of my cock into her pussy. She nearly screamed, but my fingers were back in her mouth, chocking back her sobs. I’m so much larger than any cock she has had before, but maybe it is being dominated that makes it feel so good. I begin fucking her, slow and deep, rubbing up against her g-spot with each thrust. It didn’t take long before she feels the tingling spread through her and knew she is about to cum. Her pussy starts contracting around my cock and she pushes back against me as I slam into her. She feels her orgasm hit, radiating throughout her body, and she fumbles to steady herself against me. The heat of her orgasm enveloping her and she collapses on the counter top, sniveling and shaking. ” God, you get tight,” I grunted. Her pussy quivering, the rapture fading a little with each pulse. She whimpers again, pushing back against my hardness.

” You’re a hungry little thing, aren’t you?” I said with a sneer, ” I better fill you up.” I start to speed up, hammering my cock into her dripping wet pussy. I spread her legs wide, my balls slapping against her clit. She feels me start to tighten. ” Oh, God! He is going to cum inside me.” She isn’t on any birth control. She can’t let me cum inside of her! ” No!” She begged, ” Cum in my mouth. Let me suck you off!” I start to slow down. ” You want to suck my dick?” ” Yes, please! I want to taste you. I want to feel your hot cum shoot down my throat. I want to lick my pussy juice off of your cock. Please! Let me get on my knees and suck you. Just please don’t cum inside my pussy!” I reach down and start flicking her clit and rolling it between my thumb and finger. My cock is still rubbing her g-spot and since her last orgasm hadn’t completely subsided, another one is coming on quick. Her pussy tightens around my cock and she can’t help but push back against me. ” You want to suck me?” I begin, ” Well, darling, I imagine you’ll be doing a lot of that from now on.” With that, I pushed into her to the hilt and shot a heavy load of cum into her pussy. Her orgasm intensified and she milked me dry. Every drop of my cum is filling her up. What’s worse is that she loves it! At that moment she knew she would allow me to exploit her lust any time I wanted. Once I’m finished, I pull out of her and flip her over. My cum starts to trickle out of her pussy lips.

She is flushed from her head to her toes. I pull her close for a deep, passionate kiss, my tongue continuing the assault I had just had against her body. She yielded completely to me, allowing me to take advantage of her. When I pushed her away, I gave her nipple one last hard pinch and zipped up my pants. I turned and walked out of the kitchen, walking down the hallway. Jennifer just stood there in complete disarray, my cum dripping out of her abused pussy.

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