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We all have the stories (or most of us) where we have that one “fall back” lover.

These are the friends with “benefits”. They are the ones you would take home to mother only to introduce as a good, dear friend, but never one you would actually date. The one where you would sleep with constantly because he or she is that good, but beyond that and the obligatory dinner and a movie, nothing will ever come of it.

Remembering one in particular arouses every sense I have. He was meant to be little more than a one night stand. A man met, known briefly, but passionately. Here is our story. (Names Have Been Changed.)

-Mutual friends. How wonderful they can be, and so beneficial. On one of the rare weekends during college that there was not a party, nor a place to go, I met “Robert”, a friend of a friend.

The date was set for 6:00 PM. The clothing, simple and casual for a movie and dinner. And when he picked me up, the visual was not pretty. He stood about 5’7, with thick, dark hair and a tan complexion. Slightly overweight, though that didn’t matter much. He was incredibly funny and over the series of phone calls, very sexy. Dominant. I always did and do like that in a man.

I remember a white car and his walk to the door, arrogant as he knocked upon it. A small bounding of feet down steps and I opened it. The arrogant smirk upon those lips turned into a a grin as his head cocked and his hand grabbed mine without bothering to ask if I was ready.

As he opened the car door for me, I settled in and his head sunk down in a move to kiss me. I remember his tongue as wet, prying. It slid over my lips and wouldn’t relent until it found my own. My own returned to almanbahis bite at the tip of his tongue, flicking over the corners of his mouth and pulling away so that we would be on our way.

Instant decisions were made to forget dinner and move on to the movie. The drive to the theater was a half-hour long, and during it, he continued to tease. A hand slid over my thigh, a light stroking of the hip or a trace of a finger against a nipple. That evil little laugh that emitted from the core of his throat, almost a purr. The ride felt as if it took years.

Out of the car and into the theater, hand in hand the attempt began to find our seats. We sat down as the silence faded and the commercials began. The theater was almost empty, with perhaps six, seven people at the most. With another of his grins, he sat us two rows and directly in front of another couple and we settled in.

His hand, slid mine over thigh, and held it there as the insides of the cinema darkened to an almost pitch black. I pressed inward, allowing my fingers to grace the insides of his legs as a thumb ran across the outline of his zipper. My glance moved his way and I watched as he spread his legs, and his mouth dropped open just slightly. Chuckling, I let my palm grind into him and watched his every reaction. His little moans of pleasure began as, with his other hand, he pulled down the zipper and pushed my hand greedily down into his pants. The cool feel of my flesh against his shaft, stroking it slowly, made him almost raise off of the seat and pump upward.

Deciding finally, that we should pay attention to the movie, my hand withdrew and back against the seat I sat with my legs crossed. almanbahis giriş His head turning toward me to kiss, was rejected. His hands, as they went to part my legs from their position were pushed away and given back to him, to be placed upon his lap. Throughout the two hours, I would playfully pinch my nipples when I knew he was watching, and chuckle when I saw his pleading eyes. For me, secretly all I wanted was to feel him inside of me.

Soon enough, I was already praying.

The time seemed to drag on and on, the movie finally having ended, allowed us to stand up and make for the exit. The couple behind us giving us a wink and a smile, and the woman commenting on the “good show” made me blush. Back in the car, and strapped into my seat, I began to tease him by once more stroking him against his thigh. His head, leaning in a bit as he started the car, met with my breasts. Through the sweater his lips attached to my nipple and roughly bit back, sucking on it. Moving back to the driver’s seat, we began the ride back toward my house, but we would never make it.

Finding a dark parking lot, we drove in, parking in the darkest area we could find, and wasted no time. Hands were flurried movements as we ravaged each other’s bodies in the warmth of the car. My hands grasping to touch him, feel his hips pump his length into my palm. His hands stroking the bare lips of my pussy, teasingly flicking and pinching my clit as we moved to the backseat. Him pulling away to push down the two front seats, and then pushing me back until my ass hit the soft leather of the rear seat. His tugging of my legs and placing them on either side of him. His eyes staring at me as almanbahis yeni giriş he let his tongue taste me through the cloth of my panties.

He watched as my hands slid into his hair, pushing down his head. He watched as that fabric became wet, soaking through with my arousal, never allowing his tongue to penetrate me without that material between us. His teeth biting at my clit, and then his body lifting as he pulled himself backward. The words coming from his lips, barely able to be heard. But ‘warm .. mhmm … sweet..’ those words he practically moaned outward at me as he began stroking himself. I never realized until then how beautiful he was, how good he looked. So open and so sexual.

In a flash, his hand seemingly ripped off my panties, and pulled down my bra so my nipples would be exposed. Peeking angrily, red over the tops of the lace, and his cock ready to sink into me. Condom retrieved and slid tightly over the width of him was rubbed lengthwise along my lips. A quick flick of his hips and he was inside of me.

The thrusts were powerful with long, fast strokes, whipping against my clit, bringing me into a frenzy as my body was bounced against him. I could feel each drop against my inner thigh as he slid almost completely out. And as he re-entered, I could hear the slap of his balls as they collided with wet skin.

Sitting almost entirely up now, my legs wrapped around his waist and arms hung tightly to his neck. Our mouths on fire as they licked and lapped at each other and our bodies exploded. As I came over his cock, my entire body clung to him and my lips bit roughly along his throat, marking the night upon him. He pulled out, quickly throwing his condom to the side and over my breasts, let his cum shoot in long, thick ropes so that it dripped over my nipples.

And not even a second later, we laughed.

And a half an hour later.. I was home, in my bath..smiling happily, and sleepily at my new friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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