Being Dumped, Unexpected Fun Time

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


23(M) at the time. I had just been unceremoniously dumped by my then girlfriend and to be honest I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I was living at the time with a friend who suggested we go on holiday and help me get over my breakup by finding some chick to help with the process. Well, I could use some sun and was due a break. We booked a last minute 2-week holiday to a Greek island and left the next weekend. I was still raw emotionally and finding it hard to relax and enjoy the beach that was full of hotties. We windsurfed, water skied and swam all day and drank and danced all night. I kid you not we were having to swat the totty of with a fly swat, or at least I was, my friend was taking his duties seriously and fucking any girls he could.

About two days in, while sitting on the beach, two girls 18 and 19 came and sat near us. We chatted and actually they were quite funny and good company. It turned out they were sisters and musicians in a philharmonic orchestra. The older sister (Jo) had brought her guitar and would play anything people asked her to. It was a topless beach and both girls happily sat and chatted with their breasts out. Even with this obvious show I was not feeling the need to pursue either of them.

That evening we had agreed to meet up for drinks at the local club, and when my friend an I arrived the two girls were waiting with drinks ready for us. They had obviously decided between themselves who was going with who. I got the younger sister (Helen), she had a really great figure (observed on the beach) with larger than average breasts with hard thimble nipples, she was probably about 5’6″, but what had put me off her was she had an absolutely massive head of curly blond hair, it was like almanbahis a 70’s afro and I didn’t think it suited her. Anyway, we chatted and drank our drinks, we even had the odd dance. I noticed she was beginning to stand so close to me it was a bit awkward talking to her because I need to bend down make my self heard. It was quite early when I decided to leave probably about midnight. The club stayed open until the sun came up, so my friend stayed with the other sister. The sister I was with (Helen) said she’d walk back with me (our apartments were apparently quite close to each other.

The streets in the Greek village were very narrow and cobbled, and with a few drinks inside you it was easy to stumble, and she did, into me, very unsubtle and in catching her she kissed me passionately and somewhat aggressively. At this point I had enough of the silly pretence, I broke the kiss gripped her elbow and marched her back to my room, that I was sharing with my friend who I’d left at the club. She was wearing a boob tube, no bra, and a long elasticated skirt they was quite full with lots of pleats. I pushed her onto the bed and she smirked back at me “God I thought you were never going to try anything” she said. I stood over her and pulled off my T shirt, in response she pulled down her boob tube, releasing those magnificent tits. I pulled her to me, but to her surprise I pushed her face down on the bed. I had intended just to ‘hate fuck’ her from behind to get rid of her. With one hand on her neck I pulled up the long skirt only to fine she was not wearing any underwear.

But what she did have that got me instantly hard was a massive bush of thick blond hair between her legs, it was all the way up her ass crack and was very wet! She was moaning into the pillow expecting to be thoroughly fucked, almanbahis yeni giriş but this was an opportunity to enjoy this magnificent blond Forrest. I took hold of her hips and pulled her onto all fours. But rather than fucking her I pushed my whole face into that soaking wet hairy pussy. She was dripping and as I plunged my tongue into her hole she let out a guttural moan that I’m sure could have been heard in the street below. I really went for it sucking her engorged clit, tongue fucking and lapping at all her juices, within two minutes she orgasmed, ramming her pussy back onto my face and tongue. I realised she was momentarily spent, so I moved my tongue from her pussy and plunged it deep into her ass, again that animal guttural sound involuntarily escaped from her mouth. As I tongue fucked her asshole, I slid three fingers into her sloppy wet pussy and piston fucked her to another shattering orgasm.

I loved the way that thick hairy bush felt on my face and I covered myself in her in her juices. I stopped to take off my trousers, and while I was doing this, she turned over and said “that’s the best sex I ever had”, I looked at her and said back “I didn’t say move, get back in the position, I’m not finished yet”. She immediately hoped over and jokingly covered her head with the skirt that was still around her waist. I smacked her ass really hard four or five times, her squeals muffled by her face buried in the pillow. I positioned my cock at her hairy pussy entrance and just slid my rock hard 7″ cock balls deep in one thrust. She was wet and very squelchy but surprisingly tight too, I guess she’d not had much cock before. I pumped into her long slow thrusts building up momentum.

At this point she just succumbed to the pounding she was getting, and I was taking out almanbahis giriş all the frustration of having been dumped by my ex on this girl’s tight hairy pussy. To reenergise her I slapped her now red ass a few more times and them I sucked my thumb and pushed it into her ass. A muffled scream came out, but I was in the zone and continued to bang away at her dripping pussy. At this moment I was distracted by the door of the room opening, I looked over and the was not opening it was closing and standing watching us was the other sister Jo. There was no lights on in the room but it was quite well lit from the street lights outside. We locked gaze, as I continued to pound her sisters pussy with my thumb in her ass. Jo just watched with one hand holding up her shirt and the other hand furiously finger fucking her own hairy pussy to the rhythm of the fucking going on before her.

This situation just pushed me over the edge, I pulled out a shot the biggest load of my life, rope after rope of hot cum all over Helens upturned ass and pussy. I sat back on the bed exhausted still looking holding the gaze of the older sister. Then to my utter astonishment and to this day I can hardly believe it myself. She steps forward and pushed her face into her sisters cum covered used pussy and goes to town like a starving woman at a hog roast on a clean-up mission. She spends about ten minuets give her sister a full service and Helen cums for one last time thanks to her sister’s expert tongue skills. Jo turns to me, drops to her knees between my legs, takes my re-envigored cock in her mouth and suck every last drop of her sisters’ juices from it. She doesn’t finish me off, just stands up and walks out without saying a word.

Helen is still lying face down head still covered by her large skirt, exhausted from multiple orgasms, and I assume still unaware it was her sister who lapped her pussy to the final orgasm of the evening. I climb into the other bed in the room and fell quickly to sleep.

When I woke in the morning Helen was gone and replaced by my now snoring friend, dead to the world.

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