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I first met her in High School and like most High School friends we lost touch over the years, about 40 of them to be exact. We got back in touch on one of the Class Reunion sites and started talking again.

Reliving old memories as we laughed at the silly way we dressed and hairstyles and such. It was a great pleasure to become new friends with her once again.

We got to talking about Grand kids and what a surprise to have them as we did not think of ourselves as old enough, but life goes on as well as age. We discussed our failed marriages and the ones we were still in, why they had failed and what was right and wrong with this one.

Which in turn naturally turned to our sex life’s or lack of them as it may be.

She has not been happy with hers, although she loves her husband I let her know I was in the same boat as her. I had loved my wife but no sex, So we had split up a couple of months ago.

Sex is very important to me and as I found out, to Becky. Well months later we decided we had to finally meet up and have lunch and catch up more in person, So we set up a lunch date.

Being 55 and not having met another woman for anything in the past 28 years since being married I was quite nervous. The date quickly approached and I was getting more excited about seeing her again. But I gathered up my nerve and dressed nicely and set out for our “Date” so to speak.

She had told me she had worked hard the past few months, almost a year and finally lost 45 pounds. She had sent me a photo of her and she did look fantastic for being 55 herself. Not like aGrandma at all to me, I still saw the 15 year old I knew way back when.

I entered the diner and saw her sitting in the waiting area, She was gorgeous, dressed in a nice business suit, her hair made up very nice and her eyes sparkled as she saw me.

A huge smile crossed her face as she stood up and gave me a big hug, I hugged her back feeling her body press into mine. The hug may have lasted longer than proper, but I was not going to complain, She smelled delicious and her hair as it rubbed on my neck was so soft I think I could have hugged her another 15 minutes or more.

But we parted and got a table, we looked over the menu quickly and ordered a light lunch. For some reason she had sat beside me and I was enjoying the looks others were giving us.

Her Auburn hair shining as bright as her eyes, her business suit clinging tightly to her what appeared to be firm body. She was a woman I think any man would have been proud to be seen with and I for one was. As we waited for our food we chatted about things going on in our life’s at the moment and how amazing it was that after 40 years or so we had ended up in the same town and never knew it.

She told me about her three Grand kids and I told her about my two, how much fun it was to keep them and seeing everything new as they saw it. Our food came and it took forever to eat it as we stooped and talked more about things that had happened in the past 40 years.

I hated for the lunch to end but she had to get back to her job and I had to get back home too, so we gave each other another tight hug and promised to keep in touch.

Well, with life the way it is, we did not talk for a few weeks and then I got a call from Becky. She sounded upset and I inquired to what may be wrong.

“That cheating Bastard!” She replied.” Twenty Two years of marriage and that bastard has an affair with his Secretary. I would never had known if he had not closed out his email and I saw it. He was meeting up with her every Wednesday for the past Six years he confessed.”

“Look, slow down some Becky. Where are you? Your not driving are you? We don’t need you so upset you get into a wreck or something worse.” I told her. ” I said trying to get some more information from her.

“No, no, I am at home. He just left with his things. I am just so upset I don’t know what to do” She cried into the phone.

Knowing all of her family lived at least 150 miles away I asked if there was anything I could do for her. “Could you possibly come over for a bit? I really need someone here.”

“Well, I suppose I could.” She gave me directions to her house and I was there within the hour. She answered the door, her beautiful blue eyes red from crying and her face was puffy. But she was still gorgeous, And knowing I should not be thinking such thoughts and why I was here I cleared my mind and she welcomed me inside.

“Nice place you have here.” I said as I looked around, nothing fancy but clean and organized and nicely furnished. “I can’t imagine someone doing this to you Becky, unless you had other problems I don’t know about.”

“No, I really thought we had it all, a nice home, great relationship, well other than the lack of sex part anyway.” Her eyes lowered and filled with tears again. “Now I know why we were not having sex. That Bastard. I can’t bear the thought of telling my kids and honestly not knowing the whole story myself.” She began to cry as those thoughts filled her mind.

“Oh casino şirketleri I am so sorry, can I offer you something to drink? Coffee or some tea? She asked me.

“No, in fact it appears to me you could use something stronger. Perhaps a mixed drink if you have one, have any bourbon and coke? I asked.

“yes we, uh I do and I think you are right, screw the time. Lets have one.” I glanced at the clock, it was 1:20 P.M. and she left the living room to fix them for us, when she returned I took a drink of mine as she sipped hers.

I almost choked she had made it so strong,”Uh Becky, did you give me Your drink? Damn girl this is strong!” I grinned at her.

“Oh I’m sorry, I guess my mind was someplace else as I poured them, do you want me to add some more coke?”

“Naw this is fine, I just won’t gulp it.” She laughed at that and it was nice to see her smiling.

“You know Becky, you really are beautiful when you smile.” I told her. I don’t know why I said it, but it was true.

“That is so nice of you to say Bill, I have not heard that in a long, long time. Thank You.”

“I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. So what now? Uh, I mean about your situation. Any plans yet? Or not enough time to comprehend it all?” I asked her. I looked and saw her glass was now almost half empty and mine had hardly been touched.

“No Bill, I just knew I wanted him out of our house, well My house now it seems. I could not bear to look at him, knowing how he abused my trust and love. Could you tell me why men do that?”

“Well that is a fair question I suppose, it could be they want to appear more manly to others or they are not getting what they need at home. I know I have been tempted a few times after going weeks and sometimes over a month without it.” I told her not really knowing her situation but knowing mine too well.

“Some men just do it to prove their manhood in a way, others because they think they can get some on the side and get away with it. I am not really sure not knowing him or what other guys think.”

I took a bigger sip than I had intended, I let the heat in my throat cool off as I thought about what I had said and hoping it came out right.

“I suppose your right, But Bill, I gave him all he ever needed or so I thought. I did not let him do without and the only I ever refused was when it was not proper or I was ill.” She finished off her drink and stood up. “Would you like me to freshen up your drink?”

I still had at least half a glass so I refused, she went into the kitchen and made herself another strong one, this time I followed her. Yes, it was a strong one and I knew if she finished this one she would be feeling no pain. And I had no right to tell her anything different.

She took a big gulp of it, “Becky, do you think you should be killing that so fast? I don’t want you to get drunk and take advantage of me or something.” I grinned at her.

She laughed and said,” You are so sweet, why couldn’t we have got together back then.”

“Well, you know it may not have worked out then either, us both being so young and dumb. Who knows.” I thought about that and I looked down at the floor. “You just never know.”

She took me by the arm and led me back to the living room, this time instead of sitting on the other side of the sofa she sat closer to me. I must say it was making me a bit nervous but I said nothing.

“So Bill tell me about your sex life, you said you don’t get it for weeks at a time or more? Why???”

I took a drink and thought about it, “I honestly don’t know Becky. I know it is good when we did have it. I made sure she was pleased and always have in one way or another.” I answered her.

“What do you mean in one way or another?” She asked sincerely.

“Well, You know.” I blushed.

“No Bill I really don’t. I mean I have read some on sex and sexuality, but our sex life was pretty mundane if you ask me. I did try spicing it up some with different nightgowns and things. But he just wanted to be on top, never any variety.” She took another sip of her drink, at least she is slowing down some I thought to myself.

“So your telling me that you never, uh, well, You know. Never tried anything kind of wild or anything?”

“Ha, I can say No to that. He wanted on top and to get his and go to sleep. It was his routine.” She looked sad when she opened up to me about that.

“Wait a minute, you never had oral sex at least? I questioned her.

“Oh heavens no, he truly thought that was disgusting. To kiss me after I would have done that? I think he would have thrown up or something the way he acted when I mentioned it once.”

I am sorry, but I just Had to laugh out loud about that. “What a idiot.” I said. “Goodness, no oral sex. Jeez, I don’t know what we would have done without at least oral sex. And never trying any other positions? Good Lord woman, How did he find someone else to fuck him?

I said it before I thought about it and felt like a fool for it. “I’m sorry Becky, I casino firmaları didn’t mean to say that.”

“No, Your right, I can’t believe it myself now that I think about it. Poor girl does not know what she is getting into or not going to get.” And she laughed at herself as she said it.

My drink and hers were almost gone so we went and got us one more. Myself, I was already feeling no pain and she had a look on her face saying she did not either. “What the hell.” I thought to myself, I have a few hours before I need to get home, that is plenty of time to sober up for the drive back.

We went back and sat down on the sofa again and this time she was sitting almost on top of me. I was not going to ask her to move, she looked so nice and smelled fantastic, it was very pleasant to have her that close.

She leaned over to me, her shoulder touching mine and said, “Can I tell you a secret?” slightly slurring her words.

“Sure Becky, go ahead.”

“I always wanted to fuck you when we were teenagers.” She laughed and I did with her.

“Well then Becky, Can I tell You a secret too?

“Sure ya can.” She smiled at me.

“Well, I always wanted to fuck you too in High School.” I saw her eyes drift back to School days, “But I am sure it was just our young hormones raging at the time.”

“Nope, wasn’t raging hormones back then, no more than it is now!” She looked into my eyes. She moved her hand to my thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“Wooooahh there Becky, I’m not sure we meant for this to go this far. I mean you are one beautiful lady and I would really love to, but you are emotional right now and very hurt. I don’t want to take advantage of this situation.” I said earnestly.

“Fuck this situation” She almost spat at the thought of her husband fucking who ever he wanted and not her. “I wanted you then and I want you now, Please don’t turn me away too.” Her eyes filled with tears once more.

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me, her hair on my neck again, so soft and her perfume filling my nostrils and all my better judgment. I put my hand under her chin and pulled her face up so I could see it.

“Becky, I don’t want to hurt you, you don’t deserve that. And I am sure you deserve better than me.” I told her truthfully.

She moved her face to mine and our lips met, her lips so soft and I felt her tongue forcing into my mouth. Our tongues fought as we tried to make up for all the lost years in the one kiss. Her hand grasped my now hardening dick and I reached over and lay my hand on her breast.

I felt around and could not feel a bra, surely at 55 she was not this firm I thought to myself. I could feel her nipple as it thickened in my palm. Her hand massaging my dick and making it harder than I could remember in a long time.

We broke our kiss and she said, “I always wanted to do this, let me please!” I just nodded yes.

She got off the sofa and onto her knees in front of me. She reached up and unzipped my trousers, I lifted my hips to let her take them off. My erection pressing hard on my boxers, she leaned over my crotch and began kissing my thighs and licking as she moved closer to my hard on.

I would have thought she would have her eyes shut, but she kept staring into mine the whole time. She reached my cock and kissed it though the boxers and I felt her nibble on it lightly as her hair lay on my legs and lower belly.

She picked her head up, and I could not tell if she had decided to stop, realizing just what she was doing. But no, she knew exactly what she was doing as her hands went to the waist band on my boxers and she began to remove them from me.

Her eyes widened as she saw my dick stand up in front of her face, not 8 inches away. “Oh My God, It is beautiful.” She said softly, as if she had said it any louder she would wake from a dream.

I ran my hand through her soft hair and looked in her eyes,’I will ask you once again Becky, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I have never wanted to do anything more than this in my life.” And with that she moved her lips to my dick and kissed it. I felt her tongue as she opened her mouth and licked it from the bottom to the top. She actually moaned when she did this, I did not try to hurry her, I wanted her to do this in her own time. Although I really wanted her to go faster, but good things come to those who wait, so I waited.

I lay back on the sofa with my eyes closed, just enjoying this moment, one we had waited too many years for. She kissed and licked my dick for at least ten minutes before I felt the heat of her mouth surround me.

Her hand was wrapped around the shaft and she put her lips around the head of it and it almost seemed to me she was afraid to go further as she licked the head. But I soon learned she was not as I felt her lower her face down taking more of me inside her warm mouth. Once again I heard a soft moan come from her.

I lay there and opened my eyes to see this sight as her head began the up and down bobbing and she seemed güvenilir casino to instinctively know to move her hand in time with her head as she sucked me.

I though to myself, Man her husband is a real dildo to never have let this beautiful woman do this to him. And I grinned as she got more enthused and even more aggressive as she sucked me off.

It had been a couple of months since my soon to be Ex-wife and I had any sex so I knew I would not be long before I would fill her mouth with my spunk.

“Becky, you need to stop.” She looked at me with a fear in her eyes.

“Am I doing it wrong?” She asked. I grinned at her.

“No not at all, but if you don’t stop now I know I will cum, and if we are going to do this, I want to do you right.”

I helped her stand up, “Is there a place we could be more comfortable Becky?”

She took my hand in hers and led me to her bedroom, I helped her as she pulled the comforter back off the bed and lay it on the chest at the foot of the bed. I went to her and kissed her and our hands went to the buttons of each others clothes as we rushed to get undressed.

Eager to see her now thinner body she had told me about I got on my knees and pulled her summer dress off her feet, me face level with her thin yellow lace covered panties. I leaned in and gave her crotch a kiss.

I left them on her for now and stood back up and she undressed me, taking her time as she removed my shirt then pants. Standing there in my boxers that now had a very prominent wet spot growing by the minute.

We kissed once more and then lay on her bed, we touched each other like virgins, eager to find new and exciting places on each other.

I kissed her neck and felt her tremble as I slowly moved my mouth lower down to her chest, her breasts were firm and showed only small stretch marks from her birthing her children. Dark thick nipples protruded from them and I had to have one in my mouth, and soon.

I wasted no time in doing just that and I felt its hardness as my lips wrapped around it, giving it a light suck I felt her body quiver. I smiled to myself knowing the pleasures she was about to experience. I kissed down her belly, giving it light licks and sucking on it here and there.

I worked my way further south and felt the silky panties on my face, her pubic hairs sticking out the leg holes, I could smell the aroma of her sex as I got closer to it. Gently spreading her legs I kissed all over her inner thighs, nibbling on the soft flesh of her legs.

I put my hands on her panties and pulled them down her long legs. I felt how soft and silky they were, getting excited knowing they were still warm form her flesh as I held them. I started kissing my way up her legs up to her fuzzy crotch.

Kissing close but not too close to her opening, I wanted to tease her and build her excitement up slowly. I stuck my nose into her bush and nuzzled her wet slit for a moment before letting my tongue slip out of my mouth and run up her slit. She gasped loudly as my tongue opened her lips up and her juices were flowing freely as I tasted her for the first time.

I licked her pussy, knowing this was the first time ever for her as I reached her clit. She her body quivered and I heard her say, “Oh My God! when my lips circle her clit and I gave it a small suck. My hands were on her legs and I felt them shaking as I continued to do everything in my power to arouse her, and sucking and licking her pussy seemed to be doing the job.

I kissed, licked and sucked on her pussy for about 10 minutes when I felt her whole body start shaking. “Oh my God.” she cried out, “I’m cumming Bill, don’t stop, Please don’t stop!”

Well I had no plans on stopping and continued to lick her sweet, wet pussy. When I felt she was right on the verge of letting go completely I moved my mouth to her clit and bit it lightly then started licking it furiously. Her hips bounced off the bed , mashing my face into her pussy, her hands grabbed behind my head and forced me to stay there licking her pussy.

She had the hardest orgasm I think I had ever given a woman, her breathing was fast and short, her body thrashed around on the bed, me trying to stay up with her as it did. Then I heard her scream out, “Oh yes, oh yes, Oh God don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop.”

She flooded my face with her ejaculation when she squirted in my face, I just kept on licking her hard little clit. Her body shook and her hands had grabbed the sheets and was pulling them from the bed as she came.

Finally she could stand no more and almost begged me,” Stop, Stop, I can’t take any more. Please stop and let me breath.” I grinned and climbed up beside her and cuddled up against her, my erection firmly resting on her hip as I reached around her and pulled her close to me.

I kissed her neck and she turned to face me then looked in my eyes and kissed me. “She is tasting herself on my lips and tongue.” I thought to myself as our tongues were tangled in each others mouths.

I had subconsciously begun to rub my dick on her hip while kissing her, leaving a light trail of my pre-cum on it. Her hand reached over to feel it and I moved away from her warm body to let her do as she pleased with it. She gently played with it a few minutes before telling me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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