Because You Needed It

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My fiancé Riley and I have been together going on five years. He’s ask me to set a date on more than one occasion but we get along so well, I’m almost afraid to rock the boat. He knows how much I love him so he doesn’t pressure me and that makes it easier on both of us. He says he’s willing to wait for as long as it takes until I finally decide it’s the right time.

We live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. He’s a real outdoorsman, my very own cowboy. While I prefer the creature comforts of a home with a fireplace, he loves to go out hunting, trapping and fishing. So, I stay at home and write while he goes out with his guns, crossbows and fishing gear. I used to go with him sometimes but in reality, he has a better time without having to keep an eye on me. If there’s something out there to bite me, to trip over or fall into, I will find it. Besides, I enjoy having time by myself to be creative and he enjoys his time outdoors to recharge his batteries.

When we’re together we get along quite well. We have a lot of mutual interests, music, art, movies, books, etc. Winters can be very long and cold and the last thing we need is to get sick of being around each other. Being apart occasionally makes us appreciate one another so much more. One thing we definitely share in common is our love of sex. We are perfectly matched in that respect. Lots and lots of sex. All kinds of sex. Neither one of us objects to too many things. We’ll try anything at least once and if it’s to neither one of our liking, we just pitch the idea in the reject pile.

The one thing we have discovered is I like being spanked and he likes to do the spanking. We discovered it by accident one evening when we both had too much to drink and I got belligerent. He tried to reason with me and I wouldn’t listen even though I knew he was right. The next thing I knew he had me over his knee. Trapping my legs and arms, he pulled down my panties and spanked my bare ass until it was red and I was crying and flailing until I had an earth shattering orgasm. From that day on, we try to include it in our playtime as often as time permits.

Riley has a hunting guide business and during deer and wild turkey hunting season he’s out from early morning until late at night so there’s not much time for anything except a quick “you cum and I’ll cum” fuck and few minutes of pillow talk before he passes out from exhaustion. As soon as winter sets in, we will have all the time in the world for fucking.

The weather was starting to turn cold and I was fixing a stew with some venison and root vegetables. Me, a city girl eating venison and root vegetable stew. Who would have ever thought! Riley was out cleaning the barn and putting away some of his equipment. He came in the house to warm up and sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of hot coffee. He casually mentioned that he needed to go into the feed and tackle store and asked if I wanted to come along. I had just put the stew in the crockpot on low, it could simmer all day. I could use a little trip into town. I needed some new fleece for the upcoming cold winter nights. We sleep naked but I need something warm and cozy to work around the house in. The feed and tackle store has everything a country girl would need to make her cozy and comfortable in the winter.

“Sure babe. Let me get dressed. I’d love to ride along.” There had been a light snow and it was cold enough, even with the sun shining that it hadn’t all melted yet. So I put on jeans and a flannel shirt under my parka and wore my favorite pair of boots. They kept my feet toasty warm.

Riley went out and warmed up the truck and was waiting for me as I climbed in. The air was nippy but it wasn’t bitter cold. Just cold enough to make my nipples hard. He turned on the radio to our favorite station. They play a lot of southern rock and classic country. It’s about thirty-five miles to the store in the closest small town, so depending on the condition of the dirt roads it’s a good fifty minute drive. I kicked my boots up on the dash and listened to Lynryd Skynryd singing “That Smell”.

We’d been driving along about twenty minutes and I noticed Riley looking over at me with this certain look he gets in his eyes when he’s turned on. He was definitely aroused by something I was doing. It was probably my scuffed up boots. The idea made me giggle.

Suddenly he pulled the truck over to the side of the road and gave me a lopsided grin. I tilted my head to one side and asked. “What?” He didn’t say anything for a long while. He just sat there smiling at me.

“Get out of the truck, Briana.” He was still smiling.

I looked around. We were in the middle of nowhere. “Why do I need to get out?” I was puzzled but intrigued by his devilish glint.

“I think you deserve a good old fashioned spanking.”

I was immediately wet at the idea but still curious. “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

Riley stammered. “No… no, you never do anything almanbahis wrong my love. You have done absolutely nothing wrong. That’s the whole point. I can tell when you need a good spanking. It’s been a long time and I’ve been neglecting you. Not intentionally but I get so busy with work that I forget you have needs.” He pointed towards the door. “Now get out, Briana.”

I was trembling from excitement and nerves. We were out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road anyone could travel on even though the likelihood of that happening was remote. But still, someone could potentially drive by and see me getting my bare ass whipped on the side of the road. It made it all the more exciting.

I climbed out of the truck. The wind wasn’t blowing and the sun was bright but it was still pretty cold. He stood on the driver’s side with the door open. “Get over here and bring that cute little behind with you.” He was still beaming like a kid. I sheepishly walked around to his side of the truck. He motioned me to the front fender. He told me to turn around and place my hands on the truck. I quickly obeyed him, bent over and put both palms flat against the fender wall. I had my leather gloves on so the metal didn’t feel cold.

He went behind me, reached around and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and yanked them down very roughly. The jeans I had on were pretty snug so it took some effort on his part to get them all the way down. He tugged and pulled on them along with my panties until they were bunched up below my knees. He shoved his hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit to see if I was wet. Of course I was. I was already wet the minute he said he was planning on spanking me. My jeans had become a kind of bondage device. I couldn’t move quickly or even shift from side to side without falling on the cold hard dirt road so I was trapped in this position. I began to pant with excitement and the cold air was forming like a cloud in front of my face.

I couldn’t see behind me but I could hear the distinct sound of Riley’s belt being pulled out of the belt loops on his Wranglers. He doubled it in half and snapped it together a couple of times which made me jump and grit my teeth. He ran one of his calloused hands across the smooth soft skin of my buttocks. I was literally blushing at the thought of standing out in the open with my pants pulled down like a schoolgirl and him standing behind me rubbing my ass looking for the sweet spot to strike first.

My pussy was dripping down my thighs by the time he let go with the first whack. I could hear the belt singing through the air before it glanced the first bite onto my chilled ass. Cold leather, on cold skin, on a cold day is not something that I had ever experienced before. I let out a howl that sounded like a mating call for the wild. It hurt like hell. I had the option as I always do of stopping him with the first strapping but there was something so exciting and arousing about getting spanked in the cold air that I was practically begging for the second strike. I pushed my bottom out further so he good get a better aim.

The distinct whoosh of the belt cutting through the frigid air was exciting enough but having it land on my cold, round bottom leaving a bright red welt was something else. I wailed and looked around to see if someone might be watching us somewhere out there in those woods beside the deer. My yelps and cries seem to echo through the surrounding pine trees.

Riley strapped my bottom with his leather belt making sure he covered the entire breadth of my ripe round bottom with nice even red stripes. I was wailing and wiggling and writhing in complete ecstasy. I experienced my first orgasm of the day. I came hard and fast as he soundly whipped my ass. Finally we both had enough. He immediately turned me around and pulled me close. Soothing my heated bottom with his hands and kissing my tears away. I folded into him and let him cradle me in his big strong arms. Only Riley knows what a good hard spanking does for my soul. He understands my needs more than anyone else ever could.

He dropped his belt to the ground and scooted me and my trapped legs over to the open door of the truck cab and ordered me to bend over and stick my ass out. I wasn’t about to question him. I could tell by the huge bulge in his Wranglers what he had in store for me. I leaned my elbows on the seat of the truck, rested my head between them and arched my back as he unzipped his pants. I could hear him rustling around in his tool box behind the seat. The next thing I felt was his fingers covered with some kind of ointment and he was lubing my ass. He didn’t miss a beat as he explained. “No good hard spanking is complete unless there’s a good sound butt fucking to go along with it, now is there?” My stomach filled with butterflies as he stretched my asshole with his large fingers. I swallowed hard and tried to relax. He knows I love when he fucks me in the ass.

Before I could almanbahis yeni giriş catch my breath I felt the thick head of his cock pushing into my asshole. Invading it, inch by inch. I sucked in my breath and clutched the seat of the truck to bear down. My soft moans and panting breaths only made him more excited as he slowly entered me until the length of his cock was completely buried deep inside my ass. He moved slowly inside me at first until I was relaxed enough for him to really pound my ass. Which he did thoroughly, all the way to his balls. Thrusting hard, in and out of my bright red bottom. I reached between my thighs and rubbed my clit as he fucked my ass with ferocity. The loud slap, slap, slap of his pelvis pounding against my buttocks sounded even louder in the stillness of nature around us. I started to cum which he felt immediately and he pumped a load of cum deep inside of me for what seemed like a full minute before he was finished.

When his cock finally went soft and slid out of me and before I could move, he held me down. “Hold still, I have a gift for you. I was planning on giving it to you when we were in bed one of these nights but now is as good a time as any.” I turned around far enough to see he was holding up a small silver bulb shaped butt plug with a blue jewel that resembled a sapphire. I also noticed the familiar green tin of what every farmer or rancher knows as Bag Balm sitting on the top of the bed of his truck. That’s what he used in my ass! A big ol’ dollop of Bag Balm to grease my asshole with! It made me laugh out loud. Riley winked. “A thousand uses and we just found another one. We should write the company and tell ’em.” Before I could respond I felt the coolness of the metal coated with more of the Bag Balm as he slipped the silver bulb of the butt jewel inside my ass. I audibly gasped as my sphincter trapped it snugly inside of me. He patted my tender ass cheeks. “This will keep you from leaking cum all over the backside of your jeans while we go shopping.”

I never thought about the fact that we still had to go shopping. He had just deposited a huge load of cum in my butt that would have probably leaked out otherwise. As it was, I was going to smell like fresh cum and pussy when we went inside that store. I could only hope that the pungent smell of baled hay would camouflage the smell. Those men who work there would know. Every guy knows what a freshly fucked woman smells like. The thought of it made me look forward to walking in the store. They would be so jealous of Riley.

Finally he had me stand up and checked to see that the little jewel was staying in place. He chuckled. “Your cute little butthole is sparkling in the sunshine darlin’.” We both laughed as he held my face in his hands. He kissed my forehead, my eyelids, my nose and then my mouth. Long, loving passionate kisses that took my breath away. He gazed into my eyes and asked me in a soft voice. “Feel better now Bri?” I giggled and nodded my head. No words were necessary.

I started to bend down and pull up my jeans when he stopped me. “Oh no you don’t. Not so fast. You’re riding into town with your pants down. I’m not through giving you gifts yet. I looked at the truck and at my legs tangled in my jeans. Riley could read my mind. “Don’t you worry about that, I’ll get you in the truck.” He scooped me up and carried me around to my side of the truck and placed my sore bare ass on the seat. It was then I realized just how cold and tender my ass was. The warmth of the sheepskin seat cover felt good on my spanked bottom.

Riley closed the door and went back around to his side. He started to dig around in his toolbox. He climbed in started up the truck, held up long slender black box, opened it and pulled out a fuchsia and white penis shaped vibrator. I recognized it immediately because we had looked at them before online. They were very expensive and rechargeable. So to see he had bought one without telling me he did it, made me love him that much more; as if it were possible. He placed it in my hand and whispered. “Now, fuck yourself with it, all the way to town until you cum again. I want to watch you.”

I smiled and immediately shimmied my jeans further down around my ankles, scooted down on the seat and spread my legs wide so he could have a better view of me playing with my pussy. I smiled sweetly and turned the pretty pink and white phallus on. The vibration was so intense in my hand, I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before I could bring myself to another mind blowing orgasm. He put the truck in gear and started heading towards town while I fucked myself with my new toy and he stroked his cock.

As I predicted, we hadn’t traveled more than a mile down the road before I had another earth shattering orgasm. It was so intense I thought I was going to swallow my tongue. My pussy contracted around the soft rubber coating of the vibrator. I was sweating bullets as I struggled to catch almanbahis giriş my breath. Riley kept driving albeit very slowly and grinning like a kid in a candy store. “That’s my baby.” He cooed. “Do it again, keep doing until I tell you to stop.”

He didn’t have to coax me. I was so into it by then that if he wanted me to stop he would have had to pry this magical wand out of my fingers. It felt amazing! I continued to rub it against my clit and fuck my pussy with it until I was gushing over and over again. I think we both lost track of how many orgasms I had but his dashboard was dripping wet by the time we got to the feed store. He managed to cum again while never once steering off the road.

We pulled into the feed store parking lot. “We’re here darlin’, better pull up your britches.” He chuckled as he put the parking brake on. “I should make you walk around the store with your pants down around your ankles to show off your spanked ass and the pretty little jewel stuffed in your butthole… but an angry mob of local wives might storm our ranch with torches and a rope if you did that.” He winked at me and grinned. “Besides, there’s no tellin’ how many men I’d have to fight off the minute they got a look at that gorgeous ass.”

He parked at the back of the lot so I could discreetly pull up my jeans and get them buttoned up. He still had his jeans unzipped and his belt off so it was his turn to get himself presentable. Once we were both ready, Riley grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly as we walked hand in hand into the feed store.

We exchanged niceties with the regular employees whom we saw every time we showed up at the store. I had to concentrate on how I was walking because I definitely never forgot I had a jewel encrusted metal bulb stuck up my ass. I didn’t worry about the outline of it showing through my tight blue jeans because I have plenty of padding back there to keep it tucked between my butt cheeks. Even so, it was still a feeling that took some getting accustomed to.

Riley needed to look at tackle and I wanted to look at fleece wear. When we met back up he had a few other items beside tackle in his cart. Namely six gorgeous silk neckerchiefs. He playfully picked one up and rubbed it on my face as he whispered. “These will look good wrapped around your wrists and ankles won’t they Bri?” I got goosebumps thinking about the possibilities. One thing I can say for Riley, he’s always thinking of ways to make things more exciting. He reached behind me and gave my little buttplug a playful tap. I gasped and he grinned. “I’m going to tie you up when we get home and eat your sweet pussy all night long, darlin'” My pussy was already soaked.

“Let’s get out of here and go home.” I pleaded as he nuzzled my neck and gave me a kiss. I hooked my arm inside of his and we hurried to the checkout counter. The cashier rung up our items and we practically ran to our truck. Riley put all of our purchases in the bed of the pickup and I started the engine to heat the cab up. It was beginning to turn much colder.

We started heading for home. The radio was turned to our favorite station. I gingerly squirmed in my seat trying to find a comfortable position to sit in. Riley looked over at me and grinned sheepishly. “What’s more uncomfortable Bri, your sore bottom or that cute little jewel in your butt?” I gave him a silent smirk. It was a combination of both those things and he knew it.

Finally we got almost to the identical spot we had parked before and he stopped the truck again. I looked over at him with a puzzled look. He reached over and started to tug at my jeans. “Take off those pants baby, I can’t wait to get you home. I wanna fuck your pussy with your little trinket still stuffed up your butt.” Before either one of us could say another word our boots and pants were off. He threw my knees up over his shoulders and fucked me hard and fast. I was so fucking turned on I came almost as soon as he shoved his cock inside me. It was the first time I had his cock and something else stuffed in my ass at the same time. I felt so full and sated. It was sensation I could certainly get used to. The cab of the truck was toasty warm and my pussy was filled with his cum, my ass was full of his cum and by the end of the night I knew I’d have a mouthful of his cum too. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

Neither one of us bothered to put our jeans on as Riley put the truck in gear and we raced home. I took out my new vibrator and brought myself to another orgasm before we pulled into the yard. We both gathered our clothes and he grabbed the sacks out of the truck and half naked, we both took a run for the front door of the house. The beauty of living in the middle of nowhere was being able to run around naked without the neighbors watching, even if it was only thirty degrees out.

By the time we got inside the warmth of the house, we were both buck naked and wanting more. He threw me on the bed and fell on top of me. He kissed me hard and growled. “Now I’m going to tie your sweet little ass up to the bed, girl.”

I stopped him before he could say anything more. “Wait Riley! Yes.”

He looked at me and inquired. “Yes? Yes, what?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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