Beaux Arts Ball

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Every year at Hallowe’en the Art community hosts a “Beaux Arts Ball’.

This is the opportunity to let your artistic imagination go wild and the more ‘outré’ your costume, the better.

Last year, a beautiful model girl friend of mine convinced me and my buddy John to go along with her to this extravaganza.

She is a 6 foot 4 inch tall, very slim, beautiful Black woman with an excellent (34 20 34 ) figure that keeps her in top demand as a runway model.

With her short close-cropped hair and flashing brown eyes, she is a ‘show stopper’.

When we made our appearance at the party, all eyes were on us.

Melinda was wearing (almost) a leopard skin loincloth, gold coloured sandals that laced up her beautiful legs to just under her knees and her skin shone with the layer of baby oil we had liberally applied.

She carried a long black whip in one hand and in the other, she had tightly wrapped around her tiny wrist, two long black leather thongs that terminated on John and my necks.

We were dressed in imitation lion skin VERY short loincloths and were covered in body paint to make us look ‘dirty’

We had around our necks a gold coloured ‘dog collar’ that was attached to the leather straps Melinda carried.

We were her slaves!

After making a dynamic entrance we were dancing (all three of us…I had her back to my front, while John was pressed to her chest) and I felt the heat starting to rise in my groin as she swung those gorgeous hips into me.

I knew she felt me getting hard against her ass and she turned and smiled at me.

After this dance was over, I started to dance with another woman who was dressed (almost) as Jane…with an animal skin over one creamy white shoulder and exposing one of the most perfect breasts I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The aureole was dark brown and the nipple had to be at least an inch long and was just begging for attention.

I bent down and took it into my mouth and proceeded to suckle like a baby.

Melinda saw this and with flashing eyes spun ‘Jane’ around and in no uncertain terms told her to get lost!

I danced with Melinda a few times and when the band played a slow almanbahis romantic song, she melted into me and let the erect tips of her pointed breasts just touch my chest.

Needless to say…I was instantly aroused and she could see the bulge forming under my skimpy loincloth.

Reaching down she felt my raging hard-on and murmured, “Let’s all get out of here, and into something a bit more exciting.”

Grabbing John we three beat a hasty exit and drove to my house.

A few minutes later, the champagne was open, the fire lit, music playing and we three sat in front of the fireplace just basking in the reflected glow of the fire on Melinda’s skin.

I reached over, and kissed her gently but she would have nothing of the sort…her tongue snaked into my mouth and I swear went down my throat.

John meanwhile had removed her leopard skin and was busy making those beautiful nipples even more erect.

I felt myself getting harder than I had ever in my life as I have lusted after Melinda for months, but never having had the opportunity to do more than make love to her in my dreams.

I tasted the spices from her mouth and as I caressed her moist vaginal area, I could smell that delicious aroma of a woman in heat.

Slowly slipping my index finger into her wet opening I watched as her eyes grew wide and then unfocussed.

John meanwhile was letting me know that he wanted to change places with me and I reluctantly agreed.

Sliding behind Melinda, I had the chance to put my two hands on her smooth and firm breasts and pinched gently the erect nipples.

She evidently must have enjoyed the sensation because she quickly slid her smooth ass against my raging hard-on.

Emboldened, I slowly slid her onto her stomach (which was now on top of John) and caressed her ebony backside.

I bent forward and let my tongue slide up and down the crack until I felt the wrinkled opening and when I let my tongue enter it, she mewled like a kitten and by wiggling that gorgeous ass, indicated she enjoyed the contact.

John raised her hips up and slowly inserted his 71/2-inch cock into her now sopping wet pussy and this presented her ass almanbahis yeni giriş to me.

I quickly moved around and slid between her splayed legs and let the pre-cum that was leaking from my cock drip onto the brown rosebud I wanted to enter.

I placed the head of my cock at the ring of her anus and slowly pushed.

It took a few seconds of exquisite agony but finally, the head started to slide into her ass.

I could feel the resistance but still I put my weight behind it and slowly, oh so slowly the tight ring expanded and allowed my hard cock to penetrate her rectum.

It was HOT!

It felt as if a million soft mouths were sucking on my cock.

I had had women anally before but she was the tightest and the hottest I’ve ever been with.

Slowly I continued thrusting and finally was balls deep in her.

I could feel John’s long cock through the soft membrane and it was a weird sensation to me. Every time he thrust I pulled back and then we reversed the procedure.

Melinda was lost in a pre-orgasmic state and was concentrating all her efforts at synchronizing the two cocks buried in her.

We picked up the pace and were literally drilling her at the same time.

Faster and faster we went, like two machines that were out of control and could not be stopped.

I looked at the wonderful sight of my white long cock buried in her lovely black ass and felt my orgasm coming like an express train.

Every pull back I did, brought the rim of her asshole back along the length of my cock and then when I pushed back into her, it curled under and put even more pressure on my piston-like cock.

John was yelling and I could feel his cock starting to jerk in her wet pussy and that brought me to my crashing finale.

I felt the cum boiling in my balls and then starting it’s journey up the length of my cock.

I jerked once, twice, three times and then exploded!

I felt as if I had a firehose embedded in Melinda’s ass and was just pumping and pumping my jism into her.

It felt like a gallon or more was deposited in her hot rectum, while John deposited a gallon in her cunt.

I waited until almanbahis giriş I was soft and then the head just sort of popped out of her ass and I could see the white cum leaking out of it.

I spread her legs wider and was able to see and smell John’s cum leaking out of her pussy.

We turned a now exhausted Melinda on her back, propped her up and first John and then I, placed our now limp cocks in her beautiful mouth and let her lick us clean.

My cock started to grow again while she was doing this to me and before I really was aware, I rammed my now hard cock deep into her mouth and actually entered her throat.

She made soft sucking noises and really cleaned my cock well. I felt the heat rising again and let go a blast into her throat that made her gag from the ropy thick sperm I was delivering to her.

John saw this and laid her back on her stomach, raised her hips and in one motion drove his massive cock deep into her ass.

She only moaned and started to hump him as he pummeled her violated ass.

Faster and faster they both went and then John started to cum.

I could see his balls jumping in their hairy sack and knew that Melinda was getting the fucking of her life!

She was lying with her ass in the air and her head on her forearms and I could not resist the temptation…I slid over to her, opened her mouth and slipped my softening cock into it again.

“Suck me baby” was all I was able to moan and she did!

I could feel myself getting harder and longer and before I knew it, I was as erect as I was before and then…nature took it’s course,

I let another blast of my white cum into her mouth and she eagerly swallowed it.

John was hard again by this time and rolled Melinda onto her back, spread her long beautiful legs and proceeded to eat her out.

She was rolling around, thrashing her arms and legs as John’s talented tongue worked it’s magic on her long and very erect pink clit.

She started to cum and a stream of liquid flowed from her vaginal area and soaked John’s beard.

She lay there, finished, limp, drained, as thoroughly fucked as any woman I’ve ever seen.

Her skin was bathed in sweat and a mixture of our cum residue and her own…I’ve never seen a woman look more beautiful.

After a while we gathered ourselves together and made our Goodnights….

I LOVE the Beaux Arts Ball… next year can’t come too soon for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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