Beach Bimbo Gets A Good Fuck

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I’m a huge slut, and I love being seen as a sexual object. When I was in middle school, I used to pray at night to have big boobs. I ended up with natural Ccups, which are pretty good, but when I turned 18, I got a job as a stripper and pretty quickly got 800cc implants and went to nice big perky DDs. I was a bikini model for a while, and kept modeling in smaller and smaller bikinis, and worked my way up to 1500ccs. My boobs are now huge!!! I love them! I have a teeny little waist, nice thigh gap, wide hips, and a perky and juicy ass. Thongs just absolutely disappear in it.

I work out really hard, am a huge exhibitionist and want everyone to see my sexy body on display, so I take a lot of pleasure in wearing the absolute smallest, sluttiest little stringy micro bikini I can find to a public beach. Today, I was on the prowl for a guy with an enormous dick and big muscles to take advantage of me. It turned out better than I could ever have imagined.

I slipped on a super tiny Gia Macool string thong and triangle top with these clear elastic sides that look like they aren’t even there. The bikini is a bright metallic fuschia pink, just three little triangles barely covering my nipples and pussy. From the back, it looks like I’m not wearing anything at all, so shocking! I put on a pair of tiny white jeans shorts and a bright yellow crop top that’s so short, my underboob is clearly visible. I got into my car and headed for South Beach to show off.

When I arrived, it was hot but there was a nice ocean breeze blowing. I got out of my car, walked down to the beach and found a nice spot. I laid out my towel and started to oil up with sweet smelling tanning oil, seductively rubbing it on my legs, bent over, my big smooth peach of an ass up in the air for all to see. I saw a big guy walking toward me wearing a tight speedo and a muscle shirt. His dick was bulging and the little black Speedo was straining to contain it. I was getting excited.

The big guy walked up to me and as he approached, I was vibrating with excitement – maybe he would stop and talk!

He came up behind me and I heard a deep voice say, ‘Pardon me, miss, could you use some help with that?’

‘With what?’

‘Well, it looks like you have some spots that might be hard to reach. I could help you oil up.’

‘Sure!’ And I handed him the bottle. ‘Could you put a little on my back?’

‘Can do,’ casino şirketleri He said. ‘My name’s Pete.’

‘Of course – my name’s Dena.’

‘Well hi, Dena,’ He said, rubbing oil under the straps of my tiny little top. ‘This has to be the tiniest bikini I have ever seen! You almost look naked, you’re pretty brave!’

‘I like the feeling of sun on my mostly naked body, and I like people looking at me.’ I said.

‘I bet you get a lot of looks in that, it sure got my attention.’

He started to oil my lower back, getting lower and lower, rubbing the top of my buttocks, under my little clear elastic bikini straps. When his hand touched the top of my bright pink metallic thong strap coming up between my butt cheeks, it tugged a bit on my taint and my pussy. I shivered, and he noticed.

‘You like it when I touch you?’

‘Very much. Keep going!’

He started to rub oil under my thong straps, his huge hands nearly encircling my tiny little waist. He moved his hands forward, under my clear thong straps, and got closer and closer to me. I could feel the bulge in his Speedos pressing between my butt cheeks, throbbing and growing hard. I was soooo excited! He pulled on my thong straps a bit, and the front triangle of my bikini bottoms pressed into my vulva and gently pressed my clit. I was so turned on, and started to get very wet. I turned around to face him.

‘You should help oil up my front, too, I think.’

‘OK, I can help with that,’ he said.

I puffed out my chest, my enormous girls straining the super thin elastic straps, the pink fabric barely covering my erect nipples. He gasped when he looked down at my magnificent rack.

‘Those are some wonderful titties you have there, Dena.’ He was oiling my sides and tummy, and his hands moved up my abdomen and started to oil the bottom of my boobs. I gasped a bit and pretended to be shocked.

‘That’s very forward of you, Pete! But I like it! Keep going.’

Pete rubbed the oil on my side boobs, cleavage, and then his hands worked under my top and he started to massage my nips with the oil. It felt so good. I was absolutely gushing wet now. The triangles of the top brushed aside as he withdrew his hands, resting just next to my big erect nipples, exposing them to the sun and the beachgoers. It felt wonderful. I was just vibrating with anticipation. What could I get this hunk to do casino firmaları next?

‘I think you’re a little overdressed, Pete, mind if I take off your shirt?’

‘Go for it.’

I reached up and pulled his muscle shirt off, revelaing his huge muscled chest and ripped six-pack abs. He was absolutely built! Tiny waist and broad shoulders, powerful legs. He was apparently pretty turned on, too, because his cock was enormous in that little black Speedo.

‘That Speedo looks pretty tight, I like it.’

‘Thanks – my girlfriend doesn’t like it, I think she’s jealous when she sees other girls, and some guys, looking at me in it.’

‘I wouldn’t be jealous, I love people looking at me, I’d love them looking at my man, too.’

He pulled me closer to him, and said,

‘I’d love to show off with you.’

He grasped my little waist with his big hands, his fingers wrapping around and grabbing my succulent ass. He squeezed, and pulled me in close. His cock was throbbing against my tight little wet pussy, just the thin fabric of his Speedo and my microbikini separating our flesh. I was so turned on. I spun around and bent over, flipping my long, blonde hair back and bending low, rubbing my perfect ass up against his bulge. His cock grew, I could feel it pressing up in between my legs, pushing under my taint. I reached down and caressed the giant bulge sticking between my legs, and pushed it upward so it rubbed my vulva. I moaned,

‘I want to peel that Speedo off of you and blow you while everyone watches!’

‘Let’s do it,’ he said.

I got down on my knees and turned around, Pete towering over me. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, fluttered my long lashes at him, and looked up at his bulging swimsuit. I untied the little white nylong tie string and started to tug at the fabric at his hips. His cock started to swell more and more as I slowly peeled the suit down and it took the pressure off of his dick. It filled out and grew, bigger and bigger as I watched. I caressed it gently with both hands, it was magnificent! As it grew and got harder, it started to stand up and get longer and longer, thicker and thicker. I put my hands around it and could barely grasp it with both hands! I rubbed it gently and it just kept growing, it had to have been 10″ long!

‘Pete, your cock is huge! I don’t know if I can take this thing!’

‘Sure you can!’ güvenilir casino and he winked at me, looking down. I was pouting, but I really wanted his enormous cock in my mouth.

I put my lips around his glans and gently sucked. He shuddered. His cock spasmed and grew probably another inch. I licked the base of his glans and his shaft, and teased the top of his shaft with my bright pink nail polished fingers. His cock grew again! Now it was about a foot long! I gasped, looked up, and grinned,

‘I’m going to suck you off so good, baby!’

I took his big dick in my mouth and started to work up and down his throbbing, stiff shaft. I sucked, licked, and caressed. I cupped his balls. His cock was so huge! He got closer and closer to orgasm, and his cock just kept growing in fits. When he finally came, it must have been half way to my stomach. I could feel the hot cum shooting down my esophagus and filling my stomach. So much cum! I pulled back and he shot more of his load in my face and on my huge boobs. I feigned shock. Beachgoers gasped.

‘That was a huge amount of cum! What am I going to do about all of this?’ Pointing at my cum-covered top.

‘I guess you’ll just have to take it off,’ he said, plucking the itsy bitsy top off my perky breasts. They were swollen with sexual excitement, really big and my nips were super hard!

‘I can’t believe you did that! You’re going to have to pay for that, mister!’

‘What do you want me to do?’

I bent over and presented my juicy ass and thong-covered vulva at him.

‘I think you need to fuck me really hard.’

‘OK,’ and he reached down and thrust his enormous cock between my legs, reached around and slid my little sliver of a bikini bottom aside and separated my pussy lips with his fingers. He slid his huge cock in between my juicy lips from behind, and I mounted him as he grasped my little waist with both hands. He started to gently rub my clit with one finger. It was the most erotic feeling I have ever had!!! I moaned and rode his hot, pulsating shaft for 5 or 6 minutes, getting wetter and wetter, grasping his hard dick with my pussy muscles, sucking him off with my pussy. He and I both climaxed at the same time, and it was amazing. I shot a huge amount of pussy juice out at the same time his cum rocketed into me and filled me up. I stood there gasping, then he withdrew and I turned around and jumped up in his huge arms, kissing him passionately and hugging him, as he cupped my juicy ass in his hands. We gazed at each other and the spectators made sounds of astonishment. I love getting a good fuck on the beach, it turns me on so much, and this was the best!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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