Barcelona Beauties Ch. 10

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Note: The first installment of Barcelona beauties describes all the characters and how the story began.

10: Chhaya

As we had seen last fall, Chhaya had a nice curvy body under the loose clothes she hid in. She had loosened up gradually and, under Carmen’s tutelage and relentless prodding, had also transformed her wardrobe. Sometime in late Fall, Chhaya’s loose pants had been replaced by form-fitting jeans that showed off her nice butt. In the spring, the loose fitting, cover-everything tops were retired to make way for tighter blouses that emphasized her breasts. A few of these blouses even revealed the upper curve of her breasts and a hint of cleavage.

Carmen had taken her for a new hairdo as well. Although still shy and awkward, Chhaya no longer disappeared into the background. Although I don’t think anyone would characterize Chhaya as strikingly gorgeous, she was blossoming into an attractive young woman.

The biggest development, is that a guy from her program had asked her out. It went well and they saw each other several times over the next couple of weeks. He came to the house to pick her up, probably nervous to be checked out by Chhaya’s nine female roommates, plus me, the guy downstairs and the shared boyfriend of most of the group (although I doubt if Chhaya told him anything about that). His name was Hugh. He was also British, with Caribbean parents like Chhaya, but of ultimately African origin. He was a sharp dresser, well-spoken, his eyes framed by glasses. We all liked him and felt happy for Chhaya.

Sometime around mid-March, Vesna and I were reading while leaning against each other in the rattan couch on the portico. Though the open doors nearby, we heard someone come into the living room. “How’s it going with Hugh?” asked Carmen.

“Good. I think.” Replied Chhaya.

“You gotta tell me more than that,” laughed Carmen. “I assume you’ve kissed?”

I imagined Chhaya’s blush, then heard her say, “yes.”

“And how was it?” asked Carmen.

“Wonderful,” replied Chhaya.

“So why are you uncertain? Have you done more than that?” pursued Carmen.

Another imagined blush. Vesna poked me with her finger but we kept quiet.

“He, he…I let him touch…my boobs last night.” I liked it that she said ‘boobs,’ no doubt also due to Carmen’s influence.

“Have other boys…?” pressed Carmen.

“No! Not even kissing before this” responded Chhaya.

“I can guess why you’re nervous,” put in Carmen. “You want to do more but you’re scared.” Silence. “Just take it slow, I’m sure he’ll be very gentle with you when you tell him you’re a virgin.”

“No!,” insisted Chhaya. “I told him I wasn’t. And now I’m afraid I’ll disappoint him. I won’t know how to please him.”

“Chhaya,” said Carmen firmly, “I think it would be better if you told him. He’ll understand.”

“I can’t” said Chhaya with a sob. “I’ll look like an idiot if I tell him I lied. And I won’t know what to do, or I’ll be too nervous.” Another sob. Carmen made some consoling sounds but neither spoke for a minute.

“You’re sure you won’t tell him?” Carmen continued.

“Uh, uh,” sniffled Chhaya.

“What if…what if it was true?” asked Carmen.

“If what was true?” asked Chhaya uncertainly.

“What if you get some experience, some practice, before you spend the night with Hugh?” proposed Carmen.

Chhaya dismissed Carmen’s proposal. “It’s taken 21 years for even one guy to ask me out. How I am supposed to find another so fast? Besides, that’s just crazy, Carmen. Who do you think would even want to…” Chhaya’s question faded out as she appeared to realize what, or rather who, Carmen was driving at.

“Why not?” asked Carmen softly.

Vesna poked me again and made a shushing gesture.

Carmen continued. “Claude is very kind and, well, experienced.”

Chhaya objected: “he doesn’t like me. Besides he has all of you ‘beauties.’ Why would he want me?”

Carmen took a new tack. “What I hear you saying Chhaya, is that if Claude did want to make love to you, if he did find you attractive, that you would consider having him teach you. Is that right?”

Impressed with Carmen’s maneuvering skill, Vesna and I rolled our eyes at each other. “But he doesn’t,” said Chhaya.

“Why don’t we find out?” asked Carmen.

“No!” blurted a panicked Chhaya. “You can’t tell him. Please don’t tell him. Carmen, if you’re my friend, please don’t!”

“Chhaya. I won’t say anything about your situation. But you wouldn’t mind if I just casually asked Claude for his opinion about you, whether he finds you attractive? If he doesn’t, we can just drop it. You can go back to plan A of telling Hugh that you lied to him.”

Vesna shook her head. Carmen was laying it on thick.

“Okay,” conceded Chhaya. “But if he say’s I’m ugly, please don’t tell me.” The phone rang and Carmen went to get it. We heard Chhaya get up and leave the room. Vesna took my hand and led me down to my basement quarters.

Once in casino şirketleri my room Vesna teased “Claude the sex-teacher! You’re going to get a big head” as she grabbed my crotch. “I’m the one who should teach her about blow jobs. We can use you as the instruction dummy!” I took this in the best humor since as she said this, Vesna was peeling down my pants while kneeling in front of me. I did think Chhaya was attractive after all. I was not immune to the allure of a new lover. And she came pre-equipped, as it were, with some sexy toe rings. At this point it seemed inevitable.

“Imagine Chhaya licking your cock” cooed Vesna as she licked and stroked my cock. “Imagine peeling off her clothes and being the first man to fuck her.” Vesna plunged her mouth down my shaft. I groaned.

There was a tap at the door. “Just a minute.” I said.

“Who are you with?” asked Carmen though the door.

“It’s me,” replied Vesna.

“Okay, nothing urgent,” said Carmen. “Claude, can you come talk to me before dinner?”

“Sure thing,” I replied.

Vesna suppressed her giggles by thrusting my cock down her throat until I blew my load. Vesna shuddered in a cum-induced orgasm. I’ve known other lovers who are enthusiastic about giving blow jobs but none beside Vesna who actually climax during the act.

I found Carmen in her room before dinner, having been informed of her whereabouts by Yara. I wondered if she was in on the plan to educate Chhaya but couldn’t pick up on anything from her behavior.

“Claude!” Carmen exclaimed. “Thanks for coming up. I want your advice on something.” She had bought a couple of new tops and wanted my opinion. First she removed the blouse she was wearing, showing me her lacy black demi bra and then donned a red, low-cut, ruffled blouse, laced up like a corset in the front, presenting her gorgeous cleavage to maximum effect.

“Carmen,” I said, “you can stop right there. That is perfect for you. You can seduce me anytime in that.”

“Slow down big boy,” Carmen teased. “I have another one to show you.”

The next blouse was simpler, in a retro paisley of purples and greens. It also had wide dramatic sleeves and displayed only slightly less of Carmen’s cleavage than the red blouse. I gazed at her appreciatively and told her: “That’s sexy too. Perhaps better for day wear.”

Carmen replied, “I like it but not as much. I was thinking of giving it to Chhaya. How do you think it would suit her?” Aha. Now the plan became clear. Carmen was incredibly skilled at this kind of thing. But I had secret knowledge.

“Chhaya would look fantastic in it,” I enthused. “I’d love to see her wearing that. She has a lovely body that could really do it justice. And I think the colors and those sleeves would be a good look for her. Chhaya’s a lovely woman who’s really been blossoming over the past few months. I love seeing her wear more flattering clothing. And I’d like to see a little more of her beautiful skin.” That should just about do it, I thought to myself.

“She’s quite shy, ‘though,” put in Carmen. “Maybe she doesn’t have the personality for this blouse.” Carmen was putting me to a thorough test. At this point I wondered if she had arranged for Chhaya to eavesdrop. I would assume that she had.

“I think there’s a lot more to Chhaya than she lets us see,” I said. “I think it’s great the way you’ve become her friend. I’d like to be her friend too. But I have the impression that I make her uncomfortable. And I’m afraid that if I pursued a friendship with her that, given how things have gone around here, that’s she’d think that I was trying to seduce her.”

“So you wouldn’t seduce her?” asked Carmen.

“First of all Carmen,” I said. “Chhaya is seeing Hugh now. He seems like a great guy and I’m really happy for her. I hope it works out.”

“Okay,” said Carmen. “But what if she was available? Would you seduce her then?”

“Carmen,” I returned, “I think you know that men like me don’t usually seduce the women we’re intimate with. If I’m lucky, they seduce me. I’ve just been incredibly lucky since I got here. But you know this is still new for me.”

“Okay,” responded Carmen, “If Chhaya was available and she chose you…what about that?”

I replied, “If that was the case, I wouldn’t hesitate. I find her very attractive.”

Carmen smiled in a way that betrayed that this wasn’t just a hypothetical conversation. I thought she might come out with the whole story at this point since I had already agreed to participate. But she thanked me for my advice with a peck on the cheek and said “see you at dinner!”

While we gathered for dinner, Carmen produced a pitcher of margaritas made with a bottle of tequila she’d been saving. Before, during and after dinner, the pitchers flowed until the bottle was empty and the house was in high spirits. Chhaya had not been a drinker before and had only began to sip a little wine with dinner a few months ago. But this evening she had a least two margaritas. And she was wearing the new blouse casino firmaları revealing cleavage nearly as lush as Carmen’s. I was enjoying the sight of the dark brown swell of her breasts. She was also wearing new platform sandals. Chhaya’s petite brown toes sparkled with a variety of toe rings, not just plain silver but jeweled as well. I really didn’t have to be talked into this at all.

I sat down on the couch next the Chhaya and told her how beautiful she looked. Instead of blushing, Chhaya told me I looked nice too. She didn’t suddenly become confident and outgoing, but the crippling shyness was gone. As we talked comfortably and I felt myself feeling excited about the transformed Chhaya, I could see Carmen watching. I was trying to figure out the game since, ostensibly, it was understood that I was not going to move in on Hugh’s budding romance. In spite of her transformation, I couldn’t imagine Chhaya blurting out that she wanted me to teach her about sex. And then Chhaya did look a little uneasy. “Claude,” she said, “can you please bring me some water? I feel a little dizzy.”

“Hold on,” I told Chhaya, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

I went to the kitchen where I was intercepted by Vesna who grabbed me for a kiss then spoke into my ear: “Carmen knew we were under the portico and could hear everything. She planned it.” Damn. Carmen was one step ahead of me the whole time. I never had any secret information at all. She knew that I had all the information I needed to say the right things up in her bedroom. But Chhaya couldn’t know that I had been listening. I still couldn’t figure out what came next.

I returned to Chhaya with a tall glass of water. She did look a little flushed. I suggested we go out to the patio for some air. Chhaya assented and took my arm, stumbling a little on her new shoes. I couldn’t help but notice the jiggle of her breasts. I think she noticed me looking. I guided her out to a lounge chair under the fig tree with my arm around her. She smelled great with a citrusy kind of scent that was probably also new. It felt so right but I couldn’t just kiss her without somehow dealing with the Hugh issue. Chhaya leaned back against my chest. “Are you alright?” I gently asked.

“Thanks Claude, I just need a minute. I really appreciate you taking care of me. The fresh air is helping.”

As we sat in the dappled moonlight, a figure emerged from the house. Carmen: the great ringmaster. She approached and sat at the end of the lounge chair after giving both Chhaya and I a tender kiss. “You two look so perfect there,” said Carmen dreamily. I thought both of them looked perfect. While I don’t consider myself breast-obsessed, the two views of deep cleavage before me, Carmen’s punctuated by an Aztec medallion, was definitely focusing my attention. Carmen took Chhaya’s hand. “Chhaya, I think this is the moment where you allow me to borrow Claude for a minute, so I can explain a few things to him.”

Chhaya paused a moment. She could still chicken out, and everything I knew about her up until this week pointed in that direction. Chhaya replied,” sure Carmen, “I’ll just sit her and drink more water.” Carmen lead me away.

Around the corner of the house, Carmen smiled at me triumphantly. “Okay,” I said, “this is where you pretend to tell me what I already know but which Chhaya thinks I still don’t know. You are damned clever. My only question is: who else is in on it? And where was Chhaya hiding when I provided you with wardrobe advice?”

“Well, said Carmen, “I had to respect Chhaya’s privacy so I didn’t tell anyone. After dinner I told Vesna that I knew that my conversation with Chhaya had been overheard. She put it together from there and I thought it prudent to give you a head’s up.”

“Mighty thoughtful of you to consider me,” I said mockingly.

Carmen laughed. “Chhaya prefers that the rest don’t know about this and I promised not to tell, but she knows that someone might see you leaving her room. She’ll deal with it.”

Carmen went on to explain: “Chhaya wouldn’t agree to hide in my closet or under my bed. I just opened the window and she happened to be hanging clothes on the balcony outside. She heard well enough. Your performance was perfect. Now get over there and make a woman of her.”

Carmen gripped me and kissed me fiercely for a minute, her wonderful breasts pressed against me. “Time to work, stud” she whispered and pinched my ass. I really won’t be surprised if someday she’s president of Mexico. She has my vote.

I went back to Chhaya with a big smile to put her at ease. I sat down, took her in my arms and said: “Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for trusting me. I feel this is a real gift.” I kissed Chhaya softly. She opened her lips, her big eyes gazing into mine. Everything about her was soft and dreamy, yet charged with a latent eroticism that electrified me. “Your room?” I guessed.

“I’m ready,” breathed Chhaya.

Carmen admitted us to Chhaya’s room and closed the door. She had lit candles and the güvenilir casino room had been carefully arranged, including some fragrant lilies that I think are called Stargazers. “Thanks Carmen,” said Chhaya with emotion.

“Do you want me to stay and show you some things?” asked Carmen.

“No,” said Chhaya firmly. “Just me and Claude. And don’t watch or listen. Okay?”

“Okay,” laughed Carmen. “I’ll go back to the party.”

I was glad that Chhaya didn’t seem to realize that even if no one was actively spying on us, that everyone down stairs would be speculating about where we had gone and what we were doing within about five minutes.

I gazed at Chhaya as she stood in the candlelight. Her big eyes shone like mountain pools at midnight, or so they seemed to me. With her new look and her determination not to chicken out, I really felt I was looking at a different person. While not as dark complexioned as Bilan, who, after all, was African. Chhaya’s skin was a deep rich brown. “You’re so beautiful” I told her, then took her in my arms.

Chhaya melted into me with a soft sigh, then turned her face up for a kiss. We kissed for a long time, at first softly stroking each other’s arms and backs, moving to shoulders, necks, chests and breasts.

I was feeling a lot of heat between us at this point and led Chhaya to the bed. She sat down on the bed and I sat on the floor in front of her. I unlaced her sandals, and caressed and kissed each dainty foot in turn. Chhaya softly moaned as I began to flick her toes with my tongue, feeling the contrast between her soft skin, smooth pedicured nails and the hard edge of her tiny toe rings. Although a year before I would have dismissed the idea, I can say at that point that I definitely had an obsession with women’s feet.

I rose and unfastened Chhaya’s jeans. She stood to push them down and off. Her legs and thighs were fuller and rounder than those of the more lithe women of the house but she was in no way out of shape. Her skin was firm and soft to the touch.

Chhaya reached for my jeans with a delicate hand and tried to manage the buttons. I helped her, then slid my own pants to the ground after kicking off my shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt and Chhaya began to explore my bare chest with her hands, coming close to breath on my nipples and taking a taste of them with her mouth. I don’t wear underwear and my cock stuck straight out and upward but Chhaya ignored it.

“I love your new blouse, Chhaya,” I said. “But I’m dying to see what’s underneath it.” Chhaya betrayed a fleeting expression of embarrassment but nodded her assent. She carefully pulled the blouse over her head. Her dangly earrings tinkled as she did so and she now stood before me in a sexy bra and panty set of lavender lace that stood out dramatically from her dark skin. The demi bra showed a lot of curvy cleavage that drew me in. I licked those swelling curves until they glistened, then popped open the front closure on her bra.

Chhaya’s soft breasts spilled out into my face. Her nipples and aureoles were brown with a tinge of eggplant purple and swelled out like ripe figs from her breasts. Whatever insecurities Chhaya might have had about those surely disappeared as I moaned in pure arousal and gently but intensely adored them with my fingers, lips and tongue. Chhaya was moaning too, raking her fingers up and down my back, not enough to scratch me but enough to ignite my passion for her. My stimulation of her breasts became too much for Chhaya and she pushed my head away. “I love it,” she gushed, “but it’s so intense.”

I stood up to kiss her again, then laid her down on the bed. I pulled off the lavender panties, enjoying the sight of the pale cloth passing over Chhaya’s dark legs and feet. Chhaya instinctively covered her pussy with one hand, then with a determined look on her face, took the hand away. It was shaved below, showing purple labia, edged in pink, glistening with moisture. The hair on her mons was short and shaved into the shape of a heart. Carmen must have nagged her relentlessly to get her to do that.

A haunting scent came from Chhaya’s body. I don’t know what to compare it to, but it had a strong effect on me. I slid my hands from Chhaya’s feet up her calves and thighs and gently pushed her open. Before she could object, I started kissing her thighs and her mons, slowly working towards her pussy. Chhaya propped herself up on her elbows to watch me lick her. As I started to run my tongue along her labia and clitoris, Chhaya softly cried out little moans of pleasure. I couldn’t tell if she reached orgasm but she soon reached a point of intensity such that she again pushed my head away. “So intense” she murmured.

“Teach me,” asked Chhaya, breathing heavily. “Show me how to please you.”

“Well,” I replied. “I think you need to get acquainted with this.” Moving up next to her, I took her hand and put it on my cock. I expected at least a glint of panic in those big eyes but Chhaya’s gaze was calmly focused on my cock. She began to stroke it uncertainly. I took her hand and guided her movement and moaned to show her what I liked. I took her other hand and put her fingers around my balls. Chhaya seemed to grasp the situation more intuitively at this point.

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