Baby’s First Time

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Sam walked into his house throwing his keys down on the counter in disgust. He felt that everybody at work looked down at him just because he was new there. Not three hours ago his boss had called him into the office to reprimand him because he had not done something. The problem being his coworkers had not told him that it was one of his duties. He felt very depressed.

He walked into the bedroom and immediately his mood began to lighten. There was his wife Susan sitting naked on the bed brushing her hair. Her 36c breasts were nice and perky, the nipples standing at attention all the time. Just looking at them Sam felt his cock stir in his pants.

Susan looked up at him and smiled. “hard day at the office today dear?” she asked, getting up and walking over to him. She gave him a hug, her nipples brushing against his chest as she raised her lips to his for a kiss. Sam felt his cock twitch again slowly growing towards its full 8 inches as he basked in the warmth his wife was generating against him.

He pulled back slightly and began to tell her about his day and all the problems he was having.

Susan drew him over to the bed, sitting down, drawing his head onto her breast saying “tell mommy all about it”

Sam didn’t know quite what to think about that but her tits were so soft and her embrace so comforting he began to relax. He continued to talk and as he did Susan stroked his hair and back murmuring nonsense words against the top of his head. When Sam got to the part where his boss had been so very mad at him he was shocked to find tears running down his face.

Susan tenderly wiped them away and whispered “Hush baby its OK mom is here everything will be all right.”

Feeling a little surprised and yet perversely better Sam pulled back from her a bit and asked why she continued to call herself mom. Susan lowered her eyes and admitted güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in a shy breathy tone of voice that she felt so protective of him so the words flowed easily from her and at the same time the thought of being his mom for a while excited her.

She took his head in her hands and said “Babe you know I like to try new things, play along with me and I promise that you will not regret it.”

Sam nodded passively feeling a twinge of excitement at the new possibilities and faintly taboo nature of what they were contemplating. He didn’t know how this would turn out but he was very eager to find out.

He laid back and said “Ohh mom you are to good to me you make me feel so loved and special”

He felt her nipples harden and her breath catch but she placed a finger on his lips and said “sorry my dear but you are still to old-you are my baby and I have just the thing you need but you must remember that you don’t know how to talk yet. Now mommy went shopping for her new baby today so you just wait here while I gets your presents.”

With that she hopped off the bed and ran over to the closet and came back with a large shopping bag. Susan told him he had to undress before they could continue and Sam did while his cock hardened completely. Naked he lay back down and Susan told him to close his eyes.

He heard rustling from the bag and then she was beside him on the bed asking him to raise his ass off the bed. Then after a second or so and more noises she told him he could relax again.

He lay down feeling a foreign material underneath. it was a plastic feel overlaid with cloth. he wanted to see what it was but Susan stopped him telling him to be patient for a few moments. she fiddled with something around his crotch and the strange plastic cloth feel now surrounded his balls and ass but strangely his cock was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri still free and the cool air of the room played over it causing him to gasp as his cock was suddenly ten times as sensitive as before.

Susan told him that he could open his eyes and the first thing he did was look down, shocked and highly aroused he saw he was wearing a special adult diaper with a strategic hole so his cock popped through.

He raised his head again and met the highly aroused gaze of his wife/mom. She slid beside him and took him into her arms again.

“Mmm that’s my big baby, you look so good in your new present are you hungry my big boy?” she crooned.

Knowing he wouldn’t answer she just grabbed his head and drew it to her right breast and told him she knew he wanted his breakfast. Sam took her nipple into his mouth and started suckling gently making noises in the back of his throat that he thought a feeding baby might make.

Susan started breathing heavily and her nipples hardened in a very unmom like fashion as she pressed him in close to her. She began rubbing her hand up and down his chest and then slid her finger into his mouth to detach him from her breast. he looked up at her mewling, because he felt he needed more. She laughed softly and moved his head to the other breast telling him that he had to take food from both breasts so one didn’t get fuller than the other.

She helped him to latch on again sighing as he suckled. After about five more minutes she withdrew again and turned herself until she was straddling his legs and looking at his hard on which by now had reached the state of granite.

She leaned over and pressed a hot kiss on his lips saying “Hmm I see baby has a present for his mommy.” She leaned down and took his cock in her mouth sucking on him gently, sliding her lips up and down. He güvenilir bahis şirketleri gurgled and gooed closing his eyes as pleasure coursed through him.

Sam had to grab the sheets because all he wanted to do instead was grab her head and slam his cock all the way down her throat but he didn’t want to hurt his mommy.

She kept sucking him until she felt his cock jerk in her mouth and she knew he was just about to cum. Jerking her head off his cock she grabbed it just under the head squeezing firmly until he calmed down a bit.

Then she slid back up his body until her pussy hovered just over the tip of his prick. Leaning in to kiss him again she asked in a high breathy voice if he was ready to fuck his mom. Sam could only nod, his eyes beseeching her to end his torment.

She sat down hard and his cock slammed into her all the way down to the balls. she felt the plastic of his diaper pressing into her ass and it excited her beyond reason.

She set up a steady rhythm but couldn’t hold it for long. as her orgasm crashed over her movements became very jerky. Sam also close himself lost control, grabbing her ass and slammed her up and down on his cock feeling her pussy muscles clamping down upon him.

He also forgot that he couldn’t talk and screamed out “Oh god fuck me mom! Oh fuck you are so goddamn hot you are killing me!” but it didn’t matter as his words drove his beautiful mom into another orgasm.

The feel of her pussy was to much for Sam and he groaned slamming up into her feeling his cum bursting out of him and coating her pussy before leaking out of her and running over his balls to pool on the bed.

They collapsed together or the bed, spent. In a while they talked about what had just happened and both Sam and Susan agreed that this would become a regular activity with them. They also knew that when Susan got pregnant they would have even more fun because then because the biggest baby of the family would have even more realism as he fed on his moms breast milk.

This is my first time writing for anybody else to read so all comments or suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. you can reach me by clicking my name below.

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