Aunt Cathy Pt. 14

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1-Thanks for the kind word’s!

2-Yeah was a bit of a stretch but it should make sense.

{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

Anything that could stink like raw sewage when it spoiled mom had packed in that basket. Tuna salad, boiled eggs, milk…the list went on. My stomach’s strong, but that stench had me gagging. I swear when I opened the trunk green tendrils of decaying rottenness floated out. There was no way I was going to be able to clean this, that reek was well into the plastic tubs. Mom had been using that basket since…forever. She was going to kill me dead.

From somewhere across the lake “That’s Amore” drifted over and slapped me in the head. Tomorrow was Rat-Pack, tux day. Just a slight oversight, especially now that my car (the one everyone was going to be riding in) smelled like the meat wagon from an apocalyptic zombie flick. I went full blown cartoon. Ears into steam valves, eyes bugged out a good foot or so, my face slowly turning blood red till my scalp blew off in a small mushroom cloud.

An ‘FUCK ME’ of Shakespearean proportions, (did that even make sense?) echoed around the lake. I grabbed the picnic basket of death, and headed to a commercial dumpster I’d noticed on the way in. Life wasn’t done with me just yet though. Basket blocking my view, it’s pitch black, and I find the only tree root for acre’s around. Don’t need to tell you what happened, the basket crushed, plastic lids (and the contents they were holding) went flying, I got covered.

Not an exact quote, but I’m sure you’ll get it, “Madness works with gravity…all it takes, is a little…TRIP!” I often wonder what somebody looking out their window might have thought at the sight. Some kid, leaving particles of rotten food in his wake, speeding down a lighted dock at warp speed, only to set the record for longest and highest cannonball of all time into a quiet lake. Oh, and just to cap this all off, did you know lakes are not heated?

Whether it was the drastic change from Eighty to Fifty degrees, or the fact I sank almost to the lakebed, by the time I came up everything in me was calm. Had my eight ball’s back so to speak. Cathy and Bonnie were both at the end of the dock as I lifted myself onto it, both of them were looking worried. “I’m ok, just…I had some steam to blow off.”

Cathy scolded me, (it was cool. I already felt like a stupid kid), “You’re shivering. What made you think diving into a freezing lake would be smart? You need a hot shower, come on.” Considering they were on the end of a lit dock, on a lake where others had a view, wearing nothing bit flip-flops, I kind found the question Ironic. At any rate I was hiltonbet yeni giriş shuffled back to the cabin.

The bathroom in the cabin was surprisingly big. There was a claw foot tub, double sink and one of those four headed, rain type showers. Cathy got the water hot while I got undressed, then climbed in with my aunt. That water, combined with her soapy body pressed against my back, took whatever might of been left of my stress away. It also reminded my nether regions that I had a sack full of swimmers chomping at the bit to be released. Yup, I was rising to an occasion that wasn’t even evident, yet.

Shampoo had blinded me, but I didn’t need eyes to know another set of hands were working my cock. Once the ‘poo’ was rinsed out, the vision that was Bonnie stood in front of me, that wicked red hair trying to play Lady Godiva over her breasts. Soapy and shining slick, as she moved in to give me a very long kiss, Cathy whispered in my ear.

“I want this lover. I want a connection between all of us that’s deep. You and Bonnie are my best friend’s and lover’s, I want both of you to be mine, and the three of us ours. I can’t stay forever; I have to leave Monday. I trust you, know that.” That dam grin again. “Bonnie’s an excellent pressure reliever,” She made a ‘O’ shape with her mouth. “As long she send’s vid’s, I won’t mind.”

What you gonna do? Your best girl just gave you permission to get head from her girlfriend / lover when she’s gone.

I looked at it like a breakaway, you stutter, the chance is gone. “Okay. But, If Bonnie ever comes to visit you, I’ll be wanting video, fair?” She giggle kissed me as a red headed dream moved down my body to engulf me.

Worlds apart. Bonnie was definitely the hare to Cathy’s tortoise. Cathy loved to be a tease; Bonnie was a vacuum. I finally had to tell her to leave some skin on, she gave me a weird apology, “Sorry, I have a tendency to gulp my food” She gave me a wink going back to her business. The black hole suction thing calmed down and it started feeling very good.

Cathy had been busy playing with herself while I was being ‘treated” so I made a little comment hoping to see something I really wanted to see. “Really? Works good on a clit. Prove it?” Didn’t take much to convince the two girls, so as Bonnie latched on to Cathy’s pussy, I slid tongue out between red’s legs. I knew she’d be mostly shaved, but with that red hair it had to be a shoo-in a furry, red heart would be sitting above her clit. It was, can I call them or what?

I don’t think any guy will ever figure out why women taste so different from the other. My aunt always had a sweet taste, but running my tongue over, around, hiltonbet giriş and through Bonnie’s pussy lips gave me the impression of thick cream. If sob ever got in here, he was going to get drilled about how that felt sliding in and out.

Apparently, that vacuum trick did work, it wasn’t long before Cathy was leg shaking with moans of ‘fucking hell baby’ and a lot of ‘oh god’s’ and ‘yesss’ echoing off the shower walls. Bonnie was giggling, “You are way too easy girl.” Given my position I couldn’t see my aunt’s face, but I knew the tone.

“Hey lover? Give her that tooth treatment you do. We’ll see who’s easy.”

Didn’t have to ask me twice, I’d already been thinking about it before Cathy asked. I got Bonnie’s clit out from its hood, put it into position between my teeth, and sucked it hard through the gap. The sucking kept her button in place while I set my tongue tip to work. She gave pretty much the same reaction Cathy had given.


“Nope, he taught me with that maneuver.”

With a very loud, “FUCK ME!” Bonnie moved (I pretty much had to pretend I was a lamprey attached to her clit) from straddling my face to sitting on it. That put her in a perfect position for me to see her squeezing her boobs, probably harder than they’d been tied, with her eyes clenched tight. When she lifted herself off me a few inches, (airs good) and pushed her hands against the shower walls, I got a little scared. With all the water from the rain heads and her squirt episode from before, I really didn’t want to drown. Yeah, I know, worse ways.

Turns out there was no worries on my part, Cathy swooped in like a Peregrine over still water. Maybe it wasn’t funny, but nobody laughed at my, ‘hungry much?’ Then

again, with Bonnie’s moans mixed with my aunt’s gulps, it might not of been heard.

By the looks of them I was pretty sure I was going to be Sergeant Pecker’s Lonely Hardon Man. When I was told to dry off, and then got booted, I just resigned myself to the fact and found a spot on the bed that was comfortable.

Ever since I was a kid, the mystery of how women can cram everything under the sun into a purse has blown me away. Why am I bringing that up? Well, both of those women emerged from the bathroom made up, wearing lingerie, heels, and hose. Where they’d hid the stuff? No clue. But the way I was getting looked at made me feel like a pork-chop dangling over a lion’s den.

Cathy was in a soft purple, skintight, sheer metallic dress that rode right at her ass cheek line. She was wearing those silky thigh highs I love and had found some new shoes I had never seen hiltonbet güvenilirmi before. Leave it to her to find wet candy shine pumps that matched her lip stick perfectly.

Bonnie’s normally straight, (or in a bun hair), had only been towel dried. That fact it was layered made it fluff out everywhere giving her a mane of fiery red locks. She had on a mesh bra and panty set, covered in red rhinestones, and the same thigh highs as Cathy, but her pumps were candy apple red.

It took a bit for me to notice (can you blame me? there was a lot to take in) but she was wearing that same cock sucker shade of purple-pink lipstick Cathy wore. Right then I looked at the clock, just a little past midnight. I’d been aching for pretty much almost four hours straight, that lip stick just meant they were going to edge the hell out of me, and I had no idea when they’d stop.

(I know it sounds like I’m whining about a good, ok, fantastic thing. But if you’ve ever had one of those ‘my skin can’t stretch anymore’ hard-on’s, you know what I mean.)

My clothes had never made it back on me, didn’t matter though, my dick would have bulged a suit of armor. Cathy tossed my cell phone in my lap, (I’d been told to leave it at home) “Thought you might want some souvenir pic’s lover.” Translated that meant ‘yep, we planned it’.

How much planning? One flick of a switch and the bedroom turned burlesque club sleaze. Colored lights replaced the incandescent ones, crickets got booted in favor of a trombone laden grind, and those two started to move. Would have been so easy for this to become a farce, but they knew what they were doing. Lusty looks mixed with over the shoulder winks, mini spotlights flashed off of metallic dresses and rhinestones: and I was the only customer.

You can all get wet cat pissed at me, but I have literally spent hours going over half a gigabyte of photos, video, and memories, trying to figure out a way to explain what I saw. Dancing / making out / sudo-sex / teasing /…I mean…wow….capiche?


Look, think of the hottest caramel haired MILF who has a red-haired cannon toting friend, a cabin, bondage, blowjobs, private dances and a log bed. Mix in a pound of hyper sexuality, and let your mind go nut’s (mine almost did).

Can confirm this though, I was goanna get edged. Cathy jumped on the bed, “Recall this?” My ever so sweet aunt had brought that friggin’ ‘too tight for me to cum’ sleeve with her. “Okay lover, remember the last time?” The bed rocked as Bonnie climbed on board and I felt like a pork chop again.

“Which part should I recall? The can’t cum portion, or the dressed in heels and red lace cock assassin?” Another grin for that one.

“Both baby, but you better get prepared to double it.”

Both of them lubed me up, slipped on the sleeve, and without even the slightest bit of sympathy asked each other, “Ready?”

I just hoped there would be no grill marks left across my body.

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