At the Villa Ch. 08 Pt. 04

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Teen (18+)

Lydia Again – Pt 4

‘Where did you get it? Was it from that place down from Omonia square?’ I asked, more with curiosity rather than interest. I moved my hand over her thigh, towards her centre of all desires and delights.

‘No Sam, not from that shabby place. I bought it from Anne Summers at the beginning of summer, while I was polishing my English in London.’ Iona answered smilingly.

‘Ohhh! That’s very interesting!’ I answered surprisingly.

‘Have I satisfied your curiosity?’ Iona asked. She gave me a sweet look as I slowly pulled my hand back over her stomach, just above before her navel. Then I started to massage the area around her navel and slowly I let it crawl under the elastic waist bend of her pyjama pants.

‘My curiosity is more than satisfied. Do you like what I’m doing?’ I asked as I continued moving and pressing my hand further down until it crawled inside the little patch which was just covering her vaginal area. I looked in her eyes.

‘Emmm; yess; it feels good… although strange.’ She answered. Iona’s eyes were wide open; awaiting for what was coming next. Whilst the pelvic area was being massaged I was also feeling the trimmed pubic hair between my fingers.

‘You don’t like it; why, does it feel strange?’ I asked Iona as I moved my lips towards hers. They touched. She put her hands around my neck and pressed mine against hers. Our tongues met and played as she became hotter and wilder. I was also hot. This was the first pussy I was going to penetrate. It had never been penetrated by any other male organ; before today. I pressed a little forward until, with two fingers I found the hot excited button.

Her body jumped as my fingers pressed on her little nubile. I pushed the gusset back with my fingers to get a more comfortable access. Her legs were closed tight and I had to push my fingers to get to the core. I wanted to get further and deeper between her smooth legs, touching those moist lips which I was sure were yearning to be teased and sucked. They were tightly closed, pressed together. The more I forced my fingers between her closed legs the more they got closer to her hidden secret.

I looked at her face, those beautiful eyes. She knew what I wanted. She just slightly separated them. It was not enough. It was a tease. She restricted me from getting closer and access to her hungry pussy. The more I pushed the wilder Iona became. Her legs never opened, too much. They stayed partially jammed together. My fingers moved a little backwards so at least I could massage her clitoris. She moaned as her body trembled. The fire I was igniting between her legs gave her the first orgasm of that afternoon, which had been building inside her, for some time.

As our lips slightly parted, she moaned and cried. That first orgasm had already overtaken her body. ‘Iona please… I like to feel those wet lips you are hiding between those beautiful pair of covered legs. Oooohh Iona; I’ll promise I send you crazy.’ I begged.

I looked at her face; that time her eyes were closed. Her body was vibrating. My fingers were still massaging her clit, moving backwards and forwards, sometimes lightly sometimes pressing hard. The more her sexual tension increased and her vibrations accelerated the more my fingers danced around her clit until I stopped precisely on the little knot. Her body vibrated with pleasure as she pushed her ass up and pressed her clit against my pointing finger. Every heart beat her heart beat; I felt it flowing from her knot through my finger.

I was growing crazy. My dick was raging; getting harder and harder. The more her heart increased in its beatings the more uncomfortable I became. I wanted to get off the bed and discard all my clothes in a split second. I wanted to get down between her legs and send her over to any wonderland she may have desired.

I held my finger pressed against her clit and whispered in her ear. ‘Do you like what I’m doing sweetie…emmm. Your body is shaking; your pussy is getting wetter and wetter… I couldn’t wait to put my finger slowly in that little soppy hole you have there… waiting… yearning for more… and more. The heat and the sexual tension down in your pussy are getting more intense and passionate. All your holes are ready to be taken, to be penetrated and; too be fucked.’ I teased her. I did not know how careless I became. A few days earlier I was very naive to play in this field. My experience wasn’t much, as yet, but I think I started to take control of myself, while getting more self-confident.

Hera had pressed me and opened all my doors and windows to the fascination of the female specie. The beauty of her body and with every hidden part she had. I was yearning for more, experience different women and learn more about their tastes, behaviours and hunger for their flesh; not to mention the pleasures and the satisfaction of fornicating. Sometimes I asked myself why me? I never tried to find an answer. Infront of casino şirketleri me there was a mission which I had to accomplish.

Iona moaned, and her body vibrated while she pressed me to hers. She kissed me while her body was really erupting. The more she moaned and cried the more her body became engulfed in a mind blowing orgasm; which at last she did not care anymore if her legs were closed together or wide open. My hand quickly went down there between them. It was the first opportunity I had to cup the whole of her quim which I did not renounce. I pressed my hand against it as the middle finger fell between her inner lips and found the little entrance to her vagina. The flow of love juice flowing out; was amazing.

The more I pressed my fingers against her sex the more my middle finger ended up embedded inside her vagina. She was totally lost. Her eyes were totally closed; her body was shaking and the words she was moaning out were really dirty. She was in the midst of another frantic orgasm which I just let her to enjoy. I kept my hand down there as I relaxed the pressure a little and pushed the finger further in, deeper as far as it could go. The juices were still flowing. I was moving my finger around trying to hit her G-spot. I tried and tried, but with her body movements I could not get to it. She got wilder and wilder, while I was hoping that nobody could hear her moaning and shouting. The doors were closed but we were within a complex of flats.

In the end I gave her a kiss, pulled my finger out of her vagina and slowly withdrew my hand from within her little panties. I pressed the little gusset between those swollen lips so as to collect the maximum amount of love juice from what was rushing out.

I stayed there holding her head in my tired hand as she was still holding me. I had become very uncomfortable and for a long time I could not move. I was anxiously waiting for her to return back from her journey, wherever she had ended, I could never tell. At least her moaning and body movements started to fade. She relaxed, stretched herself and stayed there in the same place and position, where she was on the bed, still with her eyes closed. Her body was still lost in distant wonders. Her hands dwindled and broke way from around my body. I tried to move my hand, which had by then became numb, but it was not easy; I had to pull, to get my hand off from around her neck. Fortunately she was still lost and she did not even notice.

I stood up slowly, making sure I do not disturb her as I discarded my clothes. My shoes had already been off, so when I was down to my briefs with the huge bulge still there infront, her eyelids had started to part. I just stood there staring at her beauty; the way she was, there, stretched in the middle of the double bed, so sated and relaxed. She really looked, like wonder woman.


Her face slightly turned slowly towards mine, her eyes opened wider and a smile was not only on her lips but also in her eyes.

‘Hi, are you back?’ I asked.

‘What?’ she asked. She closed her eyes, shook her head and opened them again. She then started rubbing her eyes, trying to bring them back to reality. When she stopped, Iona closed them again and opened them fast. ‘What happened… Sam?’ she asked totally dumbfounded.

‘Iona; you should tell; me… because I wasn’t inside your brain.’ I answered. ‘But one thing for sure; you were more than enjoying those special pleasures. I couldn’t say I had inflicted them on you, but on the touch you went wild, rather too quickly.’

I continued, trying to find out why she became so hot, so quick. Iona’s desires for the pleasures of the flesh probably were far too strong for her. It could be her inexperience. She was maybe, too hungry; that the silent thirst she had inside her body was amazing and inevitable. The yearning for sexual satisfaction and complete fulfilment were evident in the way she had acted; from that moment my finger had crossed… the line.

‘Sorry Sam, I have no idea. But thanks, I now feel great, although confused. The orgasms I had enjoyed came from a different world which I could not describe, and would not care to try to search, for any place from where they may came from. All I could remember was; that I was in an unbelievable dream, a dream which never in my life I had ever felt. I was so elated and happy that now I feel so relaxed and satisfied… from something which I could not describe or remember what it was. Thanks again Sam. Do you like a kiss?’ Iona opened her heart as she started to realize and evaluate the experiences she just had been through.

‘I don’t think I can refuse a kiss, especially from such an interesting young lady. So much accumulated, hibernating sexual energy you had flowing inside your body, which is now waking with a vengeance. You are ready to explode at any moment. Wait until I get back to you; not with my fingers but with what I have available.’ I stated as I leaned casino firmaları slowly close to her. And as our lips were about to touch hers; her hand started to massage my hard dick which was still hidden inside my briefs.

‘Do you like what you feel?’ I asked with a very sweet sexy smile as we broke the kiss.

‘Emmm… Sam, it feels huge.’ Iona answered, her eyes focused on my briefs.

I moved closer to her bed and immediately moved my fingers for the waist band of her pyjama trousers. I slowly started pulling them backwards exposing those beauties she had been hiding. The more I pulled back the more beautiful and desirable they became.

‘Iona, please lift your bums a little?’ I asked with a smile I could not hide.

As she done so, her pants continued moving downwards exposing the crease of those half moons as it slipped further down along her thighs. Her little G-spring was exposed. Her pants were soon out and thrown towards the back of the bed. Her whole back was totally exposed for my eyes to devour. Iona’s contours were ecstatically perfect. She worked out, so her body did not diminish in any way its beauty.

There was only the string below her waist. It was stretched to the limits and which was holding that little patch which I could not see hidden down there, between her legs, and which I was sure, barely covered her pussy. I was devouring her with my own eyes while I was stunned at her beauty. I started to appreciate the female body more and more, especially at that particular time of my sexual awakening. I had just started to enjoy so many different young ladies all due to Hera’s insistence; who had instigated that I am endowed with some special privileges.

For the next day I was looking forward to enjoy the pleasures of the virgin Kara who was going to be the fourth female I had laid my eyes on and the possibility of getting the feel of each other. Hopefully the next day was going to be a great day. Kara and her friend were going to be my first virgins that I was going to, hopefully, enjoy that pleasure which I had dreamed about so many times in the last few weeks while being sucked by my sister and cousin.

I moved closer to Iona, on the bed. Then I put my hand on one of her round bums which I slightly massaged, very lightly. Shivers of pleasure flowed through my body as I felt the feeling of her smooth flesh. My hand continued to flow over her skin, barely touching, feeling the electricity flowing out of her smooth skin. It sent stronger signals to my crotch, which it immediately pushed my briefs further out where even the head was at the waist end ready to pop out.

From the movement of my hand, a finger passed against the crack between the two fantastic orbs, slightly massaging the sides as it moved up and down from the end of her spine, to as far as I could push it, down stretching open the divide between the orbs. It flowed over the thin string which was holding the soaked patch and which was still covering her most intimate little ready to explode, volcano. I moved my finger a few times. The feedback was slow. She was suppressing it, enjoying the tension and the heat which were flowing in the region. The string was the next to go, and down along her legs until I had it in my hands. I lifted it up to my nostrils so I could inhale the aroma of those sexual fluids with which it was so drenched. That little cotton patch was filled with a beautiful bouquet of smelly scents which I had cherished inhaling making my little monster harder and harder.

It was quickly sealed to retain the beautiful natural female scents; forever in another plastic envelope. I was sure that her fluids had probably started flowing from the moment she received Xenia’s detailed call, earlier in the day.

‘Open your legs… a little, please?’ I ordered as I patted her bum. ‘A little bit more sweetie… yes that’s it. Wow, you’re really beautiful Iona. Those sexy lips you have there; are all wet with the tears of desire. Iona, I could not wait to suck that juicy gooey straight from between those beautiful swollen drenched lips. That smelly aromatic sticky runny which flowed out of your love nest, are waiting to be savoured by my own lips. And remember, I can’t wait to be inside that little hot pot you got there between those beautiful pair of legs. I think that it is waiting to be filled to the brim with what I have raging in my briefs.’ I described the feelings I had and those which were passing through my body.

‘Please don’t keep torturing me Sam. Do what you like with me, pleasure me, delight me, fuck me and satisfy my long time yearnings.’ As Iona was expressing her hunger for the male phallus to penetrate her body; my finger was flowing along the crack from her clitoris to her asshole and back, slowly sending signals of pleasure as much as of torture, to her insatiable body. She moaned and cried as I pressed the finger against the smooth slick skin between her swollen lips, massaged the outer güvenilir casino entrance of her vagina and rubbed down her clitoris for a very few short moments.

‘Sam please stop this torturing; I can’t take it anymore. Just fuck me, stretch me to the limits and send me back to where you did before.’ She cried.

‘There’s more to it than you could say or think, sweetie. My little boy, too, is in need a bit of cuddling; a bit of love and as much as he desires, your lips to lick it, massage it and suck it. You have to make him happy, as you know it’s needed by your body; those holes are waiting to be filled.’ I passed my little boy’s desires to Iona, who slightly turned her head and looked at me.

‘I never thought he’s in need of such special attention. Well, I’ll try as soon as he will be ready.’ She answered.

‘Sooner than you think sweetie, but with a little help from your lips he should be quicker than you think. I’m sure that you will enjoy getting to know him. Emmm; now, please pull one leg forward. Yes that’s right, a little bit more… more… yes that’s enough.’ As I watched her pulling her leg, exposing those swollen juicy covered lips, those extended labia minoras as she held them with her fingers they were like the wings of a butterfly; opened over the laid on the labia magora.

She was teasing as her fingers opened her temple of love to the maximum before she let them close and start to turn. The juices were shining in the light as she continued to turn slowly around and started licking at the head of my hard dick.

My finger immediately slid down and in between those lips it rubbed along the juicy valley, from her clitories to her vaginal opening. I worked slowly a few times until I gracefully pushed it inside, into her hot burning furnace looking for her G-spot.

She moaned as her body shivered on the touch. I rubbed her G-spot very carefully and lightly, enjoying the feeling of her trembling body, her eyes were closed as she continued to moan while her tongue was licking my dick through the fabric of my briefs. The more my finger massaged the insides of her quim the quicker her new eruption started to flourish, which in no time she was about to explode.

My cock was also on the verge exploding, but I had to control it. The flow of energy was incredible. At last, a cry of satisfaction escaped her lips. My soaked wet finger escaped from her vagina and immediately I put it against her rosebud and pressed it, slowly inside.

At first she did not notice, but soon there was a reaction as my finger pressed between her outer and inner muscles of her sphincter.

‘Aauuch Samm; it hurts. Aauuch… aauuch… aaahhh; ooohhh Sam it hurts.’ She whimpered as my finger continued progressing in its penetration into her dark ally, until it was all the way deep down. I turned it backwards and forwards as she continued to moan and grumble with the discomfort I was causing her. She even forgot about my dick.

She squeezed my finger a few times with her anal muscles and between every squeeze; I began thrusting in and out of her ass, massaging the inside of her anal tube. The moaning and groaning continued but the protests started to fade slowly.

Her body movement increased as the pain started to turn into other feelings. The fingers of the left hand moved over her stomach and forward to where her breasts were. I crabbed one of them in my hand, moulded it until I got the nipple between two fingers and after rolling it a few times, I gave it a strong pinch. I must have caused some pain as immediately I felt hardening. Iona cried and her body trembled as her craving desires increased.

I kept her blood burning through her veins until she exploded. I pulled my finger out of her anal tube, leaving her empty as also I pulled my hand away from her breast. Within a minute I returned from the bathroom and stood there looking at her brown eyes. She had already recovered from that last spell of sexual pleasure.

‘Was it another enjoyable experience, my little doll?’ I asked with a sexy wink.

‘The needles are still there but the pleasures were more intense, stronger.’ She responded

‘So you’re looking forward to an anal experience?’ I asked with smile.

‘I haven’t experienced that most desired act, yet. Sam, please don’t tease me anymore. I want more and more. I want to experience what I had been waiting for; for a long time. I was always scarred to give my body to someone, but now I beg… there is no way back. Just take me Sam and fuck me. I’m totally yours to do as you please; use me as you desire.’ She begged and cried.

‘Let’s trade places.’ I said. I did not wait. I just lay on the bed with my raging hardon still hidden in my briefs. She took the cue and woke up, scanned my pelvic area and started pulling my briefs slowly down along my legs. It popped out with a bang to her heart’s desire. She was delighted to see me naked but she was shocked at the sight.

‘What the hell is this, a truncheon?’ Iona exclaimed as she took it in her hand trying to find out if it was for real.

‘It’s slightly smaller, than the real thing.’ I joked. Iona gave me a hard look then she discarded my briefs and threw them away.

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