Arrested by Love Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Threesome

I woke to the sound of the shower early the next day. I was still naked from the previous evening’s activities, only I had showered the night before because we had been in the hay loft in the barn for a good portion of the evening. There was also the need to be fresh for anything that might occur should he want more.

We had slept the night through, exhausted for obvious reasons. I dressed and went to make Seth and I some coffee. I met him at the shower while he was toweling off. Neither of us spoke but he had a smile on his face that just would not go away. We then went to the back porch and had our coffee as the squirrels and birds went about their morning routines. Looking directly at me Seth smiled and said “I had a great time last night. I really did. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this, this…well satisfied.”

Sipping my coffee I smiled back and nodded then said “I’m glad. I really enjoyed your company’ then feeling a little naughty I added ‘I especially enjoyed feeling you inside me. As much as I love Matt…I hope that he is serious about adding you to our…family…so you can fuck me again.”

He smiled and nodded “Yeah…I would like that.”

The only reason that he and I did not immediately run to the bedroom and begin again was the fact that we were still just too damned tired, that and there were things that I had to get done before Matt finally did return.

Halfway through the second cup of coffee Matt called on Facetime. “Good morning. How did things go?” he asked. It was clear that he had just got off duty. His uniform was soiled and the riot gear he war was covered with dust and he was in need of a shower. I responded by telling him things went fine and that we were both looking forward to his coming home.

He smiled at me and sighed in exhaustion. “I just got off duty an hour ago. I’m exhausted. But they have cut me loose. So as much as I want to come home I need to get some sleep. I’m afraid that if I started out now I’d fall asleep at the wheel.”

My heart leaped hearing that he was coming home. “Ok…you take your time. We both want you home safe. How bad was it?” I asked.

Shaking his head he was the picture of frustration. “It’s fucking nuts. Three more RPGs were fired none of them were duds but the people shooting them were clearly idiots. One guy fired his from inside his van through an open window in the back. That one hit an old dumpster. He was loaded up with gasoline and empty coke bottles for making ‘Molotov cocktails’ which exploded and killed everyone in the van.

The next one was fired from inside a crowd of clearly less than brilliant people who sought to shield the shooter as he attempted to take out a helicopter. Six idiots were killed when the projectile hit a lamp post and blew up. At least that was what we determined by the body parts we found.

The last one was really bad…for the protesters. The last guy attempted to shoot an ambulance and the helicopter mounted sniper dropped him as he was taking the shot. When he fell the rocked fired into the crowd shielding him exploding against a truck loaded with gasoline for cocktails and pipe bombs. Bomb squad determined that the truck was loaded with at least 30 or 40 medium sized home-made pipe bombs. At least 50 of the protesters were killed and almost 100 injured. Most of the injured are not expected to survive.”

He shook his head in clear disgust then continued “The news tried to suggest that the explosion was the result of police using excessive force. The commanding officer of the National Guard troops quickly put that to rest by walking into the studio himself and telling the reporter making that statement to either put up evidence or shut up. He then showed images from police helicopters showing the protesters firing soviet era RPGs at police and the police were clearly acting in self-defense.

Here is where it gets weird. The reporter attempted to shrug it off by saying he was just doing his job by reporting things as he sees it. The Commander then grabbed him by the collar threw him onto the desk and said into the camera “This man’s predecessor is responsible for inciting this riot because he wanted ratings. That man is now dead, killed by the people he was inciting to riot. Any further false reporting, for ‘ratings’ will result in my declaring martial law which will then be followed by the arrest and prosecution of those whom I feel are responsible for starting and escalating this riot. Is that perfectly clear? And if anyone listening to this broadcast wants to test me…go ahead. I’ve already had to request Army, Marine and Air Force assistance because of the escalation this man is responsible for.”

Matt chuckled. “He then handcuffed the news broadcaster and had him placed under arrest for inciting a riot. It was within an hour of that arrest that the rioters melted into their neighborhoods. So far the death toll of this riot is 150 people, all of them protestors…and mostly bahis firmaları self-inflicted. Martial law was declared and I was sent home while the Military cleans up and begins locating those responsible.”

Seth and I both sat stunned by the wild developments Matt had described. Looking at me and back into the screen Seth said “Wow…It sounds like you could use some rest. You sack out for a while. Take care of yourself and get back here as soon as you feel is safe.” I said my goodbyes to Matt and we both hung up.

The severity if the events had the result of quelling any amorous ideas Seth and I had been having, for the moment. We then poured each another cup of coffee and turned on the television where the riots where being covered. The story that Matt had just relayed to us was played out on each news station almost exactly as Matt had described. The footage of the commanding officer arresting the news anchor was just as Matt had relayed.

Our day was spent in front of the television watching the events unfold. I then, in disgust of the news anchors continued defiance I walked out to the barn with a glass of wine I’d poured and went to clean the hayloft of the blankets from the evening before. I wanted Matt safe and for the moment he was only he was still there. I was glad for my small piece of heaven and that I was sharing it with him and maybe even Seth. The world was going nuts and it was hard to know just how to feel.

As the day progressed the urge to ask Seth to tear my clothes off and fuck me was harder and harder to resist. I knew all I had to do was walk up to him and say fuck me and it would be a matter of a few passionate moments that I’d have his cock down my throat or buried deep in my ass. With that very thing in mind I headed to my bathroom and emerged 30 minutes later ready for what came.

I had forgone clothing because I did not want to waste any time and simply put on my favorite robe. But when I came down stairs again Matt was sitting at the Kitchen table with Seth having a beer while they talked shop discussing the riots in the city.

Walking up to Matt I hugged him from behind and he then had me straddle his lap where I found him not wearing anything but boxers with his cock coming to attention. He kissed me and then removed my robe tossing it to the side. Then a second pair of hands found my ass and began massaging the small of my back with a voice that whispered into my ear “I think he deserves a good fucking, wouldn’t you agree?” I lifted myself up and Seth took off Matts boxers freeing his cock which was in a state of readiness.

Seth lubed my ass as I stood kissing Matt as I began lubing Matts cock as he moaned approval. Moving into position I felt Seth place Matts cock at my entrance. Matt and I stared into each other as I slowly took him into me. When I felt his pubic bone hit my ass I lifted my feet off the floor and wrapped them around the chair as I ground my hips against him as he moaned out a low “Yyyyyeeessss”

Looking into each other’s eyes we kissed again as I slowly rolled my hips around the base of his cock forcing his cock to move just enough to feel the friction of our connection which was nothing short of bliss.

Time stood still as we sat there connected and lost to the fact that Seth was two feet away watching us. Neither of us had noticed that he was naked, not right away anyway. I do not know how much time we spent in that position but what I do know is that we could have stayed there for a blissful eternity and let the world pass us by.

However, Matt eventually needed more and so stood up and laid me onto the table which was narrow enough to allow my head to hang off the edge where coincidentally enough, Seth was ready and waiting. Matt started a slow, methodical pumping action so that I could feel his full length sliding in and out as Seth slowly buried his length down my throat. Seth slowly pumped himself in and out sliding himself deeper trying to match Matts motion. When Matt went in Seth pulled out and when Matt pulled out Seth went in. It was an easy rhythm to get used to and allowed me to adjust and get used to their attention. To be honest I loved it because it felt nice to have two cocks in my body, the sound of their moans, sighs and gasps were like music to my ears.

After a while Matt said to Seth “Rick seems to like this set up.”

Seth smiled at Matt, “Yeah…I don’t mind it myself, I could get used to this.” They both chuckled and kept on alternating their penetration cycle.

It wasn’t long before Matts urge began to surface and his pace increased. Seth had stamina and so kept a slower pace. But as he watched Matt fucking me his urge suddenly came up and he was now mouth fucking me. At some point I felt like the proverbial accordion as they both matched their strokes. Then almost as if their orgasms had synchronized they both drove in deep simultaneously and unloaded cum into my ass and down my throat.

Matt rocked his head back kaçak iddaa and moaned deeply as he pulled my hips to his and rammed himself deep as a second spurt of cum exploded from his loins. Seth had a hold of my head and did much the same almost at the same instant and unloaded more cum deep down my throat. He however did not make a sound except for a barely audible grunt as he had begun to unleash his cum.

My orgasm had not yet approached because I seldom came when I was fucked face up like this because my prostate was not stimulated. Not that I minded because I knew that the evening held a great deal more in store for me, so I happily let the two of them use me as they needed.

Seth was the first to pull out because I needed to breathe but Matt, remained buried to the hilt showing no sign of wanting to pull out. He looked at me with what had to be the most intense love I’d seen from him yet as he said “I’ve missed you…so much” and pulled me to him and sat back down with me in his lap. Only he, while we were still attached at the hip spun me around so that I was facing the table again and then pulled be back down onto his lap shoving his cock deep. I moaned out my pleasure as he began doing his own magic to my ass. “’s your turn to cum” he said pushing me forward so that I had to brace against the table as he stood up.

What followed was the most loving, blissful and erotic slow fucking I had received in the short time he and I had been together. His hip moved in a slow, circular motion so that his cock hit my prostate which drove me mad with pleasure with Seth watching the show while sipping on his beer and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. “This is so hot I love watching you two like this” he said.

Matt looked at him, smiled and said “You’ll be returning the favor later because I want to watch you two like this.” He then leaned in and kissed me on the back of my shoulder and neck as I dropped my head and moaned. After a short while my orgasm began to surface slowly building until suddenly I came in an explosive burst of blissful agony. The slow build up was somehow accelerated with such intensity that my insides balled up so rapidly that when it hit me I brain exploded as I opened my mouth to scream in both pain and bliss crying out in ecstasy “Matthew!!!!” as my body wreathed and exploded as torrents of my cum spilled from me and onto the floor. Matt continued to pound me as his own orgasm released into me and filled me with more of his essence.

I collapsed onto the table in blissed out exhaustion as Matt pulled from me. I did not move for several minutes as both Seth and Matt opened another beer and spoke over me as Matt stroked my thighs and ass affectionately.

That first session had lasted less than thirty minutes. After a little rest I had to go shower off again and I took the time to cleanse thoroughly to make sure I was ready for a nice long night of whatever they wanted. When I came back down again I was again wearing only my robe because putting on any clothes would have been pointless.

I found them both in the living room with the fire started in the fireplace and the hassock from the den in front of the couch. It was Matts favorite piece of furniture because I could either lie on my stomach across it so he could kneel behind me and fuck me or I could get onto it on hands and knees so he could stand and fuck me. The two of them were both looking at Seth’s phone on which he had recorded our fuck session in the barn. I walked up behind them and saw myself on hands and knees as Seth buried his cock into me with thunder rolling in the background with our skin slapping together.

I found it incredibly erotic seeing myself on video getting fucked with a 13″ cock. So enthralled were they that they did not realize I was behind them. Matt sighed and was clearly turned on by watching me get fucked. Being that he was naked from the waist down with his shirt open it was clear he liked what he saw being that he was hard as granite.

Seth by this time had put on a pair of leather chaps but was otherwise naked and he too was sporting an impressive erection saying to Matt “He was incredible I never enjoyed fucking anyone so much in my life. I can understand why you fell for him.”

Matt nodded then said “The day I came to see him that first day I never expected things to start so quickly, but one thing led to another. He is everything I have ever wanted. He has been the best thing to happen to me…ever.’ He then turned to look at Seth. ‘You are the closest thing I have to family, you are my brother. I want to talk to Rick about having you join our little family.”

Seth was silent for a bit watching the video as he drove his cock deep on the screen and emptied his balls into me. Looking up at Matt and said “As a roommate or a fully engaged sexual partner?”

Matt did not hesitate “That depends largely on Rick. We’ll have to ask him how he feels about being in a relationship with the two of us. But in the mean kaçak bahis time I’d love to watch you fuck him. From the looks of this video he loves your cock.”

Seth chuckled “I loved his ass. And I love the noises he makes while my cock is buried deep. I swear he comes alive with passion.”

Turning off the phone Matt handed it back to Seth, paused and then said “Let’s enjoy this evening and then we’ll talk to Rick about it either tonight or tomorrow morning. I love him Seth. You are the only person I would consider sharing him with as a life partner.”

Seth stared into the fire for a long while then turned to look at Matt. “I think we should really talk to Rick about this. If he is agreeable, we should take this slow because I only met him yesterday. I could come over on weekends and as things progress a week, two…and if we find that happy dynamic balance…then I can move in permanently and depending on how Rick feels then maybe we could be a family.”

I moved out from behind the couch, touched with compassion for the two of them. They were two lonely men. At least Seth was ‘lonely’ where Matt was no longer so. I knelt in front of them and took the hand of each one. Looking into Matts eyes I smiled and said “If you want to make a family unit with me at the center…we can give it a try. It will take Seth a while to get comfortable with it, I’m sure but if you want us to be a family I’m ok with giving it a whirl.”

I then moved to the front of Seth spread his legs, took hold of his cock which was standing tall and began to lick the under belly of his shaft and moved down, up and then took the head of his cock into my mouth and took a few inches of his cock into my mouth and pumped him in and out for a few minutes before pulling off. Looking up at Seth I said “Matt wants to watch you fuck me. I would love to feel your cock again…Please.”

Matt smiled and leaned back and gestured to Seth to get going. I moved to the hassock and moved it so that it faced Matt directly and then crawled on top of it on my hands and knees. Seth already had the KY lubed me up and then coated his cock clearly impatient to have my ass sheath his cock.

I looked directly into Matts eyes and “Do you want Seth to fuck me? Do you want to watch your friend fuck me?” Matt swallowed and simply nodded in the affirmative.

Seth smiled but said nothing and moved in behind me. I could sense his excitement and apprehension of actually doing this in front of Matt. “Matt’ I said ‘I want you to tell Seth it is okay to fuck me, to put his long, thick cock into my ass and to fuck me…while you watch.”

He did not hesitate “Seth, buddy, I want you to fuck my babe…fuck him good and fill his ass with your cum.”

His cock touched me his hands spread my cheeks and I felt the hot head of his cock touch my hole…I pushed myself open and pushed myself back onto him as he jerked his pelvis forward his head slid into me. I felt the first two inches ‘pop’ past the ring where he waited a moment. Only I did not. I pushed my ass onto him as the delicious spasms of a deep penetration shook me. I opened my mouth in a gasp and moved forward and then Seth pulled me back while driving his cock deeper and I moaned out a low, passionate “Yeesss” and pushed back as he pulled me onto him further.

“Seth…Seth…I love your cock” I moaned. Matt was speechless and clearly enjoying the show being put on in front of him. I wanted his cock deep and I kept meeting his inward thrusts, gasping in bliss each time. I felt Seth thrust into me as his 13 inch cock burrowed into me deeper and deeper in one long, slow and exquisite thrust until I felt his pubic bone hit my cheeks. My body responded with an explosion of exquisite spasms that had me arching myself backwards involuntarily and pressing myself onto his lap as these blissful spasms tore through me.

My mouth gaped open in ecstasy as I was rendered speechless. I could feel every inch of his cock inside me, every vein, every pulse of his beating heart and even the expansion of his shaft as my insides tickled his every nerve ending. As the initial spasms relented I moved back down onto all fours and spied Matt with his eyes wide and his cock throbbing clearly enjoying the sight of my body being impaled.

Seth took hold of my hips and pulled his cock out only half way and slowly entered me again repeating the process where my body responded with what I could only believe to be a kind of blissful release. Apparently the spasms were working wonders on Seth’s cock as well because whenever my spasms tore through me, they also drove him to near orgasm due to the multiple contractions around his cock. He repeated this again, and again slowly driving me wild until Matt finally said “Seth, fuck my baby hard and empty your balls into him…deep.”

I lifted my head and looked at both of them and said “Please, fuck me Seth…I want Matt to watch you fuck me.”

I could feel him pull out, all the way and shove his cock deep again, and again and again until my living room was filled with the sounds of our skin coming together in a ‘puk, puk, puk’ sound mixed with my moans and cries of “yes, yes…Oh, fuck yes” as Matt watched me.

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