Ann: A Love Story Ch. 52

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It was dusk as we drove across the Great Salt Desert towards the Rocky Mountains, which were looming on the horizon in the east. Well, it was getting closer to dusk. The sunlight was fading in the rear view mirror, and I had turned the headlights on. I looked at my watch, and it was just before 8:00…but it was still set on Eastern Time, and that had me confused.

“Ann, doesn’t it seem a little dark for 5:00?” I asked out loud.

Ann looked up from one of the Polaroid pictures we’d taken earlier. She had been straining to see her image, not thinking about how much less light there was every mile we drove. Glancing out the windshield, she said, “It’s 6:00, Neil.”

“No it’s not. My watch says it’s 7:55, Eastern Time.”

“We’re in Utah now, baby. They’re on Mountain Time. But you’re right…it is getting darker a lot earlier.”

“Well yeah…especially when you lose an hour when you don’t fucking expect it!” I snapped. I couldn’t believe I forgot about the time changing as we drove east. I factored that in when I flew out to California, but it really never occurred to me that it would have an impact as we crossed the country the other direction in the car.

Ann giggled as she realized I was still processing what she said. “You totally forgot about that, didn’t you?” she smiled.

“Yeah…I did. And actually, I’m having a hard time with it, thank you very much. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that…that’s three less hours!” I said, miffed at myself.

She reached over, her hand touching my thigh. Gently rubbing her palm and fingers back and forth, Ann leaned over towards me. “Don’t be upset, Neil. I know it seems like you’re going to lose a few hours with me on the way home. But it was always going to be whatever it was going to be…so don’t think of it that way. Besides, getting dark earlier could be an advantage if we put our minds to it.”

I smiled when I thought of Ann’s comment. She seemed to always be looking at life with a positive spin, her glass half full. Sure, there had been moments when she was down, and I’d picked her up. And that’s just what she’d done for me. As I felt her hand touch the bottom of my loose shorts, an electric charge ran through me.

“You’re right. We still have the rest of the week. I just know you don’t like riding in the car in the dark,” I said, thinking back to a conversation we had earlier in the week where Ann said she had night vision issues. She could see, but having to concentrate on the road while staring into the oncoming lights over a long period of time gave her a headache when she was driving. Knowing that, I told her that I’d do the driving in the mornings and the evenings on the trip, and she could drive in the middle of the day. She argued at first, thinking she was putting too much of the load on me, but I won out when I told her that getting a headache would only put a damper on anything fun we wanted to do along the way, or when we stopped for the night.

And it was that ‘fun’ angle that had her licking my earlobe. “I said I don’t like to DRIVE in the dark. I never said anything about riding. And I think it was YOU that came up with the reason you should drive at night…you didn’t want me to get a headache and spoil our fun. And thanks to you driving, I don’t have a headache, lover…is there some kind of fun you have in mind?”

“Now?” I said, looking at where we were.

“Sure. You’re in charge…and I’m sure you can think of something you’d like your slut to do?”

I arched my eyebrow, and looked over at Ann, who had sat back in her seat posing for me, trying to entice me. Not that she needed to. What she’d said was enough to get my sexual blood boiling. I wasn’t even upset with Ann calling herself a slut, which normally would have had me saying something about how much I didn’t care for that word. I wasn’t sure why, but when she’d said it, the way she said it…it seemed right for how she was behaving at the moment.

“Why don’t you get undressed while I think of what that could be,” I said with a naughty grin.

Ann giggled happily as she stripped off her little top almost before I’d finished my sentence. Raising her hips, she hooked her thumbs into waistband of her little skirt and lowered it down her sexy legs. She placed her outfit behind her seat and turned toward me.

“Any ideas yet?” Ann asked. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and she pointed toward the road. “You might want to keep you eyes that direction…or we’re both going to have headaches, or maybe a whole lot worse,” she laughed.

“Sorry. It’s hard not to look when you’ve got a naked Goddess riding shotgun.”

“Oh…that’s sweet,” Ann said. “Have you thought of anything yet?”

“I’m just trying to drive now babe,” I said, pretending to be distracted. “Why don’t you come up with something this one time?”

“Do you promise to concentrate on the road?”


Ann unbuckled and leaned over, grabbing my shorts. I lifted my hips, and she helped me get them off. Once casino şirketleri she had, she reached for her purse. “Because I want to play with you,” she said with a wink.


I had pulled of to the side of the interstate, directly in front of the ‘Welcome to Utah’ sign. Ann looked at me, her eyes wide. She looked nervous, where just five miles before, she said she couldn’t wait to get out of the car and strip for me again. It was an amazing change of in her demeanor in such a short period of time.

As I reached behind my seat for the camera, Ann looked at me and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me…HERE?”

“Well, they put the sign where the state line is, babe. I can’t help it that it’s here.”

“But it’s in the middle of a town!”

Actually, it was between two towns. Namely, West Wendover, Nevada, and Wendover, Utah. But you wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between the two without the sign. And it’s not like it was a thriving metropolis, but that’s where the sign was, and Ann was suddenly having second thoughts about our plan for her to pose naked like she had entering Nevada.


“Stalling,” I said as I opened my door and got out. I walked around the car and opened Ann’s door, reached behind her seat, pulling out the little black Kimono she’d used the previous time. “Do you want to wear this, or were you thinking of just walking out there naked,” I smirked.

“Neil, I can’t. It just too…out in the open,” Ann said as she turned in her seat, putting her stilettos onto the pavement.

I looked around, not seeing any cars going by in either direction. It was civilization, but barely. I could think of a lot worse states where we could be doing it…and I said as much. Holding out my hand, I said, “Ann, it’s not like we’re going from New York to New Jersey along the Jersey Turnpike. Besides, you agreed to do this, so let’s do it.”

Ann sat frozen, looking up at me with the biggest sad puppy eyes she could muster. But I wasn’t falling for it. I knew what she wanted. And if she didn’t, at that point, I really didn’t care. For the first time that I could remember, I decided that if I was going to play the role of being in charge, and she really wanted me to ‘make’ her do something, then it was time to take a stand. I figured it would come to that eventually anyway. But at least this was a harmless thing. Ann wasn’t going to get hurt doing it. At worst, she might be embarrassed if she was seen. Well, really, at worst, a cop might see her, but that wasn’t very likely, even though we were in a town of sorts. I saw how turned on she was after watching her walk out of the Wendy’s topless in front of another couple, so I decided it was worth the risk to push the issue.

I put the camera and the robe on top of the car, and reached down, taking the bottom of Ann’s top in my hands.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ann said with a smirk.

“I’m undressing you. It’s still you’re choice whether you wear the Kimono or not. But you ARE going to do this.”

“Oh…I AM, am I?” she said defiantly, crossing her arms to keep me from taking it off.

“Yes, you are,” I said, quickly pressing my hands against her chest to push her backwards. Ann lost her balance, and when she did, I grabbed the top of her skirt and yanked it down her legs quickly. She put up a little struggle, until I rubbed my hand over her wet crotch, letting my thumb sink in her juicy snatch.

“Oh my GOD!” she screamed. But she also spread her legs as she sucked in her breath.

I knelt down in front of her, and pulled out my thumb, replacing it with two fingers. Rubbing my thumb on her clit, I looked up at her, looking at me. She was panting as I slowly massaged her mound.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” I asked. Ann nodded like a little girl, and I was offering her a lollipop. And that’s what came to mind for me. “Then take off your top, Anna.”

Ann quickly lifted off her top, pulling at her nipples as I fingered her. I pulled my fingers out of her snatch, and she yelled. “What…Neil!”

I stood up and grabbed the robe and handed it to her. Ann looked at me like I’d lost my mind, but I held my ground. “You can wear it, or not. It’s totally up to you. But the sooner you do this, the sooner I’ll finish what I just started. I promise.”

“That’s a dirty trick,” Ann said, smiling at me. I knelt back down and reached in to take the robe back, and she quickly started to put it on. “Okay, okay!” she said with a laugh.

As she was getting herself ready, I went back on the other side and got out the Polaroid. When I returned with it, she looked at me, visibly puzzled. “Trust me, babe,” I said with a reassuring smile.

“I do, baby. I really do.” Not only did Ann say it with a straight face, she sounded sincere.

Ann stood up and took a deep breath, closing her eyes to gather herself. Then she sauntered over to the sign, which was a little farther off the shoulder than the others had been. And casino firmaları that little nuance provided a bit of shelter for Ann. Because of where I’d parked the car, Ann was pretty much hidden from oncoming traffic…and she caught on to that fact quickly. Anyone that might actually see something wouldn’t know to even look until they’d passed us at over seventy miles an hour. And the traffic coming from the other direction would only see her backside, at a very poor angle. So for all intents and purposes, she was relatively safe. I could see Ann relax, and the warm, sexy smile returned to her face. She was bristling with confidence as she looked past me to the world beyond my shoulders.

Putting her hands on the little tie holding her robe closed, Ann said, “Tell me when you’re ready, baby.”

I put the Polaroid on the hood of the car and turned around, lifting the Nikon up and focusing. “I’m ready,” I said giddily.

Ann quickly opened her robe and it slipped off her shoulders, falling elegantly at her feet in a soft, silky pile. She took her time, striking the same four poses she’d done for me at the last state line, where she’d stood in front of the California sign on one side of the interstate, and the Nevada sign on the other. I snapped several pictures of her in each of the poses, the last being the one where she squatted down in front of the sign with her legs spread wide, her hands behind her head. My mind flashed back to the pages of the many men’s magazines I’d stolen from my brother’s stash growing up. Looking at Ann reminded me of the women in those tattered, well-used issues. She was sexy personified; the true ‘girl-next-door’.

Slipping the robe back over her shoulders, Ann stood up and closed it. I waved to her, motioning for her to stay put. “What…why?” she said, a little exasperated that she’d done what I asked, and yet I wasn’t done.

I put the one camera down, and picked up the other one. “I just need a couple more,” I said with a grin.

“Why? You know the ones that camera takes aren’t anywhere near as good as what we’ll get from the other one.”

I knew Ann was horny. I could see how wet her pussy was when I’d taken that last picture. Of course, it was easy, since I’d zoomed in the lens to get an extreme close up of it. And she was right…the Polaroid wasn’t going to take that good of a picture. That’s why we had stopped using it. Now that we had a place to send our film to get developed that we felt safe with, it didn’t make a lot of sense. But the one advantage that it still had was the one that I was looking for.

“I know, babe. I told you…just trust me. You don’t have to do all the poses again…just the last one. And you can keep the robe on if you want. Just squat down like you were, and flash me.”

Ann was tapping one of her toes on the ground, her arms crossed in front of her again. “Okay…but after that, we’re going, right?”

I smiled and said, “I’m going…you’re going to be cumming.”


I tasted Ann on my fingers as I licked them. They were wet and slick…just like the pussy I’d had them in moments before. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with the amazing aroma of a woman satisfied and content. Ann was lying back in the passenger seat, panting like a dog in heat as I drove us down the highway. Her seatback was reclined as far as she could make it go considering how jam-packed the car was, but Ann hadn’t seemed to mind. Her eyes were fixed and unblinking, their glassy appearance evidence of her being elsewhere mentally at the moment. She just kept staring at the pictures in her hand.

The thrashing her body made during her orgasm had shaken the entire car while I was driving, and that both amused me and alarmed me a little at the same time. I had a little trouble controlling it with just one hand on the wheel, but my other hand was occupied. It was busy creating the sudden turbulence that caused the steering issues in the first place. It was quite the conundrum.

Ann didn’t see it that way. When she was cumming, she didn’t see anything but the pictures. She had intently focused on looking at herself on the distinctive squares in her hands; photos of her spreading her thighs seductively on the side of the highway as she flashed her pussy for me. The photo was all the lewd evidence Ann needed to remind herself of how naughty she’d been, spreading her labia with her left hand to show me her pink, along with her ring. I damn near came when I took the grainy, plasticized photos. Still, I focused my mind enough to quickly switch cameras and take two quick shots of her with the 35mm film, knowing we’d both want a better quality photo of the moment somewhere down the line.

But the Polaroid’s were good enough for Ann at the time. She jumped up out of her squat, and bolted for the car, not bothering to cover herself up along the way. She ran, not because she was suddenly nervous of being seen. She was on fire, and she needed me to help put her out. I grabbed the other camera and güvenilir casino got in the driver’s side, handing her the two pictures I’d taken while I put away the cameras. A minute later, I was driving in Utah while she was watching the photos develop in front of her eyes.

The more the pictures came into view, the more visibly turned on Ann became. Her chest flushed, and her breathing became shallower. She lifted her left leg, moving it over the center console between us as she laid it lazily over my leg. Turning in her seat a little, she moved her right leg along the door, spreading herself as wide as she could for me.

“Please, Neil…you promised,” Ann begged in a quiet, desperate voice.

I don’t know how long it took for me to make Ann cum. I couldn’t see my watch because that hand was on the steering wheel. And I never thought to take my eyes off the road to look at the clock on the radio in the dashboard. I was either looking at the road, or stealing a quick glance at Ann as I fucked her hard and fast with the index and middle fingers of my right hand.

What I did know, is that it took 3.7 miles from the time that I’d started finger-fucking Ann to when she started cumming. And, we were traveling at approximately 76 miles per hour. I supposed if I was really that curious, I could have gone back to my days in math class in school, and worked out the word problem. But I never cared what time the train traveling the 190 miles from Boston to New York at 60 mph would pass the train traveling from New York going 70 if they both left at 8 in the morning. Knowing how long it took Ann to cum wasn’t as important to me as how hard she came, or how satisfied she was afterwards.

You would have thought I had pulled over the car and fucked Ann with my cock the way she went off. She had been fueled by the pictures she was holding in her hand. If it was possible to leer at oneself, Ann had been…starting lustfully at the pictures of herself posing naked by the roadside. The images did something to her, making her climax more intense than I would have ever imagined.

Even in the afterglow of her orgasm, Ann continued to look at the pictures. The corners of her mouth turned up, the soft warm smile that appeared on her face matching the one in the photos in her hands. It was like she was looking in the mirror, and that wasn’t lost on her. She finally started giggling, and then she sighed and put the pictures on the dash of the car.

“Thank you for helping me cum, baby. I really needed that,” Ann said as she moved her leg off of me and sat up in her seat.

“You’re welcome,” I said, still sucking at my fingers.

Leaning over to kiss me, she said, “Are we staying in Utah the rest of the night?”


“Because, if there aren’t any more signs I need to pose next to, I want to get dressed. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t mind. Go ahead.” Ann picked her clothes up off the floor and put them on, before buckling up. Picking the pictures back up, she resumed staring at the naked images they captured forever.

“I’m glad you made me do that,” Ann said quietly. Glancing over to me, she smiled. “And you really MADE me do it.”


“You MADE me. I almost came when you ripped my skirt off of me. God…that was so fucking HOT!”

“Really?” I said, not believing my ears.

“Oh my God…yes. That was so amazing. It’s like you read my mind sometimes, Neil. I wasn’t going to get undressed, and you made me. That was one of the hottest things anyone’s ever done to me.”

“I thought you’d be mad,” I said with a smirk.

“Mad…Neil, we’re playing. It’s not like you didn’t know my mood.”

“I have to tell you, babe…I wasn’t thinking about your mood when I did it. It was in the heat of the moment, and you weren’t doing what I wanted you to do.”

“I know, baby. I know. But that’s part of the fun. I knew you were in the moment…but so was I. And that’s what I really wanted. I was really scared to stand in front of that sign, and you put your foot down and…MADE me.”

“That’s all well and good. But what if I go too far the next time. What if our playing becomes something else by accident? I don’t want our fun to ever spill into a fight…or worse.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“I don’t know…don’t they have some kind of thing they say when things get out of hand?”

“A safe word?” Ann laughed.

“Yeah…one of those!”

“Neil, we’re not doing bondage.”

“Yet,” I laughed.

“What do you mean…yet?”

“You’ve mentioned it a couple of times…and you have to admit, there’s times you like our sex a little on the rough side. AND…you got that S&M starter kit at the party, remember?”

Ann started howling. “Okay…I grant you that I’ve mentioned it before. I’ve even thought about it, and I think I might like to try it. But I also said it would have to be the perfect reason, and the right circumstances. But that’s a far cry from us looking for a house with a basement so we can make a fucking dungeon. And yes…I DO like my sex rough sometimes. So do YOU! So don’t give me any crap about that.” She kept laughing and said, “I don’t think we’re going to be buying all leather outfits any time soon.”

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