Anal Therapy

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I walk by Dominic in the prison yard heading back to my office, it is dusk and the evening movement of inmates is just about over. I feel his eyes on me as I cross the yard, ostensibly to watch the inmates and my safety, but it is as if he is boring through my clothes. It is all I can do to walk straight, not acknowledge him with anything other than a nod and a “Sir,” as he replies, ‘M’am,” our little pet communication as we try not to smirk.

I have spent all day fantasizing about what I have wanted to do to him, hoping we would get a moment alone. I go into the building in the direction of my office, not the hospital area, so he knows I will be upstairs and alone if he wants to find me. I can already feel my heart thumping in my chest, my blood pulsing faster in anticipation, hoping he will be able to sneak away to find me.

I am sitting at my desk trying to work a few minutes later when I hear the buzzer release the door at the bottom of the stairs to my area. Since I am the only one up here after 5:00 at night, it can get a little spooky, but the buzzer is loud, announcing anyone coming my way. I get up and go down the hall, hearing radio chatter echoing in the stairwell, letting me know it is probably Dominic. I meet him at the top of the stairs, step into the stairwell and we are now in a blind spot, no cameras. I step up to him so we are nose to nose, staring deeply into his eyes, letting the tension between us tingle for a moment before he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in for a long kiss.

I put my hand up on his chest and slowly back him against the wall, pressing my breasts and pelvis into him as I kiss him more urgently, letting him know how much I have been wanting him. Dominic wraps one hand around the back of my neck, twining his fingers into my long, blonde hair, pulling me in deeper as his toungue explores my mouth so deliciously. He knows how much I love his kisses, and a soft moan escapes my lips as I nibble on his lower lip, kiss along his jaw to his neck.

Dominic is having no tenderness tonight, however, and he turns so that now I am the one against the wall and he pulls my skirt up with one hand. He finds my panties, moaning as he kisses me and feels how wet I am. “Have you been walking around here with wet panties all night, my dear?”

I thrust against his fingers, “I have been thinking about you inside of me all day, just kissing you now has gotten me soaked.”

That is all he needs to hear, and I am frantically pulling at the zipper of his BDU’s, trying to maneuver around all the equipment without setting off his radio. In a moment his hard cock is in my hands and I get in a couple of strokes before he pulls away lifting one of my legs up over his arm and pulling my thong aside. I feel the head against my clit, scorching hot and I nearly come. He slides up and down my wet slit, getting himself lubed up before thrusting up into me in one heavenly motion as he stares intensely into my eyes. Dominic slides in and out with an urgency, both of us knowing that at any moment we could get caught, making the sensations even sweeter.

I want him deeper, though, and he almanbahis must feel the same way because next thing I know, he lifts me up, pulling my other leg around him. Now my back against the wall and the intensity of his deep thrusts are supporting me, his hands cupping my ass. I am reminded of just how strong he is as my fingers grip his broad shoulders. In moments I am moaning softly, mindful that there is a speaker at the bottom of the stairwell where the buzzer is, and that the Officer in the control booth could have noticed Dominic going upstairs, but not coming out of the stairwell.

“Oh, you feel so good, I love your hard dick so deep inside me” I moan, as he pins me to the wall with his thrusts.

I run my fingers along Dominic’s cheek, his strong jaw, tracing a line down to his lips before I lean in for a kiss. His eyes are nearly closed now, I can tell he is getting close to cumming, and I feel that tremor starting in my lower belly as he fills me. Dominic’s hard cock is hitting me in all the right spots and quite literally thrust up inside of me, and I feel myself losing control. My thighs start to tremble in his arms as I cum and I feel him tensing, and I whisper, “Fuck me, Baby, I want you to cum with me.”

He moans and buries his head into my neck, stiffening with a long, deep thrust that sends tremors through my body. I clamp my muscles even tighter around his cock, can feel my pussy spasming around his cock as he slams into me again, sending more hot cum deep into me until at last he is drained and he lowers my trembling legs. I still am leaning against the wall, and Dominic, to support me. The power of my orgasm still too great for me to stand on my own. He looks into my eyes and smiles, that sweet giggle he has coming out as he says, “M’am,” and leans in for a kiss.

I finally start to regain my composure, although that is difficult with the way he is kissing me. These are not the kisses of a man who is sated, but one who still is feeling mischevious. After a few moments I pull away and slide down the wall until I am able to wrap my lips around his cock. I cup his balls through his BDU’s, massaging gently, then pull away for a moment.

“I need to clean you up, Lieutenant, I wouldn’t want you to walk around in wet undies all night,” I say, and I wrap my lips around him again as I hear him laugh.

I can taste both of us mingled as I slowly lick up and down his shaft, then swirling the flat of my tongue around the sensitive head of his cock. I run my fingernails up along the back of Dominic’s muscular thighs, trying to touch as much of him as I can through all the material. I alternate licking up and down his shaft with my tongue, lapping the head, then taking him into my mouth and gently sucking. This must have been effective, because after a few minutes I can feel Dominic stirring. I was right with my kisses earlier, the stairwell was only the warm-up.

He pulls me up after a moment, laughing and saying, “I’m not going to be able to get down the hall if you keep going, and I have had a certain fantasy about you and your desk.”

We try to get our clothes somewhat presentable, almanbahis yeni giriş then I head down the hall with Dominic coming a moment behind me, knowing that the Officer downstairs could have us on camera. We make it into my office, fortunately another area with no cameras, and I slide my panties off and sit in my chair, leaving the other one for him. I prop one of my feet up on my desk, pulling my skirt up high enough to slip a finger into my cum-drenched pussy, then add a second one, sliding in and out lazily as I watch him watching me. I know he loves watching me play with myself, especially when he gets to join in at some point.

“Do you like what you see, Dominic? Do you like watching me eat your cum?”

I bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking our juices off each digit, “That’s so hot, Baby,” he says as I return my hand to my honeypot.

I flick my clit, getting myself ready for round two and say in a husky whisper “Get some of your clothes off, you’ve got on way too much.”

Dominic stands and removes his duty belt and BDU shirt, undoes his pants and lets those drop to his boots, and I can see he is alreading getting hard through his boxer briefs. He pulls his cock out of his shorts as he slides them down his hips, his muscular thighs. He rubs himself as he sits down across from me, knowing I get off watching him as well. I love watching his cock get harder and thicker in front of my eyes as he slides his hand up and down the shaft, alternately cupping his balls, almost seeming rough in how he handles himself. I get so wet watching him touch himself, watching him watch me, and soon can’t take it anymore.

I stand up and go over to his chair, straddling him as he holds his hard cock in his hand like an obelisque, and I slowly impale myself, letting us savor the sweet sensation of that first penetration. When at last I am completely filled, Dominic grabs my hips and pulls me forward and up, setting the pace for us and I ride him as his hands slide around to grab my ass.

“That’s it, ride my cock,” he purrs into my ear before nipping my lower lip in a kiss.

He sneaks a finger around and into my pussy then gently probes at my asshole with his slick finger. My head falls back as I know what he wants and that I am certainly not going to say no to him. His finger slips into my hole and he is thrusting into my pussy and ass, driving me crazy.

Dominic whispers in my ear, “Turn around, Baby,” and I lean in for a kiss before I slide off of him, keep my skirt gathered around me and turn around so I can sit down on his lap.

Instead of sliding back into my pussy, he has something else in mind. Dominic slides a couple fingers into my pussy and smears the juices onto his cock. When he pulls me back down, however, he lines the fat head up with my knot, and gripping my hips thrusts up into me. I love that first penetration, feeling my tight asshole resisting his huge cock before submitting.

“Oh, God, that’s so good,” I moan as his head pops into me.

He pauses after that first entry, giving me a moment to adjust to him filling my ass, then pulls me down more until I am almanbahis giriş once again on his lap, this time with his cock, seeming twice as hard, buried in my naughty-hole. I swivel my hips, getting used to him inside me, and he moans, “Yeah!” and I know what he means, that felt pretty great!

With Dominic guiding my hips I slide up and down on his shaft, occasionally grinding and swiveling as I have him buried in my ass.

“Dom, you feel amazing, I love your cock in my ass!” I hiss as I am getting closer to coming again.

“Put your fingers in your pussy,” he orders as I slide up and down his prick, “I want to feel you while I fuck your ass.”

I will do anything he wants me to do, as he already knows, and am happy to oblige. I slide two of my fingers into my pussy and thrust as deeply as I can, feeling his shaft pumping into my ass. I can’t take it much longer and I start to whimper, “Oh yeah, cum, Baby, cum,” his voice coaxes me over the edge and I feel an orgasm rippling through me.

My ass clutches his cock and I am now riding him with abandon, taking him so deep in my ass with my fingers buried in my snatch as wave after wave of my climax hits me. He reaches around and rubs my clit with his thumb as I am cumming, and both my pussy and my ass explode with sensation.

“Are you close, Baby?” I whisper as the waves of pleasure ebb to allow me to have a coherent thought.

“Mmmmmmm” is his throaty reply.

“Do you want to come in my ass, or on my tongue?” I inquire as I slowly swivel on his cock.

He guides me up by my hips so I am standing in response and I turn around to pull him up with me. I turn Dominic around and push his shoulders down so he is now bending over my desk with his pants around his ankles. Oh, what a vision that is! I sit behind him in the chair he just vacated, lick up his crack and he involuntarily flinches and moans. I spread my palms on his hot ass and gently pull his cheeks apart, exposing his tight hole, and I flick my tongue around the rim before gently spearing the center. I keep this motion up, applying a bit more pressure as I feel him relax and succumb to the pleasure of having his ass rimmed.

I lick down below, trying to suck on his balls, can taste my cum on him as I slide my tongue along his taint and back to his little asshole. I hear Dominic moaning as he props himself up enough to grab his shaft so he can jerk-off while I am eating out his sweet knot. I can feel him tensing and he pushes away from the desk, turning around to shove his cock into my waiting mouth just as hot gobs of cum shoot into the back of my throat. He thrusts into my mouth again and again until finally his hands rest on my head, stroking my hair the way I love. Again I bathe his cock, getting every last drop of cum from him as I look up at him with lust-sated eyes.

Dominic pulls his shorts and pants up and buckles up, I hand him his shirt and after he puts it on, I do the buttons for him as he plays with a lock of my hair. I check for any imperfections, make sure the creases are all still perfect, watch as he puts his duty belt and radio back on, going back into his work-persona.

He gives me that cute little grin I love, and says, “I’m not sure if I got everything out in this therapy session, we might need to continue this later tonight.” I smile, too, knowing that I will certainly accommodate him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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