Anal Fantasies Come to Fruition

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“You are a tease,” She whispers to me seductively through the ether, “I’m teasing myself right now for you, my lover.”

“And now you are teasing me again.” I respond playing the same game she is.


“You’re killing me here you know?”

“I’m looping my knickers around my ankles. I hate the word panties,” she breathes, “Twisting them tight. Tight…

“Tight like inside my pants. Something is definitely interested in your predicament.” I share through the phone tucked under my chin.

“My feet are tethered, can’t move my ankles at all now. Tight like my… The silky purple fabric strains to hold me. My nipples rise as I twist.” She seductively informs me.

“So has the temperature here.” I inform her.

“My knees are still together. My box of tricks is at hand.”

“Both of your boxes of tricks I should imagine are close to your hand.”

“I long for you to fill my box.”

“I long to be there to watch you”

“I have a towel under my naked arse lest things get messy.”

“Please let it get messy, for both of us.” I respond, “I’m unzipping myself. I’m peeling the jeans off myself, easing the pressure on my growing cock.”

“The rough fabric abrades my cheeks.”

“Oh those cheeks. I’ve worshipped that arse for years. That perfectly formed twin bundles of muscle and fat. That arse is the reason why yoga pants were invented. Those globes of yours are perfection in black, taut pants.”

“My nails rasp my skin as I trace my contours.”

“This is quite tortuous” I tell her without a word of a lie. “My cock twitches as I speak as if to emphasise my point. A spot of pre-cum wets the front of my Kleins. I shiver as the cool breeze gives me goose flesh. I yearn to lick and nip your sweet skin. I’d start at your binding and slowly, patiently work my way up your smooth, magnificent legs. Alternating kisses and nips along your calf, stopping only to lick the back of your knees. First the left knee; lick, kiss. Then the other; lick, kiss.”

“I draw my knees up to resist and roll over.” I can hear the almanbahis şikayet sound of silk sheets as she repositions herself. In my mind I see her roll over, exposing the front to my lust.

“Which make your swollen lips available to my gently caressing touch,” I inform her. “I then slowly run my tongue along the moist divide of your puffy pussy lips.” I hear a whimper escape her mouth.

“My pelvis rocks involuntarily. It betrays my protestations.” She claims

“I roll you back onto your stomach. Sitting carefully on your twisted underwear I carefully spread the soft warm cheeks of your rocking arse.”

“No… No… Please don’t”

“It’s too late,” I respond to her feigned objections. “I have exposed your rosebud to my gaze. I pause, looking up to watch your reaction. I slowly lean forward and blow hot breath onto the exposed bud.”

“So raw and exposed. I’m shy under your gaze and touch, torn between fear and shame,” she breathes into her end of the phone. “and wanton greed.” She barely whispers. I’m not sure how I know but I sense a shiver runs along her spine closely following her hushed declaration.

“My hard cock is leaking copious amounts of pre-cum onto your bare calves, momentarily distracting you. So I harshly rub my tongue across the rosebud’s bumpy surface.” This time I definitely hear a shudder in her moan.

“I want..” she pauses, collecting a breath, “I want to consume every drop of that clear, viscous pre-cum but I can’t reach you. You have me pressed completely to the bed.”

“I repeat licking your tightened hole knowing it both arouses and humiliates you. Your scent is in my nose and across my tongue; the same tongue that is slowly unsealing the exposed entrance between your cheeks. Its insistence coaxing, convincing, corroding your resistance. I moisten it with saliva as I gently force more of that muscle into your loosening circle.”

I hear moans and whispers of lust from the other end of the call. Declarations telling me to stop. To not stop. “I want more.” I hear as an anguished exultation. She continues with almanbahis canlı casino “I reach back not knowing if I’ll push you away or hold your face there.”

“Readjusting my grip I pull your cheeks further apart and dive once more, face first, into your arse. My tongue begins fucking your arsehole. In and out. Over and over until my tongue tires.”

“Your curls clutched between my fingers. Rich, fine, soft in contrast to the unshaven shadow gracing your face.” She exhales into the phone. “The sensations crowd – vying for attention – surging towards a peak.” My mouth waters as she continues, “I want your cock in my pussy but fingers will have to do. I lay on my hands and my fingers search out my wetness.”

“Reaching across the bed, I grasp the bottle of lubricant and force the nozzle into your quivering rectum. I squeeze a generous amount in,” I tell her bluntly, “forcing one large finger in I begin spreading the thick, cold fluid around your entrance.”

“I twist and lock eyes with you,” she responds.

“As you loosen up to my ministrations I feel the hole widen.”

“Yes I want it.” She pleads. “I want all of you to fill meeee.”

“A second finger enters as I impassively stare into your eyes.”

“Be gentle, go slow. I’m trembling.”

“I begin sliding both fingers in and out with inconsistent speed and pressure. Your moaning tells me of pain not pleasure so I slow. Another shot of lubricant and the fingers slide more easily into the heat. Into the tightness. Into the forbidden. I also add a squirt on my aching cock. Next I pull my slickly coated fingers out and spread the clear aromatic liquid across my cock’s bulbous head.”

“Yes… Please… Do what you will.”

“I move my body up your legs and position myself at your entrance. A gentle pressure sees the head slowly spread your hole. A little more pressure and a little more depth.

“I’m so vulnerable- totally at your mercy. I trust but fear you.” She admits in a whisper.

“Until I feel myself slide beyond the barrier. I am in.” I continue.

I hear almanbahis casino her gasp in surprise. “You are huge.”

“I stop. Letting you get used to the intrusion.”

“So tight. Filling me. Oh God, the pressure. I want you.”

“After a few moments I feel you push back slightly. I know you are nearly ready for more. Another minute passes then I continue with the pressure slowly sliding the full length of my cock into your hot, tight, virgin arsehole. My belly presses against your curves and I can go no further forward.”

“I cry out in triumph and pain and pleasure.” She shares.

“I slowly pull back until only the broad head remains.” She moans into the phone so I know I’m saying the right things. “Your moans tell me you want more. Need more. Demand more.”

“I fear you will be rough. As punishment for making you wait so long.” She tells me.

“I begin pushing back in until I press against your arse once more. Within seconds I am fucking your arsehole repeatedly, savagely, mercilessly. You push back against each thrust. Your moans escalate as we rut like wild animals. Your breath is sucked in and you cum around my cock. I feel the walls contract around me. This sets me off and I cum in your arse. My body feels like it is being forced out of the hole in my cock into you. Two become sentient one for a moment, then we both collapse onto the bed, me still on your back.”

Your anguished moans filter down the phone to my ears. Time stops.

“The enormity of this act has blown my mind,” I share with her, “Breathing is the only sound in the universe.”

“Reeling. Processing.”

“My shrinking cock slides from you and I roll beside you. Reaching around I pull you into me.

I hold you, spoon you until your breathing returns to normal. Until you respond to the soothing words I whisper into your mind. I hold you in awe and in respect as you have given me your greatest honour.”

“Speechless. Entwined. Spent. Perfect…”

“We fall asleep that way: me holding you. You curved into me. Bliss.” I conclude.


“Thank you Mrs Johnstone. Your credit card details will be processed overnight and the amount of $142.85 will be deducted from your account. I end the call and grab another slice of cold pizza. Thank you for calling Heavenly Calls phone line. We hope to hear from you again soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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