An Uninvited Guest Came to Visit

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Kaitlyn Bella who’s a stunt double on the set of RE just got done after shooting several scenes on set, was banged up after taking some bumps from the shattered glass window to the broken fences down below. She was a short 28 5’5 person who had a beautiful figure, she was known to have big breasts/butt, and she had a reputation of starring in many low budget horror movies, as she was a stunt double on a RE movie where she agree to shoot some scenes. She wore black boots, brown cut-off shorts, torn up shirt along with waist band that goes with her shorts. She walked away from the set that they were filming after walking back to her trailer to tend to her wounds, she had a cut on her hand that wasn’t too bad but it was medium slice from broken glass shard from the window, along with a gash on her lower leg. She walked into her trailer where it was nice looking, but she forgot to leave the door closed.

While she was tending to her wounds, one of the zombie/monster actors that was on the set happen to walk towards her trailer away from the set that they were both in. She also happen to turn on the shower while she was about to strip her clothing, not knowing one of the cast member happened to make its way into her trailer with the door unlocked. The monster who was known as the licker, it made its way into her trailer as it stalk its way towards the noise that was being made. The licker who was short, it heard the water in the bathroom that was making noise, and walked slowly without making noise. Kaitlyn who didn’t lock her trailer door, didn’t know someone or something made it’s way into her trailer truck, as the licker slowly made its way as she was about to strip her clothes off.

The licker approached Kaitlyn from behind slowly as she started to take her belt off first, as the buckle clank on the floor. She then notice the door was open but didn’t see the licker in the doorway so she shrug it off, until the licker who moved back out the doorway when she looked behind, it then began to strike just as she had her casino şirketleri hands under her shirt. The licker pounced from behind, wrapping its arm around her chest as its hands clamp on her big breasts, fondling it as Kaitlyn gasped in horror and struggle to let go of the assailant that was mauling her. It’s tongue slid out moving around her neck and then between her tits, squeezing them while it’s hands soon ripped her top in half as she gasp looking down. Her spaghetti strap bra too ripped open as her nipples popped out, her breasts jiggled as its tongue wrapped around both her breasts.

The licker massive erect cock protrude from below and slide against her cut off shorts, she moaned back when she felt its long member slid against her shorts, she then cupped her tits as she then pulled down her shorts. The licker’s cock then straightened out as her ass was showing, it’s cock poked her asscheek as she moaned while the licker’s hands and tongue mauled her big tits while she was about to step into the shower. She made her way into the shower as the licker moves his cock into her pussy, she moaned loudly as she felt its member made its way into her tight pussy and felt her walls being stretched out.

She moaned more as the licker wraps it legs and arms around her body as it pounds her pussy from behind with ferocious force, she made her way into the shower as she pressed her body against the shower wall. It pounded her pussy deeper and harder while it’s cock continue to explore her pussy with his massive cock. The licker moves its tongue around her tits while squeezing her nippless hard, she moaned louder while grinding its cock harder with a smirk, the licker continue to ruthlessly ravage her pussy from behind. It pulled out once her pussy had a hole in it, and the licker moves its cock from her pussy to her ass, she gasped loudly as it shoved its cock into her ass, she screamed loud as it starts to pump her ass with its cock, her screams and moans couldn’t be heard since her trailer is far away from casino firmalari the set. It pounded her ass harder and deeper while pumping its cock deeper into her fat ass, she pressed her yards on the wall as she moaned loudly with pleasure.

She didn’t know how long she was fucked with the monster that attacked her from behind, but she started to enjoy getting fucked with the amount of pleasure the monster gave her. She continue to moan and and scream with pleasure when the licker drilled her ass deeper and harder, she started to cum while rubbing her clit with rigorous force as she continue to enjoy getting assfucked from a monster. The licker continue to dominate her ass until she dropped onto her knees, it moved its cock out and got in front of her and grasped her head, her eyes closed with tears from enjoying the assfucking and then felt its cock shove down her mouth.

The licker shoves it cock down her throat when it moaned loud as well, she closed her eyes enjoying getting throatfucked while it continue to make a hole down her throat. It pressed her head against its base, she choked on it while tears flowed down as she didn’t know how long this would go, until the licker would start to wear down. It wasn’t moments when the licker continue to fuck her mouth ferociously, until it moves its cock from her mouth to her tits, as its saliva starts to drip. Her tits bounces up and down when the licker pumps its cock between her tits as it moaned loud while she smirked up at the creature fucking her, and she cums again rubbing her pussy while she was getting assfucked, mouthfucked, and now titfucked.

She came 3 times when the licker fucked her good and she didn’t know when will the enjoyment of having sex with a monster would last, the licker didn’t hesitate to cum until it was ready to unload on the busty beauty. “Mmh fuck me harder! Fuck me until I can’t walk anymore!” She screamed in pleasure as the licker nodded, pulling its cock away into her stretched pussy, it shoves its cock into her pussy once güvenilir casino more, this time even deeper where it’s cock shoved down close to her womb. Kailty enjoyed this sex for almost good hour while the licker continue to run its course, squeezing her tits hard while stretching her pussy out with its cock.

Soon the licker started to wear out as it pumped its cock harder with each stroke inside her pussy, it loved its cock out of her pussy to her fat tits pumping it until it was ready to unload its cum inside her pretty mouth. The licker fucked her tits slowly pumping it hard with every stroke, slow but hard thrusts while she was rubbing her pussy again cunning even more from the pleasure this monster gave her. Soon the licker made its cock move from her tits into her mouth, holding her head in its hands and thrusts its cock down her throat hard and powerful, it starts to scream as it unload its huge load of cum down her throat, she stared up at the locker but started to choke on its cum as she tried to swallow it. The licker soon got worn out as its cock spewed cum from inside her mouth onto her face as it screamed until it fell onto its back in the shower floor.

She signed in relief as she swallowed its cum and scooped some that were on her face and licked it up, “fuck damn I’ve never been fucked that great!” She said as the licker moaned softly as its cock shrunk from stiff to soft, she started to sit up as she saw the licker laying on the floor panting as it’s cock was spent from fucking her so good that she sighed in relief. She soon got up slowly from getting her pussy and ass fucked hard, she soon washed her body and then looked down at the licker, who was actually a person dressed up as it got up slowly. “Man you was so great and sexy at the same time.” He says as he took off the head of its costume off and looks at her “what did you think of us having hardcore sex? I think it was great! Man you showed me how good getting fucked felt like.” She said and gave that man a kiss on his lips before looking at him “let’s go before people notice we went missing. Yeah let’s go I gotta get changed” he said as both got changed into their regular clothes and went out to meet up with the rest of the cast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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