An Exciting Afternoon

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Sarah and her friend Lisa had spent the morning at the sales, they both love browsing around and searching out the bargains, and today had been particularly good, both women were in a happy mood.

“Where shall we go for lunch?” Sarah asked,

“I don’t know what I fancy,” Lisa replied, then on reflection she said, “Why not go to that new Indian restaurant that opened a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yes that suits me,” Sarah agreed.

They entered “The Spirit of India,” restaurant and were greeted by an attractive Indian lady about 30 years old, long black hair and big dark eyes that make Asians so attractive.

“Hello ladies, a table for two?”

“Yes please,” Sarah responded, and the Indian lady led the way to a quiet corner of the room. She seated the two friends then went away while they studied the menu.

Sarah and Lisa had a laugh while they tried to decide what they wanted to eat. The waitress came back and helped them with descriptions of what the dishes were, All the while she looked intently at Sarah’s face as she noted their choices, her gaze was so piercing that Sarah felt a little uneasy in her stomach.

The food duly arrived and both women agreed it was delicious, They were quite satisfied and Sarah’s earlier unease was forgotten. The waitress came back to ask if they had enjoyed their meal, and she stayed to chat, Sarah quickly noticed that she seemed to be focusing all of her attention on her and hardly looked at her friend at all. She asked Sarah what they had been doing, and Sarah told her about the shops.

“You must be tired,” she said.

“Oh we are,” Sarah replied and her eyes locked with those of the waitress. Sarah felt herself being drawn to the Asian woman, and her pulse quickened.

“You need a massage to relax you,” the waitress smiled.

“I do have a massage sometimes, and I do enjoy them,” Sarah countered.

“You won’t have had the kind of massage I give,” The Indian lady said mysteriously, “Why don’t you let me relax you?”

She seemed to be casting a spell over Sarah, who felt resistance draining away.

“OOH, I don’t think I have time for a massage now,” Sarah said rather feebly,

“You will love it, come into my parlour and I will show you, Afterwards you will be totally relaxed.”

Sarah glanced at her friend.

“Go on Sarah, stay,” Lisa urged, “it sounds exciting, I will pick up the children from school, and you can tell me all about it later.” Without further argument, Lisa stood up and left.

Sarah felt a little anxious and apprehensive, then the Indian lady again looked into her eyes and she immediately felt reassured.

“My name is Rashmika,” she introduced herself, “Come with me,” and she took Sarah by illegal bahis her hand and passed through a bead curtain into a comfortable room with thick carpet and sofas and lots of cushions scattered about. “What is your name?” she asked, and Sarah told her.

Rashmika held both of Sarah’s hands as she said, “Sarah, I give Yoni massage.”

Sarah had no idea what that was, but with the Rashmika’s eyes once more captivating her, any remaining unease evaporated.

Rashmika continued, “Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female vagina, what I will show you is a celebration of your vagina. Through there is a shower room,” she indicated an adjoining room, ” I want you to take a hot shower, please use the scented oils you will find there, then wrap yourself in a towel and return here.”

Sarah undressed a little nervously, wondering why she had allowed herself to be there, but as she stood under the hot needles of water, the scented oils filled her nostrils as she spread it over her body and she felt excitement welling up inside her. She reflected that she had never heard of Yoni massage and wondered somewhat apprehensively what Rashmika meant when she said it would be a celebration of her vagina. Instinctively, Sarah ran her fingers over the smooth hairless lips of her pussy, and wondered idly if Rashmika would touch her there, Smiling slightly, she turned the water off, dabbed herself dry, wrapped herself in a fluffy towel, and returned to the room where Rashmika was waiting.

Rashmika had changed into a beautiful full length Saree and she took Sarah’s hand and led her to a smaller inner room. The lights were low and in the centre there was a bed with pillows and cushions. Candles burned around the room and incense filled the air, It was intoxicating to Sarah.

Rashmika gently took the towel from Sarah’s body and gazed at her nakedness, “You are a beautiful woman,” she murmured, “I want you to lie on your back on the bed.”

Sarah felt no embarrassment at all on being naked with the woman who only thirty minutes before had been serving her food in the restaurant, She lay down and Rashmika placed a pillow under Sarah’s head and another under her bottom.

“Open your legs and bend your knees slightly,” Rashmika instructed, “Your genitals must be fully exposed.”

Sarah did as she was asked.

“It is good that your Yoni does not have hair,” she said as she stroked Sarah’s pussy lips, The massage is more effective with no hair present, now you must breathe deeply and evenly all of the time.”

Rashmika then removed her Saree and she herself was naked, Sarah looked in admiration at her beautiful olive, blemish free, smooth skin, her breasts large and round with long nipples, something like Sarah’s own, illegal bahis siteleri she glanced between Rashmika’s legs to see her pussy was waxed and smooth and her vagina seemed to have an extra long slit, which was very clear to see.

She looked into Sarah’s eyes and smiled, Sarah smiled back, now quite prepared to give herself to this lovely woman. Rashmika poured a little oil on to her hands and rubbed it gently on to each of the outer lips of Sarah’s pussy for the full length, then parted the lips and softly massaged the inner folds, she squeezed the two lips together and slid her fingers up and down the full length of her pussy causing little flutterings in Sarah’s tummy. With her left hand Rashmika caressed Sarah’s breasts and nipples and told her to keep breathing deeply, She then inserted one finger of her right hand into Sarah’s hole and moved it slowly in and out.

“What I am doing to your Yoni, isn’t intended to stimulate your body sexually,” Rashmika explained, “But if you feel an orgasm coming on, you must enjoy it, Orgasms brought on during Yoni massage will be very intense and you should let your body be free and not hold back.”

Sarah nodded and closed her eyes, entranced entirely in what Rashmika was doing to her sex, more flutterings were affecting her stomach and they were getting stronger and stronger as Rashmika continued her manipulations, she inserted a second finger and stroked Sarah’s clit with her thumb, evoking strong tingling sensations within her. Sarah began to writhe on the bed, Rashmika crooked her fingers inside Sarah and in the soft fleshiness there she touched her G spot.

Sarah’s body reacted in a frenzy of ecstasy and passion, she screwed up her eyes and gripped the side of the bed, bringing her knees together trapping Rashmika’s hand, she pushed the legs apart and continued to stroke inside. Sarah cried out, “Ooooooooohhhhh aaaaaaagggghhh ooooo yesyesyes,” and her body was wracked by an orgasm which exploded within her, rushing out through her Yoni, causing her juices to gush out, soaking Rashmika’s hand.

Sarah’s wild eruptions went on and on and her bottom lifted up and down from the bed. Rashmika did not withdraw her hand but gently probed in and out of Sarah’s pussy hole helping to calm her body. She placed one hand on Sarah’s forehead and whispered “breathe.”

She removed her hand and went to the bottom of the bed so that she was between Sarah’s legs. She lifted Sarah’s feet off the bed and spread her legs as wide as they would go, She said, “I am going to insert my fingers back into your Yoni, you must keep breathing deeply.”

She pushed two fingers back into Sarah’s pussy and began a second massage. Sarah’s body was so high on tension, sweat glistened on canlı bahis siteleri her skin, her pulses raced, every nerve end tingled, and a second even more shattering orgasm gripped her, sending her body into convulsions of passion.

Sarah screamed and sobbed with emotion and abandoned her body to the wonderful sensations engulfing it. her whole being was entirely Rashmika’s who stroked and gently squeezed the naked woman before her. Sarah slowly decended from the heights of lust and passion she had reached.

Sarah opened her eyes and Rashmika’s lovely face was hovering just inches above hers, “She’s going to kiss me,” Sarah thought excitedly, seconds before Rashmika lowered her lips to Sarah’s mouth and kissed her with a fierce passion Sarah had rarely experienced before. Sarah raised her arms around Rashmika’s neck and held her tight, as their tongues danced together, and once again Rashmika stroked softly with the palm of her hand between Sarah’s legs.

Rashmika helped Sarah off the bed and the two naked women stood facing each other, The Asian woman still held Sarah in her spell and they looked deeply into each others eyes, their bodies pressed tightly together, They kissed again with the same erotic passion.

Rashmika held Sarah’s hand as they walked to the shower and stood together under the hot water. This time it was Sarah who explored Rashmika’s body, she leaned back against the shower wall, eyes closed, as Sarah’s hands roamed over her breasts, and ass. Sarah had never caressed another woman’s body this way, She was thrilled at Rashmika’s softness and smoothness, her head whirled when she slipped her hand between Rashmika’s legs and searched for the entrance to her love hole.

Rashmika murmured softly as Sarah’s fingers entered deep into her Yoni and her pussy muscles tightened around the invading finger. In the soft fleshiness internally, Sarah’s finger touched Rashmika’s G spot, In a slow build up Rashmika’s body shuddered and shivered and she wrapped her arms around Sarah, holding her in a tight grip as her entire body shook and trembled with the force of her orgasm. She cried out and Sarah trembled and cried with her.

The women had no idea how long they stood there embracing each other as the shower water cascaded over them.

“Thank you,” Rashmika said eventually, “I usually give out the sensations, but I rarely receive one,” they laughed and hugged once more, then turned the water off.

They dried themselves and slowly dressed, Sarah felt extremely refreshed and exhilarated.

“How long have we been in there?” Sarah asked.

“Over two hours,” replied Rashmika.

“Gosh!” squealed Sarah with a grin, “I only came in for lunch, I hope Lisa picked my kids up from school,” confident that she had done so.

Rashmika took Sarah to the door, they kissed again lightly, she squeezed Sarah’s hand and whispered, “Please come to see me again.”

Sarah looked into Rashmika’s beautiful dark eyes, and knew she would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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