An Arranged Abduction Pt. 02

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Kate’s marriage is rocky, to say the least, with her suspicions that her successful IT businessman husband Roger may be having an affair with his PA Sonya. After golf and over lunch one day, Kate’s bestie Fiona told her of a pair of guys who offered a service to women in Kate’s situation. They can stage an abduction – kidnapping if you like – holding the wife to ransom and asking the husband for $60,000 to return her safely.

The success of this gambit was that because the amount asked was relatively small, and more of nuisance value to the husband, he usually paid without calling in the police. The two guys, Tony & Brad, would keep the woman in a top class hotel room and have sex with her around the clock for 48 hours, finally sharing their ransom cash with the wife by giving her one-third since it seemed many husbands in this category didn’t give their wives sufficient money to spend on themselves.

Kate has gone ahead and booked an abduction and is now into the evening of her first day missing since being snatched off her driveway after shopping.

Warning: There is quite an intense anal scenario toward the end of this story part so if Anal doesn’t grab you, you can skip that and pick up in the final Part 3 shortly.

Chapter Five

About 10pm, a light tapping on their hotel room door startled Kate. “Who’s that?” she asked Tony in a panic.

“It’s okay honey, it will be Brad, he’s got the next shift.”

“Next shift, what do you mean?”

Naked after giving Kate the best sex she’d had in years, Tony rose up from the bed, heading to open the front door to let in his business partner, nonchalant that his full still hard erection bounced around as he walked. “We promised you 48 hours of sex,” he called back to Kate, “and I told you that you are getting the bonus of two of us. As good as you might think it’s been so far, neither one of us could stay up and hard for that long. He’s good, a nice guy, you will really like him, and it brings a new perspective for you, his will feel quite different to mine.”

Tony’s voice trailed off as he left the bedroom and walked out through the lounge area to the front door of the suite. Kate heard Tony greet his business partner, she could hear their voices for a bit but not the words. Then Tony reappeared through the bedroom door, coming back to the bed with Brad, following close behind him. Naked Tony and fully clothed Brad stood alongside each other at the side of the bed. Kate still sat in the middle of the bed, not a stitch of clothing on. While she now felt so comfortable to be naked in Tony’s presence, having had his penis inside her and each having explored each other’s bodies, Kate felt self-conscious to have Brad standing so close … his eyes scanning her body so intently. She saw his eyes roaming all over her naked body, checking out every bit of her.

“Hi gorgeous,” greeted Brad cheerfully, “looks like you and Tony really got into it.”

Kate had been told that she would have them both but didn’t give the prospect any serious thought while languishing naked in bed with Tony. She hadn’t considered even how the changeovers might occur. But reality hit abruptly with the two guys standing beside the bed, a sudden awareness that she was to be done for 48 hours by a tag team. She gave a wary and unenthusiastic “Hi Brad,” wishing that she had thought to discuss the situation more with Tony before Brad reappeared. She now felt so comfortable with the older man yet scarily nervous of how she would react in the arms of the allegedly young stud. She wanted Tony to know that he was her preference, and that she would still be happy with just him, even if he couldn’t fill all 48 hours with sex. But Brad had been nice to her in the car and she didn’t want to offend him. She saw Tony already starting to get dressed.

She felt awkward, like a mere chattel, watching the mature man she had come to adore – had almost become obsessed with – preparing to leave, and watching Brad starting to take his clothes off … the shirt gone already, now lowering the zip on his trousers. She had a feeling that she was just there more for their pleasure, not the other way around, even though they had tried to paint the picture as providing her with a service.

Dressed already, Tony came over to the still totally naked Kate, sitting up with her back against the headboard. “Have a good time with Brad, but not better than with me, okay honey … I’ll see you in the morning.”

She wondered if he may have sensed her disappointment that he was leaving her with Brad when Tony added, “Tell him you’ve got a headache and you need to sleep.” He laughed at his own joke, looking across at Brad mischievously. Kate thought she detected from his comment that maybe he too felt a connection with her that he was reluctant to let his partner share.

However, Tony kissed her, lingering a bit longer to share tongues. “See ya babe!” and he disappeared through the bedroom door and Kate was left alone with Brad, now down to his boxers and socks only. She wondered if almanbahis he was just expecting to jump on her body and go for it, or would there be foreplay? She hoped it was the latter, a woman cannot just switch it on and off with different guys.

“So how’s it going in here sweetheart, how was my buddy, not showing his age I hope, did he look after you?”

“Oh yes,” enthused Kate, “better than I ever could have expected, he was marvellous.”

“Did you get off with him?”

“Yes of course, I think I’m up to … oh, let me think, yes six times. Oh no, hold on, I forgot about the shower, no it was seven.”

Brad looked disbelieving, “Don’t bullshit me, girl … not seven times. God, he’s not too bad for an old guy, setting a good pace. So I guess that any less than seven more before breakfast will rank me as a failure, is that right?”

“No, don’t take it that way. I think that Tony and I just connected, that’s all … the way he does it, he just brings out the best in me.”

“It’s the 7 inches, isn’t it … go on, you’ve got to admit it.”

“No, nothing to do with his size, he’s just a beautiful man.”

“Okay, if you say so Kate.” Brad stepped closer to the bed on which she sat, propped up against the headboard. “So are you ready for me, or would you like to talk a bit, have a drink … whatever you want?”

She appreciated that he was thoughtful enough to give her a choice, “Tony and I finished a bottle of wine so I’ve had enough alcohol, but otherwise, I guess I’m in your hands, you’re calling the shots. After all, I am your abduction victim … speaking of that, I was relieved to hear that my husband decided to pay up without making any trouble.”

Brad moved onto the bed on his knees, sliding closer to the very naked Kate. He was still struggling to make eye contact with her as his eyes scanned her body, checking out all her appealing bits. With the handsome younger man now so close to her on the bed, Kate couldn’t help but see the tenting of his boxers out in front.

“Yes, so were we Kate. You know, Tony and I have a remarkable record since we started this, but we’re no heroes, we’re always worried that some enraged husband will call in the police and the wrath of the law will come down on us hard. We always tell them how we are watching them and will know if they call the police, but we don’t, we are too busy giving pleasure to the guy’s wife. Now, speaking of that, I think it’s my turn to make you feel good, is that alright with you?”

Brad leaned across and kissed her, mouth to mouth, lips parting, tongues engaging. Kate was pleasantly surprised, she thought he kissed nicely, not aggressive at all, soft and tender, a lot of arousal in the way he used his tongue to paint hers. She felt his fingers tracing across the soft smooth skin of her breasts and she recalled that it was those fingers that made her feel so good in the car when he leaned around from the back of her seat and caressed her all the way to this hotel.

Where she initially had a fear that switching from Tony to Brad may be awkward and she had even considered asking him to give her some time, on the contrary he quickly made her feel comfortable. Kate didn’t need to do a thing, Brad’s kissing and his fingers roaming over her breasts, her nipples, were bringing her up to a new heightened state of sensual arousal. She felt herself getting moist again down in her pussy and she hoped that he would soon be touching her there too.

She did have a momentary fear … what did this say about herself? That within one day she could enjoy cheating on her husband with not one, but two diverse guys. Of course, it was such a different experience than the cheating she suspected Roger was engaged in. For her, it could only be 48 intense hours of wild hardcore sex and then she would have to give them up.

Brad’s lips left hers after a long time and meandered down over her neck where she felt his lips apply strong pressure into her soft skin and she assumed that he had just marked her with a couple of love bites that she didn’t even think to resist. As his lips moved on to her breasts, she did wonder how she might explain that later when she was back home with Roger. His mouth was sliding down the slope of her breasts and devouring first one nipple, then the other, raising her needs ever higher. The fingers that were displaced by his mouth on her breasts were now busy delving into her pussy. She let her thighs fall apart lewdly, invitingly, and allowed her body to slump lower into the bed so that she now lay down … much more comfortable for what she imagined was about to come.

Brad’s fingers played with her clitoral bud and her breathing quickened, her hands closing over the back of his head, steering his lips around her breasts, getting him to repeat the things that felt best. How quickly her reaction was changing under his expert lovemaking … when Brad reappeared in the hotel room, she felt resentment that she was to be the subject of tag team fucking. But Tony would barely have left the hotel by now almanbahis yeni giriş and already her infatuation for Tony was about to be matched by this guy too … how pleasing that they were both so good at what they did. Laying on her back in this hotel bed, temporarily away from Roger, Kate felt marvellously happy and content.

To Kate’s surprise, Brad’s mouth slipped away from her hardened nipples and was now headed south, across her belly and onward to forage in between those moistened lower lips. He was exploring her body in the same sequence as Tony had, she wondered if they worked to a pre-arranged formula. Even if it was, Kate wasn’t about to argue. Brad had her alive again, her body pulsing and throbbing and when his tongue began licking and sucking on her clit, her naked body almost levitated up off the bed.

Her need was no longer as desperate as it had been when Tony first went down on her with his tongue and brought her to a powerful climax in less than 60 seconds. This time, under a younger man’s excellent contrasting lovemaking, he brought her so close then eased off, then brought her back up only to ease off again, expertly postponing the inevitable orgasm to make it even stronger when he was ready to let her cum. When at last she orgasmed, with no lesser degree of hip humping and throbbing and noisy gasps and moans, her body went off in a powerful climax.

Brad allowed her to come down slowly off her incredible peak and she looked across at him lying beside her, thinking how she still hadn’t seen the penis that he would soon be using to pleasure her some more. After Brad had given her a descriptive assessment in the car of each guy’s equipment, and then she got to experience first-hand Tony’s 7 inches, she felt a new fascination with the male penis. She was eager to see how Brad’s compared, so much so that she took the lead, lifting up to rest on one elbow, and leaning across his body to carefully pull the waistband of his boxers out and over his vertical erection.

Her eyes widened in awe as she gazed upon the width of this penis, its length was nothing to write home to mother about, probably only about the same as her Roger and those earlier three from before she was married. From the discussion earlier in the car and what the guys had told her about average length, she estimated that it was probably about 6 inches long … but the girth was something to behold. It was wide, thick, a solid core, whatever you might want to call it, thicker than any she had seen before, although she didn’t consider herself an expert, having not seen that many in her 49 years to compare it with.

Kate felt a strange sudden impulse to put this impressively broad penis into her mouth … she knew not why. Tentatively, she stretched out her tongue and licked the tip, picking up some clear secretion that was evidence of his arousal. She pursed her lips and used them to open-mouth kiss the head of his penis, stretching her mouth wider until she had totally encased the whole head.

Brad’s eyes rolled back in his head, “You are a surprise packet, I never expected that you’d want to try this.”

“Umm!” she mumbled, unable to form words to answer him with her lips stretched wide around the head of his penis, her tongue licking across the eye in the top.

“Ohhh Godddddd!” she heard his uttering of appreciation, “that’s just great! More … more, I can take a lot of that!”

She giggled with her mouth stuffed full of his penis, then released him, watching it bobble about vertically … stiff and upright. “That was on impulse,” she told him, “I just saw it there and liked how it looked, so I had this mad desire to suck on it.”

“Boy, I’m glad you did, that was great.”

“I’d love to try giving you a blow job, but I don’t think I could get enough of you inside my mouth to do it properly.”

“Sure you can, go on, give it a try.”

Emboldened, Kate stretched her lips wide once more and closed her mouth over the head of his penis. She sucked on him for a minute or so and then realised that she might be more successful with working from the outside. She took it out of her mouth and began licking upstrokes on the underside of his penis-head with the flat of her tongue like she was licking a lollipop.

“Oh yes Kate, don’t stop!” he implored.

She licked him crazily and with wild abandon, with a mad desire to get him to cum quickly, but being a professional and a proud young stud, he wasn’t about to let this older woman get him to hit his peak too soon. Eventually, when her oral work on the head of his penis threatened to cause him to lose control, he grasped a hold of her head with both hands and prised her lips off him.

“No, don’t stop me,” she screamed, “it was getting good, you’re about to cum … I know you are.”

“This is all about you sweetheart, I can cum anytime, but you’re first.”

“No, let me do this, I have this crazy need to suck you.”

But Brad wouldn’t relent and at that moment, he flipped her whole body over onto her back and within almanbahis giriş seconds, his knees were pushing hers wider, his pelvis above her pussy, his penis pressing into the spread of her labia, lining up at her vaginal entrance and then he thrust his hips firmly forward. Her eyes shot open as she felt this solid mass of masculinity press into her, its thick core obvious as her vaginal opening was stretched wide to accommodate his girth.

“Oh God, I can feel that, you’re so different from my husband … and from Tony.”

“Are you okay with it, do you need more time?” he asked, again impressing Kate with the concern and caring nature shown by these guys toward her.

“No, I’m good,” she reassured him, wriggling her hips around beneath him, adjusting to make his entry as smooth as she could get it. “Just take it steady please, I haven’t had one like yours before.”

“Take your time, we’ve got all night.”

“Oh, we won’t need that long, I want to feel this lovely thick thing inside me.”

He gave her a minute or two and then when she hooked her heels around behind his arse, he took that as her signal that she was ready for him to press ahead. Brad managed to get his penis up inside her although it took a series of small gains until his thick 6 inches was embedded within her.

He fucked her well, but she only came once before she felt him lose it and blast his cum into her in a series of wild thrusting spasms that locked his thick core inside her until his penis was drained of his cum and began to deflate enough to ease it out of her tight clamp.

When they settled and their heavy breathing abated and their heart rates dropped back to normal, he confessed, “You got to me with your blow job. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but when I was looking for the extra stamina to keep going despite my balls wanting it to be over, I just couldn’t hold back. Not many women have caused me to cum that quickly … you’re hot Kate.”

She wondered if that was the truth or was it his ego talking because she had told him how many times Tony got her to cum and he couldn’t get her past one in their first fuck together.

“I know it’s late,” he told her, “you’re probably tired after a long first day and want to sleep now, but I’m warning you, I’ll be waking you around midnight, ready or not.”

Kate laughed, despite the number of times she had cum since arriving at the hotel with these guys, she was still enjoying the exciting forbidden adventure of it all, “I think I can handle that, give it your best shot, I’ll be ready. But do make sure you wake me, I don’t want to miss anything,” and she gave him her best cute giggle.

She lifted her head and kissed him with feeling and emotion, “Brad, I love what you and Tony are doing for me. I don’t know if I can survive for 48 hours, but I have had more fulfilling sex with you and Tony since we got to this room than I have had in the last few years with my husband. I want to thank you very much, I feel excited and alive again.”

“That’s what we’re here for honey. This is all about you women and fulfilling your needs.”

Kate wanted to say, ‘and the money you will get from my husband has nothing to do with it, right?’ but decided it would achieve nothing to antagonise this nice young man.

Brad did wake her but it wasn’t until about 1am. He had woken with a raging hard-on and looked across to see her lying on her front with her face turned away from him. His fingers played with her arse for quite a while. He noted that when his soft feather-like touch delineated the soft curves of the inner slopes of her arse cheeks, striving to get his finger deep enough to rim her anal ring, her thighs shifted wider apart. Was she awake enough to knowingly part them or was her subconscious encouraging his intimate touch without her full awareness? She appeared to be asleep, but Brad wondered if she really was.

Eventually, with his hard-on leaking clear pre-cum and her legs spread lewdly apart, his fingers tested her pussy and found she was running like a woodland stream between those swollen lower lips. He rolled over behind her, grasping her hips and lifting her up to a kneeling position. Kate moaned but didn’t protest and even spread her knees wider apart before Brad needed her to, as if she knew what was coming.

Lit by the sliver of moonlight coming through the gap in the curtains at the hotel room window, he positioned his penis in the wet channel formed by those nether lips and stroked the penis-head up and down a few times, paying particular attention to her clitoral bud. She murmured what sounded like approval of his actions and he once more centred his penis and thrust his hips forward, sinking his thick head within her passage again.

She grunted but indicated no resistance, even wriggling her arse for him and pushing back at him the next time his hips thrust, allowing him to sink most of his core inside her surprisingly tight sheath. This one was a wild ride in the middle of the night as young Brad did the 49-year-old married woman doggie style, using his fingers to manipulate her clit in perfect unison with the rhythm of his thrusts. Kate came twice before Brad could hold back no longer and he pushed his penis in deep for his final cumming, spurting his cum deep.

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