An Anniversary to Remember

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His wife of 7 years had never called him at work and told him to make sure he came right home from the office. He was a bit confused by the phone call but, with the busy day he was having, he did not dwell on the call for long. As he left the office for the day he began to ponder why she would have called him and made such a request. He was wondering, to himself, “Had I forgotten about something, maybe a birthday or anniversary?” He was usually very good about remembering these things and for all of his searching he could not come up with anything. It was the middle of December. Their wedding anniversary had just passed in September and her birthday was in August so he knew it was neither one of those.

As he arrived home he noticed that it was dark in their house. He opened the front door to the house and walked into the foyer. He could smell the scent of vanilla throughout the house. As he stepped into the living room there he found her. She was dressed in a new piece of lingerie that he had never seen. It was a shade of purple and most of it was see-through. She always could create a flutter in his heart just with her looks. All of the lights were turned off, the fireplace was lit and vanilla candles burned all over the house. She had the ice bucket out and had a bottle of champagne already being chilled and a platter of chocolate covered strawberries. She asked him not to ask any questions and to open the bottle of champagne. He did as he was asked and poured them both a glass. She sat him down in front of the couch and she sat behind him with her legs straddling his back. She rubbed his shoulders and back while they drank the champagne and ate the strawberries.

Once the champagne was finished she asked him to come with her upstairs. They went upstairs to their bedroom and once there she began undressing him. almanbahis He could tell she took great pleasure in undressing him very sensually but without touching him too much. She was having the desired effect on him due to the growing bulge in the front of his slacks. Once he was completely naked she asked him to lye down on the bed on his stomach. Once he was on the bed she asked him to close his eyes. She turned on the stereo and made it just loud enough so that he could no longer hear her moving around the bed. She asked him to lift his head as she put a blindfold on him to ensure that this sense was completely taken away. With his sense of sight being blocked and his sense of hearing being distorted he began to get very excited at the thought of what might happen next.

He felt her lift his wrist as she tied a strap around it and then fastened it to something. She then moved to the other wrist and then to both of his ankles. When she was done he was spread eagle on the bed and he was unable to move but maybe a few inches. She began massaging his back and then moved onto his legs. He was feeling very relaxed as she began to massage his ass. As she was massaging his ass she began kissing and gently biting it as well. He felt her slowly moved up to his neck and whisper in his ear, “Do you know what today is lover?” He racked his brain and still came up with nothing. “This day, 13 years ago, you took my virginity”, she said. “Over the past 13 years I know there is a secret fantasy that you have had but have never really told to me. Today I am going to return the favor that you gave to me 13 years ago. I am going to take your virginity”.

His first thought was, “How did she know”, but then as it began to sink in, he realized all of the hints that he had dropped over the years. He thought that she was just ignoring almanbahis yeni giriş him. She slowly moved off of the bed and his mind began racing. He knew they had a closet full of toys that he had bought over the years for her. Suddenly, he felt her begin to move back onto the bed. She began to caress his ass very gently and then began massaging it again.

He felt her gently spreading his ass and then he felt a cool liquid being poured onto his anus. With the tip of her finger she slowly spread the lubrication around his tight little sphincter. She poured some more lube on his anus only this time she slowly began sliding her finger inside.

He has played with his own ass many times while masturbating, but he had never felt these sensations.

Slowly she began moving her finger in and out, going deeper with every stroke. He felt her remove her finger and pour more lube on his ass. She began again only this time adding another finger.

His anus stretched as she slid both fingers in deeper. He had not noticed how hard his cock had gotten until that moment. Pressing against the mattress he was becoming uncomfortable with the stiffness.

She sensed his discomfort and realized the reason for it very quickly. She removed his ankle straps and told him to get onto his knees.

He moved onto his knees. He was no longer uncomfortable but now realized that he was in a better position for her to get to his anus. He felt her apply more lube to his ass. He was wondering what would be next. He then felt the cool tip of plastic. She began pushing the thin plastic vibrator into his ass. Once it was about half way in she began to move it in and out. His cock had grown so hard at this point he thought he was going to explode. When she turned the vibrator on he instantly began cumming all over the almanbahis giriş sheets of the bed. He had never had this happen before. He had never had an orgasm from anything but direct stimulation to his cock.

She untied his wrists but asked him to leave the blindfold on. He rolled over onto his back and laid there. He felt that he was completely spent. After a few moments, he felt her crawl back onto the bed. She began fondling his cock again and he could feel his testicles begin to stir. She must have felt it to because the next thing he felt was her mouth on his cock. She knew that he loved her mouth and over the past 13 years she had become quite an accomplished cocksucker. He felt his cock soon return to almost full staff as she manipulated it further.

Once his cock was nice and hard again she slid down between his legs. Still being blindfolded, he could not tell what she was doing. She lifted both of legs and asked him to hold them up and apart with his hands. He soon felt her begin to apply more lubrication to his ass. She stopped only for a moment and that is when she asked him to remove his blindfold. As his vision cleared from the blindfold, he could now see her intentions. She was wearing a long, thin dildo in a strap-on harness and was about to fuck his ass with it. She told him to relax as she began sliding into him. He felt so full and she slid deeper and deeper. He could not believe all of the sensations he was feeling at this time. His cock was rock hard once again. He thought that it could not get any better than that. That is when she wrapped her hand around his cock and began stroking it. She had applied lube to her hand and was not stroking his cock with her hand using the same timing she was using to fuck his ass with the dildo. It was a matter of minutes before he began shooting his cum. He squirted and squirted and then collapsed from being so spent. She slowly slid the dildo out of his ass.

She kissed him on the forehead, wished him a Happy Anniversary and left him there to sleep so she could come back later and have her turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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