Alice Grey: An Awakening Ch. 02

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Alice left Robyn behind that evening in the knowledge that she would see her again. The electricity that passed between them was impalpable and so she could not wait for that moment. She was also lost to the knowledge that Todd, her boyfriend, was going to be furious with her for abandoning him the way she had. She had received dozens of calls and texts yet she had not replied, and while she felt a little guilty it did not particularly bother her.

One problem did bother her a little, however, and that was just how horny she was despite having spent the night and day in carnal bliss. She could satisfy that urge and reconcile with Todd in a single act, however she couldn’t imagine having sex with him, curiously. Less than 24 hours before she would have quite happily given him a blowjob and let him fuck her, but now? Now she wanted Robyn – every aspect of her.

Alice heard the bleep of her phone and removed it from her bag as she sat down on her regular bus, the quick ten-minute journey saving her feet.

I can still taste you. Call me xo

Alice felt the familiar stirring of butterflies, this time accompanied by a tingling in her pussy, and she typed out a quick response; simple yet sweet.

You can count on it xxx

She stared out of the window and watched the city go by, the early evening winter dusk drawing light from the streets around her. There were aspects of Brighton which she loved to no end and as she gazed out to sea she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the yellow and orange sunset, colours swirling around each other in the sky’s never-ending palette of creation. The bus turned toward the city centre, leaving the pier behind her, and she pressed the red button as she neared her stop.

Alice lived in a single-bedroom apartment with Todd in an area called the Brighton Rocket on St. James’ Street, a stone throw from the beach and pier. Darkness began to fall as she reached the door, unlocking it and entering the moderate warmth within. Walking into the living room she was greeted by the cold, calculated words from her boyfriend, not a greeting in sight.

“I’m beyond angry with you.”

“I should have called.”

“Too damn right, Alice. I want to fix our relationship but you just don’t seem to care.” Todd shouted harshly at her.

“You think that I don’t care? That really is rich from you.” Alice yelled back, not willing to back down from him.

“Meaning what?”

Alice was certain that Todd knew exactly what she was meaning, his calmer, quiet tone of voice ridding any doubt that she may have had.

“You are so miserable, Todd, its unbearable. All I hear you do is moan about your life but you never do anything to change it. You’re dragging me down and I can’t bear it.”

“If that’s how you feel then why don’t you just fuck off?”

He screamed at her and she broke, tears flowing freely as he turned away from her, holding his head in his hands. Todd had not intended to speak to her in that way, never, but the anger he was feeling at losing her drove him to it.

Alice was gone. When he turned to see her absence he stumbled toward the bedroom after her, furious that she was listening to the voice of anger. Perhaps it was the voice of reason, he mused, yet still he could not calm the infernal rage. She almanbahis şikayet had taken off her dress and was pulling a pair of jeans from the cabinet as he grabbed her, feeling a few tear drops against his arm.

Not thinking straight, he leaned forward and kissed her gently, a hand on the back of her head and his other at the small of her back. She was his and he would prove it to her. Their sex life was always the most passionate part of their relationship – a fact which he knew was a problem – and perhaps he would be able to change her mind.

He unhooked her bra with one hand and pulled her thong aside with the other, immediately finding her clit and circling gently. She responded, slightly, and made a minor attempt to pull away from him. Alice was undecided as to whether she should stop him, and found herself pushed forcibly onto the bed while he tore off his clothes and discarded them.

Alice could see that his cock was already half-mast, the seven inches of thick meat growing harder with every passing moment. She saw the anger on his face as he grasped her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed, and felt his hand roughly on her shoulders as he spun her around. Her shoulders were now level with the edge of the bed and her head was dangling off, upside down; she knew exactly what was coming.

Rock solid, Todd lowered his cock towards her mouth and paused, waiting expectantly for her to open her lips and grant him passage. She did not, however, and so he put a hand around her throat as he so often did.

“Open up Alice, let me fuck that little throat.”

She hesitated slightly and then did as she was asked, wrapping her lips around his cock as he entered the now-open barrier.

She ran her tongue around the head of his cock as he thrusted slowly, little more than just the glans breaching her lips. She let him move at his own pace, licking and suctioning as he thrusted. He soon grew tired of this, though, and pushed deeper to touch the back of her throat. Repeating this motion consecutively caused Alice to gag and so he pulled out momentarily to allow her to compose herself.

Seconds later and he returned to the back of her throat, pushing harder once again to enter the tight passage of her oesophagus. Todd thrusted harder and deeper, and breached the obstacle in one solid push; a single asphyxiating movement. He pulled back and thrusted once again and remained stationary in her throat until she began to gag once more.

Allowing her to breathe freely she coughed for multiple seconds, not quite given the time to prepare for another assault. He thrusted hard and fast, his balls slapping against her nose and eyes as he fucked her mouth. She could not breathe though he showed no consideration for this, thrusting wildly. Saliva began to pour from the corner of her mouth and his arousal increased as he watched the rise and fall of the large bulge in her throat.

She could take it no more, however, and as he pulled out she gasped heavily for air. Saliva gushed from her mouth, her face and hair drenched, and he felt pity enough to dry her face with his discarded shirt. She shook her head as he tried to put his cock back into her throat, and so he allowed her respite, helping her to her feet.

He bent her over on the bed almanbahis canlı casino before him and rubbed his cock up against her, feeling the heat and lubrication from her pussy. Unable to contain himself he drove his cock into her without restraint, instantly pounding her. Holding her hip with one hand he pulled her long ponytail and snapped her head back, loving the guttural moan escaping from her throat. She gripped his cock tightly with her pussy as he fucked her, and without breaking stride he reached over her to pick up his neck tie.

He released her hair and pushed her head down onto the mattress, pulled her arms behind her back and released her for only a moment.

“Don’t move, Alice.”

Using the tie, he secured her hands together as tightly as possible without cutting circulation and slapped her ass, losing himself to the overwhelming sensations. He slapped both her ass cheeks with both hands, holding the two globes of perfection, massaging them with strong fingers.

The scent of their sex drove him wild and he was driven into a pleasure-led frenzy, sensible thought abandoned to lust. He glanced down at the rosebud between her ass cheeks and knew that that would be the last chance he would ever get. He put his thumb into his mouth for a second to gather some saliva and put his hand on her ass, his thumb in contact with her most private hole.

Alice wriggled under his iron grip, barely able to move due to the position and her lack of arm movement. As she felt his thumb on her asshole she was immediately reminded of Robyn, and almost instantaneously she came. She could feel Todd’s cock harden briefly as the walls of her pussy contracted around him, but as her orgasm began to wear off he pulled out of her.

She could not see him but heard what sounded like the tearing of foil and the click of a plastic bottle being opened: she was apprehensive. She thought it was the sound of a condom foil, the point of which already having been defeated, but before she was able to question him a ball gag was placed into her mouth, silencing her.

Her apprehension turned to worry, however, when she felt a cold liquid being dribbled onto her asshole. She called his name yet the word was not understandable and so, rightly or wrongly, she resigned herself to the sodomy she was about to receive. Todd had covered his cock generously in the lubrication they used on the rare occasion she was not suitably aroused, and had squirted what seemed a suitable amount onto her ass. Lining up his cock, he prepared for a slow entry into her forbidden zone.

“Relax baby.”

His words angered Alice even while the unannounced anal sex did not, though she did try to relax as he pushed against the resistance the muscle was giving him. He did not let up, and eventually her ass gave way to the pressure he was putting on it. Immediately she felt very little, though as his head crept further into her she began to feel an almost-burning sensation.

He had barely put half of the head inside her, half of his girth, and Alice was not enthralled with the experience. Pain increased as he furthered his entry, the pained groans from her throat only seeming to drive him further. She had never seen this side of Todd, never been on the end of such a power trip of almanbahis casino masochism. He pushed a little too hard and she gasped in pain, writhing a little beneath him.

“Head’s in, beautiful.”

He pulled back slightly and Alice vented the pain into anger at him for daring to speak to her during this, but as he pushed in deeper the pain exceeded the anger. Minutes passed in a cycle of slow thrusts, inching further and further until he had buried half of his cock into her tight asshole. Todd stayed still for a moment and Alice began to feel the pain subside as she adjusted.

Todd withdrew every-so-slightly and then pushed forward hard, his balls crashing against her pussy as he slammed all seven inches inside her. Alice screamed, though the sound resembled pleasure to the man fucking her.

“Wrro cmmmt” Alice shouted in a muffled voice.

The pain was intense but Alice endured as the man she had loved fucked her delicate ass relentlessly, each thrust further accentuating exactly why she was leaving him. Todd could not believe the tight warmth of Alice’s ass, the sight of seeing his cock disappear inside her nearly driving him to come inside her then and there. Somehow he didn’t, however, though he could not manage more than a few minutes.

He knew that he would not last much longer and so to Alice’s relief he pulled out of her previously-virgin ass. She had, unbeknownst to him, overcome the pain and had been close to enjoying it. He ripped off the condom and threw it aside, jerking his cock whilst she adjusted positions. She, for reasons she didn’t quite understand, knelt down in front of him. The ball-gag prevented his desired finale, and so he took it off of her so that she could open her mouth.

He embedding himself balls deep into her throat for what he knew would be the final time, and he relished every second of it. The tight sensation around his glans and shaft, the feel of his balls slapping her chin, and the irreversibly intense build-up to an Earth-shattering orgasm.

He pulled out of her mouth and she kept it open, stuck out her tongue and waited for the reward she had clearly deserved. The first jet of his searing hot ejaculate shot from his cock right across her face, the long strand reaching from her chin to the top of her forehead. The second, third, forth, and fifth strands followed suite, showering her face in semen, a sizable quantity in her mouth. Not giving him the satisfaction of swallowing, she spat it down her chin and to the floor.


Todd was gone, and Alice had broken down into tears at losing him. She did not love him, that had quickly become apparent in the hours preceding that moment, but he had been an important part of her life for a substantial amount of time. She didn’t regret anything but it would take a certain amount of adjustment.

Hours had passed and she saw that it was fast-approaching 10:30pm, and her ringtone blared from beside her coffee mug on the table. It was Robyn, and so she answered.

“Hello?” Alice answered, hoping beyond all hope that she wouldn’t notice she had been crying.

“What’s happened?” her prayers were not answered.

Two simple words were all it took for Alice to break down once more, and having got her address Robyn told her she would be right there. Despite everything, Alice could not wait to see her.



Thanks for all the feedback on chapter 1, its motivated me to continue the story. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, Alice will be going back to Robyn in the next chapter!


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