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It always worked with one phone call sometime during the week. Obviously, I’d see it coming when the trailer of some big action flick would start to show on television. And when there was a dry spell when no big blockbuster action flicks were opening, I’d still get the call. There were other times that we would play around, but these calls of invitation had a very special meaning behind them.

“Hey, man, The Rock is opening up this weekend. I have an extra ticket.”

“You know to count me in,” I say.

“Wanna make a night of it?”

“Hey, that sounds cool! I’ll run home after work and grab a bag and meet you at your place.”

“Sounds like a plan. See ya then.”

Ben is my best friend. Has been since our college days ten or eleven years ago. He’s the guy who taught me how to smoke pot, drink alcohol and just not take things too seriously. If you’ve heard of the cliché ‘works hard and plays harder’ then you’ve just described Ben to yourself. Handsome, intelligent, built and a great sense of humor. We workout together, go places together, dine together and occasionally work together. I’m an advertising editor for a men’s magazine and Ben works in advertising.

On the outset, most people confuse us as being gay lovers. We find it amusing and, usually, don’t back down on the image. But the truth of the matter is that I’m straight and Ben describes himself as being an onanist. Bisexual could come into mind, but I’ve only touched Ben’s cock once. It neither turned me on nor turned me off. It was a natural response of wonder. I told my last girlfriend Melissa about a night I had spent with Ben, and she thought it was bold and mature. She even scheduled herself for other interests and suggested that I spend some time with Ben.

By the time I got to Ben’s place he’d already had one beer himself and ready for another one. I put on my favorite compact disc, Pearl Jam’s Vitology, and we just chat about our day. We toast to it being Friday, down our beers and jump into my car and head for the theater. Once we have the popcorn in our hands and our asses in our seats, Ben asks if I’d heard from Melissa. I got a letter from her just yesterday. The new job in Chicago is great and she would like for us to visit before the end of summer. No prospects of any new romances and she’s looking to buy a house.

“Cool! Good for her. If you want to take her up on her offer, let me know.” Ben says.

“Let’s say, maybe, late August?”

“Okay, man, we can talk about it.”

The lights go down and we’re bombarded with trailers before the feature. Once the credits are flashing on the screen, we settle down. Ready to be entertained.

“Man, that was a good movie!” I tell Ben after the movie.

We’re always hyped after a good action flick. Maybe that’s why on nights like this, we always see a movie full of testosterone.

I drive to a neighborhood bar and we each take a beer and a shot of scotch to a table. Ben raises his shot glass for a toast. “To…being a man.”

I clink my glass next to his and take a drink. We both sip the scotch throughout the first beer and have two more during the second beer. I look around the bar. There’s maybe about fourteen people in here, including us. It’s still early.

When I look back at Ben, he begins to speak. “The other day, I was really into this porno I bought and my fucking landlady comes knocking at my door to discuss apartment manager bullshit. I slip on a pair of sweats and stand there waiting for her to hurry up and get the fuck out of my place. All the while, she’s trying to pretend that I don’t have a raging hard-on making a tent out in my sweatpants.”

I burst out laughing. “Aw, shit, man! Could she keep her eyes off it?”

“I think it was the hardest attempt she’d ever made in her life. She kept stumbling over her words and smiling.”

“I think she wanted you to ravage her body.”

“Yeah, right. When cows decide to shit eggs will that ever happen.”

I burst out in laugher and Ben joins me.

“When was your last time, buddy?”

I take a swallow of beer. “Wednesday night.”

“Wednesday night?!” he nearly shouts.

“Hey, I’m not you. I have to save up a little.”

Ben tells me about the time he was in school and was caught by his father. Ben had just come home from a baseball game and was so horny that he started taking off his clothes at the front door, carrying them in his arms. By the time he was at his bedroom door, he’d had on only his jockstrap. He rushed in and closed the door, forgetting to lock it. Ben dove onto the bed and began to work himself up really good. Then, his father just walked in, froze in his steps and smiled. Before leaving, he told Ben to continue on and see him later.

I told Ben about the time I’d seen the guy next door do it while his wife was downstairs in the kitchen. I was home from school and just finishing up my homework. My folks wouldn’t be home for another hour or so and my brother was hanging out in the garage with some of his friends. I looked out my bedroom window Avrupa Yakası Escort and the guy from next door was stripping off his clothes. When he got down to his briefs, he looked down at his hard dick stretching the fabric. He closed the door and settled back on the bed, playing with himself. I watched the way he stroked his cock, caressing and touching it as if he was in love.

“All guys love their dicks,” Ben said.

“Hey, screwball, you want to hear this or not?”

Anyway, his dick was average, I guess. But, it looked big to me. Stretched out and throbbing with every touch. He used his other hand and played with his balls. Then, he really started to go to town. His hand pumped up and down really fast, like a jackhammer. His hips started to thrust up into his hand. Soon, he sprayed his chest and belly with his cum. He continued to stroke on his cock lovingly, wiping the sperm from his hand and onto his dick. And he was still hard. When he started to clean up, he looked over and found me watching him. He laughed to himself and winked. I’ve watched him a few more times and we never made a big deal of it. He got off on it and I learned how to have a good time jerking off.

“Cool,” Ben says.

“When was the last time for you, buddy?” I ask.

“Last night after work. But, I didn’t do anything at all today.”

I laugh.

“Ready?” he asks, gulping down the last of his beer.

“Yep. Just let me finish the scotch.”

We get back to Ben’s place and I grab two beers from the fridge while he makes a detour to the bathroom. He doesn’t bother closing the door. I sit his beer on the counter and go into the bedroom to get into a pair of sweats. Then I go into the bathroom for my piss and hear Ben fumbling around in the bedroom. When I come out, a couple of drops of piss dripping down my leg, he’s sitting on the sofa and rolling a joint. We talk about the movie and he gets up to find a lighter. I can see his dick bouncing around in the sweatpants he has on. Neither of us are wearing underwear.

Ben lights the joint, takes a hit, passes it to me and I take a hit.

We smoke the joint until it’s down to a roach and sit back to let the grass take effect. In the meantime, Ben put a few compact discs in while absent-mindedly playing with himself through the sweats. Watching him gets me turned on a little.

“Ben, how about we watch your videos tonight?”

He turns and looks at me a bit strangely at first and, then, his expression softens and he sort of sings out: “Okay.”

Ben returns to the sofa and turns to me. “You forgot your videos? If you did, I bought a couple just in case.”

“No, I didn’t forget them. I just feel like watching your videos.”

Normally, I would bring a couple of straight videos and we’d both get into them. But, Ben’s collection of porn, which is quite large, consists of guys jacking off. That’s what he’s into. Anything else, then he and his partner would talk. But, basically, Ben’s into self-pleasuring and watching other guys do it. Ben does not label himself as gay or straight. “I’m an onanist,” he would say proudly.

The pot is starting to take effect. Ben, as we talk, plays with himself. I’m getting more and more turned on, but my dick isn’t getting hard. It’s just tingling. And this causes me to start playing with myself also.

“You ready for the video?” Ben asks.

“Naw, not yet. I just like sitting here and playing with our dicks.”

“Yeah, me too. You should’ve seen the boner I had this morning. It took every ounce of willpower in my body and soul not to toss a load.”

“I hear ya. I’ve gone two days! But, like I said before, I’m not you!.”

While I consider it normal for men to masturbate two or three times a day, I sometimes wish that I was like Ben. Four or five times everyday!!! Man, what I wouldn’t give for super balls like him. Ben’s balls are big and meaty, just like his body. His pecs jut out in front of him, hard and hairy. His biceps looked as if they were carved from rock. He’s meaty, but not overdone. Our bodies are almost the same size and shape. Whereas he’s hairy, I’m not. He likes his head bald and I sport a crew-cut. My balls are smaller than his and we have the same dick-length: seven inches. Ben’s cock stands straight out while mine curves slightly to the left.

“Sometimes you match me, buddy.”

“Yeah…like if I don’t shoot off for a couple of days and watch a few videos during the time.”

Ben laughs. “You watch porn and don’t beat off?”

“I just want to be really turned on sometimes on our nights.”

“Yeah, like that time we shot about eight loads up until Saturday afternoon.”

“Man, I’ll never forget that one! My balls were dry for about twenty-four hours. And I’ll bet you had a few more left in you!”

“Shit, yeah. Can’t go too long without stroking it.”

Ben, suddenly, takes off his sweatpants and is bare-assed naked. His cock is semi-hard and his big balls hang low. His right hand goes directly for his genitals and he starts to Escort Bayan play again.

“You’re pretty hard there, buddy.” Ben says to me.

Somewhere along the way, I had lowered the sweats down under my balls. I look down and stare at my curved cock, rock-fucking-dick hard. I slap it into the palm of my left hand. The smacking sound is like erotic music. I take the tips of my fingers and caress the head, making the entire shaft throb. I jiggle my balls as my right hand wraps around my cock and I start to pump up and down. Man, the feeling is intense and rushes through my body. I hear myself moan in satisfaction.

I look over at Ben, his dick is sticking straight up and he’s paying loving attention to it. Both his hands caress his entire cock and roam around his heavy balls. Then, he wraps both hands around the shaft and slowly move them up and down. And I hear the same moan come from him.

Ben slowly moves his left hand down to his nutsac and tugs gently on them. His right hand starts to jack on his dick a little faster. He always said that if you come fast the first time, then the next couple of times will seem less urgent and you can really just let your jack off session soar.

We sit back and watch each other for awhile. Then, I turn to Ben. “Stand up and jack off for me.”

He’s more than happy to oblige. Ben stands up and faces me. His dick is bone-hard and bouncing with each move he makes. He starts to pound on his cock again. With his other hand, he teases his nipples and massage his hairy, flat stomach. Ben’s hand starts to move faster. He’s really getting into it. My fist is trying to keep up with the rhythm of Ben’s, making my balls bounce nearly to my ass opening.

“I like watching you jack off, man!” Ben breathes, jackhammering his cock.

“Sit back, dude. I want to see you shoot on yourself.”

Ben doesn’t stop stroking his cock as he re-settles himself back on the sofa. My hand is flying up and down on my dick, making my whole body react to how fantastic it feels.

“Aw, man, I’m gonna shoot!” Ben huffs right before a huge load of jism squirts out of his dick and hits him on the chest. Another squirt hits him on his right nipple. Two more shots blast out and coats his stomach. Then, a few weak spurts and his dick begins to leak. I look over at Ben’s face and he looks completely satisfied.

My dick starts to get harder and the sensation hits me as I shoot a huge amount of cum all over my chest and stomach. My body is under a strange spell and the orgasm lingers for a moment. Both Ben and I still have our hands stroking, very slowly, as our cocks refuse to go down just yet.

“Ah, man,” Ben says, his eyes closed. “That was fucking great!”

“Fantastic!” I breathe.

We normally don’t wipe up and keep the cum drying on our bodies.

Both Ben and I lay for awhile, letting the glory of our orgasm subside. He lets go of his dick, a little cum still on his fingers. I kick back and wipe the remaining cum from my fingers and onto my stomach.

“Damn, buddy, that was a big load,” Ben says.

“Told you I was saving up!”

“Wanna order a pizza?”

“Sure, man. Pepperoni and green peppers, this time.”


Neither one of us bothered to dress. We never did whenever we had one of our nights. We stayed nude with our soft dicks and cum drying on our bodies. After our second spurt of the night, the place would start to smell of sweaty balls and cum. Ben would take a deep whiff and exhale. Ah, he would say, the smell of being a man!

Our dicks slowly went soft as I cranked up Stone Temple Pilots on the stereo. We sit and talk about a game and work and anything else we both had a common interest in. Guy things. One of us would sneak in a masturbation story in there somewhere and our dicks would be stirred again. Once, we just kept the porno movies going for most of the night. When one would end, we’d just pop another one in the VCR and just continue watching while continuing on with our conversation. We never set a rule where we had to actually do it together. If one of us felt like stroking and the other didn’t, the inactive one would just sit back and relax and enjoy the moment by watching. But, mostly, the other one would join in.

I like jacking off with Ben. Our nights of action movies, porno and rock music are scenes of male bonding the likes of which I’ve never experienced with another guy. It’s personal and it’s an extension of our friendship. Our platonic feelings for one another run deep. Deeper than any other friendship I’ve ever had with another guy. So deep and trustworthy that I’ve shot my load on Ben a couple of times. And seeing the rush of pleasure come across his face made me wonder. So, I’ve asked Ben to spray his load on me a couple of times. And I’ve found it extremely erotic and so fucking hot! My best friend, shooting his steaming load of jism all over by body.

I like being naked and letting my dick flop around. I also like Ben’s comfort and love of nudity. His cock and balls istanbul Escort bounce nicely as he moves about the apartment. Sometimes, we’d walk around with erections and just let them stay hard, not bothering to jack off. Once in awhile, Ben would play around with his cock and it wouldn’t get hard. I think he once said that his dick is his favorite toy.

When the pizza comes, Ben slips on his pair of sweats. His limp cock makes a nice bulge in the front of them. When he moves, I can see it swing back and forth. When the delivery boy leaves, Ben slips his sweats back off and puts on The Last Boy Scout and we eat the pizza. I scratch my balls and tug on my dick a few times. But, Ben plays with his full steam. This is one of those times he doesn’t get a hard-on and plays with himself without much attention being noticeable.

After the movie, Ben asks if I’m ready to watch a video.

“Yeah, man. Put one on!”

“Okay,” Ben says. “Let’s not touch our dicks until the second or third guy is whacking away on his dick. Cool?”

I ponder the thought of this new game and decide it would be a little fun. “Sure. It’s going to be a little hard, though.”

“What? The task or your cock?”

“Both, buddy-boy. Both.”

“Okay, let’s not do it until the third guy is on.”

I smile with approval and Ben puts the video on then is back beside me on the sofa. On the screen, a very-built guy who seems to be in his thirties is stretching by a Jacuzzi. He touches himself through his swim trunks and removes them. His cock is half-hard, flopping onto his stomach. He caresses his body, roaming his hands and fingers lightly over the skin in self-admiration. His cock gets harder and he plays with it. He holds it straight up and admires his hard staff of manhood and his fingers evolves into a fist and start to pump.

I look down. My dick is starting to respond to the actions on the video. I look over at Ben and find his cock standing straight up and starting to twitch. I can almost feel the blood flowing into my cock and it gets harder and harder. I look back at the video. From the guy’s expressions, it seems as if he’s about to shoot his load. I blink and see him shooting cum into the jacuzzi; his cum spurts out in great distance, hitting the other side of the jacuzzi.

“Yeah!” Ben breathes.

Both my cock and Ben’s are throbbing. We keep our hands off them, holding out until the third guy is on screen. But the next video session has two guys who watch a straight porno video and jack off together. I didn’t think my dick could get any harder, but, man, it is now. The scene with the two guys getting off on the video and taking side glances at each other is really turning me on! My fist is begging to be wrapped around my dick and my dick is starving for attention. Ben is highly charged also. He’s getting a little restless.

I turn to Ben. “Hey, buddy.”

“Yeah, man?”

“Let’s just give them a little pet. Whatta say?”

“You can, but I’m sticking to the task at hand…so to speak.”

I decide to stick with it also. I make my dick jump and watch it swing around. I look back up at the video and the two guys are standing in front of one another jacking their dicks off. They’re totally getting off on watching one another and the look of total exhibitionistic seduction of their faces is sending me into overdrive. But, I hold back and play with my dick by watching it swing and throb.

I look over at Ben and he’s staring lovingly at his cock. It’s as if he’s amazed by it; intrigued and enchanted. He reaches down and scratches his balls; his hard cock swings back and forth along with the movements of his fingers. I feel a bit of pre-cum dribble down the shaft of my dick.

Back on the screen, the two guys are still standing in front of each other pounding away on their puds. One guy’s face becomes a contorted mask of pleasure and his load spurts out of him and lands on his stomach and dribbles down his fingers. His friend’s orgasm follows as his cum squirts out of his dick like a window cleaner bottle pump. He even manages to spray some of his jizz onto his friend. They come down from their high and smile at one another.

The third scene is on and the guy is in a garage repairing a car. He stops and notices his hard dick through the coveralls. He removes them revealing a solid body of muscle, a nine-inch hard cock curving upwards and huge tight balls. He spits into his palm and spreads it over his dick, building up a steady stroke. My fingers feel my balls and jiggle them. Then, my fist wraps around my dick. The sensation shoots through me and it feels as if I’m going to come.

“Ah! Yeah!” I groan.

“Yeah, buddy, jack off for me!” Ben says.

I look over at my friend and his fist is jackhammering his dick. Ben’s balls are bouncing up and down with each stroke.

“Shit, man, this feels so fucking good!” I say.

Ben moans and his head moves swiftly from side to side. His hips begin to grind to the rhythm of his jacking.

I can’t stop now. I’m masturbating like an ape now. My fist is pumping on my cock and I feel my balls with my other hand. Ben and I are seriously jacking on our dicks even beyond the fourth guy in the video. And when the fifth guy comes on screen, he’s just waking up and starting to masturbate. I can’t hold back any longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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