Accident in the Dark with My Sister

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Another bead of sweat slowly dripped down my brow before falling to the floor; the three fans set up across the room doing little to combat the extreme heat that filled the house. I lay splayed out across the couch, trying my hardest not to move, while slowly drowning in my own pool of sweat. It has been four days since the hottest heat wave on record began, and three days since the AC unit broke down. Dad happens to be a handyman, but he and mom had to choose this week to go on vacation, leaving my sister Katy and I to fend for ourselves. He told me to call a repairman, but of course with this crazy heat wave the earliest appointment I could get with the guy was in a weeks’ time! As another sweat bead formed and quickly joined the last, I groan in defeat of mother nature.

“Uh oh, is somebody having a hard time enjoying their summer?” I don’t even bother lifting my head up from the couch. Years of living with a bratty younger sister have taught me that the best way to get rid of her is to simply ignore her until she gets bored.

Even with most of my face pressed into the couch, Katy’s footsteps are still audible as she walks over and stands in front of my prone body. “You know Ben, I am beginning to question your strategy of playing dead until the heat goes away,” she says, jabbing me in the side. “Heat isn’t exactly the same as a bear.”

“Heat might not be…” I mumble into the couch, half hoping she wouldn’t hear me.

“Oh ho, what was that?” I sense her face move right up against mine. “I didn’t quite hear you, you know how bad we bears are at understanding English. Could you please say that again?”

“Rawrrr,” Escapes the cushions as I let out my best bear impression.

“Ohhh why didn’t you say so earlier?” The creak of the floor is the only warning I have before I feel all 100 pounds of my sister land square on top of me. The air is forced from my lungs with a grunt and I start wheezing as I hear my sister say, “Of course I’ll hibernate with you!”

“…Bitch…” Is all I manage to get out. My face being pressed into the cushions is not helping me refill my lungs any faster. What’s worse though, is the fact that it feels as though Katy is only wearing a bikini to try and stay cool. The feeling of her bare skin pressed against mine is absolute agony in this heat, yet I can’t help but enjoy the feeling of two firm breasts pressed into the center of my back. Katy has always had a fantastic body, drawing the attention of guys everywhere she goes with her toned swimming figure and long, flowing brown hair. But that’s just because they don’t live with her. Their eyes are so busy taking in her breasts and sex that their ears don’t register all the annoying dribble that is constantly flowing out of her mouth.

Katy wraps her arms around me and wiggles against my back, “This way, we can beat the heat together!” I feel my cock twitch and start to grow in response to her constant wiggling against my bare skin. There is no way she knows what the feeling of her squirming is doing to me physically, and after six years of judo I definitely am not lacking the muscle needed to launch my sister off the couch; but she would probably notice the other muscle I’m not lacking in at the moment. With a sigh, I decide to go with the diplomatic approach.

“Katy you dick, get the hell off me,” I grumble while trying to buck her from my back. “I know you’re a bit ditzy, but would you try to remember your age for once?” Even at 18 she acts closer to an 8-year-old most of the time. And the worst part is our parents seem to encourage her!

Her arms tighten around me in an attempt to prevent herself from being bucked off. “Aww but we haven’t cuddled like this since we were kids!” I can practically feel her pouting behind me. “Just because you’ve spent the last two years at college doesn’t magically make you an adult you know.”

“No, but all the sex and drugs I’ve had probably does!” I wiggle my ass against her crotch. “Careful, who knows what kinds of diseases I’ve picked up!”

Her arms immediately let go and the weight of her body vanishes as she quickly jumps off me. “Ew Ben, that’s so gross you perv!”

I let out a sigh of relief as she turns and stomps out of the room. Crisis averted, for the moment at least. I let my face drop back into the couch, and enjoy the memory of Katy’s breasts pressed against my back. Of course I never really thought of my younger sister in such a way before, but she really does seem to have grown into a beautiful women while I was away at school. Well, grown physically that is. I let my fantasies take me away as I try to go back to forgetting about the heat.

After going upstairs and collapsing into her bed, Katy stared at her ceiling. It was still covered with the dozens of sticky glow-in-the-dark pinbahis güvenilirmi stars that her dad put up for her when she was a little kid. Maybe she really did need to start acting her age. After all, she was going to be going off to college in just a few months. She needed to start acting more mature if she wanted to fit in. Far more mature than Ben!

Ben… Katy gently placed a hand on her stomach. A strange, warm sensation filled her belly, ever since she had jumped on top of Ben and he had ground himself against her crotch. She had just been trying to alleviate her boredom by annoying him, not a new tactic by any means, but something about this time was different.

“Why do I feel so warm?” She mumbled to herself. Was she seriously getting turned on by her own brother? She knew it was wrong, and yet, she still found her hand slowly trailing down from her stomach, over her naval, until it finally came to a stop resting on her bikini bottoms.

“This is so wrong…” She thought to herself, as her index finger slowly began to trace the material covering her sex. Up and down, it traced, until she could feel how wet she had become through her bottoms. “Mmmm…” She moaned, adding a little more pressure, while her other hand reached up under her top and began gently pinching her left nipple. She tried to imagine her ex softly biting them, like how he used to before their breakup, but she couldn’t. In his place, stood a naked Ben, carefully running his tongue around her nipples before taking one between his teeth and nibbling on it.

The mental image of her brother caused her to audibly gasp and quickly yank her bottoms off, throwing them across the room. One hand immediately returned to her nipples, while the other began sliding two fingers between her pussy lips, eliciting a soft moan of anticipation. In her head, Ben looked up from playing with her nipples, and stared deep into her eyes before slipping two of his fingers inside of her. Her breath caught as she felt her own two fingers push deep inside her in place of her brother’s.

“Ohh Ben, this is so wrong…” But she didn’t stop slowly pulling her fingers out of her soaking hole, before immediately shoving them back in, again and again. It only took a few minutes before she could feel herself rapidly approaching an orgasm. Picking up her speed, she imagined her brother taking his fingers out of her, and replacing them with his huge cock. The thought of her brother’s cock filling her up was bringing her so close to the edge. “Just a few more seconds…” She thought to herself, already beginning to feel the familiar tensing in her muscles signaling her oncoming orgasm.

But before it could hit, everything suddenly went black, shattering her illusion and freeing her from her trance.

“What the hell?” She sat up and tried to look around. Not only did her light go out, her alarm clock and laptop charger light were dead as well, leaving her in total darkness. “God, damn it!” She exclaimed, pulling her fingers from her still soaking sex. Of course they would lose power right before she reached her first orgasm in months.

Someone needed to go down into the basement and check the breaker box, and it certainly wasn’t going to be Ben. He most likely didn’t even notice the power go out, being as he’s spent nearly the last six hours lying face down on the living room couch.

Katy quickly realized she was going to need to find a flashlight if she wanted to be able to even make it to the breaker box without tripping over something and breaking her legs. She recalled their dad had just given Ben a nice new LED flashlight last Christmas, so he must still have it somewhere in his room.

She pushed herself off of her bed, balancing in the darkness, and tried to find her bikini bottoms on the ground. After a moment, she recalled throwing them across her room once she had ripped them off. “You idiot.” She mumbled to herself. It wasn’t a huge deal though. She just had to feel her way over to Ben’s room, get the flashlight, and use that to find her bottoms before heading down to the basement. Ben was still sleeping downstairs, and even if he came up, it’s not like he could see anything.

With her plan settled, Katy slowly felt her way over to her door, and then followed the hall down to Ben’s room. Luckily, he always left his door open, so it didn’t really feel like an invasion of privacy as she walked through with her arms outstretched. She bumped into his bed after only a few feet.

“Perfect!” She thought to herself. Ben most likely threw the new flashlight into his rollout storage he keeps under his bed, so it shouldn’t take long to find. She bent over, and began rummaging around in the darkness in search of the flashlight.

The pinbahis yeni giriş good news was that for the first time since the heat wave began, Ben’s mind had finally been distracted from his discomfort. The bad news, was that the thing distracting him was his throbbing erection. Ever since Katy got off him, he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her in increasingly perverse ways. At first, he simply imagined seeing her breasts and feeling her nipples pressed against him. But those thoughts quickly gave way to how her mouth would feel wrapped around his cock, and what her moans must sound like when she fingered herself.

He knew that these were thoughts that he shouldn’t be having, but that didn’t stop him from turning over and pulling off his boxers. Taking his cock in hand, he began to slowly stroke himself while imaging Katy’s naked body. Thankfully, the couch was turned away from the entrance to the room, so he would have plenty of time to cover up if Katy came back down. Of course, a small part of him wanted her to see him stroking his cock. He imagined her initial look of surprise, quickly giving way to curiosity and lust. She would slowly walk over to him before bending down, and begin dragging her tongue along the outside of his cock. She’d make eye contact with him as she licked along his member, before popping the head between her lips with a moan, swirling her tongue around the tip.

Ben began stroking himself faster, lost in his fantasies. Just as he began imagining his sister lowering herself down onto his cock, he was abruptly yanked away by all the lights in the house going out.

“Of course, because having a broken AC just wasn’t bad enough,” He grumbled, standing up. He couldn’t exactly finish with the lights out; who knows how much of a mess he would make. He needed to find another source of light…

“The flashlight!” Ben recalled his dad giving him a new one just this last Christmas. That was exactly what he needed, and it was probably smarter to finish jerking himself off in his own room anyway. Putting his arms out, he started walking towards the door, before immediately banging his ankle into the coffee table.

“God damn it!” He hissed under his breath. He limped over to the doorway, before bending over to rub his ankle. After a minute, the pain subsided to a manageable throb. Placing his foot back down and putting some pressure on it, he found he could walk again, albeit with a minor limp. Just as he was about to leave the room, he realized he had forgotten to put his boxers back on, having left them on the floor by the couch.

“Like hell if I’m gonna go back and smash my other leg into that table this time,” he thought to himself. Katy was already upstairs in her room, and she was most likely already fast asleep. “She’s probably still terrified of the dark anyway,” he chuckled to himself, remembering the time he locked her in his closet for an hour for refusing to leave his room. It had definitely been worth the week he spent grounded for that one.

Making sure not to put too much weight on his bruised ankle, Ben carefully made his way upstairs. He had never walked around the house naked before, but it felt kinda nice! The feeling of his erection hanging free in front of him as he walked was a nice change to how trapped it normally felt confined within his boxers. Dragging a hand along the wall, he quietly passed Katy’s room and the bathroom before coming to his own doorway. Luckily, Ben knew his bedroom like the back of his hand, regardless if the light was on or off.

Walking through the doorway, he took two steps forward with the intention of falling forward face first onto his bed. Instead, He took a single step forward, and immediately felt a warm wetness engulf the entirety of his cock.

In an instant, his cock had gone from hanging free in front of him to being tightly pressed on all sides, all the way up to its base. Ben immediately let out a moan, grabbed the sides of whatever was around his cock, and tried to thrust even deeper into its warmth.

He could feel the mysterious warmth try and pull away, exposing everything but the head of his cock once more to the hot air of the house, but he wasn’t about to let go of this amazing feeling. Just as the head of his cock was about to be pulled out, he gripped harder and forced the entirety of his cock back into the strange tightness.

After a minute of rummaging around, Katy started to get annoyed. How unorganized could her brother be? A flashlight was something you would want to be able to find fast in the case of an emergency. Like, say, a power outage!

Just as she was about to give up, she felt a thick, burning rod split apart her pussy lips and lodge itself deeper inside her than she thought was possible. pinbahis giriş Any air she had in her lungs was instantly forced out as her tiny body was immediately wracked with the strongest orgasm of her life. Her legs buckled and her pussy convulsed around its intruder with such force it nearly pushed it back out. But before she could fall, something latched onto her hips and pulled her back so hard it felt as though her pussy would split apart as the fiery rod forced itself even deeper within her than the first time.

Katy dangled there, unable to support even a sliver of her own weight as her intruder pulled out and forced its way inside of her again and again. The sheer power behind each thrust into her soaking pussy forced any air she managed to take in right back out of her lungs, leaving her unable to make a single sound in retaliation of her body’s brutal invasion.

The only thing she could do was hang there, supported by the strength of her invader, as her body was forced into orgasm after orgasm. Beyond the rapid slapping of skin on skin, all she could make out what sounded like a combination of a moan and grunt, repeated every time the invader forced itself into her womb.

Each orgasm clouded Katy’s head more than the last, but something about that noise stood out to her through the haze. The constant thrusting into her made coherent thought nearly impossible, and it seemed her intruder was forcing itself into her faster and faster every second, but those strange sounds were so familiar; so similar to the noise she heard when she jumped on…


Only one thought was running through Ben’s mind after his cock was suddenly engulfed by warmth and wetness in the dark: “Don’t stop thrusting.” Some recess of his mind made note of the soft flesh he held up with both hands, but he was far too distracted by the sensation of his cock plunging in and out of this tight, spasming hole to care about that.

He had fucked girls in the past before, but never had his cock experienced anything nearly this tight. It took all of his strength to force himself back inside every time he pulled back, but this was not a battle he was about to lose.

He had no idea how long he had been fucking this mysterious hole for, but he could feel his own orgasm slowly approaching as he continued to thrust forward. God, he didn’t want this to end, but there was no way he could slow himself down. Instead, he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts. He could feel it quickly approaching as he jackhammered his cock forward, tightening his grip.

He was moments away, trying to make this feeling last as long as possible, when the soft, trembling voice of his younger sister found its way to his ears.


“Katy?!” His mind screamed out at the revelation. Yet at the same time, he found himself forcing his cock as deep inside his sister as it could go, while he unleashed the largest amount of cum he’d ever felt into her womb.

“Oh Ben please no…” He heard his sister plead, but her cry only seemed to make his cock pulse harder within her. Over and over his cock coated the inside of his sister’s pussy as he found himself still holding Katy as tightly against his cock as he could.

As soon as Katy said Ben’s name, she felt his hands tighten around her waist as he pulled her back on his cock, forcing it to bottom out inside her against her womb. Immediately she felt his cock pulse and throb within her, and a warmth spreading around inside her that could only be her brother’s cum.

“Oh Ben please no…” She cried out as she felt each individual pulse of his cock inside her, forcing her pussy to fill more and more with his cum, and causing her to let out an involuntary moan. But the powerful grip on her waist never wavered, as Ben kept his cock firmly planted inside her.

After what seemed like hours, long after his cock stopped twitching within her, she felt herself being lowered. The sensation of Ben’s cock slowly slipping out of her, to her surprise, filled her with a sense of emptiness. She found herself lying on Ben’s bed, the warmth from her brother’s cum still very much inside her as it finally began to drip out of her.

Ben gingerly lowered his sister onto his bed, his cock unfortunately slipping out of her in the process. His thoughts and emotions were in turmoil within him. Fuck fuck fuck what have I done? He couldn’t believe he had not only fucked his own sister, but had actually came inside her!

Silence filled the room; impossibly loud after the constant slapping of skin on skin had finally come to an end. He couldn’t even see his sister in this darkness. What if she was crying, or shaking in fear after what he had done to her? Yet even as he feared the worst, he couldn’t help but hope that the lights would come back, allowing him to see his naked sister lying on his bed with his cum leaking out of her ravished hole.

As he tried to force the image from his mind, the sound of his sister’s voice came from his bed.

“Care to join me?”

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