A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 13

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Double Penetration

Chapter 13: Trish’s Styling Clinic

I woke up as usual to a warm fuck from my lover and fiancée, Trish. She was all over me as we quietly kissed and recounted the events of the night before. We had traded partners in the pool and gotten off and then witnessed her daughter Tracy, and Joe and Rhonda’s daughter, Tammi, suck their parents’ cocks for the very first time.

We heard some noises in the kitchen and assumed it to be Tammi and or Tracy. Our assumption was confirmed when Tracy appeared at our door asking if we wanted coffee. Trish turned around with my cock still deep inside her and answered yes. Tracy took a lingering look at our copulation and then walked back into the kitchen. Trish dismounted and slipped away to the bathroom for her morning routine. I followed and after brushing my teeth, stepped into the shower for a quick rinse. As I was turning the water off, Tracy was bringing us two hot mugs of java.

‘Did you scrub it nice and clean Rob?’ she asked, ‘I want to suck you again today’

She set the mugs down on our vanities and turned to her mom. Lifting her t shirt to expose her pubis, she asked, ‘Mom, do you think I have enough hair here for you to do some sculpting today? Tracy and I would both like you to work on us if you will.’

Trish took a close look at Tracy’s fresh growth. I could see from my vantage point that she had a shadow of dark stubble over her clean shaven lips. Trish inspected and announced, ‘Yes I think there’s enough there. Tell Tammi that I’ll set up shop after we have some breakfast.’

Tracy dropped her shirt and skipped out of the room. ‘OK thanks mom.’

I stepped over behind Trish and put my arms around her. ‘You are so beautiful and I love you so much! I just wanted to remind you.’

Trish smiled back in the mirror. ‘I love you too, and I think you’re the sexiest man I’ve ever known. And I love how you care for me and my girls. And I know that I can trust you totally. Did you have fun fucking Rhonda last night?’

‘Yes,’ I answered without hesitation, ‘she’s a sexy woman and I’d definitely do it again. I think there are a few moves that she’d like to try in our next go around.’

‘Like what?’

‘I’m not sure. I just sensed that she wants to do it again too. What about you and Joe?’

‘He’s a little rougher than you are. I hope he doesn’t get too rough with Tammi in the future. Perhaps you could give him some lessons in tenderness. Not too obviously of course, but if he can see how you treat me and Tracy and even Rhonda, maybe the message will get through.’

With my ego properly inflated, I told Trish that I would see what I could do. We kissed and then I took a pair of boxers from the drawer and put them on. Trish selected another one of her new bikinis, this one a hot pink color and put it on. It looked fantastic on her deeply tanned skin. I felt a surge in my groin as we made the bed up and then strolled into the kitchen.

Tammi and Tracy were sitting at the kitchen table reading the morning paper. Tracy still had on her t shirt and Tammi wore a short tank dress that I figured was all she had on. I sat down at the round glass table and my suspicions were confirmed when Tammi got up from her chair, parting her legs and flashing her bare pussy, to get some more juice from the fridge. Trish walked over to Tammi and said, ‘Tammi, let me see what kind of hairstyle you’re wearing, so I can get some idea of how to trim it.’ Without waiting for an answer, she knelt down and lifted Tammi’s hem and took a close look at the growth of hair in her pubic area.

‘Oh that looks nice! I’m sure I can do something special for you too.’ Before dropping the hem she leaned forward and planted a kiss on Tammi’s cunt. She held her mouth there for several seconds and I could see her tongue darting out to split her labia and find her young clit.

Tammi sighed at Trish’s touch and nearly collapsed on the floor, but Trish stopped and stood up again, giving Tammi a quick kiss on her mouth. Then Tammi looked over at Tracy as if to say ‘Your mom just kissed my cunt…what am I supposed to do?’

Tracy just grinned and asked Tammi to bring her some more juice too.

We all saw the movement outside as Rhonda and Joe emerged from the casita. She had on her yellow bikini and Joe was in his boxers. We watched as they strolled over to the spa and turned on the jets. They stepped down into the bubbly water and settled into it up to their necks.

‘What a handsome couple,’ I joked, ‘I wonder what they’ve been doing all night?’

Tammi giggled and looked away. Tracy offered the next line.

‘Maybe we should all go out there and fuck them.’

Trish burst out laughing at Tracy’s lack of modesty and shame. ‘Maybe we should let them wake up first and come in here…’ she paused, ‘then they can ask us to fuck them!’

We all laughed at Trish as she brought a basket of muffins to the table. She put it down and everyone reached for one at the same time. ‘Oh, hungry are we? Did last night’s lovemaking use up all of our nourishment?’

‘Well mom,’ Tracy relaxbet güvenilirmi said, ‘you always told us that we need to be healthy and well nourished to enjoy sex, just like anything else.’

Trish nodded. ‘That’s right my dear, and I want to keep you that way so we can both enjoy each other for years to come.’

Tammi asked, ‘Trish do you think it’s right for parents to have sex with their children?’ She had obviously been contemplating the situation and although she knew Trish’s answer, she wanted to hear her perspective in words.

‘Tammi, I think it’s a matter of what the parents believe and how good a relationship they have with their children. Being able to enjoy sex with Tracy and Teri has helped in many ways to build more love between us and to remove a lot of other barriers that exist in most families today. We can talk about absolutely anything, with no shame, no fear, and no guilt. I trust my daughters implicitly, and I believe that our sexual openness is an aid to that trust.’

Tammi listened carefully and appreciated the way Trish shared her honest feelings without trying to impose them. She understood that it was a matter to be achieved within a family unit, but that Trish believed, if done properly, would only enhance a family’s love for one another.

Even Tracy seemed to appreciate hearing her mother’s words. She knew that she had a different relationship with her mother, than most other girls she knew, but she hadn’t really considered why. This moment helped her to grasp the positive value of her upbringing and I saw her smile with pride while continuing to eat and read.

Rhonda and Joe eventually emerged from the spa and wandered over to the kitchen door. Anticipating their need Tracy had run to the linen closet to grab a few towels. She greeted them at the entry and we invited them in.

‘Well how’s everybody doing this morning?’ Joe asked cheerfully.

‘We all seem to be fine in here. Would you like some coffee or juice and a muffin? How’d you sleep last night?’ Trish was already pouring two mugs of coffee and two glasses of OJ.

Joe looked at Trish in her pink bikini and stared as she walked across the floor. ‘Trish, you have got to tell Rhonda to get some bikinis like yours. If she does, I promise, I will be perpetually horny and service her whenever she wishes.’

He glanced at Tammi and realized that he had never been able to talk like that in front of his daughter before. Rhonda flashed a look at Trish that said ‘What bout all the time he’s not home?’

But then Rhonda responded. ‘Do you really think you’d like me in a suit like that? You know Trish keeps her pussy shaved clean. You can see right through that g string.’ (As if he hadn’t noticed.)

‘Well maybe you can try one on and see how it looks. It sure looks good on Trish and you are just as pretty as she is- in or out of clothes!’ Bingo! He scored some points with that one! Rhonda blushed and then blew him a kiss.

‘Thanks honey. That was sweet. I love you too.’

All the while Tammi and Tracy were listening and enjoying the sexually charged banter between Joe and Rhonda. Tracy piped up. ‘Mom’s going to give us a trim this morning after breakfast. Maybe you’d like to get freshened up too.’

Rhonda understood what Tracy was referring to and looked down at her crotch as if she could see through her panty. ‘I could probably use a touch up. It’s been a couple of weeks since you last fixed me up Trish.’

We finished with breakfast amid friendly chat with a touch of sexual innuendo. It was fun to see how Rhonda, Joe and Tammi handled it, and I recalled my induction into sexual frankness in the family only a few short weeks before. What an education it was, and what a journey it has been. I only hoped that it would be as pleasurable and enlightening for them, as it has been for me.

Trish was getting out some supplies for her ‘workshop’. She removed a large bowel from the cabinet and filled it with hot water. She took some towels from the linen closet and wet a few of them. Then she got out our large mat and put it on the pool deck. She set the supplies down next to it and brought out a scissor and razor kit from the bathroom. When she was ready she asked, ‘Who wants to be first?’

Tracy scrambled to be the one. Joe still didn’t realize what was about to happen. Of course he had been the beneficiary of the works of art that Trish had sculpted into his wife’s pubis over the past several months, but he never really thought about what it took to do it. He had assumed she had just done it herself. Now he was about to witness a work in progress…on his teen age daughter’s best friend!

Tracy stepped out to the mat and we all followed her outside to see Trish do her thing. Without shame or hesitation Tracy pulled off her t shirt and sat down on the mat and spread her legs apart. Looking at her wide open teen cunt displayed for us all like that, I felt a rise in my shorts. Joe slid his chair in to a closer spot so he could see everything. Rhonda, having been on the receiving relaxbet yeni giriş end before was not as curious as the rest of us, bur Tammi sat down right next to her friend as if to help her through the operation. She even held Tracy’s hand as Trish began to lather the stubble that was Tracy’s bush.

The lather and shaven hair made it hard to see what Trish was doing, but it was still nice to see Tracy’s hole laid wide open for our view. Joe and I were getting a rare look at a teen pussy being handled in the most personal of ways. Her little tits were also showing signs of how much she was enjoying both the treatment and the show. Tracy has been making it known that she enjoys displaying herself to others and her hard young nipples were demonstrating that effect.

Finally as Trish began to wipe away the last of the trimmings, a shape emerged in pubic stubble. It was a T. Not a block T but a slightly slanted script type T. As Tracy observed it from above, she realized what her mother had done for her. Trish produced a hand mirror and allowed Tracy to see it from all angles in reverse. Tracy was thrilled. She smiled and voiced her appreciation for her new look. Trish leaned forward and, as was apparently her custom, she gave Tracy a big kiss and flicked her tongue all over Tracy’s clit. Tracy leaned back again and let her mom go on. Trish licked her daughter’s slit all the way from the rim of her asshole to the top of her T and everywhere in between, paying enough attention to the important spots that within two minutes, Tracy was cumming in her mouth. It was such an incredibly hot scene to watch and both Joe and I had beads of sweat dripping down our foreheads.

As Tracy’s orgasm subsided, Tammi leaned over and kissed Tracy on her mouth. Their tongues danced as they tasted the inside of each others’ oral openings. This of course, only added to the thrill that Joe and I were experiencing. They rolled over together in a hug until their bodies were pressed together. Tracy put her hand on Tammi’s rear and held it lovingly. As they broke their kiss Tracy asked, ‘Are you ready to go next?’

‘Mmm, yeah.’ Turning to Trish she asked, ’Can I have one just like it?’

Trish nodded and patted the mat. Tammi moved over and spread her legs apart as Tracy had done. She looked up into her father’s eyes and said, ‘Do you like looking at my pussy Daddy?’ As Joe nodded she continued, “I’m glad that I can show it to you like this. I hope it turns you on. You can have me like this anytime you want.’ She glanced over at Rhonda who was calmly taking it all in. ‘Mom, you don’t mind if I let Daddy see me naked do you?’

Rhonda replied thoughtfully. ‘Honey, how could I keep someone as beautiful as you from the man that loves us both so much? But will you be as open for me too?’

Tammi realized that she had been playing to her father and had not been treating her mother with the same care. ‘Oh God Mom, you will always be my first love! But now we can share that love in more ways than before. I love you both so much.’

Trish was busy cutting away the thicker growth of hair over Tammi’s pussy. Her lips were fuller and the area between her legs seemed wider than Tracy’s. This was an incredible opportunity to study the variation between this one part of the female anatomy. And on two of the prettiest young girls the world has to offer. My cock had sprung itself from the confines of my boxers and was poking out through the opening in front.

Rhonda and Tracy both noticed it and made eyes at me. Then Rhonda leaned over and whispered in my ear. ‘Does my daughter turn you on?’ She reached down and stroked my hard dick as she asked. My firmness was the only answer she needed. ‘You’ll have to ask Tammi and her dad about what to do with this.’

Joe smiled proudly, knowing that his daughter was making me very obviously horny. I noticed that his dick was also standing at attention and had poked out of his shorts too.

Tracy got up and walked over to Joe. She sat down on the arm of his chair and touched the tip of his penis. ‘You know this looks like something I’d like to play with. Would you ever consider shaving it like Rob does?’

Joe was taken aback. He stammered and pulled away from Tracy as if she had proposed to weaken his masculinity. But Rhonda picked up on it and said, ‘You know honey, I think I might like it that way. I know that I certainly enjoyed having Rob inside me last night. Maybe you should try it. After all, if you don’t like it that way, it can always grow back.’

Joe didn’t know what to say. Trish turned and looked at him. Her tan ass was glowing in the morning sunlight and her rear hole looked very appealing with just a tiny pink string running down the center. ‘I’m here and available if you want.’ she said. She blew him a kiss and smiled seductively.

Trish returned to her work as she finished up and rinsed the hair and soap from Tammi’s newly trimmed pubis. Then leaning forward she gave Tammi the same oral stimulation that she had done for Tracy and that Rhonda had experienced so relaxbet giriş many times before. Tammi grabbed the mat as Trish drove her tongue deep inside of Tammi’s hole. When she lifted her ass off the mat in her pre orgasmic delight, Trish took the opportunity to fondle Tammi’s asshole and inserted her finger, gently at first. Tammi was obviously enjoying Trish’s efforts and it only took a few minutes before she came in waves and gushes in Trisha’s mouth.

Trish stood up on her knees and wiped her face with the back of her arm. She licked her lips and looked at Joe and Rhonda. ‘Who’s next? Any other customers?’

Tammi was checking out her new look in the mirror and Tracy walked over to get a closer look. Then they looked at each other to compare. They looked like two young sailors comparing their new tattoos.

‘I love mine. Do you like yours?’ Tracy asked.

‘Oh yeah! It’s so cool. It’s like we’re branded as sisters. Nobody else can have this but us, OK Trish?’

Trish laughed. ‘I promise I’ll never duplicate it on anyone else.’

Joe spoke up. ‘Uh Trish, if you shave me like Rob, do I get the same treat afterwards…like a lollipop when I used to get a haircut?’

‘Why of course Joe! Except it’s me that gets the lollipop!’

‘That’s OK.’ Joe said. ‘Because it’s me that gets the treat!’ He stood up and peeled off his shorts then he stepped onto the mat and sat down. While spreading his legs he looked around. ‘Does everyone have to stare?’

Tracy and Tammi shot back at him right away.

‘What do you mean? What’s fair is fair! Don’t you think we want to see what you look like down there too?’

Then they walked around and sat down beside him. Still both naked and with their new Ts they each took one of his hands and held it. Trish took his cock in her hand and rubbed it to increase its hardness. Then she began to cut the hair on his scrotum and on up to the furry part above his dick. When she had the bulk of it cut, she produced some more lather and spread it all over. Joe closed his eyes and relished the sensation as Trish stroked the warm smooth lather all over his cock, his balls and his belly. He opened them when she stopped and winced when he saw her grab the razor. He squeezed the girls’ hands and said, ‘Be careful with that thing now!’

Trish looked up at him. ‘What’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?’

Joe was ashamed of being so nervous. ‘I just worry, that’s all.’

He closed his eyes again as Trish went to work. Rhonda and I laughed at the comedy of the moment. Trish joked, ‘You better keep this stiff or I might not be able to do it right! By the way, did you want a big J over your dick?’

We laughed again.

Trish was finished in a flash. Not having to do any sculpting, the shave went very quickly. As she washed him off she applied some lotion and slipped her hand up and down the full length of his shaft. ‘Can you keep this thing hard enough for me to suck?’

She put her mouth over the head and took him deep inside. Tammi and Tracy looked on intently, wanting to learn as much as they could about the proper technique. Trish was a master at cocksucking. She used her hand and her lips and her tongue and occasionally rubbed him against her face. She had no need to prolong his pleasure, so as his orgasm approached, she increased the pace and caused him to shoot uncontrollably in her mouth. As she sucked the last few shots from his rod she withdrew it from her mouth and moved up to kiss him. Opening her mouth she fed him a huge gob of his own cum. He started to gag and then took it all as she stroked the inside of his mouth with her tongue.

‘God!’ he said when their lips parted, ‘That’s the first time I ever tasted myself.’ Then he smiled and looked at us all. ‘Not so bad when it gets fed to you that way!’

Trish used the wet towel to clean him off again and then turned to Rhonda. ‘Well I’ve done almost everyone. Rob got his yesterday. How about you Rhonda, lover?’

Rhonda shifted on her seat. ‘You know I’ve been thinking about those bikinis of yours and how good they look with your bare pussy. And I’ve also been thinking about how much fun this all is and how I feel like a kid again. Sooo, I guess the only thing to do is let you shave me so I look like a kid again!’ She stood up and removed her bikini bottom. Joe got up to make room for his wife on the mat in front of Trish. She sat down and dutifully spread her legs open wide. Her pussy was smooth and looked youthful already, but she was still sporting that lightening bolt of short hair above her lips.

Trish quickly lathered it and in less than a minute, it was gone! Trish cleaned her off and then dove in once more. Rhonda leaned back and motioned for Tammi and Tracy to come to her sides. She lifted her breasts from inside the top that she still had on and offered them to the two girls. Tracy knew what to do. She leaned down and sucked on Rhonda’s left nipple while Trish was working her magic on her cunt. Tammi figured it out and cautiously licked and suckled at her mother’s right breast. Rhonda began to roll about and shake with delight. Trish held on to her and bit her clit lightly. Tugging and pulling it with her teeth, Rhonda could hold back no more. Joe and I watched as his wife took her pleasure from the three women who were kissing and sucking her most intimate parts.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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