A Sunday at Club Bath

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Man, I will be glad when COVID-19 is over and we can safely play. For now, my right hand, my memories and a few hots stories. So, I will share a memory that I jerked off to this morning. In the 80s I lived in Cleveland, worked downtown and lived in the suburbs. I worked very late on Fridays and about midnight would hit old Club Bath on West Ninth Street, just up the street from the docks. Had many a great night here.

One Sunday afternoon, I was bored. Football season was over and nothing good on TV, so I prepped myself in case of action and drove downtown to Club Bath. Club Bath had a nondescript black door for entrance. You walked into the dark vestibule and a guy opened a window. I gave him my membership card, paid for a room and was buzzed in after I placed my valuables in a long, locked metal case.

The club had three levels. The main level, which had workout equipment and some rooms, upstairs, also a maze of rooms and a few smaller orgy rooms, and the basement, where the action was often hot in the steam room and huge orgy room.

It was very sparsely populated with patrons. I went to my room in the basement, stripped, wrapped myself in towel and went roaming. In the dark Avrupa Yakası Escort orgy room area, which had a couple of smaller rooms.

I walked into one of the smaller rooms and as my eyes adjusted to the dark, came upon a really tall blond-headed guy with a full head of hair and a really nice build. I looked down and there was a nice bulge beneath is towel. I reach under the towel. He stripped it off and my hand went around a relatively long, long. Long cock. Average thickness, I have never seen one as long. It had a nice head and was simply stunning to feel and gaze upon.

I dropped to my knees and started to lick his long cock like a lollipop and then started to move my mouth down that growing cock. When he was fully hard, his cock pointed upward by more than a 45-degree angle, and I would bet it was 10 or 11 inches. I could only get about three quarters down my throat, no matter how hard I tried.

He pulled me up and stroked my cock and pinched my nipples. “I want to fuck an ass today,” he said. I winked and said, “Funny thing, I have an ass that needs fucking.” He asked if I had a room, I nodded yes and off we went.

When we walked in, Escort Bayan towels came off, and I dropped to suck a bit. He pulled me up and said simply, “Fuck.” I lubed his cock and my ass. He was getting aggressive, ordering me to “assume the position,” in this case me hands and knees.

He stepped in behind me, rubbed his cockhead up and down my ass for a few seconds, and without warning, rammed. He immediately hit the barrier inside. I saw stars. He worked his cock around a bit, pulled back, and rammed back in again. After three attempts, broke through. I had that long cock buried fully in my ass. I groaned, still trying to catch my breath and adjust to being impaled to what seemed like my stomach.

He grunted hard. “You like that cock, bitch?” he yelled as he drove back to the hilt. Again he yelled, “Well, bitch, do you like this cock?” He drove that long cock again deep into my guts. He suddenly stopped with his cock planted all the way in my ass.

“Tell me what you want. Tell me.” By now I had adjusted to his cock and was amazed that I enjoyed his battering ram style. I replied: “Fuck me. Please fuck me.” Like an Army drill sergeant, he said: “I can’t istanbul Escort hear you, bitch.” Again, I replied: “Fuck me.” This went back and forth until he said loudly, “Tell me what you want!” I looked back and yelled in a desperate voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” He pulled back and slammed in again, saying, “Fuck me hard, what?” I simply replied: “Sir. Fuck me. Please, fuck me.”

He started to pick up the action, slamming that long cock in and out of my ass, each time in hitting bottom and rubbing my prostate with each in-and-out stroke. He pushed me down on the bed so that I was lying flat on my stomach. I raised my ass up to meet his cock with each massive thrust. My cock grew harder from prostate action the friction of the sheet with each stroke.

By now, he was fucking like a madman and I was acting like his crazed bitch. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Over and over I yelled. Suddenly, he thrust hard and planted his cock deep and yelled, “Fuck. Cumming.” He pumped several times to drop his load. But he was not finished. He pulled back started to fuck, still as hard a rock. Suddenly, I felt a flood in my balls and I came hard on the sheet. My ass clamped his cock in a vise and he came again with a loud groan.

He finished. Pulled out. Wiped his cock off. Put his towel on. As he walked out of the room, “Great ass. I am here couple of Sundays a month.” With that, he left. I hooked up him a few times after that, each session I felt he owned my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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