A Stranger to Guide Us Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story owes a great debt to “Six Times a Day” and its author, spacer_x, along with many others.


Allie called up to Josh’s room around six thirty that evening to let him know that dinner was ready. Earlier that day he’d come perilously close to getting caught in his mother’s bed, asleep and cum-covered. He’d escaped in the nick of time and thought he’d managed a pretty good cover. In the intervening hours, though, he kept to his room and busied himself with school work. Allie could be heard below, banging around in the rest of the house. Because she hadn’t actually left the house, though, he found it impossible to sneak the shoebox with her sex toys back into her room. Eventually, he knew, she would go into her underwear drawer and see the box missing.

As he paced his room for the thousandth time a thought suddenly occurred to him. Maybe Lana would have some advice. He texted her, explaining his predicament as succinctly as he could. Five minutes later he got her solution.

“Get her drunk”

Huh, he thought. That might actually work. While he rarely saw his mom drunk, she was certainly no teetotaler. It shouldn’t be too hard to get her tipsy enough that he could find a moment to sneak upstairs and stuff the box back into her drawer.

“Josh,” a voice called from downstairs. “Dinner.”

As he made his way down, warm and inviting smells met his nose. The counter was resplendent with a variety of foods.

“Another feast,” he said.

Allie beamed at him. “For my growing boy,” she said. “Man, I should say. My thoughtful man, who works all day and still finds time to cleans the house while I’m gone.” She had the slightest slur in her voice. Josh looked over her shoulder and saw a mostly empty glass of wine by the oven. This might be easier than I thought, he mused.

“What are you smiling about,” Allie asked.

“Nothing. I’m just looking forward to dinner.”

They sat and ate. Like the night before, they had a wonderful time. All the anxiety about the box in his room and all his schemes drifted away as they simply enjoyed each other. Whether it was the wine or the mood, Allie was quick to laugh tonight, and when she did she threw her head back with long, throaty laughs. Josh breathed in her perfume, intoxicated, and had a hard time avoiding frequent glimpses of a conspicuous gap in the buttons of her shirt. She was undeniably sexy, and for the time being, she was Josh’s.

“So, what’s for dessert?” he asked as he scooped the last of his vegetables up onto a fork.

“Oh my god, you’re such a pig. Where do you put it all?”

“When the food is this good, I don’t ask my body where it puts it all. I just enjoy,” he said, grinning.

“Well, if it’s that good, I won’t ask either. Why don’t you get the movie set up while I get dessert?”

Josh made his way to the entertainment center and popped open the movie she had rented. He didn’t recognize the title but knew that she veered towards rom-coms and tearjerkers. He figured the odds were fifty one way, fifty the other, popping in the disc.

Allie returned a moment later with two delicious looking slices of cherry pie. “Wow,” he said, “that looks…”

She bent over to set them down on the coffee table and he got a deep view of her cleavage. “That looks… really, really good,” he finished, unable to help himself. Still bending over, she looked up at him and gave a coy smile.

“Thank you,” she said. “Would you mind getting the lights?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” he said. Normally she didn’t play with the lights just to watch a movie. Then a thought popped into his head. “Can I get you some more wine?” he asked.

“That would be lovely,” she said.

He returned with two glasses and a fresh bottle of white. She eyed him warily as he set it down with a clunk. “Well,” he said with a shrug, “now we don’t have to get up if we want more wine.”

They settled themselves on the couch, Josh in the middle and Allie tucked up in one corner. To his surprise, the movie was neither a rom-com nor a tearjerker. Instead, she’d selected a, well… what could he describe it as? An erotic drama? It was a foreign film with subtitles revolving around two sets of husbands and wives, each involved in a complicated series of affairs. There was a lot of implied sex and frequent topless shots. Every twenty minutes or so Josh would casually lean forward and top off Allie’s wine glass. As the movie progressed, she grew more and more relaxed. Her head lolled around on her shoulders and she let her feet fall onto Josh’s lap.

After a time, though, his bladder got the best of him and he had to excuse himself. When he returned the movie had taken a turn. One of the female characters was completely nude, facedown on a massage table. A man, also nude, was giving her a long, deep massage. Josh stood at the back of the couch, silently looking down on his mother. She was transfixed, and one of her hands seemed to be grazing ever so gently back and forth over sarıyer escort a nipple.

“That looks relaxing,” he said. Allie shot with fright into the air when he spoke.

“Josh, you scared me half to death!” she cried, wincing. She rolled her head back and forth, then gave a little whimper as it tilted left. “Shit, I think I hurt my neck.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “come here. Lean back.” He pulled her back into an upright sitting position and put his hands on her shoulders, then starting rubbing.

She shrugged him off. “No, I’m okay.”

He sat back down on the couch, wondering if he was disappointed or relieved. Their previous movie night had been so intense, he wasn’t sure about going down that path again. They both watched the scene continue to unfold onscreen. The woman had flipped over on her back and the man rubber her breasts, hard. Josh’s erection was throbbing in his pants. He had the crazy notion to take it out right then and there and start jacking off. What his mother do, he wondered. He could still imagine the sensation of Lana’s lips moving up and down his shaft from earlier that morning, less than a hundred feet from here.

Allie rolled her head on her shoulders and gave it a stretch.

“Still hurt?,” he asked.

“A little, I guess,” she said quietly.

“Let me,” he said, and without waiting for an invitation, he turned her sideways on the couch, so she her back was to him, and started rubbing her shoulders. After a moment, she relaxed with a deep sigh.

“See, nothing like a good massage. She knows,” he said, indicating the woman on the screen.

Allie laughed. “Yeah, I bet she knows.”

His hands gripped her muscles and massaged deeply. She moaned. “Between last week’s foot massage and this, you should be a professional.” His hands worked slowly over and around her shoulders.

He paused for moment and filled both their wine glass again. “I really shouldn’t have any more,” she said.

“You should,” he assured her. “It’ll help relax the muscles.”

“Are you some kind of doctor or something?” she said wryly.

“Not yet. But I’m pretty smart. Good genes, you know. I got a real smart mother.” “Oh yeah? What’s she like?”

“She’s real cute. You probably don’t know her.”

She took a big gulp of wine and he continued her ministrations. He rubbed his hands over her shoulders and up her neck, massaging her scalp. She moaned softly as his fingers worked her up and down.

After a few minutes, Josh took a deep breath and said, “You know, this would be a lot easier if I could get to your back. The, uh… the shirt’s in the way.”

She stared straight ahead, a zoned out expression. Then, rather mechanically, she sat up and began unbuttoning her shirt. “That makes sense. Besides, we’re all adults here.” Josh could only hold his breath and stare as she finished unbuttoning and slid the shirt down. With her back facing him, he saw the white lace strap of her bra, the soft skin of her back, her hourglass frame expand and contract under deep breaths.

Neither of them moved. Then Allie took another deep sip of wine. Josh raised his hands to her shoulders. She tensed for a moment, then to his relief she slowly leaned back into him. Josh backed up to give her room and she leaned back further until her head was on his stomach.

He looked down, amazed at the sight. Allie’s tits were bound up in a white lace bra, massive looking. Her stomach was smooth and slightly plump, like her breasts. The low-rise pants she wore showed off her large, feminine hips that flared out on the sides, sinking in towards the middle, down into what wonders Josh could only imagine.

Josh let his eyes wander back up to hers. She was staring straight up at the ceiling, and it seemed to him that she was trying to hide some worry. At that moment, he felt such tenderness and protectiveness towards his mother, mingled with the trilling horror and eroticism of the moment.

“I know I’m not much to look at,” she said, throwing her hands over her stomach.

“Oh, mom…”

“I haven’t been to the gym in ages and you must be used to seeing those stick figure college girls.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I know. They couldn’t hold a candle.”

She was silent for moment.

“Try to relax,” he whispered, and slowly pushed her arms to her side. He began massaging her shoulders once again. He rubbed firmly and slowly, moving with conviction and purpose, trying hard to push all insecurities away. His hands danced across her shoulders, down her arms, her neck, and the very top of her chest, never straying to a “hot spot.” After a while, he could feel her shoulders relax. His eyes never strayed from her tits, which rocked and wobbled with his every touch. He was desperate to touch them, but could not bring himself to do it. What if she panicked? What if she disowned him for being a pervert? Maybe it would be best, he thought, if they could just esenyurt escort stay like this forever, with Allie in his lap, shirtless.

She moaned deeply but said nothing else and kept her eyes tightly shut. She made no move to encourage or to deny his touches. But she did seem, Josh thought, to be digging the back of her head further and further into his crotch. It was subtle, but he was sure it was happening. His cock was, of course, rock hard, and he imagined that if she kept rubbing he might actually cum in his pants.

Suddenly, his phone chimed loudly on the nearby coffee table. They both jumped a little, suddenly taken out of the moment. Josh froze, unsure what to do. He certainly didn’t want spoil the mood. Not after all this build-up.

They both sat completely still for another moment, then the phone chimed again. A second text message. Reluctant, but not wanting a third shrill alert, he groped for the phone and held it up to his face. The text swam a little in his inebriated eyes. Both messages were from Lana.

“Josh, I need you to come over. Now.” This was followed by the second message: “It’s an emergency.”

Allie fidgeted in his lap. She felt so good. “Who is it?” she asked.

“A friend. Hold on a sec. I’ll just write back.”

He typed deliberately, having to make frequent erasures and retypes because the alcohol had caused some loss of fine motor skills. “Can’t come. A little drunk. Tomorrow?” He hit send. A moment later, the reply came through.

“TONIGHT Josh. Remember your promise. I’ll pick you up in a few minutes.”

He felt a lump of guilt in his throat. He didn’t want to disappoint Lana but he certainly didn’t want to hurt Allie either. He glanced away from the phone and caught Allie’s eyes on him. She looked nervous. “Everything alright?” she asked. She’d crossed her arms again, trying (in vain) to hide her breasts.

He typed frantically. “What do I tell my mom??”

Lana responded a moment later. “Tell her you have a good friend in need.”

He wrote back. “What the hell does that mean?!”

“Just tell her,” came the reply.

He set the phone down and took a deep breath. He’d have rather stayed here than go anywhere. But truth be told, he was terrified of what might happen if he stayed. How far would they go? Besides, he’d made a promise to Lana, and his mother had raised him to honor his promises.

“Mom,” he croaked, “I’ve got to go.”

She sat up, doing her best to keep herself covered. “Go? Go where? It’s almost midnight. We were… we were…” but she didn’t seem sure how to complete that sentence. Then she suddenly recovered. “You’re not driving, are you? You’ve been drinking!”

He almost cracked a smile. Even in her lust and pain, she was still a mom. “No. I’m not driving. I’m getting picked up.”

She looked like she was about to burst into tears and started fumbling to recover her shirt.

“No, mom. Look, I’m so, so sorry. I have a friend. In need.”

“A friend… in need?” she repeated, slowly.

“Yeah. They, um…. Forget it. Look, just forget it.”

“A friend in need?” she said again.

“Yeah, but forget it. I’ll let them know I can’t make it.”

She had stopped fumbling with her shirt and was staring blankly at the ground. “No,” she said, “you should go.”

“But I…” he started.

“It’s okay, Josh. I know you’ve always been a good friend. They need you.”

He was at a loss, but it seemed that their evening was at an end anyway. He couldn’t see how they could possibly manage to set the stage again and get back to where they’d been a few minutes ago.

“Okay,” he said, making up his mind. “I’ll go. It’s a friend… from school. Something wrong with his car. You know?”

“Sure,” Allie said vaguely. “You go.”

Josh ran upstairs to throw some cold water on his face when he heard a car pull up out front. He looked out the upstairs window and could see a dark sedan in the driveway. As he made his way back downstairs he saw Allie, still sitting on the sofa, seemingly lost in thought. She didn’t look sad, he realized, just pensive.

“Goodbye, mom. I’ll probably see you in the morning. Don’t wait up.”

She looked up and stared at him as if she’d just noticed him. “Sounds good,” she said vaguely.

He waited for her to say something else, but nothing came, so he exited out the front door.


Lana was waiting for him in the driver’s seat when he got in the sedan. He got in and sat in sullen silence. They pulled out of the driveway and onto the street, heading towards the main intersection.

“Thank you for coming, Josh,” Lana said.

“I promised, didn’t I?” he mumbled in reply.

She said nothing for a while and made a left towards the highway. There were few cars on the road at this late hour. Josh glanced over at Lana and saw that she was wearing could be classified as a micro-skirt, and he was once again amazed that someone avrupa yakası escort her age could pull it off. Her body really was fantastic. Then his thoughts wandered back to Allie, her near-topless body stretched out in front of him just minutes before.

Lana broke the silence. “Hope I didn’t interrupt anything special tonight.” Josh did not answer. “You weren’t out, so you must have been spending the night at home, hmm?”

She persisted in spite of his silence. “Just a quiet night in with mom, was that it?”

Josh swallowed hard, which Allie apparently took for an affirmation. “And I’m going to go out on a limb here — stop me if I’m wrong — that I interrupted something. Am I right? Joshua, am I right?”

“M-m-maybe,” he sputtered feebly.

Lana checked her mirrors and merged onto another highway. He realized they were going in the direction of the Kit Kat Club, and wondered if that was their destination.

“I thought that might be the case. Josh, I know you might not believe me, but I did you a favor.”

He gave a short, derisive snort.

“No, it’s true. I told you earlier, I want to help you and your mother get together. But believe me, she’s not ready yet.”

She’d certainly seemed ready, he thought. A half-naked Allie spread out on the couch with his hands all over her. If that wasn’t ready, what was?

“Listen to me. I understand women better than you do. She may lose herself in a moment here or there, but she would have balked before things got really hot and heavy. She would have run for the hills out of sheer terror and it would take months to get back to that point. Maybe even never. No. You’ve got to understand that this is slow, delicate work. I’m laying the ground for you.”

“Who are you, General Patton?” Josh asked sarcastically.

“Yes. I’m General Goddamn Patton and your mom’s pussy is Berlin. Now you’re either with me, or you’re Switzerland, sitting on your ass watching the grass grow.”

She let that sink in as they drove in silence for a while. She drove slowly and carefully, frequently scanning the road. There were even fewer cars here, and just one set of headlights could be seen far in the distance behind them. If they were going to her club, he though, it made sense that it was tucked away from prying eyes.

As they drove, he felt his anger abating as he reflected on the truth of her statement. He loved his mom, and was scared that even if they had consummated their passion tonight it would have cost them their relationship. Oh, but the feel of her! The memory stabbed at him.

A few minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of the Kit Kat Club.

“So what are we doing here?” he asked.

“Come on,” she said. “I’m gonna siphon off some of that sexual tension.”

Josh followed behind in the parking lot, knowing he must look a bit like a lost puppy trailing behind her, but he didn’t mind. Anyway, it was true. He was hopelessly in over his head. A month ago he’d been a luckless 18-year old with a bad case of the boners. Now he was having sex with a beautiful woman more than twice his age and was halfway along to bedding his own mother as well. He trusted Lana completely. He had to trust her, because there were no self-help books for this kind of thing.

As they walked, Josh was again struck by the unobtrusive nature of the building. From outside it could have been anything — an old motel, or perhaps a large meeting hall for some kind of social club. Before they reached the green door, Lana gave a long scan of the parking lot. Police, he wondered? They must ask a rather large amount of discretion for the women that worked here.

She knocked on the door and a moment later the eye slit slid open.

“Hi, Roy,” she said. “Just me and a friend.”

The door lurched open and Josh saw again the huge, muscular guard who’s name was, apparently, Roy.

“How you doin’, sugar?” he asked in his deep drawl. Lana went in for a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Roy, this is Alan. He’s a guest of mine.” Josh gulped sheepishly as Roy looked him up and down.

“You’re a lucky man, son,” he rumbled. “You take good care of her.”

Lana batted at him playfully and said, “Oh, stop it.” But Josh had the sneaking suspicion that he wasn’t joking, not entirely. He was happy to follow her down the hallway.

When they entered the bar, Josh was struck all over again by the innate eroticism of the atmosphere. It was a place that felt like sex incarnate. There were nearly two dozen women of every variety, all beautiful and all underdressed. Some were busy attending men while others sat idle at the bar or prowled the room in stilettoes. He recognized a few from his previous visit, and was pleased to find himself content that he’d made the right choice in Lana. Maybe it was an age-fetish on his part, but she seemed to exude more innate sexual energy than the others. Still, tawdriness had its place. He felt himself get hard within moments.

“Well, hey there, stud,” came a familiar voice. He turned around to see Miss Annie, the house madam, sitting at her table. Once again, Josh could only gape at her impossibly large tits that she loved so show off in a plunging neckline.

“Hello, Annie,” said Lana. “I’m here as a private citizen tonight.” Her tone was short and business-like.

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