A Sinner’s Love: Redux Ch. 04

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So like hey guys. Long time no see right. Took a little hiatus to get stuff together. Didn’t write much, draw much, or really do anything creative other than sing. Finally I just go my mojo back and decided what better way to make a comeback than to post a new chapter to December and crew’s chronicles! So I hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for the long wait.


Chapter Four


“WAKE THE HELL UP, CUNT!” I jolted out of bed with a start, breathing hard. I looked bleary eyed at a Camille that was angrily tapping her heel on the floor.

“Do you…have any idea what the fuck time it is?” My voice was thick with sleep.

“Yea I have an idea of what the fuck time it is! Do you?!” Camille picked up my phone from its charger and showed me the time.

“Shit!” I said. It was 11:45 and class was about to start in 15 minutes.

“Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!” I said as I scrambled out of bed. I tripped, but caught myself just in time. I took a shower and did all my bathroom necessities in record time. Cami picked out a killer outfit for me and laid it out on the bed.

She threw a pair of boxers at me as she said, “Hurry up and put on some shorts. Don’t no one but Jarred wanna see ya penor!” I blushed as I put on the boxers. I quickly slipped on the black, distressed skinnes, white loose tank top that said “FUCK IT” in big block letters and the pair of combat boots. Over all of that I put on a loose, oversized, but comfy charcoal cardigan. I grabbed my messenger bag and stuck my wallet, cigarettes, lighter, and keys in there. Then Camille and I were out.

We ran the ten city blocks between my apartment and the campus. Camille was blissfully unflustered while I on the other hand was wheezing and perspiring.

“What….the….fucking fuck….” I stopped to gulp in some air, “….drugs are you on that….enable you to run about a mile without getting tired….IN HEELS?!”

“Well you know what they say about a girl who can run in heels without getting tired…” Camille replied with a little giggle.

“Well I need to grow a vagina and start hitting the corners because this is some bull shit,” I grumbled, finally catching my breath. Camille laughed.

When we began walking from the gates to the school’s steps, I noticed Camille’s look. She had on a white v-neck tee, black skinny jeans, and black heels. She had on minimal make up and her hair was in its natural curly form and pulled back into a high ponytail.

“They’re torturing you today, huh?” I asked, referring to the fake go-sees that the modeling department did with the design department.

“Yep,” Camille started. She continued in a Russian accent, “Wear little to no makeup! Heels guys! No taller than five inches! No shorter than three inches! Look casual! Nothing showy! Keep your hair natural as possible! Perfect posture! Exude confidence! Blah, blah, fucking blah!” I laughed at her impression of Ms. Lornez.

“She always gets more high-strung than usual whenever she has to impress people,” I said chuckling. artemisbet yeni giriş

Just as we stepped onto the stairs, I felt a hand on my shoulder. With a start, I turned around to a smiling, pierced lip face.

“Hey,” Jarred said smoothly.

“Holy shit tits,” I said with a rush of breath.

“Um…ew. I don’t even think straight guys would find that sexy.” I smiled.

“Ahem,” Camille was gesturing back and forth between me and Jarred. We were standing rather close to each other.

“Uhh-” I started.

“Shhh! Hold it. Me and you are gonna have a conversation later.” With that, Camille strutted into the school.

Jarred and I cracked up.

“You didn’t tell her about our date, huh?” Jarred said smiling.

“Nope…not yet, anyways,” I replied with a giggle. Our laughing died down and, slowly, Jarred began leaning into me. My eyes slipped closed as I got up on my tippy toes. Our lips pressed together in an explosion of sweetness. Jarred’s tongue coaxed my lips apart and slipped into my mouth. The kiss became more passionate as Jarred wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

We only pulled away because of lack of air and someone screaming “GET A ROOM!”

I pulled away with a dark blush.

“I…um…ah…yea…see you at lunch,” I stuttered out. I kissed Jarred on the cheek and ran into the school.

I was beyond late for class. I was sure of it when I slipped into the classroom and everyone turned to look at me.

“Well Mr. Nuance, I see you’ve decided to finally join us today,” Mr. Hardwick, my World Literature teacher said.

“Oh…uhm…sorry Mr. Harda…wick,” I stuttered out. Mr. Hardwick’s nickname was Mr. Hardass because that’s exactly what he is.

“Whatever, December. Just get into your seat,” he said dismissing me. I loped to my seat in the back corner. I quickly took out my pen and notebook, making as little noise as possible. I tried to focus, but I failed and just started doodling in the corners and margins of my notebook.

“December!” I looked up, shocked to hear my name.

“Uhh y-yes Mr. Hardwick?”

“Would you like to explain to us how the relationship between Shahryar and Scheherazade can relate to a relationship today or in any other media?”

“Uh…um….” Fuck I’m screwed. I stood there shaking and flustered with bright red cheeks. I was supposed to finish One Thousand and One Arabian Nights for homework and I was way too busy grinding on Jarred Friday and making out with him on Saturday. Why the hell did I take a Sunday class? All the teachers were asses on Sundays. Shorter day meant more anticipation for the end of the day.

“Well…you see…” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Suddenly, I heard a giggle from the front of the room. I looked up to see Veronica Laurient giggling at my mortification. With her 5’7 model-esq form, dirty blonde hair and green eyes, and her DD implants, she was hot. But she was a bitch. A nerdy bitch. A slutty nerdy bitch. artemisbet giriş A slutty nerdy bitch who I wanted to stab in that little space between her collar bones with one of my sharpened paintbrushes. Veronica never liked me and Camille. Only god knows why. She sat there with an ugly sneer wearing her I’m-So-Cool-and-Such-a-Fucking-Hipster Ray Bans and her hair in a messy bun on top of her head.

“What’s up December? Was your mouth too full of Jarred that you didn’t have time to read?” She said in her fucking annoying as shit valley accent. I looked at her shocked.

“Close your mouth, hun. Dicks might get in…not that you would mind anyways. Everyone knows that you’ve been plotting on Jarred’s dick. How much has he been paying to get you out of your slut shell?” And now I’m pissed.

“You know what? Shut the hell up valley whore. You’re just mad that you don’t have a dick and you aren’t Jarred’s type. Oops I’m sorry. You don’t have a dick anymore. Remember that thing mommy and daddy cut off when you were little, Hermie?” The venom in my voice had the whole class in shock. The perks to being related to the school bitch are that you know the worst parts of them. Yeah, Veronica’s a distant cousin.

Her mouth dropped and her eyes began to water with fake tears.

“December I can’t believe you would say that to your own cousin!”

“Oh shut the hell up!”

“DECEMBER!” Mr. Hardwick boomed. “I will not have such blasphemy in my class! Get out!”


“I said out!” I packed up my stuff and stormed out the class. I looked back and saw Veronica smiling and waving at me. An anger that was so dark and suffocating bloomed in me and before I knew what I was doing, I burst back into the room and shoved the bitch hard out of her chair, savoring the sound of the hard thud her body made as it hit the floor. Before anyone had the chance to react, I left the room. I wanted Jarred. No, I needed him. I felt like the halls were closing in on me and I had a tunnel vision of red.

“December!” I heard a familiar voice. I turned and saw Camille. The red haze lightened a bit but not enough.

“December!” She called louder. I heard her heels clacking quickly on the floor. She grabbed my shoulder and I turned quickly, ready to blast her but I felt this calming sensation. My breathing began to relax and the red tunnel vision began to recede, but not the ache for Jarred. That was deep down in a spot on my chest. It felt like someone stomping on my heart.

“Camille, I…I need to find Jarred,” I said, my voice had a tone of desperation. What the hell was happening?

“I know. Go find him,” She said releasing me. I ran down the hall, towards the dance department.


I calmly took out my phone and dialed the number I had memorized quickly. I spoke quietly, knowing that she could hear me but none of the others in the school.

“Hey…He’s started…Yes…He’s beginning to claim…Okay…I will…Later.” I hung up my phone, giddy and worried at the same artemisbet güvenilirmi time.

I began walking to my next station, whistling. So little time and so much to do.


I found Jarred in the dance room by himself, gracefully practicing an intricate ballet routine. I barged in, shocking him out of his reverie. He smiled when he saw it was me.

“Oh hey Dec-” My lips crashed onto his, bruising both of our lips. I kissed him with all the feelings I had, kissed him so hard that our teeth clacked together. I kissed him until we were both breathless. I pulled back, panting.

“December…what-” I pounced again, but this time Jarred pulled back, putting his hands on my shoulders. “December, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” I didn’t know what the hell was wrong with me I just needed Jarred. He must have seen it in my eyes and understood because he pulled me back to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He walked us forward, pushing me against a wall and grinding our hardening members against each other. I moaned into his mouth.


I didn’t know what the hell was up with December, but that could wait. Right now he needed me apparently and I was going to gladly give myself to him.

I moved December’s arms from around my neck and took off his cardigan. He put his arms back as I slipped my hands under his shirt, loving the feeling of his skin against my hands. I ran my fingers up his spine and heard his breath hitch. Hmmm…I will file that information away for later.

He pulled back and began kissing down my jaw to and down my throat, licking at my adam’s apple. He moved over to my pulse point and began sucking and biting there. I knew he was going to leave a mark but I was in ecstasy, so I didn’t care. He came back up and the look on his face was pure, unabridged lust. His pupils had dilated so much that all I could see were little bands of blue and green on his mix-matched eyes. His lips were redder than usual and puffy. I grinded against him and his eyes closed as his breath hitched into a moan.

I began attacking his neck and collar bones, leaving marks in my wake, as he grinded against me. His moans began getting louder and louder. He was so loud that I kissed him hard to smother them. We were both reaching our peaks. Our grinding began to get harder, more frantic.

I felt December’s nails dig into my shoulders as he pulled back and called out my name in ecstasy and reached his climax. I bit down on the spot under his chin as I reached mine.

We came down from our mutual orgasm panting, I faster than he. His head was lolling on my shoulder. From the looks of it, my hands were the only things holding him up. I gently slid him down to the floor and sat down myself, pulling him between my legs, his back against my chest. I slipped my hands under his shirt, gently caressing his stomach.

“December,” I started

“Hmmm…” he said dreamily, his head resting on my shoulder.

“You wanna tell me what was up?”

“Honestly I don’t even know Jarred. I’m too happy to care right now. I just wanna use my boyfriend as a pillow right now.”

“Boyfriend huh?” I said, a smile playing at my lips.

“Yep.” December said as he turned his head and placed a kiss on my collar bone.

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