A September in Stepdad’s Care

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It had been three months since I had moved in to my stepdad’s house. I made short work of becoming friends with my stepsister Rebecca. I had even started to regularly have sexual encounters with my stepbrother Jimmy. Jimmy had a girlfriend. He trying to make a life of his own. In August Jimmy and his girlfriend moved from Ohio to Georgia. They planned to attend collage there in the fall.

I now had our room to myself, I began to spend more time alone. I developed a very nice workout routine. I focused on my hips, ass, and stomach. I combined that with my high estrogen vegan diet and taking estrogen supplements regularly. I started to look very girly and rather quickly too.

Rebecca came into my room late at night. “Well little stepbrother…” ( she called me little even though we were both 18) ” your tits are going to out grow mine if you keep this up.” She grinned as she spoke. She walked over to me and sat down on the bed. “You do make such a pretty woman. It’s a mixed emotion seeing you go from stealing my panties to fully embracing your inner girl. What are your plans for this change?” As she spoke she ran her fingers through my shoulder length hair and over my back in a very comforting way.

“I still can’t believe my brother never caught you. He must have been blind. Or you must have really been careful to hide it. I always heard him sneaking that tramp girlfriend of his home. Witch must have been terrible for you. I could hear them having sex regularly. I know you must be tired of that. You’r likely glad to see him move.”

I was smiling at the thought of my sister thinking Jimmy was fucking his girlfriend while I slept on floor next to his bed. In actuality it was Jimmy plowing my field that she was hearing. This was exciting and terrifying who else heard these nights?

I stumbled over the words to answer. ” Yeah… Becky you’re right he was …rude about his sexual exploits! ” This really was not a lie. Several times he reminded me he was not gay. I was nothing more than a side piece to his girlfriend. “We did spend a lot of time together and I am going to miss him a bunch” as I said this I reached out and hugged Rebecca.

Sunday morning when the family was eating breakfast my mom and stepdad “Doc” suggested I spend some time out of the house. My mom went on and on about me needing to have some guy friends. She pushed how some good old male bonding could do me some good. Doc just ate and added in an helpful nod once in a while. I protested I could make my own decision about what I needed. My mom ended the lecture by saying “Well I don’t like you shutting up in that room alone. I know you miss Lil Jimmy, but you need to make some friends around here.” I rolled my eyes and began to speak out.

Doc took notice of my plight. “Well honey he could ride with me next week. We could get to know each other better and I’m delivering in Georgia so he could see Jimmy. Hell I’ll even get him paid if he wants to help unload the truck.”

He was trying to help. Unfortunately I didn’t want to be trapped with him in a semi. I could not be “me” there. I was spending so much time as a girl now it was almost painful to put boy clothes on. I did like the fact that I could see Jimmy.

Maybe I’d be able to sneak some time to get with Jimmy while I was visiting. I agreed to go and then set about my day. That night I packed a few changes of clothes. One of which was a cute sporty dress in yellow and some tall knee high socks with white cotton panties and bra. I tucked them into the bottom of the bag that I was taking.

The truck pulled out of his terminal early Monday morning. The weather was cool and I over slept, as usual. I threw on some sweats over the panties I was sleeping in. I had been hiding them for so long that it didn’t seem weird at all. Doc assured me I could get some rest in the sleeper of his truck. I took that invite and crashed as soon as we go to the truck.

After a few hours Doc needed to stop for fuel and a toilet break. We headed in to the mens room. There were several truckers at the urinals. I slipped up to empty one. Just then it hit me like a brick. I was wearing pink lace panties under my sweats. I did my best to hide these and quickly looked around. No one noticed but I caught several shots of cock in that bathroom. I even saw Doc’s cock by accident.

Uncomfortable at the whole situation I made my way to a stall. I was sure I couldn’t be seen. I waited for the group to thin out. Doc said “hey kid I’ll halkalı escort be out at the truck when your done here.” I stayed in the stall until I was alone and then slunk back to the truck.

As I was approaching Doc was throwing out a bag of garbage from the truck “I cleaned out all the trash from the cab. I hope you can get more comfortable now.”

I had bought some coffee which made it easier to chit chat. After about a half hour Doc let me know that plans had changed. We were not going to Georgia. The terminal had switched his load. We were headed for Texas.

I was right in the middle of taking a drink of coffee when he said this. It distracted me enough that I spilled coffee all over myself. Doc said “Sorry kid. That’s the life of a trucker. Better hop in back a change those clothes.”

So I unbuckled and slipped into the sleeper. I located my bag and it seemed lighter as I got it out. I set it on the bed and opened it to find a hand written note that read

“Hey kid you don’t have to hide yourself from me. I’m not home as much as your mother. I have noticed the changes. Please get comfortable. I hope you can forgive me, I threw out your boy clothes.” I remember feeling fear slam into me as I read this. Tears welled up in my eyes.

I heard Doc “Everything ok kid?”

“Ye…yeah…” I squeaked through heart felt emotions.

“Well take your time honey It’s ok.”came Doc’s reply. Doc’s tone was sweet and accepting. Maybe even encouraging to me. I slipped out of my coffee covered clothes. I put on the white cotton panties and bra. Then slipped on the yellow skater dress. I pulled on the tall thigh high sport socks and a headband to keep my hair back. Then I just sat on the bed.

“Am I going to do this?” I thought. “Am I going to be myself, in daylight, in front of my stepdad?” I was scared and I was excited all at once.

“Now is the perfect time dummy!” I screamed in my head. ” He already knows, he obviously supports you, and he cares! Just do it!” The pep talk worked and I reached up and pulled back the curtain and slipped up into the passenger seat.

“You ok honey?” Doc asked.

“Nervous.” That was all I could say.

“Well don’t be. you’re the prettiest thing on the highway baby girl.” Doc had a soothing voice. ” Do you know why they call me Doc?”

“No” I replied still blushing from his comment about me being pretty.

“Well after the army I enrolled in collage. I was going to be a psychiatrist and help people. After five years of that I dropped out. I fell back on this driving gig. I learned how in the army.” He kind of laughed. “When word got around about my failed attempt at collage everyone started calling me Doc.”

I wondered where he was going with this. I didn’t care really because he wasn’t making me talk. Which was a blessing because the well of emotions was barely being held back. He continued with small talk for about a half hour. I just sat there feet on the dash board head down listening to him. Then he asked a question that made me flinch.

“What do I call you honey?” His voice was smooth and so gentle. My head snapped up at him. I must have looked confused. “I mean this… the real you. What is your name baby girl?”

“No one ever asked me that.” I was crying now I did not know why. That question was so innocent that it touched my heart. This rough burly ex army truck driving tough guy had broken down a wall. It was not an all out emotional cry. Just streaming tears of relief. Someone got me. I mean really got me.

“Don’t cry honey. It’s just that you have put a lot of effort into this new you. I assumed you had given yourself a name. I think it’s awesome that you have be able to become who you are inside.” He knew what to say. He knew how to say it. I felt safe. I felt like I could talk to him about me.

“Jasmine!” I blurted this out.”I call myself Jasmine.”

“That’s a beautiful name Jasmine.” As he spoke I blushed and smiled.

“There’s that pretty smile.” I knew he was trying to get me to stop crying now. I began to wipe away the tears as he spoke. “Well if you let me I think I can help you. You see, in this truck you are safe. You can say or do what ever you like. If you need anything just ask.”

He was so sweet. “All that I ask is that you are honest. Well…and maybe put your feet down. That dress doesn’t cover your panties.” he smiled as he joked.

I snapped my feet nişantaşı escort down to the floor and blushed. “I’m sorry.” I was embarrassed. He just laughed and said not to be.

“Do you think I’m fucked up?” I asked nervously.

“Why? Because you’re honest with you. Do I think you are fucked up because you’re Jasmine and not Chad.” He was so very understanding.

“No baby girl I think you’re great. I want to know so much more. Why did you start feeling this way? When did you start to make active steps to change? What do you desire from this? How can I help you?” I could hear the intrigue and wonder in his voice.

“I can tell you I felt like this from about 11 years old.” I wanted him to know. I needed to tell him. “I’ve always felt like I was a girl. I started making an effort to change this year. The thought of being a girl makes me tingle all over. If want to help me keep being nice about this because I am scared to let people see me.”

“Really?” he seemed puzzled. “Why are you scared? You”re a beautiful young woman. I mean look at you.” He said this in a compassionate voice. He had a soothing hypnotic voice that made me blush.

I stopped him. “Listen! I mean my dick has never been longer than 2 inches hard. When its soft it’s less than an inch. My balls were tiny and the whole mess looked like a twat.” Saying this out loud was freeing me. “I was embarrassed. I began to always use the stall and sit down to pee.” This was humiliating to share but I needed to share with Doc. It was uncontrolable.

“You must have been confused and a bit scared.” Doc said soothingly.

“Oh it gets worst. I go and mention it to my dad. He tells me we live with what god gave us. Don’t go being a sissy about it just puff out your chest and soldier on.” I pretended to march as I mocked my dad.

“Well that is fucked up. Was it hard to be humiliated by men you trusted?” Doc was a good man. His compassion was amazing. It was like he knew my thoughts.

“Yes but the real spiral started with the neighbors daughter. We went to school together. For some reason she liked me. She convinced me to wear her panties to prove I loved her. She was strange and I liked it. I was crushed when she told me the truth. She was just messing with my head and she had been sleeping with a big dicked jock.”

“You thought I was going to love you. You were panties and have no dick! I’m just having fun here you little sissy boy!” I repeated her words in a mocking tone.

“I see what happened there.” Doc said this as he reached over and patted my knee. He was the most caring person I had ever spoken to about this.

I continued “About this time my dad took ill. He moved into an apartment near the VA for treatment. Mom took a bunch of extra shifts and I became the housekeeper.” I laughed at the thought. “I stole my moms panties when I did laundry. It felt right to wear them. I obsessed over them. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own clothes any more.”

“About mid way through may I started to take estrogen pills I bought online. Dad passed in June. I never saw mom much after that. Then we moved in with you all. That’s when Becky helped me start to develop my true self.”

“Well my Rebecca helped you? I can’t believe she did that. But then again she has always been way more into girls than guys. If know what I mean?” Doc was laughing about the thought of Rebecca caring for someone else.

“Well she did and these are her clothes even! Wait…Rebecca is gay?” I was a bit defensive of the only other person to care for me. Doc understandingly patted my knee again. He sort of rubbed my leg as a “hey, I’m sorry gesture.”

“Well I can’t have babe girl wearing hand me downs. I’m responsible for the loss of your other clothes. So I guess this means We have to hit a mall. There is one at the next exit. What do you say? ” He was smiling and he kept his hand on my leg as we pulled into the mall lot.

“Oh my god I will be able to shop as a girl?” I squealed. I loved the idea of this. “Let’s do it.”

“I just have to get some cash out of the lock box in the sleeper. Give me a sec.” Then Doc climbed into the sleeper. I felt I needed to thank him for being so sweet and caring. I followed him into the sleeper. I caught his hand as he stood by the large bed. When he turned around I damn near leapt into his arms.

Standing there in his embrace I cried. “Thank you. Thank you for caring.” I looked şişli escort up at him and he placed both hand on either side of my face. With his thumbs he wiped the tears.

“You are a beautiful girl. I have done nothing but allow that to be true.” He spoke soft. I could feel the compassion in his touch. I reached up and pulled his head in closer. I kissed him.

He was a great kisser passion and lust took over. I could feel his cock swell in his jeans. I had to see it. I fell to my knees and worked the button and zipper of the jeans. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m going to repay you.” As I spoke I pulled his jeans down. He had tight white briefs on underneath. I could see they strained to hold back his cock. I could smell his musky manly scent. I rubbed his cock through the underwear with both hands. My mouth watered for this big dicked truck driver.

I stripped of that underwear and his cock flopped out. I caught the tip in my open mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and it grew bigger. My god! How big was it going to be? After working it to a full hard-on I sat back to admire his gorgeous dick.

Thick, veiny, and hairy it was almost as long and my forearm. I had never seen anything like this mans cock. I longed to taste it. I began to lick the tip. Then traced down the shaft holding it up with one hand. I licked his hairy balls and took them one at a time in my mouth. I sucked on them and made him moan.

I Started to jerk his cock. “Jasmine you’re a dirty girl. Aren’t you.”

“I am. I’m a slutty little cunt! And I’m going to drain you dry.” He seemed to like me talking dirty. I couldn’t talk much more because he shoved that monster cock right in my mouth.

“Listen here you little whore. Get on the bed and swallow my cock!” He demanded.

I crawled on the bed facing him. He stood pants down to his thighs cock out. I like being talked dirty to. I had to put my ass up a bit to really get at his cock. When I did my dress flipped up exposing my white cotton panties. with my face down and my ass up I sucked my stepdad off.

I took his cock deep in my throat. He reached around to my ass and flicked at my tiny clitty. “Oh baby girl likes sucking cock. Her little tiny clitty is hard.” He was being rough and rubbing it through my panties like it was a clit. He ignored the fact it was my tiny dick.

“Good girls don’t suck cock on the first date. Are you dirty and naughty?” He was getting into it.

“Yes! I love this cock daddy!” I managed between thrust of his huge cock.

Smack! He brought his open palm down on my ass. Pain shot through my body. I could feel his fingers contact the skin on the right side of my panties.

“Ouch!” I yelped out.

“Don’t you stop slut!” Smack! he spanked the other side as hard. “Little slutty girls need taught a lesson.”

“I’m sorry.” I was on the verge of tears. I knew he liked what I was doing. Did he know I liked what he was doing? “I’ll be good Daddy!”

“Little girl, you will finish what you started!” Then I heard that sound. The unmistakeable zip of a leather belt drawn through belt loops.

“Ok Daddy!” I started to suck his huge cock again. He began to fondle my tiny clitty. Then crack he brought the belt down on my ass. I began to cry. It hurt but I loved it. On the next Crack of the belt an orgasm rushed over me. My teeny tiny clitty leaked cum in my white cotton panties. I began to shudder. Waves of orgasmic pleasure slammed into my quivering body.

Being spanked with the belt brought a leg shaking orgasm. Seeing this must have sent my step dad to climax. He did not let me have his seed though. At the last second he ripped his veiny monster from my sloppy mouth. Then he blew a big ass rope of cum in my face.

Cum dripped off my face. Cum was in my hair. I tried to catch as much as I could in my open mouth. More cum shot in my mouth. His cock just kept pumping more cum. I started to wipe it off my chin.

“Stop! Don’t move.” My stepdad was digging in his pocket. He produced a cell phone. “Smile!” I did smile. H took pictures of my cum covered face and hair. He took pictures of his had prints and belt welts on my ass.

“Well look here Jasmine.” He held up his phone. “Princess Jasmine is a cumdumpster.” He was smiling.

“Yes daddy. I’ll do what ever you need!” I smiled back at him as i scooped his cum off my chin. I licked it from my fingers. Then he helped me get cleaned up.

When I was presentable, we climbed out of the truck to head in to the mall. My only wish was that my yellow dress was a bit longer. When I bent down it rode high enough to reveal my welted ass. The wind stung the welts. It reminded me I was a dirty whore. Reminded me that I needed to be trained. My stepdad Doc and I walked holding hands into the mall. No one knew our secret.

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