A Pleasure Trip

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We were doing shrooms.

The house we were in had a small two way closet that the guys who were renting it had put glow in the dark stars and planets all over the wall and ceiling.

This was where I was, hanging out by myself, enjoying the trip in space, when I heard someone coming.

I didn’t know who it was yet so I crouched down, and hid inside the clothes that were hanging there.

This guy walked in. I knew him from around the same people I hang out with, but he was a new guy and I had forgotten his name.

He closed the door, leaned against the wall, and lit up a smoke that accented his features.

I noticed I could still see his face in the dark some, since the trip had me seeing trails, I found myself thinking this guy is pretty hot.

I never thought of myself as gay, or even into guys, so I put it off on the shrooms having me in another head space.

Every time he drew from the cig, the glow made him beautiful, with the smoke floating around his head.

The glow from the stars had him silhouetted in the dark.

I then noticed he was rubbing himself through his jeans.

He finished his smoke, and I thought he was about leave, when he stubbed it out in a small ash tray on the floor, stood back up and undid his pants.

He pulled his cock out and I could see he was already hard, and of a nice size.

I was entranced by watching him stroke himself, slowly and methodically, enjoying the sensation mixed with his own trip.

I started rubbing myself, my own cock getting hard.

It didn’t bother me at all that I was staring at this guy pleasuring himself, it really turned me on, and suddenly I wanted to reach out and touch it.

I was excited, by the fact that I’ve never touched another cock, and since it was dark with only the glow of stickers, he wouldn’t be able to tell it was me.

Was he gonna freak out? I didn’t care, I just wanted to touch his dick.

I eased forward from my hiding spot, down on my knees almost in front of him, and reached up, sliding my hand around his and over the head of his cock.

He gasped, but after realizing I was there, and stroking him, he pulled his hand back and let me have it.

I squeezed and pulled on it. It was thicker than mine, and a bit longer, but I was enjoying the feeling of it in hands.

I slid one hand down and cupped his balls, bringing me more into euphoria, adiosbet yeni giriş my trip peaking and my dick hard as hell.

Without hesitation, or even wondering what the hell I was doing, I put my lips over the head.

I’ve never sucked cock before, but knew how I liked mine to be sucked when girls did it, and I watched a ton of porn, so I did what I felt was right, as I slowly brought my mouth down his shaft, sliding my tongue underneath.

I was still jacking him off as I sucked, and playing and pulling on his balls.

I felt him lean forward, and his hand slide down my back underneath my shirt.

It felt amazing as his hands slid across my skin, but then I realized he may not know yet that I was another dude, but I didn’t care. I was too into the cock in my mouth and the sex filled trip I was going through.

His hands rubbed my back, then slid further down towards my ass, so I leaned to where I could arch my back, ass out. His fingers played along and underneath the edge of my jeans, so I undid them and pulled them down some, and as I did his hands played over my ass. I felt his fingers move into the top of my crack, so I arched my butt up even more so he could let his fingers find my butthole. When it did, my mind raced with feelings of pleasure and confusion. It’s like my body had a mind of its own, fueled by the shrooms and knowing nothing but what felt good.

I was taking his cock into my throat now, gagging then backing off, using my saliva to lube his cock more. I loved sucking his dick, loved the taste and how warm it was as it passed through my lips.

I heard him spit, and felt it land on my ass.

He took his fingers and moved it towards and into the crevice of my ass, finding my hole and rubbing it into it. When I felt his finger penetrate my ass, I bucked my ass against his hand, getting all of his finger inside. I’ve been fingered by girls before, but this had me over the top.

I took my mouth off of his cock and moaned.

He took that as a sign and added another finger, the pain was nothing as pleasure took over.

He suddenly removed his fingers, and putting his hands on head, pulled me away from his cock and leaned down and put his mouth on mine. It was my first guy kiss, and my tongue danced with his greedily.

He then pushed me away, turning me around and pushing me down on the floor.

I was on adiosbet giriş my stomach. He crouched down, and after removing my jeans, he spread my legs.

His played with my ass, pulling my checks apart and massaging my asshole. Then I felt his mouth, kissing the sides of my ass, before his tongue found my puckered butthole. It felt amazing, this so new and intense, I raised my ass up, letting him know I was enjoying it.

I reached around, grabbed his hair and pushed his face into my ass, as his tongue probed my hole. He reached his hands underneath me, and grabbed my raging hard on, sliding his hand up and down the shaft. His fingers played over the head of my cock, gently fingering the slit. He occasionally would move from my ass to my balls with his mouth, sucking both into his lips, and letting them out with a small pop.

He then stood up, and took his clothes the rest of the way off before kneeling back down. Again he spit on ass, rubbing it in and around my waiting hole.

I lay my head down, anxiously waiting.

I suddenly felt the tip of his cock against my asshole, and after rubbing it against it, I felt him press into me. I took some force, and some relaxing from me, but as I breathed in and slowly let it out, I felt my ass give in and let this beautiful cock slide inside me. It was a little painful at first, but he went slow, taking his time, letting his cock take me inch my inch.

I was biting my knuckles, his cock felt huge as it invaded my ass, but the pleasure it induced was phenomenal.

He was finally all the way inside me. He lay down on top of me, reaching his hand around to my face, and I let his fingers find their way into mouth as I sucked eagerly, loving the feeling of him holding me down with his body, and his dick buried in me.

He then starting slowly fucking me. He would slowly slide his cock out, all the way to the head, before easing it back in, letting my ass get used to him. After a few slow thrusts, he gradually started getting a little faster, settling into an nice rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of me.

I was moaning, whimpering, loving this feeling.

He kissed the back of my neck as he fucked me, rubbing his hands up and down my sides.

My own cock, grinding into the floor, was so hard it hurt. He suddenly raised up on his hands, his thrusts getting a bit faster. I thrust my ass back to meet his body as adiosbet güvenilirmi he started to pound my ass, each thrust getting harder and more frantic.

His breathing got deeper, more animal, and I knew he was getting close. I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to cum in me, to cum in my ass.

He let out a pained growl, his fucking me more intense. He suddenly grabbed my shoulder, squeezing, bringing pain, as he fucked me so hard, driving me into floor, causing me to bite my arm.

Suddenly he let out a rough moan, then grunting like a beast, unloaded into me, slamming into my ass, as he shot his cum deep inside. After a few more hard thrusts, he leaned down and put his head on my back, breathing heavy, gentle kisses being placed across my shoulders.

He then slowly pulled his cock from me, and rolled me over, his cum dripping from me.

He then went down, and took my cock in his mouth, sucking hard and jacking me off.

It didn’t take long, and I almost screamed as I came hard, filling his mouth with my cum, my back arching to keep my dick in his mouth, and he put his arms underneath me, holding me up to him.

Finally, he eased me back down, and came up to kiss me, my cum still in his mouth.

We kissed for so long, my cum slicking our faces as we made out, hard and like we would never kiss again, hands rubbing all over each other.

He then pushed me gently away, standing up. He reached down and pulled me up to him, where he turned me around and gently leaned me against the wall.

He then squatted down behind me, his face at my ass, which was slick and wet with his cum that was easing out of me. He then leaned forward, and kissed my well fucked, and sore asshole, causing me to moan again.

There was still enough glow from the stickers to see our clothes, and as we gathered our things, he stopped me. I could barely see his smile. He then dropped his clothes, causing me to do the same, as I smiled back, knowing what was in his head. He took me by the hand. Then he opened the door.

We walked back into the trip party, completely naked and looking like we definitely just been fucking, but others were already in various levels of undress. Girls and guys both were riding the trip, and letting go.

Smiles we’re all we saw as we passed our friends, some even reached out to touch us our sex glowed bodies.

We took it all in, enjoying the looks, the touches, the laughter.

We strolled through our friends, until we found a room with a spare bed. There we spent the rest of the night, enjoying the remainder of the trip, enjoying each other even more, until we fell asleep wrapped up in each other.

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