A Night For Always

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The night I lost my virginity, the night I left behind all the little girl games and started playing as a woman, is a night I will remember long after I leave this world. Every detail, every second of that night has been embedded into my memory as if it had been branded there.

My mother was in the hospital, having some insignificant surgery done, and my father was working the night shift. My grandmother was watching us for the night, me and my two brothers. Since I was the oldest, she let me stay up after she went to bed to watch a movie on TV. The movie turned out to be one of those pathetic horror movies from the 80s about a giant killer snake or something, so I passed out soon after it started.

I will never forget what happened next.

I awoke to the unexpected feeling of being baked, and to the unknown feeling of a face buried deep inside my young tender pussy. A tongue, hot and quick, was working its way from deep inside my already wet pussy to my small clit. I had never felt, never even dreamed, anything like this. I never knew that pleasure this intense existed. I kept my eyes closed, afraid that if I were to open them, the pleasure would stop. There was no way of me knowing that this was only the beginning.

He took his tongue out of my pussy and climbed up my body, placing his mouth instead on my breasts. Although small, my breasts had managed to become firm, my nipples hard and pointed. He flicked his tongue out at one of my nipples. I gasped. He licked my nipple again until I could feel it wet with his saliva. Then he took it in his mouth and began to suck on it. His hand came up and tweaked my other nipple. My breath became short and ragged. I had heard about the things that men and women do in bed, but I had never imagined that it felt this good. As his hand and mouth left my nipples, lordbahis güvenilirmi I started to protest. But he quickly placed his mouth on mine and kissed me, muffling my words.

His hand trailed down my chest, over my flat stomach, to my even wetter now pussy. I moaned against his mouth as his hand cupped me and two of his fingers found their way through my hot pussy lips and to my clit. Last summer I had been camping with friends and had let my friend Jay touch me there, but his hands had not known what to do, as these obviously did. As his fingers delicately rubbed my little clit, I moaned again and pushed my hips harder against his hand. His lips never left mine, and I was still afraid to open my eyes.

His other hand came back up to tease my nipple. My mind swam in circles, matching the rhythm of the fingers dancing on my clit. When his fingers suddenly slid down from my clit and entered me, crudely shoved inside me where, until that day, nothing else had ever been, red flashed before my closed eyelids. The pain quickly passed through my young body, for all I could feel was the pleasure of the night.

When my breathing came back to normal, I felt his move his weight down my body. Once again I could feel his warm breath against my pussy. He spread my lips with his hands and wrapped his lips around my clit, sucking slow at first, then harder. I moaned softly, knowing that any loud noise would awake my grandmother or brothers, and then the pleasure would end. I wouldn’t have done anything to end it. As his mouth worked its magic on my clit, I felt his fingertips pushing against the entrance to my hole. I could feel his finger push slowly inside me, using my own juices, and as I later learned, my own blood since he had popped my cherry the first time he’d shoved his lordbahis yeni giriş fingers inside me.

It felt so damn good, I wanted the feelings I was having to last forever. Just after I’d thought that, I felt something building in the pit of my stomach, building fast and strong. My legs went numb as my breathing became short and fast. He sensed what was coming and pulled his mouth off my clit, replacing it with his fingers, and once again placed his lips over mine. My entire body went into spasms as my young and tender body went into its first orgasm. The feeling was so magnificent that I almost lost consciousness and blacked out. I don’t even know how I managed to stay awake, but I did. Waves of pleasure passed through my young body and I gave myself to them, thoroughly enjoying every second of them. As I moaned against his lips, mine separated a little, allowing my pussy juices to drip down from his lips into my mouth. I remember thinking how sweet it was, and telling myself to remember to lick my fingers off after the next time I played with my clit by myself.

My body slowly relaxed again, and I felt him move closer to me. I felt him rub his crotch against my thigh. Felt his cock rub against me through his jeans. I moaned again. He obviously was hoping for this reaction as he got up and stood beside me. I heard the zipper, the pants falling to the floor, and I bit my lip in anticipation as he crawled on top of me. I almost fainted when I felt his hard hot cock resting on the inside of my thigh, just inches below my young hot wet virgin pussy. He reached down and positioned his cock on my pussy lips. Instincts told me what to do after that.

I arched my back and felt the tip of his cock enter my pussy lips and nudge against the opening to my vagina. He rested on his elbows lordbahis giriş and again put his lips on mine. Only this time he parted my lips with his tongue, and as his tongue entered my mouth, his cock entered my pussy. My arms flew around his bare shoulders and I dug my fingernails into this back, arched my back even more, and drew back the tears I felt coming on. The pain was so intense, but the pleasure grew and outweighed the pain. Before I knew it, he was moving in and out of me to a rhythm that I soon matched. It felt so good. Some of my friends had lost their virginity and had said that it only hurt them, that they’d felt no pleasure after their cherries were popped. Did they ever have someone who didn’t know what they were doing.

Soon, the pain had almost vanished, all I felt was the pleasure, increasing with every thrust of his hard manhood. I felt something building again, and this time I was waiting for it, hoping that it would be as amazing as the last one. He must have felt it too, because he doubled his efforts inside my pussy and thrust harder and faster than he had been. I arched my back as much as I could and ground my pussy up to his cock as hard as I could. My legs went numb again and this time, I did black out. But only for a few seconds as the pleasure overwhelmed me and I lost control of my body. I remember feeling something hot running out of me as he thrust his cock once more inside me and them collapsed on top of me.

Finally, I dared to open my eyes, knowing that the adventure was over. I had already known who he was. I had known as soon as I had awoken to find his hot welcome tongue in my pussy. The world looked different somehow. As if I now knew one of the secrets of life. I smiled.

He finally spoke. “What’s that smile for? Is it for me?”

“Of course it is.”

He sat up and I crawled over to sit in his lap.

“Listen though, you can’t tell anyone though. Okay?”


He wrapped me in his arms as I drifted back off to sleep. “Do you love me?”

I replied the only way I knew how. “Don’t be silly. Of course I love you Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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