A New Life Ch. 03

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The story continues…


I couldn’t concentrate on what my sister-in-law was saying. Why the hell hadn’t I moved, and what was Carl saying? I couldn’t just wander up and join in if he was talking about me, and I could hardly act surprised at Simon being here. I really wished I could read lips, or at least that they were a bit closer so I could see the expressions on their faces. When I finally saw that Carl was coming back over I didn’t know whether to be relieved or even more scared. He was keeping his face blank, knowing that would wind me up even more.

I just looked expectantly at him. There was no point me pushing him, he’d just tease me by saying nothing. I had a suspicion that my expression would be enough for him to start teasing anyway. He knew I was desperate to know what had been said, although on the other hand, if it was bad, I wouldn’t want to hear it. I could only hope that bad news would at least help me get over this obsession I had with Simon. Carl settled himself down beside me and slowly took a sip of his drink. I had never had such a strong urge to hit him as I did right then.

‘So..’ he began, and I couldn’t stop myself from drawing a deep breath while I waited for all my illusions to be shattered. ‘I haven’t dropped you in it, although I may have made it sound like you are a bit freaked about being outed at work.’

‘You told him I was gay?’ I said, almost as an accusation. He just looked amused.

‘I told you before, it’s not exactly unlikely given that you are out drinking in this place. Besides, if he didn’t know that already it is kind of useful if you are to have any chance of getting in his pants.’

‘And…’ I prompted.

‘Well, I don’t know if you do stand a chance of that, but he did get offended when he thought you didn’t want to talk to him.’

‘Shit, Carl. Why did you tell him that?’

‘I didn’t. He misunderstood, but I made sure I corrected that. I did ask him to join us but he seemed reluctant to leave his friends. I guess he wanted to talk to them first. I reckon the best thing is for you to go over there now and apologise for your brother being weird.’

I just looked at him in disbelief. ‘So you’ve come across to him as some sort of nutter, and I still don’t find out if he’s gay?!’

‘He’s gay.’

I pulled a face. ‘How do you know that after two minutes conversation?’

‘Well, probably the fact he said he was.’

I was processing that statement. Could Carl really be sure. I knew it was dumb to be thinking it, but I couldn’t help still considering the most obvious reason Simon wouldn’t be interested in me. ‘Said what, exactly.’

‘Well, that he understood not wanting to be outed at work and he wouldn’t do it to you if you didn’t do it to him.’

‘That’s not actually saying it.’ I murmured.

Carl’s eyes rolled back in his head yet again. ‘Would he be worried you’d out him for his taste in music? Besides, have you seen the way he is dressed?’

I had, and the reminder of the way his trousers fitted his body made me groan.

Carl sat bolt upright. ‘That’s it. You’re an idiot Greg. There is a hot gay man over there who you have a major thing for, and I for one can’t stand you not at least trying to sound him out further. You know I follow through on my threats. So either you go over there willingly and sit down and have a drink with him, or I drag you over there and tell him you have a major crush. Your choice. One…’

Shit, he’d started counting. I had til five or he really would do it. I managed to stand somehow before he got to three. Simon’s attention was diverted talking to his friends. I swallowed hard. Sometimes I hated Carl, even when he was right. Actually, especially when he was right. I couldn’t go on with this obsession forever, it was going to have to be kill or cure, and talking would be a very good start. My shaky steps somehow headed across the room.

* * * * * *


All of a sudden, Mark and Charlie said they were headed off to dance, and they disappeared in a flash. For a second I assumed that they just really loved the track, but then I noticed Greg was on his way towards us. Well, towards me. My breath hitched and I had a hard time not glancing down to check out his package as he walked. It wouldn’t be a good idea to be obviously checking him out. The v-neck shirt he had on showed off more of his chest hair, and I immediately wanted to see it in all its glory and pictured myself running my hands over his chest and finding his nipples nestled in the dark hair. I groaned and tried to clear the mental image before he got near me. Unfortunately my cock had really liked the thought, and Greg getting even closer wasn’t helping. I crossed my legs and hoped it wouldn’t be obvious, as he reached the table, smiled at me, and sat down next to me. Thankfully he didn’t make any contact, because he was close enough already that my body was humming in anticipation. I listened intently when he started to speak.

‘Hi. I’m sorry for my brother. I hope that says it all, unless he’s been particularly odd.’

‘No, it’s fine. You don’t need to worry artemisbet yeni giriş about work, honestly. I hadn’t planned on telling everyone that I’m gay just yet.’ I felt the need to make it clear I wasn’t going there, and also to say specifically that I was gay. What he did with that information was up to him. His expression for a moment looked like relief, but I wasn’t sure what part of what I said caused that reaction.

‘Thanks. I reckon there are some cool people at work who would have no problem, but Sally is one of the evangelical lot. You know, love the person but hate the sin, so they sit and pray that the gays will be cured and suddenly like girls.’

I pulled a slightly disgusted face. ‘I don’t want to like girls.’

Greg just laughed. And his laugh was deep and melodic and washed over me even before I found myself caught in the gaze of his bright blue eyes. I shifted in my seat and moved my leg a bit to cover the ever growing problem. Thank god he didn’t look down. He just seemed to keep staring into my eyes, and the fuzzy feelings I was getting started to make me feel uncomfortable in a way that I wasn’t sure was good or bad. I looked away for a moment, and when I glanced back the spell seemed to have been broken.

‘So, have you been here before?’ he asked, as though that moment hadn’t happened.

‘I came last week. My new neighbours brought me.’ I pointed towards Mark and Charlie, who although they were dancing were clearly watching developments at our table. ‘Do you come here often?’ I asked, cursing the demon of pathetic smalltalk for not being able to think of anything better to say.

‘I used to a lot, but I got bored of it. Carl, my brother, he thought it would be a good idea since I’ve been a bit stressed lately… what with this new project.’ The pause was interesting, almost as if there was another reason why he was stressed. He didn’t seem to quite want to look at me as he continued. ‘You must know these places, they are used as pickup joints a lot, and I’m not saying I didn’t do a bit of that, but I decided on my 30th it wasn’t for me any more. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic and want someone who’ll be around most of the time and we can do the dull stuff like the washing up, or sit in front of the tv for an evening, as well as swinging from chandeliers!’

My heart was swelling as I heard this. He wanted what I wanted. Of course my brain replied that it didn’t mean he wanted it with me. But since he had opened up a little I thought I should too. ‘I had that.’ He looked at me inquisitively, but I was continuing anyway. ‘For nearly four years I lived with Ken, did all the domestic bliss thing, or at least I thought I was. Then one night I got home early from a conference and found him in our bed with someone else. The only consolation was he nearly choked on Pete’s dick when he saw me standing there.’ I couldn’t help smiling, and it was probably the first time the memory of that day had made me smile.

He had looked annoyed as I mentioned my discovery, but smiled when I did. ‘I don’t know how anyone could do that to you.’ He looked a little embarrassed at that.

‘I’m over it.’ I said, and for the first time I actually believed myself. ‘Anyway, it was the push I needed to get the new job and start over, and I’m enjoying myself here. I’ve got a better job and nice home, and I’m already making great friends, so all is good.’

Whatever he might have said in reply I missed totally because Mark and Charlie suddenly reappeared and dragged us onto the dancefloor. They wouldn’t take no for an answer. The four of us danced for a couple of tracks, me being careful not to get too close to Greg. He was a pretty good dancer and I enjoyed watching him move but tried to be subtle about it. When the third track came on I realised I had been stitched up, and if I had been in any doubt Charlie winked at me. As the slow song started and everyone around us split into couples Greg and I were left hovering. I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I was wondering how I could best excuse myself.

I should have moved quicker, because my neighbours were not going to leave it there. They had worked their way behind me and I was suddenly propelled forward as one of them ‘accidentally’ bumped into me. The next thing I knew I was up close and personal with Greg, and his arms went around me to stop me falling over while mine grabbed hold of him to stop my motion. I think I froze for a moment. His chest was warm against mine and I was wrapped in an impromptu embrace. I know I moaned, but I hoped he hadn’t heard me over the music. This felt good and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to let go. Mind you, he wasn’t moving away either.

I came back to reality when he leaned and whispered in my ear. I felt the warm breath across it and shuddered as he said. ‘Seeing as we’re here…’. I felt his arms tighten around me and he started to slowly sway to the music, taking me with him. It took me a moment to sort my feet out and get my arms around him properly because I seemed to have lost all control over my body. It was probably because all the blood I had was rushing to artemisbet giriş my groin. It took longer for me to relax into the music and I rested my head on his shoulder, trying not to think but just feel. I did make sure that my crotch went nowhere near him because I really didn’t want him to feel how turned on this made me. I shouldn’t be hard just from a slow dance, but this was far too close to some of my fantasies for me not to be.

I’m not sure how many slow songs there were. I had no concept of time or of anyone else around us, it was like I was on some little cloud with the man of my dreams. I noticed so many more things about him in this position. I could hear the beat of his heart as we swayed together, feel his muscles through his shirt and in his arms as they held me close. And then suddenly I could feel his hands in my hair, stroking through it gently. I quivered, this was a major turn on for me, and he probably had no idea. I got harder than I thought I had ever been.

I must have got too comfortable in his arms, or more likely too hot and horny to stop myself, but my crotch pressed towards him and I heard and felt a sharp breath from him when he must have felt my dick press into his leg. He moved me a little and a hand on my back drew me towards his body. Any embarrassment I felt about him noticing my erection left me when I felt the hard line pressed into my stomach. He was also hard, and I was elated. He wouldn’t get a reaction like that if there wasn’t some attraction there. Maybe he felt towards me at least a little of what I felt for him, and scared as I was, I needed to find out. I leaned my head back a little so I could talk to him, and ended up pressed even firmer into his erect cock. I wanted to play with it but now wasn’t the time. After what had been said about wanting a relationship not just sex, if he’d put his hand on my dick right then I would have followed him anywhere and done anything.

As I looked up at him, finally held in his embrace and both of us turned on, I was caught again in his bright blue eyes. This time the look didn’t feel awkward, and we just stared at each other for a while as we continued to sway to the music and hold each other close. I couldn’t think of anything to say, and the intense look in his eyes was certainly mirrored in mine. I hoped that it said something to him, maybe expressed my hope and my need. There seemed almost to be a moment of understanding between us, or perhaps he could read my mind, because he leaned towards me and his lips met mine. His kiss was soft and gentle, almost as if he was afraid he would scare me away or break me, but I joined him in it, and felt him moan as I slowly licked at his lips. I wanted him to open to me, to explore his mouth fully, but before I could do it there was suddenly the sound of clapping all around us.

I broke away from him fast and blushed, but as I looked around it became apparent that the crowd were clapping the DJ because the music had ended for the night. Well, most of them were, because when I glanced behind me Mark and Charlie seemed to be looking in the direction of me and Greg rather than the DJ booth. I blushed further but they just grinned at me, clearly having seen the kiss. I was still shaking from it, and having been pressed up against Greg for so long.

I felt his hand slip into mine and it brought my attention back to him, particularly as the contact made my hand tingle. He smiled and started to leave the dancefloor, me trailing in his wake. I didn’t know where we were going, but after that kiss I had no desire to be separated from him. He pulled us over to a darker area at the side of the room and span me round so I was pressed against the wall. I know my breath hitched as he pressed his body to mine and came in for another kiss.

This time the kiss was immediately into full throttle, tongues playing together. I shivered as he ran his hands down my sides and then up into my hair again. I could still feel his hard dick pressed into me and I had no doubt he could also feel mine. I allowed my hands to roam over his back, keeping them over his clothes because if I felt his warm skin I wasn’t sure I would be able to control myself. My whole body was feeling the intensity of the connection, and it was far more exciting than any of the times I had imagined us together, even when I had thought about us doing much more than this. I wished that the kiss would never end, but we had to break apart eventually to draw breath. Even then he didn’t move away from me and I could feel him shaking too as he tried to get some oxygen back in his body.

He leaned towards my ear and his deep and breathy voice would have had me sliding into a pool at his feet if he hadn’t still been pressing me into the wall.

‘I couldn’t resist doing that any longer. You have no idea how much you have been driving me crazy at work.’

I chuckled. ‘Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea, if it’s anything like what you’ve been doing to me.’

He pulled back a little to look at me properly, maybe so he could see my expression and if I was joking with him, but seemed convinced. He pulled artemisbet güvenilirmi me forward so he could hug me tight to his body, and again I was surrounded by his arms and happy to stay there forever. He spoke to me again.

‘What are you doing tomorrow?’

‘Nothing. Why?’

‘I’ll pick you up at 10.’

‘Huh?’ Not exactly a clever response, but I was confused.

‘I want to take you out for the day. A walk in the country and a picnic, if you fancy it.’

‘Take me out? Um, yes, okay.’

I heard and felt his laughter. ‘I’m glad you sound so enthusiastic about it!’

‘It sounds good. My brain wasn’t working properly.’

‘That’ll be the alcohol,’ he said amused.

That’ll be that amazing kiss, I thought.

* * * * * * *


I woke up early and prepared a hamper full of tasty treats for our lunch. I hadn’t been able to stop grinning since I first came to. The memories of last night were so good I almost thought I had imagined it. And to think I had nearly killed my brother for forcing me into talking to Simon. Now I not only knew that he was gay, I also knew he liked me, he kissed like a dream, and his body felt perfect in my arms. I also knew his friends were totally unsubtle, which suggested that they knew he liked me. They’d practically thrown him at me, but I would never complain about that. It had felt so right from the first moment, even before he settled against me and all my desires kicked in. I had to press my hard cock into him when I’d felt his, knowing he liked our closeness I’d let him know I did too. I had to kiss him when he was looking into my eyes, because from the first moment I’d looked into his I’d needed to. And I had not been disappointed either by the kiss or his reaction to it.

The only thing I hadn’t had to do was leave him and come home alone, but my sensible side kicked in. I could so easily have leapt into bed with him, and I was fairly sure he would have joined me willingly, but I had this notion of taking him out first, us doing something together and getting to know him properly now that I knew we had a chance of something. I really did want a relationship not just a fuck, and even more so with him. It scared me to think about it, but the idea of spending the rest of my life with him was not far from my mind. So today was about taking things slowly, I hoped, but I was certainly going to try and get more of those kisses, because I thought I might already be addicted.

I was slightly early picking Simon up. It would have been even earlier if I hadn’t stopped round the corner for nearly 20 minutes. As I arrived at his door I saw his neighbours looking out of their window. I grinned and waved at them, then forgot totally they were there once Simon opened the door to me. He had dressed down from last night, not surprisingly, but he still looked good enough to eat, or at least lick all over. I took a deep breath to stop myself from doing just that, and smiled at him.

‘You ready to go?’ I asked.

‘Ready as I’ll ever be.’ He replied.

I walked him to the car and opened the door for him, resisting the urge to stand there and close it after him too. Seemed a bit silly and possessive, but I wanted to treat him like a precious thing because he was to me. I still couldn’t believe my luck, and as I got in the car I checked him out again to make sure he was really there. He just looked at me, amused.

‘What? Do I have writing on my forehead or something?’

I know I blushed. ‘Sorry. Just can’t quite believe you’re here, or we’re here.’

He smiled. ‘Me neither. What a difference a day makes. Shall we go have this date then?’

I grinned at the word date. I was glad he saw it that way as well. ‘On our way.’ I said, starting the car and heading out of town.

I gave him a rundown on where we were, places of interest and all of that as we headed out into the country. I decided to take him to a local hill where there were woodland and hilltop walks as well as picnic areas. It was beautiful up there and we could look over the town and the surroundings so it would be more interesting to someone new to the area. Also, it was going to be popular and there would be plenty of families around, so I could make sure that I behaved myself. My dick didn’t agree, but my head was telling me to take this slowly. I had had some pretty intense sexual encounters in the past but I reckoned sex with someone I loved was going to beat them hands down. Then I realised I had thought the ‘l’ word, and it didn’t scare me, I just looked across at Simon taking in the scenery and realised I meant it.

We wandered around the hill and then the woods, most of the time hand in hand. When I moved to take his hand the first time, wanting some sort of physical connection to him, he turned to smile sweetly at me and twined his fingers between mine. We got a couple of strange looks from other people but I really didn’t care. I was far too elated at being with Simon to give anyone else a second thought. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him either. He was so beautiful, especially like this, eager to see everything and happy and comfortable in my company, his hair glistening in the sun and his eyes twinkling and showing his amusement every time he caught me staring at him. Not that it was all one sided, I also saw him doing it to me, the same look of interest on his face as I was sure was on mine.

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