A New Kind of Love Ch. 09

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“Wake up, sunshines,” a voice stirred Steve from his sleep.

“…eh… the fuck?” Steve grumbled. He felt something snuggle deeper into his arm. Then he remembered what had happened the night before. He smiled and looked at the small bundle curled under his arm. He looked at the long scar that covered his face and wished he could take that pain away from Stoph.

“Enough admiring your sleeping beauty. I have a present for you two,” the voice interrupted Steve’s thoughts again.

“Love…” Stoph moaned into his armpit. And his brow scrunched into a frown.

“No, I’m sorry. But being an angel and all, I can’t really date. It’s not you it’s me,” Michael smiled at the boy.

Stoph’s brow scrunched tighter.

“Get up!” Michael shouted again.

“Jesus, what’s made you so happy? Aren’t you usually all calm and collected and all that bullshit,” Steve mumbled and snuggled into Stoph’s hair, inhaling his scent.

“Yeah, well, I have a present for you and Stoph. Stoph mainly. But whatever… you can be included too, now get UP!” Michael shouted and ripped the covers off the two. Both groaned and tried to snuggle into each other to keep warm.

“Of all the tortures of hell this is by far the worst,” Stoph glared at the angel.

“Well someone got his sarcasm back,” Michael laughed.

“Just cuz I’m crippled, don’t think I can’t still beat your ass like I did back in the 1400’s,” Stoph growled.

“You didn’t win that fight. You just killed a third of the population of Europe with a plague. Then I was forced to retreat. I said, FORCED. I would have won if not for Gabriel,” Michael reasoned.

“Talking needs to stop now,” Steve grumbled.

“Forced my ass. You were scared,” Stoph laughed.

“Was not,” Michael glared.

“Was too,” Stoph retorted.

Steve sat up. “Babe, I love you. And I’m glad you’re not crazy anymore. But shut up and go back to sleep,” Steve growled. Stoph laughed and curled back up.

“OK,” he sighed.

“Not OK,” Michael shouted.

“Get up, get up, get up, get up!” Michael jumped on the bed wings flailing. Both men groaned more.

” Alright alright. We’re up.” Steve sat up and Stoph followed.

“Good! Now I can tell you the good news!” Michael jumped once more before sitting on the bed. Steve rubbed the sleep from his eyes and waited.

“Stoph, we’ve all been talking upstairs. And due to your recent… acts… we all have seen fit to give you back your wings,” Michael said. Suddenly calmer and formal. Stoph was awake at once.

“What?! That’s never happened before…” Stoph muttered.

Steve waved a hand in the air. “Remember guys, not an all-powerful super-being here. Put it in plain English for me.”

“There’s two ways to become a Demon, Steve. One is you’re born one of Lucifer’s children,” Stoph began.

“The other is to have been created as an Angel and to have committed some crime of treason against the light and you fall from heaven. Losing your wings and falling into His world,” Michael finished.

“So no Demon has ever gotten his wings back before?” Steve asked still not entirely understanding.

“It’s more than just the wings themselves, Steve,” Michael explained.

“If Stoph chooses to give up his dark magic. He will be endowed with his Light given powers again and be free from Lucifer’s grasp. His soul will no longer belong to him,” Michael said excitedly. Steve realized that was the first time he had heard the angel use the Devil’s name.

Steve glanced at Stoph to see how he was taking all of this. He expected to see happiness or surprise or… something other than the heavy scowl he wore.

“What?” Steve asked.

“You’re leaving out a key factor here, Michael,” Stoph sighed. Steve looked toward Michael and his smile was gone as well.

“Yes… I know…” Michael sighed. He turned toward Steve. “Angels are forbidden from being with a human. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri In any way shape or form. He would have to leave you,” Michael explained. Worry creasing the smooth skin.

“Oh…” Steve said. He suddenly felt tired again. “Could you give us a minute, Michael?” Steve asked. The angel nodded and walked into the living room.

“Stoph… I love you and I always will. No matter what happens. I know what a big deal this is… if this is what you want. Then you have to do this. And I’ll support you,” Steve said.

“I just got you back, I can’t lose you again,” Stoph sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“You also can’t give this up. Being free from Lucifer… being free from dark magic. Being free from-”

“You,” Stoph interrupted. “There were reasons I broke the rules in Heaven, Steve. They were stupid. Possessive. I could do nothing I wanted to do. I could hardly think for myself without some higher ranking angel smashing out my thoughts,” Stoph scowled.

“Escaping from Lucifer would be amazing, nd I would most likely take Michael up on his offer. If not for you. I know we were meant for each other. And I’ve been to hell and back to keep you, no pun intended,” Stoph added. Steve smiled.

Stoph’s eyes were still filled with pain. But the light Steve had seen before was coming back already.

The two men hugged.

“Michael,” Stoph called for his holy counterpart.

“Have you decided?” Michael asked.

“Yes, I can’t go. I can’t leave Steve now that we finally found each other,” Stoph explained. Michael looked sad but he also looked like he understood.

“I figured you would be the dealbreaker,” Michael smiled at Steve who held Stoph close. Steve smiled at the angel.

“I was told that if you refused this deal then I was to offer you another,” Michael said, wings flexing in the small space.

Stoph looked surprised. “Which is?”

“That you can stay here. With Steve. But I relinquish you of your Demonic capabilities. You will be human. Lucifer cannot touch you. Nor can we see each other again,” Michael explained.

“Sounds like a pretty damn good deal. Why didn’t you offer me that one first?” Stoph laughed.

“I was kind of hoping you would want you wings back. I would like to stay friends,” Michael admitted, cheeks turning red. Stoph laughed.

“Who would have ever thought after several lifetimes of fighting we would become…” Stoph searched for the word.

“Friends. I think we’re friends,” Michael smiled.

“I guess we are, aren’t we,” Stoph smiled back.

“We owe you a lot Michael. You helped Stoph. Then helped me. Then rescued Stoph. Even restored his sanity. There’s no way to ever repay you,” Steve said.

“Yeah, well. I try,” the angel joked.

“I suppose you’re taking the second deal then?” Michael asked. Steve glanced at Stoph and nodded his approval. Stoph turned back to Michael.

“Yes, I think we are,” Stoph said. Michael smiled.

“Alright. Well then I guess this is goodbye. You two better be good though. I’ll be checking in on both of you,” Michael smiled.

The boys smiled back. Michael’s hands began to glow and then he was gone. Stoph swayed and fell back on the pillows.

” Hehe, whoa,” he giggled. Steve thought he looked high.

“Feel any different?” Steve asked.

” Feel… weak,” Stoph scowled.

“You’ll get over it,” Steve laughed.

Stoph smiled back at Steve. His eyes still held a lot of sadness and fear. But light was creeping into them again.

“I love you,” Steve sighed.

“And I love you,” Stoph whispered back. Steve leaned in and Stoph and he shared a passionate kiss.

“I want you to take me,” Stoph said. Steve looked back at him.

“Are you sure?” Steve asked.

“Yes, I’m human, so let’s make it official,” Stoph answered, but his eyes showed nervousness.

Steve güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pushed Stoph onto his back. He knelt between his legs and bent kissing him more. Their kisses grew more and more passionate, until Stoph was gasping for breath. Steve crept lower and planted a trail of kisses down Stoph’s jaw until he reached his neck. Where he sucked heavily leaving his mark there for all to see.

He kissed down his chest careful to avoid a burn on his side. There he sucked his right nipple into his mouth and bit at it softly.

Stoph let out sighs and moans of approval.

Steve moved his hand to flick and twist the other hard peak, before licking a trail down his abs to his underwear, which he made quick work of removing. Stoph’s cock sprung to life as Steve’s warm breath bathed it. He let out a soft moan of need and Steve wrapped a hand around his aching erection.

He began pumping Stoph’s dick slowly, teasing the smaller man. Stoph began whimpering and purring in delight.

Steve sucked the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. He lapped at the slit where warm pre-cum dripped from. He loved the taste of Stoph as he sucked harder to get more of the juicy liquid.

He stopped pumping with his hand and Stoph moaned in protest. But Steve soon silenced his negative moans and replaced them with grunts of satisfaction when Steve slipped most of Stoph’s dick into his warm waiting mouth.

Stoph thrusted his hips up trying to force more of his cock into Steve’s mouth. But Steve held his hips down and lowered his mouth slowly onto the rock hard member. Stoph whimpered and more pre-cum dripped from his slit.

When he had finally reached the bottom Steve began sucking Stoph’s aching dick like his life depended on it.

He wanted to make Stoph cum so the next part of their lovemaking could be slow and sensual. Not frantic for release.

After a short time of sucking Stoph cried out his release and Steve’s mouth was filled with his warm seed.

Steve moaned as he swallowed it down and felt Stoph’s dick twitch at the vibrations.

Steve removed his mouth and smiled up at Stoph who was flushed and beginning to sweat. He panted softly and it only made Steve want to fuck him more.

Steve crawled up Stoph’s body until he was eye to eye with the smaller boy. He kissed him and Stoph could taste his own flavor on his tongue. Steve reached a hand between his legs until he reached his smooth hole. He slowly circled his finger around the boy’s secret entrance. Stoph moaned into Steve’s mouth and threaded his fingers through Steve’s hair. Steve stopped suddenly.

“Fuck,” Steve grumbled.

“What?” Stoph looked up at him confused.

“I don’t have any condoms. But I haven’t been with anyone since you,” Steve admitted, blushing heavily.

“I’ve never been with anyone,” Stoph replied blushing.

“And you have to be tested for your job frequently don’t you?” Stoph asked.

“Yes, are you OK with this?” Steve asked. Stoph nodded his head and smiled. Steve reached over to the bed stand drawer and pulled out a small tube of KY.

Stoph looked at him confused.

“For those lonely nights when I would think of you,” Steve blushed harder. Stoph smiled and kissed him again. Steve squirted a bit of the jelly onto his finger before returning his hand to Stoph’s hole. He slowly circled his finger over the tiny rosebud, warming the lube.

Stoph moaned and pushed back on his finger showing he wanted more. Steve used his other arm to push Stoph’s knees up to his chest to give him more access.

He slowly inserted the first finger into Stoph’s warm channel. Stoph moaned and tried to hump back on Steve’s digit. Steve took that as a good sign and began thrusting the finger in and out of Stoph’s hole.

“More, please,” Stoph moaned. Steve inserted a second finger slowly into Stoph. He flinched güvenilir bahis şirketleri as he felt a little more full before adjusting quickly and moaned loudly. Steve began to thrust his fingers in and out before he began to scissor them inside Stoph, trying to loosen his hole.

“I’m ready. Please, please, I need you inside me,” Stoph begged. Steve’s dick twitched at the words. He rose onto his knees and put his cock at Stoph’s entrance.

“Take a deep breath. It will hurt at first but it will feel really good soon,” Steve kissed Stoph one more time before pushing his dickhead into the tight hole. Steve sighed at the tightness and wanted to ram into Stoph and take him roughly. But he also wanted to care for his lover and bring him pleasure too. Stoph hissed at the pain but adjusted quickly.

“More,” Stoph panted. Steve pushed into his ass slowly. Soon his cock was all the way inside Stoph’s warm channel. Steve moaned and held as still as he could waiting for Stoph to adjust. Stoph took a moment and tried to control his breathing which came in gasps. After a moment he began wiggling his butt back on Steve’s dick.

“Please….” Stoph gasped, eyes closed. Steve began moving slowly pulling in and out of the glove-like tunnel.

“Oh God, babe, you’re so hot… so tight,” Steve moaned. Soon he was thrusting in and out of Stoph bringing a grunt from the smaller man every time he bottomed out. Soon the only sounds in the room we’re the grunts and groans of the two men and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

Steve began pounding Stoph’s ass relentlessly. And Stoph willingly accepted the assault. Steve pulled out suddenly and turned Stoph over onto his stomach. He pulled him up on his hands and knees before sliding his cock back into his warm depths. He pumped in long deep strokes, brushing against Stoph’s prostate with every move of his dick. He had slowed his thrusts because he hadn’t wanted to cum just yet. He wanted him and Stoph to climax at the same moment. He began purposely brushing Stoph’s tiny button and Stoph responded. His dick leaked precum onto the sheets and Stoph moaned louder and grunted as Steve bottomed out inside him.

“Stoph, I’m gonna come,” Steve muttered between gasps.

“Al-most… there,” Stoph moaned, and pushed his ass back against Steve’s thrusts.

He felt Stoph’s channel clench around his dick as Stoph sprayed his release onto the sheets.

“Ah, fuck,” Stoph groaned his release. The tightening channel and Stoph’s curse brought Steve over the edge. With one final push inside Stoph’s tunnel he bathed his insides with his hot seed.

Stoph moaned at the feeling of being filled with Steve’s release. Satisfied that he had pleased him. Stoph collapsed, already falling asleep. Steve followed him before rolling onto his side to keep from crushing the smaller man. Stoph rolled so he was facing Steve and snuggled into his chest. He could feel Steve’s cooling cum slipping from his asshole and dripping down his leg. Steve kissed his sweat dampened brow before grunting as he stood from the bed.

He returned to the room and quickly cleaned Stoph of all cum and sweat before wiping his own dick free of lube and cum. He threw the rag into the hamper before curling back into bed with Stoph.

“I love you,” Steve whispered into his ear.

“I love you too, forever,” Stoph sighed into Steve’s chest, content and satisfied.

‘Thank you, Michael. For everything,’ Steve thought silently as sleep overcame him and his lover. An old chapter in their life ending, and a new one beginning.


Author’s Note:

Hello readers 🙂 This is NaughtyCouture, Gweall’s editor. We thought that a little note was in order after this story.

First, I hope that everyone enjoyed the series! This is G’s VERY first completed story! It’s been done for a couple years now, and even I hadn’t read it until the other night!

Second, I know it might seem odd to put this up so soon after Angel Hunter (there are several years in between when they were written)… but as we start posting all of the completed stories, this one really will be important. I promise!

Thanks for reading!!!


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