A Naturist Weekend Ch. 05

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I woke up with Ronnie snuggled into me. His cock was still rock hard and pressing against my ass. I got up and went to use the bathroom. I cleaned my cock and stroked it. Still hard too, and we were due to take another viagra soon. It’s our last day of the retreat, I wondered what would top what we have all done over the past two days. I was an expert now. I had never sucked a cock in my life before this weekend. I could take a guy and make him come quite easily now and I knew how nice it feels to have a cock in my ass. And the taste of come, oh how I loved it. My cock stiffened even more, thinking about my experiences this weekend. And – I wanted much more. There was still a day left before we went our way home, I wanted more cock before the day was over.

Ronnie got up to use the bathroom just as I had finished. I waited for him to come out. I looked out the window and there, in the garden, was Stephen kneeling behind Ian and fucking him. What a sexy sight. Ronnie came over and wrapped his strong arms around me. His cock pushed against mine and he gripped both cocks in his hand. He moved his lips to my nipples and teased them. I felt the same shivers through my body as I did yesterday. God, I was going to come unless Ronnie stopped.

He looked up at me as he wanked me. I was almost there and Ronnie smiled and continued to wank me. My hips thrust up to meet his tongue. I tried to stop myself from coming but Ronnie had a firm grip of my cock and was wanking me quickly. God, I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t, it was coming and I couldn’t stop it. A wave of erotic sensations roared through my body as I gripped Ronnie’s head as his tongue smothered my purple head. His tongue explored my cock as he wanked me. ‘I’m coming, Ronnie. God, I’m coming, right…….now’….and I exploded.

Ronnie’s mouth was prepared and he swallowed as much as he could and the rest dribbled out of his mouth. That was so nice as he kissed me. Once again, I felt the taste of my own come.

I recovered and knelt down on the bed while Ronnie prepared for what I was looking for. Oh, God, he slipped in easily, I was so relaxed. He fucked me quicker and quicker as I kneeled there, not moving and leaving Ronnie to go as fast as he liked. I tensed my ass to meet his thrust, squeezing my asshole to tease him. I could feel his breathing increase, he wasn’t going to be long.

A delicious warm feeling swept through me as he squirted his come inside me. He thrust quickly, moaning as he shot his load inside me. Time and time again, he spurted more spunk into me and I could feel it every time he thrust to give me more. It was so exciting and I shivered with the thrills running through me. Finally, we lay, spent, in each other’s arms. Ronnie’s spunk dripped out of my ass and tickled my legs, I rubbed it into my ass, it felt so warm, slimy and wet, I loved the feeling.

It was shortly going to be breakfast time so we cleaned ourselves up and went down to the kitchen. I was smiling when we walked into the kitchen. We were the last to arrive and we looked sheepish. I saw everyone was stiff, including our host Mark. He had an apron on and his hard cock was pushing against his apron. I waved to Colin, God I needed some more of his huge cock. I sat down beside Ronnie and we all chatted as we ate breakfast. I dropped my fork on purpose so that I could bend down and see everyone’s hard cocks. God, what a memory of last night. That was serious fun and well done to Ronnie for convincing Mark to join us. How do we top that? Ronnie passed round the viagra for everyone to take. By now, everyone had paired off, Mark sat beside Geoff and squeezed his hard cock. I was pleased we were all together as couples.

After breakfast Ronnie and I went back into the garden, lying out on the grassy banking beside the stream. I enjoyed the pool we found yesterday, lovely deep, cold water. We watched everyone else come out and join us on the grass. Ronnie went over to speak to everyone, so I just lay on my back, slowly rubbing my hard cock. I had had a huge erection all weekend and buckets of raw exciting sex. I had lost count of the number of cocks I had taken inside me, and hopefully more today, which was our last day. I didn’t want this to end. I felt sad at the thought of this ending.

Ronnie came back and explained the plan. He was going to grant my wish. He told me to go into the wood and hide, everyone else would try and find me and then……..I would just have to take what’s coming. I smiled and kissed him, squeezing his cock as I did so.

I took off, running through the gardens to the fence by the wood. I kept running until I was at the pool. There were thick bushes off to the left and I hid, breathing heavily. Could I take nine cocks one after the other? I was new to this but had learned a lot in the two days we had been here. God, this was going to be exciting.

A few minutes later, I could hear them all rushing through the wood looking for me. I knelt down covering myself with the bushes. I saw Mark coming close but he couldn’t see me. Others came into the clearing too but I was too well hidden. Ian was very close, how canlı bahis could he miss me? I saw Colin too, God, I wanted his cock so badly. I coughed deliberately and Ian heard, shouting to the others. He walked into the bushes and grabbed me. ‘He’s here,’ he shouted to the others.

A wave of excitement coursed through my body as the others came running. They pulled me out and dragged me to the clearing. They gathered around me, deciding what to do next. Suddenly, I was pushed to the ground on my hands and knees, my ass in the air. Four of them lay in front of me and they pushed my head towards the first cock. All four of them were lying beside each other, in a row. I reached for the first cock and took it into my mouth. I felt hands push my legs apart and turned round. The remaining five, including Mark, were standing in a line behind me. God, I knew now what Ronnie had meant.

The first guy knelt down, pushing his cock against my ass. He rubbed lube over my ass and his cock and pushed. I could feel him enter me at the same time I was sucking the guy in front of me. I was going to have all nine cocks in me. God, this was going to be fantastic.

The guy I was sucking let out a long moan as he stiffened in my mouth, his cock pulsating and then he squirted his come in my mouth. I swallowed greedily, milking his cock as he shot stream after stream of hot spunk into my mouth. He got up and another rolled over to take his place. I took him in my mouth as the guy fucking me came. God, I could feel his cock pumping his spunk inside me. He finished and someone else took his place, sliding his cock in my ass. He was a perfect size and slid in easily, slowly he fucked me. The guy in front of me came with a groan and, again, I sucked that cock, feeling spurt after spurt in my mouth. He rolled over and another guy took his place. It was Colin. Spunk was dripping down my face as I took his huge cock head in my mouth and wanked him. His cock twitched as I rubbed him and I could taste the precome as it dribbled out of him. The guy behind me shot his load in me and another quickly took his place. I shuddered as he slipped into me, I thought I recognised the cock as it thrust inside me. Not sure who’s it was but I had definitely felt it before. Colin’s cock pulsated in my hand and I knew he was going to come. I felt the guy fucking me just seconds before Colin exploded in my mouth. God, I squeezed every last drop of it and swallowed. Hot spunk dripped out of me as another guy took position behind me.

And, so it went on. I sucked four cocks in my mouth, one after the other and made all four of them come. My mouth had the delicious taste of a lot of spunk and my face was covered in it. The five guys behind me had also just finished. Five loads of spunk in my ass, God it was so exciting. All nine men had pleasured themselves with me and it felt so horny. I stood up and spunk dribbled out of my asshole. It felt so sexy. As I walked to the pool to clean up, more spunk dripped down my legs and I rubbed it into my balls. I sat down in the water and tried to recover. Nine men and in little more than an hour they had shot loads of hot spunk into my mouth and ass. I shook as I thought of it. Nine men, God I couldn’t have imagined this happening to me.

I went over to Ronnie and hugged him. ‘Thanks for arranging that,’ I said to Ronnie. ‘I had never in my life had so much erotic fun.’ I was dizzy with excitement. Everyone else has come except for me and I was so desperate.

Ronnie went down on his knees and passed me the lube which I smothered his ass with. Slowly, I pushed the head of my cock into his ass, he squeezed his muscles around my cock. Mmm, it felt great. I thrust slowly, pushing my cock further into him. The other eight had gathered round to watch. Ronnie kept squeezing his ass which gripped my cock. I kept slowly thrusting into him, slowing down when I felt myself almost coming. Three times I slowed down and stopped myself. I could still feel warm spunk running down my legs. Finally, it was time. Slowly I pushed my cock into Ronnie’s ass, all the way in and I felt my orgasm building, The first spurt shook my body, it was so intense and was followed by several more spurts. Finally, I gave one last spurt and collapsed on top of him. The others gave a loud round of applause. I was exhausted and lay down beside Ronnie and held him. God, this was so horny.

I lay like that for ages, my fingers running through the thick hair of Ronnie’s chest, smelling the raw sex of what we had done that morning. My ass was tingling and a little sore. I walked down to the pool and jumped in and cleaned myself. Ronnie joined me and, again, both our cocks were still rock hard. I squeezed that lovely cock of his and he moaned loudly.

By now, everyone had drifted away back to the retreat. Only Colin and Neil were left and Ronnie and I went over to sit beside them. Ronnie was still horny and wanted Colin to fuck him. I took the lube and slowly smothered Colin’s cock with it, savouring the feel of it. I used both my hands, one on top of the other gripping his huge length. Ronnie got on his hands and knees and readied himself bahis siteleri for Colin. I guided Colin’s cock into Ronnie’s ass and Colin thrust his cock head into his ass and slowly, he pushed all the way in. I went down on my back beneath Ronnie and took his cock in my mouth, watching Colin’s balls bouncing against Ronnie’s ass. Colin fucked Ronnie for ages, taking himself to the brink and stopping, fucking more and then stopping, building up the sexual energy. Ronnie was twitching in my mouth so I slowed down. I wondered if I could make Ronnie come at the same time as Colin.

Suddenly, I felt Neil on my cock. I position myself so I could still suck Ronnie as Neil sucked me. God….. it was so nice. We needed to come together, all together. I gripped Ronnie closer to me, feeling the deep thrusts of Colin’s cock as he fucked Ronnie. Neil was squeezing my cock as he sucked me, he put a finger in my ass and fucked me with his finger. I heard Colin groan as he juddered with excitement. Taking this as a cue, I sucked Ronnie, taking all his cock in my mouth, wanking him with my hand. Neil was still sucking my cock. ‘Together’, I shouted, let’s come together…….now,’……and I felt it. Neil’s mouth closed around my cock and he wanked me, I spurted in his mouth as I felt Colin shudder as he shot his load in Ronnie and that was the cue for Ronnie to come in my mouth. God, all three of us and together too.

Once again, we retreated to the pool to clean up. I kissed Neil, tasting my come in his mouth and he could taste Ronnie’s come in my mouth. Once we had finished, Colin and Neil headed back to the retreat. I went to sit beside the old oak tree and Ronnie sat between my legs, my cock against the small of his back. After all this sex, we were both still rock hard. This viagra was a miracle, I had never had erections like this ever before.

I told Ronnie how much I had enjoyed the weekend and meeting him. I wanted to meet up with him again, soon either at his place or mine. I was thrilled when he agreed. He had nobody special in his life and neither did I and we got on really well together. I rubbed his shoulders as we talked. I had never been so close to a guy before and had no idea it was so erotic. I kissed his neck, just where he likes it and his hand gripped mine, squeezing it tightly. He made me promise that we would meet up again next weekend, no matter what. And, he would make sure there was plenty viagra. I laughed with him. I couldn’t wait for next weekend. I thought about wearing clothes again. It was so natural for us middle-aged men to be naked together. Nobody seemed to have any problem with the fact we were all naked and having open sex together.

After dozing together, we walked up to the retreat, still holding hands. We passed several couples pleasuring themselves on the grass. It was like a dream. I sat down beside Ronnie and enjoyed the sun beating down on our naked bodies. To my left was Neil fucking Stephen and beside them, Colin was slipping in and out of two guys who were enjoying being fucked with such a huge cock. God, I wanted Colin again. I wanted to worship that cock.

Ronnie could see I was getting excited at the sensual and erotic scene around me. He wanked my cock, nibbling my nipples and sending waves of pleasure over me. He took me to the edge and stopped. I knew what he meant and this would lead to a better orgasm later. I pulled him over to lie on top of me. I could hear the two guys being fucked by Colin moaning with pleasure. I could feel Ronnie’s cock next to mine and I moved my hips, enjoying the feeling of two cocks together. Ronnie teased my nipples.

Everyone was heading back to the retreat so we joined them. It was lunch time. Mark was preparing lunch and I went to pour myself a glass of water. Mark slipped past me and gave me a playful squeeze on my ass. He was still hard. Everybody was and still Ronnie passed out viagra to anyone who wanted it. Ten rock hard cocks in the kitchen……

We had a refreshing lunch together, all of us naked for the last time. As the others chatted, I went back to the kitchen sink for water and as I turned the tap, Mark came up to me and pressed himself tight against me. I could feel his erection against my ass. He was quite large, I still remember him spurting his warm spunk in my mouth earlier that morning.

Slowly, he pulled my buttocks apart and spread my legs. He rubbed his cock against my asshole. God, our host is going to take me, in the kitchen and in front of everyone. He reached for a bottle of olive oil and slowly dribbled it down my back. I could feel it slowly running down to my ass, he poured more olive oil over his cock and smothered my ass with it. We slid together as he held me. Firmly, he placed his gorgeous purple cock head in my ass, thrusting once and then slipping slowly inside me. Oh…..this was nice. I looked out the window at the stream, God, he was giving me a good fuck. I watched the birds as he took me. He had both hands on my hips as he thrust inside me. This felt so natural…..getting fucked by a man and watching the lovely scenery outside. I felt Mark stiffen and breath bahis şirketleri heavily as he came close. I squeezed my ass around his cock, waiting…..waiting…..and then I felt it. A wet warmth inside me as his spunk shot inside me. He twitched several times and groaned, holding me tight as he relaxed and recovered. God, that was a great five minute fuck. And still, because of the viagra, he was rock hard again.

We had two hours remaining before we said our goodbyes. Ronnie and I headed to the wood. I wanted to swim with him in the pool. We were there in minutes and held hands as we jumped in. It was very cold but did nothing to cool us down. I was still horny as hell. We swam for a bit and sat on the grass. I pulled Ronnie’s arm around me. I asked him if he would mind if I sucked Colin’s cock again and he didn’t. He was looking forward to being fucked by Neil again.

We found Neil and Colin relaxing on the grass. I came right out with it and asked Colin if he would like to come in my mouth again. He didn’t need asking twice. I lay down in the sixty nine position with him and slowly wanked his cock. I could comfortably get both hands on top of one another around his cock and still had plenty room to wank him. I felt him take me in his mouth and suck me. I pulled his hips closer to me and wrapped my arms around him, the head of his cock was inside my mouth. I tried to take more of him but I couldn’t, he was just too big. His mouth was teasing my cock and he was wanking me into his mouth. I signaled that I was almost there and wanked him faster. I tried to stop myself coming for as long as I could, right until I felt Colin’s cock shake in my hands as a huge stream of spunk shot into my mouth. I kept thrusting into Colin’s mouth as he milked my cock. God, there was so much spunk. I swallowed, savouring the sweet salty taste.

Next to me, Neil was just finishing fucking Ronnie and Colin and I watched as Neil came, thrusting deep inside Ronnie. God, it was just so erotic. We relaxed and tried to recover. And still, all four of us were rock hard.

Mark suggested we all meet in the kitchen for a coffee before we went home. Time to say our goodbyes, to finally hug each other and to look forward to maybe meeting up again in the future. I looked at Ronnie and confirmed, definitely next weekend. I had one final suggestion to round off the naturist weekend. ‘How about a group wank? I’ll lie down on the kitchen table while everyone wanks all over me.’ I felt really selfish suggesting that – but nobody minded, it was a great idea.

I lay out on the table, running my hands over my nipples. All nine of them stood around me, stroking me as they wanked themselves. I wriggled around on the table, excited by the nine cocks surrounding me. Slowly, the guys wanked, all of them trying to co-incide their orgasm. I reached up and fondled their balls, rubbing my own cock furiously. Suddenly, I felt someone come over my stomach, a warm wetness spread over me and I rubbed it in. And another one, drops of spunk landed over my face. I licked as much of it as I could. Again, another spurt landed on my chest and then more and more. Spunk was dripping over me like raindrops. I wanked myself faster and faster and my spunk shot over my stomach, several hot spurts and my hands were rubbing the spunk all over my body. God, this was a shower of spunk I was having. I writhed around as the spunk still poured over me. Ronnie was smiling at me, rubbing spunk between my legs. Finally, the last drops settling over my face, they stopped and sat down. I still lay there, rubbing ten loads of spunk over my body.

I needed to go upstairs to shower and Ronnie joined me. God, I was covered in spunk. It felt so damn sexy. I licked my fingers, savouring the scent of all the horny men who had wanked all over me. Ronnie joined me in the shower and we cleaned each other off. He held me, our cocks nestled beside each other. I kissed him and teased his nipples with my fingers. I wanted him – again and again. I nibbled his neck and held both our cocks, slowly squeezing them and wanking them.

‘Take me again, Ronnie,’ I pleaded. ‘One last time until next weekend.’ I rubbed our cocks faster and played with our balls, moaning against Ronnie’s chest. I turned around and parted my legs and thrust my ass out. Ronnie pushed against me, slipping his cock head into my ass. I was so used to this that Ronnie’s cock was like an old friend. I thrust my ass and felt him slipping further and further in. Slowly he rode me, gathering speed until he was pounding my ass. He was frantic and I groaned with pleasure. Faster and faster he fucked me. His hands went to my nipples and he squeezed them, making me groan louder. And then, I felt him coming. Again, spurt after spurt shot into me. I could feel his cock contracting as he pumped me with all he had. We stood like that, his cock in my ass, slowly slipping out. He held me tight and then turned against the shower wall, offering his ass for me. I was smiling as my cock entered him. Slowly I thrust in and out. This would be the last time for a week, I thought. I wanted Ronnie to come home with me, so we could do this anytime we liked. I had such a loving warm feeling inside me as I felt my cock giving a familiar twitch. I thrust deeper inside him as my spunk shot out, in and out, milking my cock of the last drops of spunk for Ronnie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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