A Mother’s Day Surprise

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Lila was a vibrant, sexy 18 year old girl with big blue eyes and locks of gold; she was an only child, and since Lila’s birthmother had died when she was an infant, Stacy, her stepmother, was the only mother she had ever known. They did everything together; from shopping trips to late night chats, Lila and her mom were inseparable.

Lila always told her mom how much she loved and appreciated her, but this mother’s day, she wanted to do something extra special for her. From the time she was a little girl, Lila had been entranced by Stacy’s beauty. As Lila got older, she even began to develop fantasies involving her mother, but was always afraid to voice them until one day a few months ago when she had tried flirting with her and much to her surprise, her mom flirted back. Lila never knew exactly what to make of her mother’s flirting, but since then, the sexual fantasies Lila had about her mother only got more intense and harder to ignore.

Because they were more like best friends than mother and daughter, Stacy often let Lila drink by the pool with her and talked to her about things most mothers and daughters wouldn’t talk about. While lying out by the pool this particular mother’s day, Stacy was complaining about her sex life with Lila’s father, John. John was a corporate CEO and was always out of town and away on business, which left Stacy often feeling neglected sexually. Lila and her mother were laying next to each other on their loungers, and while hearing about her mother’s sexual frustration, Lila coyly reached her hand over and grasped her mothers.

“It’s not right that he neglects you,” Lila said, putting her hand on her mother’s bronzed thigh. “A sexy woman like you should never have to go without.”

Her mother smiled at the compliment, but continued drinking and didn’t make light of the sexual advance. She continued talking, and expressed to Lila that she just wanted to feel sexy and desired again, but that recently, because her husband was always away, she hadn’t felt like either. Her mother frowned and put her head down, and at this, Lila leaned in and lifted her mother’s head up and pressed her lips against hers. She pulled away for a moment, and then again kissed her mother, deeply and passionately.

“You are so incredible,” Lila said. “I want to show you how sexy you are.” Lila leaned into kiss her mother again.

“Oh, baby girl,” her mother said pulling back and shaking her head. “This isn’t right.”

“Of course it is,” Lila said. “I know you see how I look at you and how sexy I lotusbet güvenilirmi think you are, and I know you feel the same way because you flirt back with me.”

“I know, baby,” her mother said. “But we can’t act on these feelings. It’s not—”

Lila leaned in and pressed her lips against her mother’s before she could finish her sentence. They kissed passionately, and Lila slipped her tongue into her mother’s mouth and climbed on top of her.

“Lila,” her mother said between kisses. “You know I want you, but we can’t do this.”

“It’s Mother’s day, mommy.” Lila said as she ran her hands up and down her mother’s sides and kissed her lips. “I’m going to give you what you deserve.”

Lila and her mother kissed deeply as Lila’s hips moved slowly up and down over her mother. She reached behind her mother’s head and pulled her bikini strings, and slowly pulled it away from her mother’s body.

“Lila, baby,” her mother said.

Lila then slid down and took her mother’s nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking as her mother moaned in pleasure. While she sucked and massaged her mother’s breast, she reached down with her other hand and began rubbing the outside of her bikini bottom on the outside.

“You’re wet for me,” Lila said.

“You’re so beautiful, baby. You feel so good.”

Lila moved to the other breast and took her mother’s nipple into her mouth, flicking and playing with it using her tongue.

“Oh, baby girl. That feels so good” her mother sighed.

As she tongued her mother’s erect nipple, she reached her other hand into her bathing suit bottom and felt the moist warmness of her mother.

“Oh, God!” her mother moaned. “You feel so good Lila, we just can’t do this. We just have to stop …”

As her voice trailed off, Lila caressed her mother and began rubbing her mother’s throbbing, wet clit. As her hips began to move with each stroke, Lila kissed all the way down her mother’s stomach and slid off the bikini bottom. She then kissed up her mother’s stomach again until she got to her lips, and she kissed her mother wildly.

Stacy fumbled around as they kissed as she removed Lila’s swimsuit and began caressing her daughter’s breasts.

“Mmmm, mommy” Lila moaned.

They continued to kiss until Lila pulled away and slid down her mother’s body.

“Spread your legs, mommy,” she said.

She flicked her tongue over her clit a few times, making her mother gasp in anticipation. She then took her clit into her mouth and lotusbet yeni giriş began sucking ever so slowly.

“Oh fuck, baby” her mother gasped.

Lila stopped sucking and began licking her mother’s pussy up and down, licking every inch of her except the clit, making her mother crazy.

“Oh, suck my clit baby,” she begged. “Suck mommy’s fucking clit.”

She finally gave in and began sucking her erect clit as her mother’s hips moved up and down with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, baby girl. Right there…I’m gonna cum!” she screamed.

Lila sucked and licked her mother’s throbbing pussy as she moaned loudly and came in Lila’s mouth.

Just then, they heard a door close and as they looked over, they saw Lila’s father walking out onto the patio from the house.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he demanded.

Lila stood up and wiped her mouth as her mother began to explain.

“It’s not what you think. I don’t know how it happened, I—”

“It’s not what I think?!” he screamed.

“Please, John,” Stacy begged. She realized that explaining wasn’t going to work, so she tried a new tactic. She walked over to John and kissed him softly, placing her hand over her husband’s bulge beneath his jeans. “She knows how neglected I’ve been feeling since you’ve been gone all the time,” she began as she kissed him again. “She was just trying to help me. Her and I have been fighting these feelings for so long, today I just couldn’t withstand them anymore. I mean…just look at her. Isn’t she sexy, baby?” She began squeezing his still growing bulge. “Just come here,” Stacy said.

He came over and sat down on the lounge chair. Stacy motioned for Lila to come over to her, and she began caressing her breasts.

“See how beautiful she is, baby? How could I say no?”

She began kissing Lila, small kisses at first and then more deeply. Lila then walked over to her father, still topless, and sat down beside him with her hand on his leg.

“I just wanted to show her how sexy she is, daddy,” Lila said. “Please don’t be upset with me.”

She straddled her father and began to kiss him slowly, as her father cupped her supple breasts in his hand.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said. “You are so beautiful, but we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Lila ignored his comment and began unfastening the belt on her father’s jeans.

“I want you to join us, daddy.” With that, she pulled off his jeans and struggled to remove his boxers over his bulging penis. lotusbet giriş “You’re so big,” she exclaimed. She finally pulled off his boxers and immediately took her father into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh,” he grunted.

She took him slowly, sucking up and down as she massaged his throbbing balls. She then slipped as much of him as she could back into her throat, deep throating her father’s cock until she almost gagged.

“Fuck, baby. That feels so good baby girl,” he said as he threw his head back in pleasure.

She continued sucking his cock for a few minutes, and then stood up.

“Lay down,” she said. “I want you to eat mom’s pussy while I ride your big dick.”

“Baby girl, you know I want to, but—”

She pushed him down and her mother straddled his face. She sat down on his cock.

“Oh fuck. You are so fucking big, daddy. I don’t think I can fit it all!” she exclaimed as she lowered her wet pussy down on his 8-inch erection.

“Oh baby, you’re so tight baby girl. You feel so good,” he moaned.

She rose up and down slowly for a while, until she finally took his entire cock inside her tight pussy.

“FUCK!” she screamed. “You’re so good, daddy. Your dick is so huge!”

“Ride it, baby girl. Ride daddy’s cock,” he moaned.

She bounced up and down on her father’s cock and then leaned forward to lick her mother’s breasts.

“Lick her good, daddy” she moaned. “Finger fuck her pussy.”

He inserted his fingers into his wife’s dripping pussy as Lila sucked her erect nipples.

“Oh god…Oh fuck!” she yelled. “Finger me, baby. That’s it!”

As her mother bounced up and down on his fingers, she rode his cock and took him as deep as she could.

“I feel like you’re impaling me, daddy. Your cock is so big. Ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

“I’m gonna cum!” her mother yelled.

As her mother came on her dad’s face, Lila bounced on her father’s enormous dick as fast as she could.

“You’re gonna make daddy cum, baby,” her father said. “Your tight little pussy feels so good.”

“Cum inside me, daddy. I want you to spill your seed in me.”

Lila humped her father’s dick as fast as she could, and just as she could feel herself reach orgasm, she felt her father explode inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” he grunted. “Fuck!”

“Fill my pussy, daddy. Fill me with your hot cum!” she yelled as she came all over her father’s cock.

Her father exploded inside her, filling her pussy as his wife rode his face.

“Ohhhhhh baby girl,” he moaned as her mother got slid off his face and sat next to him.

“You are so amazing, daddy” she said as she leaned down and kissed her father deeply. She leaned over and kissed her mother also, and the 2 then laid together taking in what was to be the best Mother’s day of their life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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