A Mother’s Curiosity Ch. 04

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I cleaned up my mess. I had cum so hard that it splashed my stomach and had even shot out onto the rug. The hot water felt great as I took my shower. But my mind kept going back to the sounds and words that Samantha had uttered as she came.

I was sipping my drink when the phone rang. “Sammie! I don’t know whether to say that you are one incredible man, or that you are the most devious man I have ever known! You have a way about you of making a woman admit to things she should best keep secret.”

I laughed. “If you mean that I have a way of making you admit to yourself the things that you are afraid to say out loud, then I’m guilty as charged. But then, I didn’t make you do anything that you didn’t want or need to do.

There is nothing wrong with the way you feel. Good! Bad! Indifferent! They are genuine emotions. And sometimes when we hold them in, we don’t do anything but hurt ourselves. Let me ask you a question? Do you feel better now that you have said things in the open to someone? I don’t mean just about your feelings, but also understanding the feelings that your daughter has?”

The phone went quiet for a few moments. Then I heard her sigh. “What am I suppose to say? That the idea of my daughter carrying on a fantasy relationship with some erotic writer turns me on? That knowing about what took place between her and her father excites me? That the thoughts I am now having about making love to her has me all wet?”

I let her stay quiet before I spoke. “No Samantha! You don’t have to say any of those things. First off, your daughter is reacting to stimulation that she is not getting from a normal relationship. You yourself told me that she is someone that stays to herself and does not seek out men to give her pleasure. Whether it is because of her size or her lack of confidence in her own womanhood is irrelevant.

Second. What took place between her and her dad is just that. An act of love, that the two of them shared together. It was not meant to be shared with you. And had you not read about it, you would have never known that it ever happened. I’m sure that in her own way, Cynthia does not see it as something dirty or perverted. And I’m sure that in some way, it gave them both a closeness and pleasure that they both desperately needed.

Third! You are feeling things for Cynthia that you never felt for any other woman before. But it is not because she is just a woman. She is your daughter and one that you love very much. The thought of sharing pleasure and joy with her; the idea that she may be thinking about wanting to share those things with you is not wrong or dirty. You are both adults and understand what it would mean if you did let things go.

I admire her, for the courage to admit that she thinks that way. In some ways, I think that your daughter is more mature in her thoughts about sexuality than you are. You have neglected yourself and the needs of your body. Even when you felt them become overwhelming, you pushed them down and hid them from yourself. And it has left you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Cynthia has found an outlet. She reads erotic stories and then she will indulge in fantasies that make them real to her. But she does not let them control her life. They are an outlet for her desires and needs, nothing more. I’m sure that if she were to find a man that would want to do the things to her that she reads about, she would jump at the chance to do them.”

I let those thoughts sink in without saying anything. Then I heard her soft laughter. I was a bit surprised because it seemed to be way off the conversation we were having.

“Do you really make love so intensely in private? I mean you didn’t talk dirty or call me names or anything like that. I did feel that I would do whatever you told me to do. But I kind of expected you to call me names and use vulgar language while you were telling me how to fuck myself.”

I had to laugh. And I did, out loud. “Was that what you expected? I think that you see me as some dirty old man that sits around his house in an old dirty t-shirt, pulling his dick while he types dirty words in his computer. A man, that drinks and chain-smokes in between giving lotusbet güvenilirmi himself orgasms.”

Samantha’s soft laughter made me smile. “Well, I don’t see you as that bad! But I do wonder what you look like Sammie. Are you a dirty old man that sits around in a dirty t-shirt? Do you drink and chain smoke while pulling your dick?” She began to laugh at the scene her words created. Then she grew quiet.

“So what do I do about my feelings for Cynthia? I sure can’t just go up to her and say, “I’ve been reading your journal and I want to fuck you”.

This time it was my turn to laugh. “Samantha if you said that to me, I would run screaming to get away from you. No! The first thing you need to do is start talking to her. Let her know that you have read her journal. But that it’s ok for her to feel the way she does. I’m sure that she will be angry that you have pried into her private things, but if the two of you are as close as you have led me to believe, she will get over it.

Tell her that after reading it you went online and found my stories. Let her know that she is not the only one that felt that way after reading them. You can make a joke of it and tell her that you even felt a lot of the same things that she did.

If you want, show her what you wrote to me. Tell her about the conversation we had. I’m sure that she may even become jealous that you talked to me in person and she hasn’t. But also let her know that if she wants to, she is welcome to call me and talk to me too.”

Samantha was quiet. Then is a very soft voice she asked the question I knew she wanted to ask. “And what do I say when she asks about the part about her dad?”

I let the silence hang in the air for a few moments. Then I took a deep breath. “Be honest with her. Let her know that it was just as hard for you to watch him dying as it was for her. That it wasn’t your selfishness that made you go and seek some release, but your need to be able to care for him without your frustrations getting in the way. Let her know that you love her. That what took place between her and her dad was probably one thing that helped ease his passing. Tell her that you understand. This is very important Samantha! Let her know that what she did is ok with you.”

She was quiet. I guess she was thinking about what I had said. Then she sighed. “And what about my feelings for her now? How do I tell my own daughter that I have sexual feelings for her? That I now see her as a sexual person?. One, I would love to enjoy some of her fantasies with. Do I just blurt it out or let her tell me what she is feeling?”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I can’t answer that one Samantha. You will have to let the conversation between the two of you dictate what you say or do. But if she is as astute as her writing indicates, I’m sure that it won’t take long for the conversation to turn to what the two of you feel about each other.”

“She wrote about us you know! About the two of us making love to each other! It wasn’t like your stories. It was more loving and sharing than sexual. But it was intense never the less. Would you like to hear it?”

I took a sip from my glass. Should I have her tell me about Cynthia’s private thoughts concerning the two of them? I was going to say no, but I felt that Samantha needed to express them to me. “If you wish to share then go ahead.”

I could hear the ice tinkling in her glass as she sipped from it. For some reason, this was the most comfortable I had felt her since we started talking. Then I heard her breathing into the phone. “She wrote this almost like one of your stories. I will read it just like she wrote it ok?”

I took another sip. “Go ahead.”

We were both feeling a bit down. I knew that mom was having her thoughts about dad and my heart went out to her. She has been so lonely since he died. I sat and looked at her as she took another drink. She drinks more now.

My mother doesn’t look anything like me. I guess I took after daddy more than her. She is small with small tits and a small ass. Really rather beautiful! Unlike me, who is fat and ugly! I know that if I were a guy, I would be after lotusbet yeni giriş her in a heartbeat. But she doesn’t even seem to think about men.

I wonder if she plays with herself. I know that after reading some of the stories about incest, I would play with her. I would slowly undress her and suck on her small tits. I’ve seen her naked and I know that she has a lot of hair on her cunt. Damn! I’m getting turned on looking at my mother. I bet Sam would love that!

Mom starts to cry. I can see the tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. I pull her to me and cradle her in my arms. She seems so frail so helpless. My hand rubs her back as I pull her closer to me. I can feel her small tits pressed against my shoulder.

I press her closer. I can feel heat between my thighs. Is this what Sam talked about when he described the feelings you get for a family member? My hand is stroking mom’s cheek. I am telling her that I know she misses daddy, but she still has me and I will love her forever. I feel her hands circle me and she hugs me tight.

I tell her that I know what she is going through; that I will make it better for her. She looks up at me and tells me that I don’t know what it’s been like for her. I whisper that I do. I lean in and kiss her cheek. My hand brushes her hair away and I kiss her neck. I feel mom tremble but then she stiffens.

“Cynthia! Stop! You mustn’t!” I shush her telling her that I know about her going off to get satisfied. That daddy knew about it and it was ok with him. This only makes her cry even more. I tell her that daddy felt bad that he couldn’t do it himself. That there would be no one who would love you and keep you happy after he was gone. I promised myself that I would be that person for you.

I tilted mom’s face to mine. The stories that I had read have made me ready for her hesitation. But I knew that if I persisted I could wear her down. She needed this. And so did I! I missed daddy too. The time we spent together was so special. And if he were well, it would have been so much more intense. The thoughts that I had about daddy making real love to me gives me so much pleasure.

I remember one of the things that daddy shared with me. I don’t know why he told me. Maybe he knew that I would be feeling this way about mom soon. He told me that mom seemed to become extremely excited whenever someone sucked her nipples. She had confessed that this had always happened to her even before they had met and married. He told me that that was how he had first fucked her. She became so turned on that she didn’t try to stop him and even encouraged him to fuck her.

I kissed mom on her lips. She tried to pull away. I told her that she needed this. That this is what daddy would have wanted for her. She was sitting in a bathrobe and I knew that her nightgown had a deep neckline. I held her even as she struggled, telling me that this was wrong.

I opened her robe and my mouth found her tit. Mom has really small tits, but the nipples grow hard as rocks. As my mouth closed over her nipple, mom began to really struggle. Then she cried out and seemed to sag on the couch. Mom whimpered, her voice saying over and over that this was wrong. But I could also feel her trembling.

Suddenly, I felt her hand on the back of my head. But she wasn’t grabbing my hair trying to pull me off her. She was pressing my head even harder into her tit.

“Oh Cynthia”, she moaned. “We can’t do this. It’s wrong! It’s incest! Oh baby, please stop!”

But I had come to far to stop. And I sucked even harder. My tongue lashed her nipple and I heard her moan. I moved my head to her other nipple.

“No mom! This isn’t incest it’s love! I love you and want to make you feel better.” My mouth closed over her nipple and I suckled her just like daddy described. Mom’s breathing was ragged.

I was getting so turned on. I was making love to my mother. Just like in one of the stories. And I was going to go all the way. My hand slid down her flat stomach and I pressed it into her legs. Mom had her legs closed but I kept sucking her nipple and pressing my hand between her thighs.

With a groan, she let her legs lotusbet giriş open and my fingers began to stroke her. Mom was wet! I could feel it. I lifted my head up and looked at her. She had her head back and was breathing hard. I told her I loved her, as my lips touched hers. This time she didn’t hesitate. It was like a dam had broke and she was free to let the passion go. She kissed me back frantically.

I pushed my hand under her gown and found her panties wet. My fingers stroked her and she sighed. Mom stiffened when she felt my fingers touch her cunt. Damn! She was soaked. Mom has a big clit and it felt like a small dick to me. I trembled at the thought of it in my mouth. But I knew that I had to go slow.

My fingers played with her slowly. Mom was moaning as I teased her cunt. I would stroke up and down her slit but I didn’t push my finger in her. I wanted her to tell me she wanted it. I bent my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth just as my fingertip stroked her clit. Mom moaned out loud and lifted her ass off the couch.

“Oh baby! Oh honey! It’s been so long! Oh please?”

I had her. I sucked her nipples harder, going from one to the other. “Please what mom?”

“Please don’t stop. It’s wrong, but it feels so good. It’s been so long.”

I slowly pushed my middle finger up into her. Mom moaned and pressed down on it. I began to slowly fuck her with my finger. I don’t have long nails so I wasn’t afraid of scratching her.

“Will you let me? Will you let me love you mom? Will you let me give you the pleasure that no one else can give you? Please mom? Please say yes?”

Mom was stroking my hair as she pressed me harder against her tit. “Yes baby! I want it! I need it! Oh it’s been so long! I miss your dad’s touch so much. And you seem to know exactly how to touch me. Just like he did!”

I wanted to tell mom that I knew because daddy had told me. But then I would have to tell her that he told me as my mouth was going up and down on his hard dick. He told me that he couldn’t get it up for her, but he was able to get it hard for me. I wish he had been stronger so that he could have fucked me with it. I know he wanted to.

I was trying to ease mom down on the couch. I wanted her on her back with my head between her thighs. I knew what to do. Sam’s stories had already prepared me.

Mom hesitated and looked at me. “Cynthia! If we do this, there will be no going back. We can never go back to how we were. Are you sure?”

I smiled at her as I eased her down. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my life. I want to love you mom. I want to show you how much I have always loved you.”

Mom sighed and lay back on the couch. I looked up at her face as my hands slowly pushed her nightgown up her legs. My hands trembled, as more and more of her soft thighs were exposed. My pussy is dripping in anticipation. Mom lifts her hips and I push her gown up past her small ass. I gently ease her panty down her legs and toss them to the floor.

Her hair hides her cunt but I can already see that she is wet. And her lips are open enough for me to make out her hard clit. I bend my head and my mouth closes over her clit. Mom groans as my tongue begins to lash it. Then as I suck it into my mouth, she screams out her release. I thought I got wet when I came. Moms cum seemed to shoot right into my mouth, the same way daddy’s cum would. And just as greedily, I sucked her till she stopped jerking her ass.

I crawled up between mom’s thighs. She was crying, but this time it wasn’t tears of hurt or shame. She smiled and hugged me tight, peppering my face with kisses. Then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and practically sucked my tongue out. She pushed me roughly on my back. There was no hugging. She pushed my pajama pants down and attacked my cunt.

Mom was going at me like a wild woman. I could hear her slurping as she sucked up the juice that was running from my cunt like a faucet. Then I felt her fingers enter me. Her hands were small and before I knew what was happening, she had her whole fist inside my juicy cunt. I can’t remember ever screaming out an orgasm like I did when she made me cum.

The only thing that would make this fantasy better is if it was real and Sam was waiting to fuck us both.

I sat in my chair, my dick hard and dripping. The only word that would come from my mouth was a soft, “Damn!” I could hear Samantha’s heavy breathing on the other end of the phone. I took a deep breath.

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