A Morining With Maureen

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Big Dick

Just a quickie while I’m trying to put some of the longer ones to rest. Hope that you enjoy it. Baron

“Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise”. Samuel Johnson

It was a typical Monday morning in the Doyle house. Josephine was up, breakfasted and was leaving the house as I was getting out of bed. I yelled, “Have a nice day,” she didn’t answer. I wasn’t upset, as I said this was a typical day.

I looked at the clock radio and saw that it was six forty five. I showered, shaved and had some coffee, then went down to my office on the ground floor. You could call it the basement, but it’s a split-level and so it’s not really a basement. We could call it anything but not a basement. Arguing semantics, something I love to do. I play with words all the time.

I went to my office and turned on the computer. That is my livelihood. I’m a systems analyst by profession and I have my own consulting business. I make quite a good living doing it. I have a pretty large client base and at times I even have to bring in a temp when things get busy.

Today, I’m doing some tests on a system that I am going to install for a good friend. He is one of my oldest and best clients and a good friend. He constantly gives me leads and recommends me to others. I had promised him that I would have it installed by the end of the week.

I was working for a couple of hours, when the doorbell rang. “Shit,” I thought, “It never fails, whenever I’m on a roll something comes along and screws it up.” I got up and went up to answer the door.

I opened the door and broke into a big grin. It was Maureen Bascomb. She is Josephine’s best friend. Maureen and her husband, Dennis have a house a few streets from us.

She is a very attractive woman in her mid to late thirties; about five feet seven and slender. She has jet-black hair and deep blue eyes. Her beasts are on the large side for a slender woman, but not overly so. I love them. Her waist is small, hips are round and they go all the way down to two perfectly shaped legs.

I have secretly lusted for her for years, but have never done anything about it. And here she was standing in front of me on this cold February morning.

“Maureen, what a pleasant surprise, come in…come in, it’s freezing out there,” I said as I opened the door completely. She came in and I quickly closed the door.

She gave me that mischievous smile of hers and said, “You forgot, didn’t you, Rick.”

I hit my head with my hand and said, “Oh Christ, I did. But don’t worry everything is ready. I have a space in the garage cleared. I cleared it just as soon and Jo told me that we would be storing the stuff for you. And I really don’t have much to do today, so there is no problem.” Okay, I lied…so shoot me.

Maureen smiled and said, “I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that with the floors being sanded, the dust gets into everything and even thought they put up the plastic, it still gets all over. Dennis and I loaded the van last night, so we can start right away.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, as I said there’s no problem. We have the space and I needed to straighten the garages, anyway. You know, anything for you, Maureen.”

“Really, Rick?”

I looked at her and laughed, “Well…almost anything.”

She gave a slight giggle, “Oh you.”

I said, “Why don’t you back the van up to the garage door, I’ll open it when you get there and we can unload.”

She said, “You know that not everything fit, I’m going to have to make a couple trips.”

“No problem, when we empty the van we can go and get the rest. A trip or two and we will be done.”

She gave me a worried look and said, “Oh Rick, you really don’t mind? It’s quite a lot of stuff. Dennis has to work and he won’t be around, until this evening. The guys want to start this afternoon. I really want to have everything out.”

I patted her on the shoulder and said, “Maureen, don’t worry. We will have this done in no time.”

She went out and backed the van down to the garage doors and we started to move their stuff into the garage.

Jo and I have a two-car garage and I had cleared all of the tools and boxes that I had in there over to one side. I had at least three quarters of the garages clear. Jo said that we would only need a small space, but I thought, better to have more space than not enough. So I cleared the area.

My prediction of taking “no time” was not quite accurate. We had to make three trips and we needed most of the cleared space. What make it worse was the cold and the wind.

We had just finished packing the van for the last time when the men who were doing the sanding arrived. Maureen spoke to the boss as they got their equipment out and began to set up.

The boss, Marty, was a good friend of Maureen and her brother Teddy, they grew up together. She would leave them there without any problem. Maureen and Dennis would be spending the next few days with his sister. We heard the sander start up as we got in the van.

We got back to bakırköy escort my house and we emptied the van for the last time. We just had enough space for everything. It seemed to have gotten much colder and the wind was really blowing. We were both frozen.

When we finally got the last box in, I closed the door and we went into the family room. We took off our coats and I asked, “Maureen how about a cup of tea, or I can make a pot of coffee if you want.”

“Oh Rick, a cup of tea would be perfect. I am so cold, I feel like I will never warn up.”

I had her sit on the couch and I wrapped an afghan around her shoulders. She smiled up at me and said, “Such service, I could get used to this.”

I bowed with a flourish and said, “Nothing is too good for my lady.”

I heard her giggling as I walked up the stairs to the kitchen. I boiled the water and measured the tea. I poured the boiling water in the teapot and took two mugs, milk and the teapot downstairs. We let the tea brew for a few minutes and then Maureen poured two mugs. I added just a little milk, as did Maureen. Neither of us like it with sugar.

I was sitting on the couch with her. There was a respectful distance between us. Maureen slowly sipped the hot tea and said, “That is wonderful, now I don’t feel like the ice maiden. I’m beginning to thaw out.”

“I know what you mean, I can finally feel my fingers. The tea really hit the spot. But, I have to say that you have never struck me as an ice maiden, quite the opposite…”

She moved closer to me and lightly slapped my arm. “Oh you,” she said with a giggle.

I looked at her and with a laugh said, “What??? What did I say to deserve such a beating?”

She moved closer and took my arm in her hand and rubbed it with the other. “Did I hurt the big strong man? Here let me make it better,” she said as she continued to rub my arm.

She looked into my eyes and smiled that impish smile and in a soft voice said, “If I’m not an ice maiden…what am I?”

I returned her smile and said, “Maureen, you are a lovely, warm, beautiful woman.”

She moved a little closer and held my arm a little tighter and in a very soft voice said, “Rick, do you really think that I am beautiful?”

“Maureen, you are one of the most beautiful women that I have ever known. I can’t think of any one who is more beautiful than you,” I answered.

“Rick, if you think that I’m so beautiful, why haven’t you ever kissed me.”

I moved a little closer to her and said, “I was afraid Maureen. I was afraid that if I kissed you…I wouldn’t be able to stop.”

She gave me a small smile and whispered, “Rick, why would you want to stop.”

I lowered my face and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips were soft and sweet. I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her into me. Maureen just complied and leaned into my body.

The kiss didn’t last too long. We pulled back a little and I looked into her eyes. I could see that she was feeling the desire and lust that was filling my entire being. I knew that I wanted this woman and I was certain that she wanted me.

I once again kissed her and this time it was full of the passion that was coursing through my veins. She returned the kiss with an intensity that surprised me. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and began to explore.

I immediately opened and sucked on the invading organ. I moved my tongue into her mouth. She welcomed it and we tasted each other. I slowly moved my hand from her back around and caressed one of those wondrous orbs. I slowly fondled it rubbing through the soft cloth of her blouse.

Maureen moaned into my mouth and then broke the kiss. “Oh god…oh Rick that feels so good. I haven’t had a man touch me in such a long time.”

I looked at her in surprise. I couldn’t believe what she said. I asked, “You’re kidding, right?”

She looked down and in a barely audible whisper, she said, “Dennis hasn’t touched me in over two years. He says that I’m ugly and that I look like a cow. Ice maiden is his term.”

I was shocked. I was astounded, I have known Dennis for years and although we aren’t the closest of friends we do get together and have talked. I would never have thought…

I brought my hand to her chin and lifted her face. Looking into her eyes I said, “Maureen, Dennis’s a fool if he can’t see how beautiful you are. He doesn’t know a good thing when he has one.”

I lowered my head and began to kiss her cheek moving to her jaw and down to her neck. She leaned back on the couch and lifted her chin, exposing all of her sweet, beautiful neck to my lips. I took advantage of this and covered her with my kisses.

I began to unbutton the front of her blouse. I went slowly, taking my time as I worked each small white button out of its hole. When I finished with one I would spread the blouse out exposing more and more of her almost translucent ivory skin. I moved lower kissing the newly exposed skin.

Maureen had her hands on the back of my head holding beşiktaş escort me close to her body. She was moaning, not saying any words, just making the sounds that assured me that I was doing the right thing. I was making her feel good…wanted.

I finally got to the last button and I spread her blouse out and slid it off of her shoulders. I moved back to look at her body. She was wearing a light powder blue bra that was low cut, exposing the tops of her ample breasts to my view. I began to kiss them, to suck them. I reached back and unhooked the clasp in the back and slipped the straps down pulling the cups from her breasts.

I was in awe. She had the most beautiful, wonderful breasts that I had ever laid my eyes on. A bit more than a handful but not overly large. They had large, rose pedal pink areolas, about the size of an old silver dollar, with right now erect nipples that were just crying for me to suck them. I moaned, “Oh god, Maureen…”

She looked at me and said, “Rick?”

“Maureen, I don’t believe it. You are more beautiful than I ever dreamed. You are my goddess. You are so beautiful.” Once again in mashed my lips against hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth. Taking hers and sucking on it and then letting her suck on mine.

When we parted she held me tight against her and said, “You really mean that, don’t you, Rick?”

“With all of my heart, Maureen,” I said. Then it was like I was I became possessed by a lust demon. I had to have her breasts, I needed them, I couldn’t live without them.

I all but attacked them. I took one in my mouth and tried to suck the entire globe into my mouth. I sucked on those delectable nipples, licking and softly biting. Thinking of how they were perfectly crafted to provide nourishment to a hungry child. Right now I was that hungry child, but I wanted more than just sucking her breasts.

I began to suck just above her nipple, without thinking I sucked hard and started to give her a hickey, a love bite. Then I realized just who I was sucking and I stopped.

Maureen looked down at me and said, “Why did you stop, Rick?”

I looked at her and lightly kissed her lips and said, “I don’t want to leave any marks that could cause you any problems. How would you explain that?”

She gave me a sad smile and said, “Don’t worry, no one is going to notice. No one is going to be looking at my breasts, except if I see you again, before it fades.”

Then she grabbed my head and held my face to her breast and in a desperate voice said, “Give me a hickey, Rick. Mark me, brand me, make me yours. I want to be able to see that someone desires me, that someone thinks that I am beautiful.”

I attacked her breast, I began to suck with a vengeance and in no time I had given her my mark. I had branded her with a round purple welt on her left breast. She was mine.

When I started to suck her breast, she had reached down and began to stroke my erect dick through my jeans. And I began to unbutton and unzip hers. I slipped my hand inside her panties and felt her soft silky pubic hair. As I moved my fingers further into her panties, I moved from her breast and started to kiss down her chest to her stomach. I kissed and nipped as my fingers entered into her wet labia, easing between the soft hot lips.

I moved down further and began to kiss and lick her belly button, pushing my tongue into the little depression. Maureen giggled and said, “That tickles.”

I stayed there for another moment and then placed both hands on the waistband of her jeans and pulled them, along with her panties, down over her hips. She picked her butt off the couch to make removing them a bit easier.

As I pulled them down I caught the scent of her sex. I breathed in deeply, savoring and enjoying the aroma of her desire. I took the jeans completely off and began to kiss her legs. Moving from to the other. I slowly climbed up and moved her legs apart.

It appeared that she expected me to move up and kiss her lips…and I did, just not the lips she expected. I had spread her legs apart and she had moved her hips to the end of the couch. I leaned in and kissed the soft, wet, sweet lips of her vagina and pushed my tongue into her.

She gasped and in more of a moan that speech said, “Rick, what are you doing? Rick? Oh Rick…Rick …Oh god…Rick.”

I was licking and sucking her, drinking in the hot pungent liquor that was freely flowing from her vagina. My tongue explored the pedals of her labia, searching each and every fold and crevice. Trying to capture as many drops of her wetness as I possibly could. Savoring and relishing the tang and flavor of Maureen.

By now she was just making noises and whines. Not speaking any intelligible words. I was eating her with abandon. She had her hands on the back of my head and was pushing my face into her vagina.

I brought my hand up and inserted one then two fingers into her sopping love tunnel. I moved from her lips to that little hooded nubbin of delight. I ran my tongue around beylikdüzü escort it and then licked it in earnest.

Maureen gasped, grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. She held on for dear life and I had to force my head up a little to get a breath of air. But when my lungs were full I returned to the sonata of bliss that I was playing on her instrument of pleasure.

Maureen is not a screamer, rather she is a moaner and my god did she moan. Her moans and groans grew louder and more drawn out until she went into a long high pitched whine. Her body began to spasm and she shook from deep inside her soul to the tips of her fingers.

She shook and trembled for what seemed like forever. Then with a last gasp she fell back onto the couch and just lay there, not moving, not making any noise, just breathing deeply. I moved up beside her and looked at her.

Her eyes were close and she had a small, satisfied smile on her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Christ Rick, what are you trying to do to me? Are you trying to kill me with pleasure? Because if you are…you are doing a wonderful job of it.”

“I’m just trying to make you happy, Maureen.”

She put her arms around my neck and as she pulled me to her she whispered, “You have made me happier than I have ever been in my life.” She kissed me softly and lovingly.

She then began to pull my sweatshirt over my head, unbuckle and unzip my jeans. As she pulled them down she moaned, “Oh Rick, I want you so bad. Please…Rick…please…”

I finished pulling my jeans and briefs off and threw them on the floor. Maureen lay back and pulled me on top of her. She put one leg over the back of the couch and the other on the floor. I lifted myself up and positioned my self between her legs.

She was softly stroking my erect dick, she guided it to the entrance of her treasure trove and pulled me until the tip was just starting to part the soft, hot, wet lips of her labia.

I stopped and said, “Maureen, it’s been quite a while, since I have been with a woman like this.”

She gave me a little smile and said, “I know, Rick…I know.”

I looked at her with surprise and said, “What…?”

“Women tell each other a lot more than men do. And some women tell more than others. Jo estimates that she hasn’t let you touch her in over three years.”

“Three years, two months and twenty-seven days…but who’s counting?”

“Rick, she’s a fool,” Maureen said as she brought her lips to mine.

I pushed my hips forward, slowly sinking my rock hard erection into that unbelievably soft, warm, silky sheath. Her cunt enveloped me like a velvet glove. The feeling was heavenly, I sighed as I bottomed out, the tip of my cock just touching her cervix. I held there for a moment, luxuriating in the soft pleasure that her tight vagina was bringing.

This beautiful woman beneath me brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist, squeezing me, pulling me further into her. She wiggled her ass and tightened her vaginal muscles around my buried member, sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

She closed her eyes and said, “Rick, you feel so good. I could stay like this forever.”

“I only wish we could.” I answered as I began to move, pulling out of her and then beginning that wonderful trip back into her delectable body. I was loving her slowly, delighting in the sublime feeling of her warmth, of her tightness, of her closeness. I breathed in deeply, cherishing the bouquet of her feminine body.

We moved together, doing the dance choreographed by our passion and desire. Moving in sync with the other. Thrusts and withdrawals in unison. Doing all of the things together that will bring heightened pleasure and joy from our lovemaking.

Slowly we worked ourselves into a frenzy, slamming our bodies into each other. Trying to join, to unite, to become a one in our quest for sexual fulfillment.

I was pounding my dick into her and she was taking everything I could give and demanding more. Maureen was pushing her hips up to meet my plunging shaft. Trying to take all of it into her body. Making it hers by right of conquest.

Her legs started to tighten making my motions more constricted and making my strokes shorter but faster. She grabbed me, held me tight and began to babble, at first saying my name over and over. Then she began to whine, “Oh Rick…Rick…love me, please love me. Oh god god god, Rick I love you oh god I do, I love you.”

I was caught up in the madness of our wild sexual quest. I groaned, “Oh Maureen, you are my sex goddess, my love…Maureen I love you, too. I love you Maureen, I love you.”

I felt the juices in my balls begin to start to seethe and boil. I knew that I would be coming in a few moments. I tried to pull out of Maureen, but she was still holding me in her with a vengeance.

I didn’t want to pull out but I knew that I should. I sort of moaned, “Maureen, I’m gonna…gonna cum.”

She tightened her legs around me and said, “Yes, Rick, cum…cum in me. Fill me with your seed, I want it. You marked me as yours and now fill me.”

Oh god, how I wanted that. I wanted to fill her. I just said, “Yes…yes, yes.” And held my dick in her as I began to release my essence into her body. My dick throbbed as it spewed its hot virile cream deep into her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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