A Modern Harem Pt. 06

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Author’s Note

Part 6 of the story. All persons in the story or engaged in a sexual act in anyway or description are 18 years or older. I hope you all enjoy.


I was home nervously watching at the window waiting for Monica’s family to arrive. I’d only met her family once or twice before, the last time about nine months ago when they were in town. The girls stayed home and there was no mention of them other than them being friends of ours. But now they were coming to our house full of women and I was sweating bullets.

I’d cleaned up the house as best I could, hiding the various sex toys, lubes, and porn while trying to make it seem like only Monica and I lived there. The girls, Monica in particular, thought I was going overboard, but I wanted to be ready. I soon saw a large SUV pull up in front of the house and four people step out. I called out throughout the house, informing everyone and praying that everyone was dressed.

One by one, they all emerged fully dressed, though maybe more provocative than I would’ve like. Monica was wearing a tight, white top that showed a healthy part of her DDD cleavage. Ashley was wearing a midriff bearing red top and short shorts that showed off her ass to anyone with eyes. Lana was the most conservative of them, wearing a yellow sundress, but still showing off her large, firm tits. Talia stunned me by wearing a tube top that showed her flawless stomach and her ample bosom, with tight, black pants accentuating her legs and ass.

“I guess we’re not going to be our shy selves today, huh?” I told the four, who just giggled at me.

“You worry too much, babe,” Monica said giving me a side hug. We could all see the family pile out. We went out on to the porch and greeted all her family. Her father Donald came out with big smiles as always. At 6’1″, he was a gregarious, friendly man, if not a bit arrogant, who greeted me with a firm handshake and all the girls with a hug and kiss.

Her mother Audrey came out with her black as coal hair, and dazzling smile. I also noticed that her C cup breasts were on display as much as the other girls. She gave me a big, hug and kiss, almost seeming to press her breasts into me as she did.

Monica squealed in delight seeing her siblings for the first time in a while. Her brother Keith smiled and hugged her, looking like a carbon copy of his father, maybe a bit shyer and more reserved than Donald. He shook my hand and yet seemed nervous to meet me and the other girls. Her sister Cathy however seemed like a carbon copy of Monica with her attitude and smile. The two could’ve passed for twins, if not for the fact that Cathy was not as blessed with her curves as Monica or Audrey, very athletic and tight.

We all wound up relaxing in the living room, having cocktails and enjoying the company. While I was initially very nervous about having a harem around my fiancé’s family, the first hour at least. That’s when Donald started prodding a bit into us.

“Alan!” he said, swinging his drink around a bit, “how do you get anything done surrounded by all these lovely ladies?”

I damn near choaked! Did he know that the other girls lived here?! I tried to come back without revealing anything.

“Well, we have a good cross-section of friends,” I said as warmly as I could. The girls smiled, knowing what I meant, as did Monica’s family.

“Friends, huh?” he said in a tone not at all judgmental, to my surprise. More like he was playing with me. I was confused and looked at Monica who just shrugged.

“Honey,” Audrey chimed in, “maybe it’s time to let him in.”

“Huh?” I replied clueless.

“Right as always, love,” Donald said, kissing his wife briefly. “Alan, we know all about your harem.”

I violently spit up my drink and was damn near hyperventilating. Monica and Lana were trying to make sure I was ok, while all her family was just giggling.

“Alan, relax,” Audrey said, rubbing my leg, “it’s ok.”

I struggled to regain my senses as Donald continued.

“Alan, it really is ok,” he said in a reassuring, paternal way, “we’ve known all along.”

“What?” I managed to get out as I looked at Monica, who shifted toward me, clearly about to explain.

“Ok, so I didn’t want to tell you until I thought you were ready to hear,” she said with her well-known consoling tone. “But yes, my family is slightly unorthodox.”

I looked around at the faces of the other women of the house and all shot knowing glances, pretty well indicating they knew about what Monica was talking about.

“How unorthodox?” I asked whoever wanted to answer me. Donald spoke up.

“Alan, we’ve always been liberal around our home when it came to sex,” he said like he was just telling me about a recent fishing trip. “We taught the kids there was no shame or stigma to anything they wanted to explore once they were old enough.”

“True,” Audrey concurred. “We tried to show Monica, Keith, and Cathy that there shouldn’t be any shame in what you want in life.”

“See, klasbahis yeni giriş Alan,” Donald said getting my attention back to him, “we’ve always known that Monica wanted to have a harem full of women with a good man in the center of it,” he said off-puttingly casually. “Shame it wasn’t me!”

“Oh, dad!” Monica said with a smile, swatting at his leg.

“Well, it’s true,” Donald said with a bit more conviction. “Is it my fault I’ve got a sexy daughter?” he said beaming at Monica, while than noticing Cathy. “Two sexy daughters?”

I’d never in my life ever heard a father refer to his own daughters as sexy. The way both girls and the rest of the women in the house were all smiling at him when he said it made me uneasy.

“Thanks, dad,” Cathy said, also leaning over to rub his knee. “We know Keith’s always thought so.” She smiled at Keith who looked uneasy.

“That’s true,” Audrey said, “you and Keith have always been inseparable.”

“Moooom,” Keith said in a pleading fashion, adding to my confusion. Donald seemed to pick up on it.

“Ahh, we should explain,” Donald said, looking at me. “See Keith and Cathy are for all intents and purposes, married.”

“What?!” I said shooting a look to Monica.

“Well, it’s not on paper or anything,” Audrey clarified, “but they told all of us when they were 20 or so that they wanted to be together, so we had an informal ceremony in the backyard.”

“Wait,” I said, holding my hands up trying to stop my world from spinning, “you’re saying that your daughter and son are lovers?”

I noticed everyone except Keith started giggling and making me nervous.

“Mon, you really told him nothing, did you?” Cathy said, wiping away her tears of laughter.

“You see, Alan,” Audrey said, regaining my attention, “our family has a more open relationship with each other than others.”

“Our families never believed in incest laws or taboos or anything,” Donald further said, “so we just all do what comes naturally.”

“So, you’ve all…?” I said looking confused at all the family members.

“Yes, Alan,” Monica said, speaking up, “we’ve all made love to each other.”

I shot immediately out of my chair and looked around at everyone. I felt like I was hyperventilating.

“Son, relax,” Donald said, trying to calm me, “it’s really not that big a deal.”

“Not a big deal?!” I said almost indignant.

“Look, we don’t judge others or ourselves for how we choose to live our lives. We don’t judge you for having a live-in harem while you’re engaged to our daughter.”

“First of all,” I said holding my hand up, “the “harem” was Monica’s idea, not mine. Second, there’s one hell of a big difference between a polyamorous relationship and incest!”

“Incest is really just a word,” Audrey said almost flippantly. “All it means is limiting the love you share with those you’re supposed to be closest to.”

I looked and saw all of Monica’s family nodding at her mother’s comment, even Keith. I than looked at the girls and they were all nodding as well.

Then it hit me.

“You all knew about this, didn’t you?” I asked all the girls, not really caring which one answered. The look on their faces than changed to almost one of shame.

“Monica told us a while ago,” Talia admitted. All the girls nodded in concurrence. My brain was going in a thousand places, and I really didn’t know what to do.

“So, you’ve all known about this all this time and none of you respected me enough to tell me?”

I said it soft but firm. I saw all the women look at me sadly, Monica even more so.

“Babe, it’s not like that,” she told me.

“Yeah, it is,” I snapped back. “We had a deal! You weren’t going to throw any more surprises at me or keep things from me and here we are!”

Monica said nothing, just showing a guilty look. I saw the faces of the other girls and they were similar.

“Look, son…” Donald try to say, standing up.

“I need a walk,” I said as I headed out the door. I heard some of the women try to stop me, but I just kept going. I walked all around the neighborhood, just keeping my head down and venting my anger. I didn’t know if I felt betrayed by Monica, the girls, all of them, or what. All I knew is that I couldn’t let this continue. They’d all kept things from me knowingly. We could’ve talked all this out before her family showed up, but none of them thought to do that.

I finally got to the crest of hill and just stopped. I looked out toward the horizon and just took some deep breaths. Part of my felt guilty for leaving everyone the way I did, but the majority of me was consumed with anger and pain. I started doubting everything: the girls, Monica, my upcoming marriage, everything.

I heard a twig snap behind me, and I spun around quickly. I saw Monica, Talia, Ashley, and Lana all standing together behind me.

“How’d you find me?” I said with as little emotion I was capable of.

“We were behind you the whole time,” Ashley said mutely as Monica came up to me.

“Alan, klasbahis giriş I’m so sorry,” she said in tears. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“TOO LATE!” I bellowed, loud enough to cause Monica to take a step back and the others too. I took a deep breath and looked back toward the horizon. I could hear Monica slowly come up behind me.

“I know I fucked up,” Monica said softly.

“Not just you!” I said, turning to the other girls who all looked ashamed as well.

“It’s not their fault,” Monica said, coming closer, “I told them not to tell you.”

“But why?!” I said with a mix of hurt and anger. “Why don’t you trust me? Why do you shut me out? WHY?!”

Monica looked puzzled. Talia stepped forward a bit and spoke.

“Alan, it’s not all her fault…”

“Yes it is…” Monica said with sadness, if not regret. She looked at Talia, who backed away toward the other girls. “It’s all my fault.” She came forward and grabbed my hands. “Alan, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was scared.”

“Really?” I said, incredulously. “I’ve been with you about the harem, I’ve been with you about your tests and everything else. I forgave you for bringing women in without talking to me and I thought we had an understanding. Then your family comes here, and you all blindside me.”

Monica than fell to her knees, tears pouring from her face. I could see the other girls all crying and holding each other. Normally, I would’ve felt guilty for causing this, but right now I was mad.

“Please don’t blame them,” Monica said through the tears, obviously meaning the girls. “I asked them not to tell you. I’d hoped that mom and dad would’ve been more subtle so I could tell you later tonight, but…”

“Let me be crystal clear about this,” I said in a firm tone. “This is NOT your family’s fault. This isn’t the girls’ fault. This is your fault. Honestly, I’m not even that mad about the free use family thing or that your brother and sister or a couple.”

I was as surprised in my own words as all four of them seemed to be.

“They’re not hurting anyone, and your family seems to get along really well. That’s not the real issue. Once again, you’re keeping things from me and encouraging these poor girls, who’ve all declared their love for us, to help you do it.”

The look on Monica’s face told me one thing. She knew how bad she fucked up. She was trembling as she stood up.

“Alan, I love you,” she said with emotion, if not pleading, “I know I fucked up, but please don’t punish the girls. It’s all my fault and I’ll do anything to fix this.” She now came over and took my hands into hers. “You are the love of my life, and I can’t lose you. My sister was lucky, she found her soulmate in our house, I had to search for you. Please don’t let this go.”

I admit I was impressed with the passion she presented herself with, but I was still unsure. We’d been down this road already and I had no clue if she’d do it again.

“How do I know this won’t happen again?” I asked her. “How do I know you won’t make the girls hide more shit from me? How do I know there won’t be another ‘fun’ surprise in a few months?”

Monica quivered a bit, but took a deep breath, wiped away some tears and looked to the women.

“Could you all come up here?” Monica asked the girls who all obeyed. They stood in a line, all holding each other’s hands. “I asked you to keep something from Alan, and I’m sorry. I never should’ve put y’all in that position. Going forward, no secrets, at all. We obey Alan.”

“Yes, ma’am,” all three said at once.

“Wait a minute,” I said, waiving my hands to get everyone’s attention, “I don’t want you all to obey me. You’re all strong, wonderful, independent women. I’m not looking for blind obedience, I’m looking for transparency.”

The look on the women’s faces looked like they could light up the sky. Lana spoke up first.

“I knew we found the right man,” was all she said with the others all smiling wide. Monica came up to my side.

“I know I’m the one that messed everything up,” she admitted while fiddling with her hand. “If you want this back, I’ll understand.” She held up her engagement ring to me.

I went through a flurry of emotions all at once. Anger, hurt, worry, love, sadness. It all hit me at once. I saw the look on Monica’s face and saw the worried expression. Some part of her really expected me to take it. I took a deep breath.

“Is that what you want?” I asked as straightforward as I was capable of at the time.

“There’s nothing in the world I want less,” she told me. “But if you need this back until you feel you can trust me again, I’ll understand.”

I saw the ring and remembered all the reasons I gave it to her in the first place.

“God damn it,” I said under my breath, but apparently loud enough for the others to hear it. “No, I don’t want the ring back.”

“No,” Monica said with force, “I’m only keeping it if you still want to marry me. I don’t want pity. I don’t deserve it.”

For someone who didn’t want pity, she sure knew how to klasbahis güvenilirmi evoke it. Looked her in the eyes and spoke.

“Monica, I’m pissed,” I started. “I admit it. I probably acted worse than I should’ve, but I was mad. I am mad. But…” I said trying to find the right words. “But I also know that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Monica was in tears over my words as were the girls.

“I’ll get over being mad, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” I told her honestly, before spotting the girls off to the side. “Any of you,” I told them all. All three of them smiled and seemed hopeful now. Monica was almost inconsolable.

“I’m so sorry I almost fucked this up,” she said crying into my chest.

“Yeah, you did,” I admitted. “But you can fix it.”

“How?!” she said desperately. “Anything!”

“Ok,” I said, thinking she would agree. “First, no more secrets. If there’s anything I don’t know that I should know, tell me now.”

“I swear this is it,” she said almost pleading. “Yes, I have a free use family. Yes, there isn’t a member of my immediate family I haven’t fucked. And yes, all my life, I wanted to be in a harem of women. That’s my point,” she said grabbing my arms. “You’ve made all my dreams come true and I swear from this day on, I’ll make all yours come true too.”

I saw the earnestness in her eyes and knew she was telling the truth. I’m not proud of it, but one thought came to mind above others.

I own her ass.

I knew it was time to partially let her off the hook, but I still wanted some form of revenge.

“Ok, here’s my deal,” I said. “I’ll forgive you on a condition.”

“Name it!” she practically screamed, seeming glad I was willing to move forward.

“You have to let me fuck your mother and sister.”

“Done,” she said, shrugging that it was no big deal.

“But you can’t fuck anyone until I say so.”

She now looked at me like I’d just strangled and lit her puppy on fire. She had to watch all of us fuck and have fun and couldn’t join in.

“And you can’t masturbate either.”

“Oh, come on!” she said almost pissed, which was getting me pissed. Ashley was the one who spoke up.

“Mon, its fair,” she said firmly.

“It is,” Talia concurred with Lana nodding as well. It was nice to know that the ladies had my back on this. Either that, or they were getting off on punishing Monica. Monica realized she was outnumbered in this and apparently the look on my face was enough to convince her that she had to either accept it or not.

“You’re right,” she admitted. “I accept.”

“You girls all agree?” I asked the others, who all nodded.

“Si, papi,” Lana said with a smirk. “We promise, no one touches her until you allow us. We’ll also make sure she doesn’t touch herself for as long as you want.”

All the girls nodded in their agreement, with slight smiles at this. Monica saw now that the girls were in lock step behind me, and now seemed resigned to her fate.

“I guess we need to go back so I can apologize to your family,” I told Monica.

We all walked back, and the family seemed very happy to see all of us. Donald hugged Monica tightly and Audrey did the same for me.

“So,” I said, trying to get everyone’s attention. Donald interrupted.

“Are you ok now?” he asked.

“I’m better,” I told him and everyone else. “I had to do some thinking. I needed…”

“Perfectly understandable,” Donald said, interrupting me again. “A lot got thrown at you.”

“True,” I said, trying to regain my momentum, “so, first I wanted to apologize to all of you…”

“No need, my boy,” Donald said, interrupting me yet again. I took a breath and continued.

“Still, I could’ve handled it better and I didn’t mean to drag everyone into something that was more between me and Monica.”

“Alan, you had every right to be upset,” Audrey said. “We just hope we didn’t scare you off.”

“Look, I’ll be honest,” I told them all, “obviously the way we all,” indicating me, Monica, and the girls, “live our lives is not exactly ‘normal’,” I said before Donald spoke up again.

“What’s normal anyway?” he spouted off, getting me annoyed. “Normal is just a social construct…”

“Daddy, let him talk!” Monica said louder than I would’ve. The look on her face said she was fed up with it too and Donald quickly demurred, indicating that I had the floor.

“Anyway, I guess I just didn’t realize how non-traditional Monica was brought up. Granted, it sure explains a lot,” I said, getting smiles and giggles from everyone in the room, including Donald. “Look, I can’t judge what your family does or how your kids were raised,” I told Donald and Audrey honestly. “Keith and Cathy both seem like good people and reasonable adults and obviously Monica came out well,” I said eliciting a smile from everyone and what looked like loving appreciation from Monica.

“Thank you, Alan,” Audrey said in a heartfelt manner. “I know that the way we raised our kids and the way that we brought them into adulthood may not be appropriate for everyone, but it works for us. Our family has such love and understanding as part of the bonds we’ve formed doing this. We’d like you to be our family too, Alan,” she said to me, before looking over the faces of Lana, Talia, and Ashley, “all of you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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