A Model for the Life Class Ch. 01

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I had travelled down to King’s Cross station alone to start my new course at the Slade school of Art. I was delighted to have been accepted and was keen to start the fine art work. My favourite aspect was figure or life drawing and sculpture and my teachers had praised my mastery of paint as I depicted both male and female forms with no clothes on. I was good at it and I found it sexy. I never failed to get hard when drawing or painting the female form.

I had never been to London alone before. Of course I had visited with school trips and theatre visits and mum and dad had been there for the interview and accommodation process, but now I was on my own and looking forward to the new experience.

At 18 and just out of school I was excited and also nervous about the year ahead. I had dressed as I though an art student would dress, slightly flamboyant but nothing high fashion. My tight red stretch jeans looked (and felt) sprayed on and my torn T barely hid my chest and showed off my firm stomach as it was so short. My girlfriends had all commented on my tight slim bod and my “outy” navel, that was now clearly on display to all the world. “Well if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” I always said. But I didn’t feel at all sexy as I struggled along with my luggage. Well perhaps later.

I was sharing a house with three others and it was out of Central London a fair way, near the river at Wapping. I made my way to the underground and found the right platform, with my case, a rucksack and several bags. My parents had already helped me move in. These were just the last minute essentials. Lots more clothes and some art supplies and food to get me through the first week.

The underground wasn’t too busy at this time of day and I boarded the train and stood in a space as I checked the route map and smoothed down my jeans. I needed to change to the D.L.R. and did that without incident.

Safely aboard the next train I caught sight of my reflection in the window as it moved out. Mm, not bad. I had a good face with high cheek bones and blond curly hair that I had allowed to grow quite long and floppy. I swept it back and smiled my cute grin at myself. Yep, good enough to get noticed by a hot chick. Bring it on!

There were several business types smartly dressed in suits and several manual workers on their way home, in dusty work clothes and baggy trackie bottoms with big worn boots. I realised I had quite a way to go before my stop and looked round at my fellow passengers. One of the men in work gear was really fit looking. He was sitting reading with his legs stretched wide and I could see firm, toned flesh around his neck, shoulders and arms as he sat in his tight work vest. His stubbly chin and dark, floppy hair looked modern and suited his chiselled jaw. As I watched, his slim fingers scratched his chin and then dropped to his crotch and rubbed and readjusted the contents. It rested between his legs and then one finger began to slowly move up and down his bulge. He continued to rub slowly and discreetly as his penis thickened. I was mesmerised by this obvious sexual activity and looked to see if anyone else had noticed but they were all engrosed in their own reading material.

It was clear that the book was getting interesting and he was obviously “in the zone.” I tried to see what the title was but couldn’t make it out.

Suddenly he looked up and caught my stare. His dark eyes held mine as he scowled adiosbet yeni giriş at me, then his face broke into a broad grin and he winked and pulled on his hard packet once again. I blushed at being caught and turned away, hoping he hadn’t noticed my redness. The train was slowing down and I checked the map again. I half turned and he had got to his feet. Saying something to his mates like “Enjoy yourselves,” he moved towards the door. God he was big, built like a rugby player, all muscle and testosterone: he made two of me and must have worked out regularly to get such solid biceps and pecs. I was directly in his way and he held my gaze as we danced back and forth, me blocking his path unintentionally, first to the left and then to the right until he eventually stepped around me and my luggage. He smelt great. That unwashed masculine smell that manual workers have after a day’s sweat. Our eyes still locked as I held up my hands to let him pass and then felt a touch of electricity on my bum at his hand grabbed me roughly and then moved round to my crotch for a grope as he side-stepped past me. I reacted by pulling away quickly and nearly tripped over my luggage as he stepped out of the door and onto the platform. He smiled again and gave a mock salute, with one hand and a rummage at his crotch with the other. Then he pouted a kiss, turned towards the exit and walked along the platform as the train pulled away.

Well, that was interesting. I felt I was clear about my sexuality and had dated a few girls at school and college. My regular erections resulted from female stimulation. Wanking over tits and fanny was good and I had a selection of mags that I used in bed most nights. I was keen to explore more in the flesh whenever I could, and I’d had my share although I was still a virgin. This was different however, because I had definately felt my crotch stir during the encounter. My mates back home would call me all sorts of names if they suspected I was even slightly turned on by a man.

I realized the train had stopped several times and most of the other passengers had gone. I was left in the carriage with two of the mates my sexy reader had travelled with and further down the carriage, a young black guy huddled in his seat and deep in sleep with his headphones on.

My stop was still four stations away and the gaps between stations had grown noticeably longer. “Where you getting off mate?” I heard someone say and turned to see one of the workers getting to his feet. He was at least 6′ or a bit taller with wide shoulders and narrow hips. There was a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes but my eyes were drawn to the bulge in his trackies. It was tenting out and had a dark spot at the tip. “So all these builders seemed to be hard and horny,” I thought.He stepped up beside me and I could smell he had been working, although there was an odour of soap or shampoo also.

“Oh shit. What now?” I looked at the map hoping to see my stop coming up but no luck. Still four to go. My assailant was now standing so close to me I could feel the bulge pressing into my bum. “I’m ok thanks. Nearly there.”

“Now don’t be off hand. We only want to be friendly, don’t we Jay.”

Jay had also stood up and was now moving round in front of me. He was a goodlooking guy, in his early twenties, about 5’10 and just as turned on as his mate. A big erection stood out from his grey trackies. I now was adiosbet giriş being sandwiched between these fit, hard men and felt my ass groped by one and my crotch squeezed by the other. I opened my mouth to complain and immediately felt Jay’s tongue force its way in.

“Aaagghhh, nnn, ooooww,” was all I could say as hard, rough hands moved over my bum, chest and finally my face, holding my head firmly as tongues lapped and probed and my lip was bitten roughly.

“You like that boy?” I heard from behind me as my T shirt was lifted and my nipples were pinched and pulled. I felt my belt buckle loosen and struggled to free myself from the insistent hold of my two captors. Whatever I thought of gay sex had nothing to do with this public assault and I tried to punch, push and wriggle my way to freedom.

“Oh yeh, he really likes it, I can tell,” said Jay as he released my mouth. I gulped for air as I felt my wrists held in strong fingers and a chord of some sort wrapped and immobilised them.

“Aggh, no, let me go, let me go. Please don’t hurt me. Take my money but don’t hurt me,” was all I could think to say. I was near panic and the threat of violence was too much. I had always been something of a pacifist and avoided confrontation whenever possible but this? This was on another level to anything I had experienced and I certainly didn’t like it.

“Come on Jay, strap him up so he can’t move,” and with that my arms were hoisted upwards and the chord binding my hands was looped around the hand rail on the carriage ceiling. I was trapped and helpless and felt hands pull down my jeans and pants and then the sting of a slap on my bare ass.

“Aggh, aghh, No please. No!” I was trembling in fear and my two attackers were getting off on that.

“Look at the sissy boy. He’s goin’ to piss himself with fright.” said Jay and he pulled my nipples roughly making me yell and squirm.

“Come on Pete,” said Jay. “Hurry up. We’ll be stopping again soon.”

Pete came up close behind me and agressively pushed two fingers into my tight virgin hole.

I tried to scream to attract anyone’s attention who could hear, but Jay had locked his lips to mine again and was busy sucking on my mouth.

I pulled away and screamed aloud as I felt a pain I’d never imagined in my back passage.

“AGGHHH. Stop, please stop.” I wriggled and kicked out with my legs but the pain increased as Pete pushed his fat cock deeper inside me. God he must be huge!

“Look at him fight it. Just relax and enjoy it mate. You’ll learn to love it,” and with that he clasped me tightly to his chest and thrust the remaining inches of his hard cock deep inside me.

“Aggh, stoppp, p p please stop, It’s too b b big. It hurts sooo much,” I stammered through tears and pain. Fuck, I thought I was being torn apart the pain was so great.

“Uggh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” was all I could hear from Pete as he rhythmically pounded me from behind. Then I felt a wet sticky fluid on my stomach and I knew Jay had wanked himself to climax.

“God Pete, I’ve cum,” Jay said as he hastily stowed away his prick and pulled up his trackies.

“Oh God yeh, yeh, yeh,” exclaimed Pete and I felt his hot jizz flood my insides and ooze down my legs as he pulled out. He slapped my bare ass hard.

“Don’t be such a sissy boy next time mate.” He leaned in and whispered menacingly. “If I see you again I want another go at your hole. adiosbet güvenilirmi It’s so tight and hot.” Then he growled deeply. “Look out for me, I’m always on this line.”

I shuddered and kept my eyes squeezed tight and could hear them getting off laughing and joking together as the doors opened. When the doors closed and the train moved off again I risked looking out through squinting eyes and saw that I was alone in the carriage with my bags and cases round me. At least they had left me those, but they had taken all of my dignity as I had been subjected to their forced and unwelcome sexual advances. I realized I had been raped. I had been overpowered and abused by two complete strangers and in a public place too and now I was strung up like a chicken in a butcher’s window, unable to release my hands and thrown from side to side as the train gathered speed again.

“Hey mate, that was some show.”

I turned towards the sound and realized that I wasn’t alone after all. The black guy in the corner was still on board and must have seen everything.

“Oh, thank god, please untie me. Get me down from here,” I stammered.

“Not so fast buddy,” came back his reply. “You’re a lucky guy ‘cos I’m here to help you out and I fully intend to let you down.”

“Well get on with it then,” I shouted.

“Just as soon as I take care of a little business or my own.”

“What do you mean?” I gulped. This had all the elements of a suspense novel and I wasn’t in the mood. I just wanted to be released. My arms were aching and I wanted to tidy myself up and hide the disgrace I felt at my situation.

“You just hang on in there for a little longer boy ‘cos I got a treat for you after that big cock you were just forced to take. Mine is nowhere as big as his,” and with that he pulled a stiff but slim 9″ cock from his jeans and walked around me. I felt him push into my bum cheeks once or twice as he searched for my hole.

“Just relax and enjoy it boy, ‘cos I certainly intend to,” and with one swift push he was buried, bollock deep inside me.

“Ow, aggh. Fuck that hurts man. Don’t do this please. Let me go, let me go.” It didn’t matter how much I pleaded he kept a constant rhythm until he filled my ass with his hot milky juice.

“Oh yes, that sure was good. Now let me untie you and see if we can’t get you cleaned up,” he said as he tucked his long cock back into his pants.

In truth it didn’t hurt so much this time, whether the cum had lubed my hole or his less brutal fucking had made all the difference I don’t know. He reached up to loosen the ties as we pulled into a station. I’m sure he meant to help but didn’t make it as the doors opened and two uniformed railway police entered the carriage. He spotted them and made a dash through the open doors and was along the platform to the exit as they slid closed again and we moved off.

“Well what do we have here Bill?” the taller and more good looking of the two said as he moved around me running his black leather gloved hands over my still naked and dripping bum cheeks.

“Looks like we’ve got an incident of sexual assault.” He was behind me now and stretching wide my hole with a gloved finger. “Yep, we’ll need to get right to the bottom of this ASAP.”

His colleague was in front of me and took my jaw firmly in one hand as he leaned in and kissed me hard. Then he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck and pull on it while gently humming.

“That’s it Steve, give us a tune while I investigate down here,” and with that I heard a zipper pulled open and felt a hard cock poke my buttocks as it searched for a hole.

Welcome to London, I thought.

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